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  1. cmarshack

    2021+ Lower Bumper Cover (Hitch Opening)

    Has anyone found the part number for the removable lower bumper cover that has the opening for the hitch? I know they are very inexpensive on the Model X (Like $11) and I want to buy an extra one to cut a hole in it when the hitch is installed. As it is today, the opening is pretty large and...
  2. cmarshack

    2021+ Reduced Regen over the Past few weeks

    I am wondering if anyone else has noticed reduced regen on their Palladium Model S lately? I have over 17,000 miles on my 2022 and have noticed that I can no longer easily one-pedal drive the car, especially when driving down a hill. I live at the top of a hill and never in the past had to use...
  3. cmarshack

    AL Priority & Net Radar Laser Install on Plaid or LR?

    Has anyone installed an AL Priority system in the new Palladium Model S? I had this on my last two Model S's and am planning an install on my 2022 long range. I am just curious if the wiring will be any different in the new platform and would love to hear from anyone who has already done it.
  4. cmarshack

    Updated Windshield Washers on 2022 Model S?

    Today was the first day I needed to use the windshield washers and was delighted to see they no longer shoot streams from down near the hood at the glass, they now are integrated into the wiper arm and spray directly in front of the wiper blade. My 2013 and 2020 both used the older method, when...
  5. cmarshack

    Another "So let the mods begin" thread | 2022 Model S Long Range Refreshed-Refresh

    I am never one to leave well enough alone, so less than 3 hours into ownership I felt compelled to tear my brand new Model S apart and do some mods. Included in this thread will be the following "Mods" - Interior trim swap - Wood to Carbon - Front Licence plate delete - Lowered with Blox links...
  6. cmarshack

    2012-2020 Model S Torklift EcoHitch Stealth

    I have a brand new, never installed EcoHitch Stealth that I never had a chance to install before I sold my 2020 Model S. This will fit all Model S's up to early 2021 (Not Palladium). I waited to confirm it will not fit my 2022, so now it is for sale. It comes with the 1 1/4 receiver and the...
  7. cmarshack

    Carbon Fiber Interior on Refreshed Long Range

    Has anyone successfully ordered a refreshed Long Range with Carbon Fiber interior? I know it only "comes" on the Plaid, but in the past people have been able to special order things that are "off menu". If not, has anyone found the part numbers for the carbon? IMO the light wood on the white...
  8. cmarshack

    Newest Model S refresh ditched the parking sensors?

    I was watching a YouTube video walk-around of the newest re-fresh of the Model S and there are clearly no more parking sensors. Does it lose the ability to show inches to the nearest obstacle? Can anyone with the new car let us know how the close range parking situation works now?
  9. cmarshack

    2020 Model S Long Range +

    The market is strong for 2020 Long Range + since Telsa is not selling any for the next several month. Mine is listed and I am willing to make a better deal for anyone on this forum. 2020 Long Range Plus with white interior and 23K miles. This car is garaged every day and has many upgrades...
  10. cmarshack

    Sentry Mode recording non-stop

    After the lasted update (2021.4.15) my Sentry mode will record for the entire time I am away from the vehicle. There are no "marks" in the footage showing where anyone is near the car, so it is completely worthless. Anyone else have this issue?
  11. cmarshack

    Model S Snow Tires with TPMS

    I have a set of Michelin X-Ice tires used for only one season sitting in storage waiting for a new owner. They are mounted to OEM Split spoke wheels and have early TPMS (from a 2014 Model S) sensors in them. Please do your own homework to find out if these will work on your car. The wheels...
  12. cmarshack

    Tesla Powerpacks spotted at EA charger in San Clemente

    I noticed these Tesla Cabinets in the Avenida Pico WalMart parking lot near the Electrify America chargers. It looks like we will be getting yet another SC in San Clemente. Anyone have any details on this one?
  13. cmarshack

    Cannot log into YouTube account

    I have searched and have yet to find a solution. There are several threads in the Model 3 forum, but the solutions listed in those threads do not work for my 2020 Model S LR+ on 2020.12.1. When in theater mode, I try to log into YouTube and get the following message "This browser or app may...
  14. cmarshack

    Difference between "E" and "F" battery?

    I am not looking for guesses and can make assumptions on my own. Can anyone affirmatively explain the difference between the Rev. E and Rev. F battery? There is a lot of banter about if the E battery will get the long range update. I would like to know if anyone has run the new F battery...
  15. cmarshack

    Anyone actually take delivery of Long Range Plus?

    I ordered a Long Range Plus and took delivery on Friday. Love the car, am fine with the wheels because I have news ones coming this week. My LRP is now showing anywhere that is is a plus and the range at 95% is only 345. I am curious if anyone took delivery of one that is getting the...
  16. cmarshack

    Tempest Wheels

    I know I had a lot of questions about the Tempest wheels prior to delivery of my car and there was no thread dedicated to answering those questions. Question number #1 Are they ugly? -Yes, but better with the aero caps removed. Are the hub caps plastic? -Yes Are the hub caps removable? -Yes...
  17. cmarshack

    Carbon Interior Part Numbers

    Does anyone know the difference between the three part numbers Tesla has for the carbon dash kit? I want to order the matte carbon dash for my 2020 Raven, but there is no description associated with these three numbers. (Disregard the non-carbon part number) IP FINISHER SET LHD CARBON FIBER...
  18. cmarshack

    Potentially Upgrading to 100D and Selling 2013 P85

    I am considering selling my beloved 2013 P85 and moving up to a Raven 100D. Looking for $33,000 I have babied my P85 since i bought it CPO 2.5 years ago. I am a regular on this site and have always been aware of the "issues" faced by early Model S's, so I have systematically had all of the...
  19. cmarshack

    Classic Wheel Paint

    I am looking for a second set of wheels and ran across this photo, which peaked my interest. Has anyone painted their 19"classic wheels in this manner? I think it looks pretty good, but I cant tell if this is a TSportsline wheel, or an OE wheel that has custom paint
  20. cmarshack

    Nose Cone Clear Coat Delamination

    My Model S is about 8 months from CPO reconditioning. When I picked up the car, the nose cone looked brand new...now it looks terrible! My concrcois that they put a coat of paint on it when reconditioning, and it should have been replaced if there was unacceptable wear. Has anyone seen...
  21. cmarshack

    2013 Parking Sensor Connector

    I pulled the rear bumper over the weekend to install my Ecohitch and came across a connector that had nothing attached to it? Do anyone know if this connector is for the parking sensors? My car does not have this option but it is something I would consider adding if all i need to do is drill...
  22. cmarshack

    2013 MS P85 drive unit leaking

    I pulled the rear bumper and under body covers to install my Ecohitch this weekend and found something interesting. It appears that my drive unit is leaking something? Anyone know what this is and how concerned I should be? I will bring it up next week when I bring my car in for an alignment...
  23. cmarshack

    WTB - Model S EcoHitch

    I am looking for a Forklift Central 2" EcoHitch hitch for a Model S that maybe someone bought and never installed, or took off a lease return...new or used.
  24. cmarshack

    Grey 21" Turbines - Orange County CA $3000 obo

    I picked up a CPO P85 that had two brand new wheels and two perfect wheels with brand new Continental ExtremeContact DW's I took the wheels off at a shop less than 15 miles away. These are 2 New and 2 Like new 21" Grey Turbines WITH Gen 1 TPMS sensors installed - Ready for a new owner. This...
  25. cmarshack

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Michelson Dr. (Park Place, LIVE 19 Oct 2019, 12 urban stalls)

    (Moderator note: this post and the two subsequent posts were made in the San Clemente Supercharger thread and were moved into a new thread, this one). I do not want to hyjack this thread, but has anyone found a permit or seen similar activity in Irvine yet?
  26. cmarshack

    WTB - Yakima SmartFoot mounts for Model S

    I was able to find a Yakima S37 rack but need the mounts. I will over pay for either K704W or K930W if anyone has a set they can part with.

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