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    Octopus Smart Meter Experiences

    How quickly are people having smart meters installed from the point of sign up with Octopus? I’ve been with EDF for 18 months and they still cannot provide an install timeframe for a smart meter.
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    Model 3 trip range estimates

    I wouldn’t normally bother risking it but if anyone has tried to even get into Gordano services at midday on a weekend during half term you would understand the desire to head on to Membury 😬.
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    Model 3 trip range estimates

    I was planning to drive from Darts Farm superchargers Exeter yesterday to Membury Services and the car (SR+) added a short stop via Gordano Bristol. When I tried to remove this stop the car advised to remain below 75mph to reach membury and I would have 4% of battery remaining. Does anyone know...
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    Primacy 4 replacing [mixing] Pilot Sport 4

    I got two non acoustic pilot 4’s last Thursday through black circles and again no noticeable additional noise. If you read the reviews of both the Primacy are quite different to the PS. Noise is different rolling resistance is different and from what I recall wet braking was quite different too.
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    The BMS, Range and Degradation

    Does anyone believe Tesla deliberately prevent the ability for the car to accurately capture true range and degradation? If feels like it wouldn’t be too complex for a charging related routine to be created where the car can begin to correlate range with true miles driven and then exclude non...
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    Shortage of the standard foam Michelin tyres

    I had two new non acoustic pilot sport 4’s put on the back yesterday and despite the technician saying the noise will be noticeably louder I cannot hear any difference whatsoever. He said the noise on bumps would be higher pitched ie a more hollow sounding noise but it really isn’t.
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    [UK] 2021.4.x

    My regen from a cold battery is now excellent. Had a broken up trip running errands yesterday and there was no excess range miles lost over actual miles where as previously the variance would be maybe 50% more range miles lost on short non preheated trips.
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    Shortage of the standard foam Michelin tyres

    Did you have the pilot sport 4 on before? I was considering this switch as the primacy’s get pretty good reviews. Owners in the states said the primacys are really quiet last ages and have really low rolling resistance.
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    Tyres - How’s it going?

    I’ve been researching tyres over the last week and there are no apparent stand out candidates due to all the variables involved. It seems like if they are soft the efficiency and wear suffers. If they are firmer the comfort is worse and the noise increases and then there’s all the mixed findings...
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    Tyres - How’s it going?

    Is the general consensus to swap them out when they get below 3mm? A lot of people seem to wait to reach the west indicators. Would the weight of these cars suggest waiting for wear indicator tread depth would be a big no no?
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    Tyres - How’s it going?

    P Zeros?
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    Tyres - How’s it going?

    Are they P Zeros?
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    Tyres - How’s it going?

    Wow that’s good going. What do you have on now?
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    Tyres - How’s it going?

    I thought it may be useful to get a thread going on the subject of tyres. I’m 18 months in with my SR+ and have 13.5k on the clock and I’m down to 3.3mm on my Pilot Sport 4’s. Is anyone find the wear particularly significant? I was expecting to have more wear on the backs with it being rear...
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    Tell me what's great about your car

    When my annual energy bill for the house came in and confirmed my M3 costs a little less than £30 a month to drive.
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    Service Intervals

    Could a risk of taking local be some random issue specific to EV’s which Tesla would typically spot that may be missed by the local garage? For example I thought Tesla were addressing the water ingress issue by replacing the seals as and when cars go into service centres so obviously by taking...
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    Service Intervals

    My August 2019 M3 will soon be nearing the two year period for the recommended maintenance items to be checked. Am I correct in thinking as Tesla switched to an ‘as needed’ maintenance schedule I would you need to book it in rather than wait for any contact or communication from them?
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    Refusing/ Declining Delivery

    August 2019 collection for me. No issues on collection or ever since.
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    VIN Allocation Question

    Vins often change. I had mine change twice before delivery.
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - wear becoming noticeable

    Is anyone considering switching to a different tyre model / brand once the existing set are done? Should these cars have more capable tyres considering their performance capabilities or is the general consensus that the Model 3 stock tyres are sufficient worth getting again?
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    Model 3 Stability/Drift

    I’ve had one scary slip in my SR+ Accelerating out of a sharp’ish’ turn in really wet conditions last winter which prompted me to ask the same question at the time but on reflection I was asking way too much from the car and how it self corrected mid slip was hugely impressive.
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    Estimated Battery Degradation - Model 3

    I recall seeing an Elon tweet saying that for anyone not happy with any degradation issues but in cases where it’s considered within Tesla’s acceptable range you can pay for the dead cells to be replaced within the pack for new and the cost would be between $3000 and $8000. I thought I...
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    M3 Mudflaps (again) - check yours

    I’ve had my M3 since August 2019. I bought mud guards in September 2019 but never got round to putting them on and have now driven nearly 12000 miles with no issues.
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    4% battery drain in 10 hours whilst parked

    Could the car be charging the 12V battery at some point during this period?
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    Is anyone completely happy with their M3?

    Yes no question.
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    Warning! New Brake Pads and Discs after 13,000 miles

    I’ve got 10,000 miles down and have been noticing a slight squeak as I reverse off the drive in the mornings. It doesn’t then squeak at anytime after setting off. I’ll reduce regen and use them more.
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    I’ve had my SR+ since August 2019, now have 11000 miles down, not experienced a single issue and never had any issues on collection day. For me if there are any serious deal breaking fundamental issues upon collection you will not want the car anyway and for everything else Tesla doesn’t tend to...
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    No side cameras for me on 20.17 but I have not experienced the charging drop off issue since updating to this version.
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    I’ve experienced the charge drop off issue on every charge for the past two weeks but currently have two successful charges from both attempts today after updating the software.
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    Phantom braking still an issue

    I had my first rather bizarre phantom braking issue today. Driving at around 6 mph in a supermarket car park, a pedestrian appeared ahead in between two cars and rather than walking across the road in front of me decided to walk towards me slightly to then walk behind my car as it seemed a more...
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    No charge drop off issues for me since downloading 2020.20.17. Two small charges today and maintained my max charge throughout.
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    Return of phantom 16 amp charging

    Performed too shortish charges after installing 2020.20.17 today and have not experienced any charging issues as yet. Did experience my first ever phantom breaking issue whilst driving at 6mph in a supermarket car park though which may be a concern.
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    Return of phantom 16 amp charging

    I have 2020.20.17 installing now and was experiencing this charge drop off issue yesterday.
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    Foam filled / non foam filled tyres

    Has anyone switched from the standard foam filled tyres to non foam filled and noticed any significant increase in road noise? I’m assuming all M3 tyres which come as standard with the various versions are foam filled so just wondering if anyone has switch to a non standard tyre and...
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    Battery degradation already?

    It feels like they could add a function for the car to routinely do this collaboration as part of an update.
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    M3 Steering Column Rattles

    This sounds more like clicking plastic though and doesn’t appear to becoming progressively worse as if something is working more and more loose etc. I’ve had this with a RR Evoque before which went back six times with cabin rattles all around the steering column and rear view mirror housing...
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    Anyone NOT had any issues with their Model 3?

    Just the recent Steering column rattle. Had the car since August. Even this is probably similar to rattles in other cars but is amplified more by the fact these things are silent so not critical just a mild annoyance.
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    M3 Steering Column Rattles

    Anyone experiencing any issues relating to random rattles coming from the steering column? The pattern appears to anytime the steering wheel adjustment is triggered from a driver profile change the column will then click and rattle on every bump for most of the proceeding journey. If the car is...
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    Phantom Drain Post Latest Update

    Anyone experiencing higher than previous cases of phantom drain since the latest software update? Without sentry activated I am finding a loss of 8 miles per night versus just a single mile previously. Maybe the outside temperature is causing the car to wake up up and increase battery...
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    Oversteer Issue

    So are the SR+ Tyres considered summer tyres? I thought they were all rounders with the AWD and performance having summer tyres?
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    Oversteer Issue

    Would the car typically be correcting this? On previous cars you get the warning of lost traction. I didn’t see anything appear on the screen.
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    Oversteer Issue

    I had a touch of oversteer earlier as I was pulling out of a bend and I’m not sure if I corrected it, the car corrected or it just corrected itself once I gained some traction. I’ve never had a RWD car before so is this a common likelihood? The road wasn’t wet. I was probably going off after...
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    Software update

    Anyone feeling the ride is a touch heavier since this latest update?
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    UK Electricity Tariffs for EVs

    I’m thinking I may go with EDF Go Electric as it’s only very marginally more expensive than our current cowboys Scottish Power but then you have the half price evenings and weekends to factor in so we can switch a lot of our routines to the off peak times. Does anyone have any experience with...
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    DNO issues with charger install

    For general info, we built a self contained annexe on the side of our house last year so this house now has six bedrooms four bathrooms and two kitchens. During my charger installation the electrician turned all the appliances on everywhere to try to measure what the maximum usage could...
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    Model 3 boot cubbyhole

    Golf shoes
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    Limited Regen behaviour

    Does anyone fundamentally understand how the limited regen works as it seems very random. Some days I’ll charge shortly before leaving the house and will have limited regen. Other days no charge throughout the night, similar outside temperatures and no limited regen. I’ll then drive for 15...
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    Model 3 SR+ Battery drainage

    Any sentry usage will significantly hit the range. I can lose 15 miles per night with it just sitting on the drive. It is entirely feasible for even a five minute stop at some shops five or six miles will disappear due to Sentry mode. Particularly with the new update now recording and storing...
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    How often do you reboot ?

    Not once. Going on two months now.

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