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    Left Handed Robot?

    Taken out of the Investor Forum... this is a discussion on Left vs Right handedness of objects in our world as it applies to Tesla Robot, learning, and utility. This led to some back and forth on why this would matter and the assumption it would use whatever is around. However, that might cause...

    Need an Energy Display for my Home

    I'm tired of checking my phone for Energy status on our new Tesla Solar/PWs. I would love this data/control live, on the wall or desktop (think Weather Station + Nest + Energy for the ultimate integration). Bonus - make it look like a classic Star Trek display, please. Thanks ;) Anyone working...

    Az SRP Utility - Please request your ballot and vote!

    FYI, critical votes coming that could impact energy costs and solar in Az. I'm just passing along some info gathered as a contributing member of LD18 (and I'm an Engineer who grew up hating gov't anything, go figure). Some action came highly recommended and thought this might be a good place to...

    Did I get FSD or not?

    Back in Apr 2018, I'm almost certain that we ordered EAP + FSD for our Model 3, but it doesn't show online today. I'm wondering if the names of things have changed or something? I haven't dug up my copies yet, but where did FSD go? Did I overlook this. (I need Enhanced Summon!).

    Allstate Refuses Glass - No receipt from Tesla

    How do I get a receipt? I only have an invoice from Service, eMailed. Nothing online either. Call ignored, left msg earlier today.

    Exit car while still rolling?

    I imagined stepping out of my Model 3 while it's still moving so it can go park. It's even got the side column camera to watch your step. Maybe 10 yrs out but possible is what's funny. Grab the door shut as it drives off...

    Here's what my Tesla Ad would look like.

    It's not the movie (yet), but I thought I'd try a slight spin on a common Tesla message. We've heard how the total cost of ownership is similar to a Camry, but here I try to point out that your money is going back into the car and not out to big dirty oil. Imagine this on a billboard in NYC...

    Silly Question: How do you "Hold the Wheel" if it's Turning?

    OK, maybe you just need to hover the wheel while it spins. But what if you aren't aware of it turning at the exact moment. Like maybe waiting at a light to turn when it proceeds unexpectedly because the driver was staring off. And then you disengage because your hand is on the wheel while it...

    Garage Door left open... sometimes?

    Not a new problem, and likely how I sequence things when I park in the garage, but about 25% of the time the homelink command isn't sent and I drive off with my door open. Maybe it's how I park - I close my Garage sometimes from the car and other times from the wall. Am I putting the car out of...

    EAP - Not a Line

    I'm 99% sure this exact road merging arrow Northbound I-10 near Casa Grand Az threw my car abruptly to the left of the arrow on the road. I took over before it crossed into the far left lane but it sure acted like it was trying to avoid the arrow by swerving abruptly to the left. I assume it...

    Farts Memorized, soon You will Too

    When I hear real farts, I tend to classify them now. Maybe it's my scientific side, but I memorized the list and can recall them all. Am I proud of my new skill? Not really, but I will be prepared at the next Tesla gathering when someone lets one go. Will it get me on the Ellen show? Probably...

    What Circle K Thinks...

    I'm at a corporate party in phx Az and just crashed the Circle K corporate party next to ours. I walked up to a table and asked "How long until you add charging stations?" The answers shocked me. "Ain't gonna happen... maybe in about 50 years". I reminded them that they dont actually make...

    Why my vent moves, finally figured this out!

    Since V9, my vent seemed to want to split around me. Bugged me for weeks. Face towards me, sure enouph, they split again. Then I caught myself... while trying to turn down the fan speed, I missed the minus button slightly and it split. Everything outside that fan speed control is active vent...

    Parking Lot Summon - Our Vehicles compared to Ants in search of Food

    Anyone else notice these patterns in public parking lots? (I'm on AP 2.5, V42.4, Model 3 in Chandler). Now compare same location on Google maps... Notice upper right showing construction. Got me thinking, how will the car respond? I assume it will prioritize paths where it won't need to...

    "Test Operator" Job posted in Phoenix - Ground Zero for FSD?

    At the risk of having competition for this part-time job I applied for, I do think it's interesting this is the only one listed in the USA (haven't checked the world yet, and don't know about existing). Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Test Operator | Tesla I've always contended that...

    Now make the Fan speed swipeable?

    Love the new V9 Temperature control that's just a slider. Why not the fan too? I think the change was triggered by Consumer Reports that these environmental controls were distracting (eyes off the road). I think fan speed slider/swipe would be the next logical move. FYI, I don't use automatic...

    Wish we could view cars further back.

    I feel like the cards at bottom of the screen are in the way of seeing more behind the car. Maybe that's all the data anyway. Nice to know if someone's coming up from behind. Don't think rear cam is involved. I never see a car directly behind. Wonder why. Maybe cards in the way? Love that lane...

    Wish we could view cars further back.

    I feel like the cards at bottom of the screen are in the way of seeing more behind the car. Nice to know if someone's coming up from behind. Don't think rear cam is involved. I never see a car directly behind. Wonder why.

    Elon: Please Check your Status, Today is the last day to Register!

    I normally hang out in the Investor community and recently discovered that Tesla Q3 earnings and dates for the midterm elections could coincide for some tricky days ahead and it got me thinking. As usual, I try to entertain. Have a great Tuesday! In many states TODAY is the last day to Register...

    Autopilot - What's a Valid Road Line to Follow?

    I'm noticing this anomaly occasionally (still). There's an evening glare where the color/reflectivity/contrast of road repair patches (even manhole covers) seem to be misinterpreted as road lines. It's as if the algorithm to determine a valid line isn't looking at shapes or circumstances broadly...

    How much less drag when mirrors are folded?

    Elon on this Wed interview mentioned how having side mirrors can cause a 5% drag at highway speeds. So I tried folding them in at speed, but they don't stay there. It may only contribute to 1-2% because they are still present, but I wonder if they've measured it? I bet it would make a difference...

    Short-shorts taunting going too far?

    Trust me, I've been laughing the whole time on this topic. But this morning, after reading multiple Elon tweets on Short-shorts, I imagined the tortoise doing a dance before the finish line which didn't feel like the ideal story ending. Something felt wrong. I don't think we've won yet, the...

    Idea: Incentive to buy Solar Panels perhaps?

    I love flooring my Model 3, but using 450 W/mi (at times) leaves me feeling guilty. Having no solar panels yet (SRP in Az victim), I'm basically pulling dirty power from the grid for my thrills. Maybe this unlimited acceleration will be gone someday should the EPA clamps down on EV efficiency...

    Audio drop-outs - very quick?

    I'm experiencing very subtle audio drop-outs past 2 days, anyone else? So far, I've tried using streaming service vs radio to eliminate possible audio in, same on both. I tried listening to individual speakers, same on all. I don't think it's bump related, but I have yet to test if it does it...

    Disengaging EAP Explored - Anyone else try these things?

    On Freeway, turning, if you steer into the turn during EAP, it seems that my torque on the wheel + car steering force was exceeding turning limit and disengages EAP. Sometimes you won't feel it disengaging if your force equals the force on the turn (balanced). So besides the chime, control is...

    Any way to keep the A/C on for short stops?

    Run into a store, deliver stuff - would be so much easier than having press the app every time (which takes forever on my android phone to wake it up). When it's 115F, just one minute with no A/C really matters. Overtemp won't fix it, 105F is still toasty, but I have yet to get that upgrade...

    A/C, cold feet - idea.

    If the hardware allows, it would be nice to blend the Dash - Face - Feet vents as a slider top to bottom (instead of 3 buttons) or slider for each better. Maybe not too common, but wearing sandals here - feet freeze and afraid they'll crack if I hit a Fire Truck (kidding of course). But I can't...

    How to Keep Hands on Wheel? Reward it.

    New rule: People who keep their hands on the wheel the most get the upgrades first. (I'm gonna hear about this one!) Look at it this way. Those who get repeated warnings - do you want them to test new AP features? I guarantee you will have an immediate improvement... along with a lot of...

    Removable Steering Wheel - A Smart Option

    Ever since hearing Elon's comment about the Model Y potentially without a steering wheel, I came to some conclusions. It goes along with that mystery cabin camera, suggested by some, that it could be for the ride-sharing business model to ID passengers and cabin activity. So now I'm convinced...

    R and D vs Hold - Dangerous!

    This one's dangerous if not addressed. "Hold" is not a very safe indicator of "Still in D or R, ready to launch" There really needs to be a clear indicator that any touch of the pedal will cause the car to move. My wife pointed out the PRND on screen, top/left corner. Seeing it for the first...

    10x Precision on the Model 3? Think about that...

    I read this in Elon's 6,000 units/week mission message this week and I about fell off my chair. Aside from the fact that everyone loves precision (and a squeaky panel would likely squeak the same for every vehicle - repeatability is king), I think it's his secret to fast assembly, and I bet his...

    Powerwall and Portable Tool Integration?

    As I stare at all my Battery Packs around the house (the latest was for a powerful Leaf Blower), all Lithium and different voltages, I can't help wonder if this couldn't be built into a Powerwall. Yes, Tesla would need to either Partner or Develop hand tool products for the yard and such. Elon...

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