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  1. doctrewho

    Here it is the new Tesla Maps ( coming this weekend? )

    I just hope this is going out to the whole fleet and not just AP enabled cars.
  2. doctrewho

    Best wireless pad

    I snagged one of these from amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078MGY2S1/ but I'm quite a ways off from my model 3. I'll use the same 12V adapter I use in my S to power it so I won't have to worry about the power from the front USB ports.
  3. doctrewho

    Change from alcantara to cloth on PUP???

    I can see some people going to the aftermarket for a fix for this. Once AWD/White/possibly performance is available in the configurator and if cloth is still the only available option from Tesla I'll start the search for a *reasonably priced* ultra-suede headliner replacement. From some quick...
  4. doctrewho

    Dashcam Install Help

    Ouch. Good to note.
  5. doctrewho

    Tesla registers VINS for fleet of Model 3 vehicles with dual motor – hinting at imminent launch

    Yeah I like the look of the word on the trunk instead of just the logo. Hope that does become the standard or at least the standard on the P version.
  6. doctrewho

    [POLL] Do you care about Telsa's headliner material change?

    The change does bother me. I've been in a Model S with the textile liner (mind you this is the one from 2013) and in an S with the Alcantara liner. It's no contest that the Alcantara is better for me. When I saw that the 3 was shipping with Alcantara I was surprised and happy. Now I'm just...
  7. doctrewho

    Change from alcantara to cloth on PUP???

    I'm hoping they have a better resolution for this issue by the time the AWD / White interior comes around. I'm currently holding my place in line for those options and will make my decision based on what headliner choices I have at that time. I have a friend who recently upgraded his 2013 S to...
  8. doctrewho

    Current Tesla Owners Who Ordered A Model 3 - Do you have yours yet?

    Noticed I could configure today (3/31 online reservation) but am waiting for AWD and white interior.
  9. doctrewho

    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Interesting. We'll have to see how this goes over the next couple of months. I'm liking the UI in general but it's going to take a bit of getting used to. I really wish they'd setup to where you could stream the rear cam from the MCU to the console. They've got the bandwidth to do it.
  10. doctrewho

    Firmware 6.0

    It says there's an update to the instrument panel. Can people post pics of that?
  11. doctrewho

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    No kidding. I fired an email off to ownership about it. They've updated the Android app 2 - 3 times since the iOS app got the slider and they still haven't added it. Plus I guess we don't get the notifications either. :(
  12. doctrewho

    Supercharger - Plymouth, NC

    How much driving did you do around Kitty Hawk? Did you charge at the campground there for the trip back? I'm going down there this fall and given that its 70 miles past Plymouth and I'll be there for a while I need to find a charging solution. Plugshare only shows the Kitty Hawk campground as...
  13. doctrewho

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    I've been trying to figure out how to make Tasker switch it off on launching the Tesla app and turning it back on again after exiting but my Tasker-fu isn't up to the "task".
  14. doctrewho

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    I dropped a note to [email protected] on this one and they said they didn't have access to know when the mobile apps got updated but would "log this in our system for review". Hopefully someone there will catch that the Android app still says its a beta along with fixing the charge slider...
  15. doctrewho

    Bluetooth not allowing two devices to connect simultaneously when it should

    Just got a response back from ownership that they've added my request as a feature request to the developers. Any one else who wants it may also want to drop a line to ownership as well. I can't believe their developers overlooked this one, especially for this long. Its adding to the...
  16. doctrewho

    Bluetooth not allowing two devices to connect simultaneously when it should

    A little background: In my old car I had a Pioneer app radio 3. I had my Android phone connected to it via Bluetooth for phone calls and I had an iOS device connected to it for streaming audio. Since they use different bluetooth profiles this worked like a charm. Fast forward a little and I...
  17. doctrewho

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    I'm actually more hoping for an update to the Android app that brings feature parity with the iOS version and fixes the Lastpass issue. :)
  18. doctrewho

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Weird, I have a Note 3 and plug it into the car's USB port (farthest from the driver) every day on my way to and from work. Never switched it away from being an Installer either. Wonder what is different between them? I have a Verizon version and it is running older code (MI9, the original code...
  19. doctrewho

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Anyone else having issues with the Android app today? Worked like a charm yesterday but now it loads, starts to connect to the car, and then crashes. I've rebooted the phone. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Can't get it to run. This is on a Galaxy Note 3.
  20. doctrewho

    Android Wear: Hopefully Tesla Supports

    It would be nice... but given that they haven't updated the Android app to even support the charging slider that went into the iOS app months ago I'm not sure if we'll see an official app show up on Android Wear.
  21. doctrewho

    Front-rear camera touchscreen parking protection switch kit reservations

    That sounds perfectly reasonable, thanks again to you and WhiteP85 for the hard work on this!
  22. doctrewho

    Supercharger - Plymouth, NC

    Awesome! Thanks dflye!
  23. doctrewho

    Supercharger - Plymouth, NC

    Sounds like an exploratory trip is in order.
  24. doctrewho

    Blackvue DR550HD Camera Issues

    Has anyone successfully connected to the Wifi on the 550 with an Android device? I've got a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Google Nexus 7 (2013) and neither of the can connect to the Blackvue's Wifi. An iOS device connects just fine however. I've noted the same issues with the intermittent GPS...
  25. doctrewho

    Front-rear camera touchscreen parking protection switch kit reservations

    Please add me to the list. I do have the parking sensors but they cut out when you get close to curbs so it would be nice to see if I'm about to scrape. :)
  26. doctrewho

    Window tinting in the RDU area

    It was $1800 from TVP for the Tint and for the Tesla equivalent PPF (plus full hood coverage) in December when I had mine done.
  27. doctrewho

    Firmware 5.8.4

    I received this update last night. I have been charging my car at only 30A since delivery last month as well.
  28. doctrewho

    A Tesla Christmas Story and a Thank You

    That by far is the best delivery story I've read on this site. Way to go! :)
  29. doctrewho

    Raleigh: Body Shop

    Ack! That's a horrible thing to happen to anyone. Hope they get everything back to pristine quickly.
  30. doctrewho

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    The Grey is beautiful.. but... that Red is a sight to behold. :)
  31. doctrewho

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Mine is pretty minor. The factory forgot to connect the wiring to the back of my 12v plug. Quick trip to the SC got that fixed though.
  32. doctrewho

    Start the clock on my MS

    Grats on the impending delivery Half Dollar Bill!
  33. doctrewho

    Interesting Conundrum (or to wrap or trip)

    Went with the xpel. Currently it's the same as the tesla armor (but with the full hood and headlights done). I may go back and get the rest of the car wrapped, but not this month. :) Great to meet you as well. Hope everything has been going well with the P85+!
  34. doctrewho

    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    I emailed them on Sunday night about my interest and tonight I got an email saying that I was on the wait list and they copied the email with the pricing as shown earlier in the thread. So its still possible to get on the wait list.
  35. doctrewho

    Newer VIN constant 12v power options (dashcam)?

    I ordered mine with the Power Magic Pro, sadly the power magic pro box only had the wiring harness and the instructions. The control box was absent. I'm working on getting a replacement.
  36. doctrewho

    Newer VIN constant 12v power options (dashcam)?

    How did you run the wiring?
  37. doctrewho

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Awesome! The crew at the Raleigh SC are great to work with.
  38. doctrewho

    Firmware 5.8

    They also don't appear to turn off when the turn signal is active like they used to.
  39. doctrewho

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Now if they'd just update the still "Beta" Android app to match the functionality. :)
  40. doctrewho

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Grats Mario! Enjoy the ride :)
  41. doctrewho

    Newer VIN constant 12v power options (dashcam)?

    Sadly the newer VINs don't have that connector which is why I was asking.
  42. doctrewho

    Interesting Conundrum (or to wrap or trip)

    So ended up taking the trip and gotta say road tripping in this car is awesome. I didn't have to worry about charging along the way since it was only 152 miles. The family got to be surprised which was fun. :) Tomorrow I have an appointment for tint and wrap.
  43. doctrewho

    How about a DashCam option?

    Got the cameras in place. The rear feed wire is way long but I have it tucked away. I'm currently just running the power cord down the a pillar on the passenger side and under the floor mat to the 12v plug until I can find a decent 12v source. But it all appears to be functioning correctly...
  44. doctrewho

    Newer VIN constant 12v power options (dashcam)?

    I didn't see on there which ones have constant power though. Unless I missed it.
  45. doctrewho

    Newer VIN constant 12v power options (dashcam)?

    I've searched through the forums and have seen mention of pulling power from the fuse box through to the passenger compartment but no real mention of exactly how it was done. Also do we have a map of the fuse boxes that shows where we can add a fuse for this purpose? I noticed that they're using...
  46. doctrewho

    Track my trip up the East Coast in real time

    Have a safe trip back!
  47. doctrewho

    November / Late November delivery (2013) VINs?

    Finally got some post worthy pics At the service center now, turns out my 12v plug wasn't connected so they're fixing that. Not a bad glitch to have as glitches go.
  48. doctrewho

    Firmware 5.8

    When I picked up my car yesterday, which came with .25, I asked what the difference was in .25 and the tech said it was a change for the power folding mirrors.
  49. doctrewho

    November / Late November delivery (2013) VINs?

    cwave1, I luckily didn't run into a charging problem but my 12v plug doesn't work... of course I didn't discover that until about 20 minutes ago. :)

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