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    Rear ended. CarFax and reduced value with insurance?

    Yet that is exactly what happened. It was never in an accident. Taillight replaced cause it was cracked & foggy.
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    Rear ended. CarFax and reduced value with insurance?

    Not necesarily, especially if any body shop is involved. Buddy of mine had a cracked tail light on one of his cars. He bought the new light out of pocket, ordered it himself from a dealer. Had a friend, who works at a body shop put it in for him. It popped up on carfax when he sold the car 9...
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    Aftermarket Wheels Too Expensive

    Since I lived in the Subaru world for a while ('05 STi , '99 RSTi) and still have close ties to the one of the main Suby specific suspension companies, I can say it's probably not that simple. Name recognition among the brand will be a big hurdle. MPP would be a newcomer to the Subaru world...
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    Concerns with this tire?

    For daily driving, I'd rock it. Definately not for autox or track use. If it was showing cords or lose to it, I'd replace it. That's also assuming your addressing the cause.
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    2022 Solo Nats [2022 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals]

    Look at this result from yesterday and add to the mix. I was driving a stock car with PS4S Dallas had just MPP sport COs with PS4S. No other camber changes. The other guy had lowering springs and sways on well used 200tw tires. You'll need to look at the individual runs cause Pronto only...
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    Is Sales Tax rolled in to Tesla Financing?

    Texas is a special case because Texas can't directly sell cars to consumers. Not including taxes into the deal is part of the workaround. Assuming you indicated to tesla that you are doing a loan, it will be rolled into the financing costs. When they assign the Vin, you'll get a purchase...
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    Blind spot visibility

    Lol, massive blind spots 😅 you guys obviously havnt driven many 2 seat sports cars. It's also something MANY complain about anytime they buy a new car. They are used to their old car and it's blind spots. So the new car is always MUCH worse, when in reality it isn't.
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    Aftermarket Wheels Too Expensive

    I'm recommending Aodhan wheels. The AFF series is cheap, lightweight and strong. Order directly from them and they frequently throw in lugnuts and centering rings. $900-$1200 for a set.
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    Grey Rotors being degraded by wheel cleaners covered under warranty?

    It's just cosmetic. They wouldn't warranty that.
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    MPP sports coil settings

    You'd be better off going to a race shop to get it cornerbalanced.
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    2022 Solo Nats [2022 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals]

    Ya, during the last event, people were thinking it might be the last event ran there. Hopefully the sale falls thru like the last several times.
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    2022 Solo Nats [2022 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals]

    This is essentially what you get at every SCCA regional Packwood event with the exception of the Tesla. The top 5-10 is usually filled with national top 3 drivers in their given class. BUT, Dallas J won't run the Tesla there, because that's where he runs his EVO. I would love to see him run a...
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    2022 Solo Nats [2022 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals]

    Since we have 2 very different data points from EV-X this year at Nats, does anyone know how good of drivers each are in their respective regions, and how prepped each vehicle is? Given the showing this year, I've very tempted to plan for Nats next year.
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    2022 Solo Nats [2022 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals]

    OK, wasn't aware of the "limited prep" clause for EVs. I remember when the Hymans were running their GTR in ASP and how brutal that was. I can't image the Model 3 be competitive with that in any possible way, unless Tesla dropped a Plaid drive train into the 3.
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    2022 Solo Nats [2022 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals]

    What does/would a Tesla in ASP look like vs. EvX? I don't keep up on different class prep.
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    2022 Solo Nats [2022 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals]

    And Dallas is now the 2022 Street Mod Nat. Champion. Ot will be interesting the next couple events since he'll be running his Tesla. Aside from driver, the only difference between his car and mine at this point is suspension. He's running MPP Sports, no other mods as of yet.
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    2022 Solo Nats [2022 Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals]

    (moderator note) link to event information OP is discussing added) https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2022-tire-rack-scca-solo-nationals-lincoln-airpark-national-436590 ======================================== 2022 Solo Nats With Nats going on, thought I start a thread discussing it. Trying...
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    Ceramic coating on windshield voids warranty

    You made the mistake of mentioning the ceramic coating, thus giving them a big out on any chance of them covering under warranty whether it's true or not.
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    Tesla Maintenance [for model 3]

    Don't forget that because it's not an ICE, and you dont have exhaust gasses, you need to manually grease the muffler bearings.
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    Model 3 update issue - American import to Lithuania

    Unfortunately, for a vehicle so dependant on updates, it's not a good idea to import into other unsupported countries.
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    How soon is too soon to buy accessories?

    Depends. On easy to get stuff, buy it when ever. For more difficult to get stuff, like MC adapters, the MC itself, the CCS1 adapter from SK, etc., the sooner the better for ordering.
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    Will these wheels fit a 2022 Model 3 Performance?

    Yes. Hubcentering rings might be the only thing you'd want to look at.
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    The quest for wider wheels and tires, 295, 305 and beyond...

    You need counseling. Or a dedicated race car.🤔 Might be the same thing tho...🤫
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    The quest for wider wheels and tires, 295, 305 and beyond...

    Another big sigh... I guess I'm too used to SM where I can do whatever I want for the most part.
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    Clean Title but was declared a total loss by insurance. Tesla rep says no supercharging. Are they wrong?

    Sucks cause the car may be totally fine too. Tesla may be able to "recertify" the car, essentially blessing the repairs, and you'll get superchargers back, but you'll still have a branded title. With the parts shortages and whatnot, insurance companies have been totaling cars out if the...
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    Should I change the wheels?

    I'd dump the stock Uberturbines strictly for the risk of bending/cracking them. IMO, the more you drive the greater the risk. If they are mint, sell them now since the going rate is likely the same or more than a new set of rims would cost you.
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    The quest for wider wheels and tires, 295, 305 and beyond...

    Sigh... not good. Looks like I'll need a 3rd set of wheels. Purple Crack, summer, and winter. Oh boy....
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    Tires need to be replaced at 14,500. 2020 M3P

    Come on.. you can do better than that. I wanna see the next set worn out by 10k miles! More smiles per miles!!
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

    Haven't had the tesla long enough to deal with cold temps. But I plan on getting another set of rims and most likely some Nokians for the wintertime.
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    670hp Model 3? Possible?

    Given what we/people spend and do just to race around cones in a parking lot, doesn't sound like that big of a deal. I mean, there's a lot of people that won't even blink at spending $5k+ just to get 100whp. New motor, Trans, etc...
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    670hp Model 3? Possible?

    You could always call hagarty or some of the other who offer track day insurance.
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

    They are NOT winter tires in anyway shape or form. Get winter or AS tires.
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    670hp Model 3? Possible?

    I'll preface this by saying I don't know electric systems very well.... but if the battery were a limitation, would it potentially increase performance if there were large capacitors that could store larger amounts of electricity, and dump it during full throttle runs? Maybe something like a...
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    Model 3 emergency take-over & slams on brakes

    It's happened to me twice. Each time same setup... Busy 2 lane highway. Lane each direction. Doing about 45-50mph on AP. Speed limited by traffic, set to 60. Oncoming semi, never entered my lane, was pretty much centered in his. Tesla emergency braked, split second later I mashed on the gas...
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    Anyone purchase an ICE after your Model 3?

    Condense that list to a AR Giulia Quad. Cheaper than an M, just as powerfull. Still a fun car, but it's got 4 doors.
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    2.5+ degree camber tire wear?

    Don't run 0 toe. Cause it's not really 0 toe. Run .05 or so. It's a trivial amount, but with all the bushings, and stacking tolerances, .05 ends up being 0 once you start forward movement of the car. I did that on my fat tired Subaru RSTI and had virtually no inner/excess tire wear running...
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    XXR or Vors Wheels

    Since your asking the question, I'm assuming your looking for input on an 18" rim?
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    Model 3 price change

    Lol. It's £100 on a 60k car. If £100 is that big of a concern, you probably shouldn't be looking at a Tesla.
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    18inch Tsportline wheels on model 3

    No, tire don't expand. I'm assuming he meant the gap will be taken care of in time.... when he gets lowering springs or coilovers.
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    Tesla is now asking for payment in full before seeing the car?

    Holy Necro thread Batman! Responding to a 4 year old thread. 😵
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    Aodhan AFF7 Foreged Wheels on Model 3

    No issues what so ever. They are plastic though, if that matters to you.
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    Aodhan AFF7 Foreged Wheels on Model 3

    I ordered them straight from Aodhan. Called in and they included the rings and lugnuts for free.
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    Aodhan AFF7 Foreged Wheels on Model 3

    Have no idea what my before averages were since I swapped them 2days after I got the car. If I'm normal driving around town with flat roads, I'm seeing about 275. If I'm on the freeway doing the normal 75-80mph, I'm seeing 310ish. They are typically inflated to 40-42psi.
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    Has anyone had to install a charger with a less than ideal breaker panel location?

    Around me, I was quoted $1k- $1500 for a 50A 14-50 install. 16ft from panel to outlet. Told them it was fot a compressor, but wanted to future proof it should someone want to put a charger in later. Had them quote me for 6/3 copper. The one electrician I was going to use didn't change his bid...
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    Model 3 2023 updates? Or what would you guys like to see?

    Para1, agreed. A drag mode would be simple and nice. Para2, I've seen the other threads you've brought this up in and think it's a little off base. Most people don't care about this " extra power that they don't take advantage of", because of what you have to do to obtain it. It's only good...
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    Tesla Korea raises price of CHAdeMO adapter to 620 KRW ($470)

    Well aware of what a proxy shipper does. I got a Korean "address", found which of my CC would work, and was going down that path till I found Harum.io. When I ordered, it was just like ordering off Amazon. NO extra info was needed. No Tesla info, nothing. From what I've seen lately, Tesla...
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    Tesla Korea raises price of CHAdeMO adapter to 620 KRW ($470)

    That's not how it works for Harum.io anymore. Back in May it was already just place order and it ships directly to you. You didn't give them any other info. That how I did it. Before that, yes, what you described is how it worked. Now I understand Harum.io doesn't even offer them anymore. So...
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    Charging at home [what are typical charging speeds?]

    Your mobile charger will also max out at 32A I believe it is, regardless of what you have it plugged in to. So a 14-50 using the MC will max out at 32A = 30mph added. It also depends on which model 3 you have. The SR's have a smaller capacity charger which is capped at 32A if I remember correctly.
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    Effect of wider tires on range

    Makes sense. Also makes me wonder just what the tire/wheel calibration thing is supposed to do. Another Tesla gimmick?

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