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  1. rpiotro

    My 5-month review of driving a Model 3 that I have decided is not for me

    Yes, I agree! My short lived Nissan Leaf did one pedal driving and a very good job at it's version of autopilot. Pro Pilot II. I quickly got bored with it and the seats sucked therefore Tesla. But, if Auto pilot and one pedal driving are your criteria I'm sure many EVs will do the same. The...
  2. rpiotro

    What is this headlight calibration setting mean? [not headlight, follow distance]

    When the roads are congested, large gaps will cause fewer cars to pass a given point. There will actually be less traffic flow.
  3. rpiotro

    Why all the sudden that model 3 is available for the new inventory on tesla.com?

    M3 LR only? Or the new RWD model also.
  4. rpiotro

    What is this headlight calibration setting mean? [not headlight, follow distance]

    You'd never get where you are going around here with that gap. Cars would be constantly pulling in front of you with that big of a gap. Pretty soon you would be going backward.
  5. rpiotro

    Sales advisor offered me a Model 3 LR upgrade ready for pick up THIS week

    Do you want the lightweight, RWD, efficient, sporty sedan or the much heavier one with a longer range and AWD for winter?
  6. rpiotro

    First impressions. Short Road Trip

    The heavy rain may have been why the pillar cameras were momentarily blocked. In my 55 years of car ownership, I have never owned a car where the OEM tires were any good. Many were just trash. Lowest bidder you know. And the make and model of tire on your car may not be exactly the same as the...
  7. rpiotro

    Wheel repair?

    A very sickening sound. Stuck in my brain forever. Maybe it will help me to be more careful in the future. Why do these tires not have a scuff rib? I didn't think that was something that was rare.
  8. rpiotro

    Phone Key Delay

    I keep mine in a front pocket facing up and forward. Much more reliable that way. iPhone 13 mini. My wife's iPhone 12 mini seems to work much better. Go figure.
  9. rpiotro

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    That is a political statement. Ever notice how extreme left wing women have very large glasses? It's true. Pay attention. You won't be able to unsee it.
  10. rpiotro

    Used market has really taken a hit.

    A 2022? how long have you had it and why are you considering selling it already?
  11. rpiotro

    Wheel repair?

    Let me announce my joining of the club. Turned a little too tight entering the street where I live. Dumass me. There is a shop in walking distance from me that not only does the repairs but is Tesla certified and a member of the Tesla owners club. He says he does a lot of Teslas. Mostly color...
  12. rpiotro

    Keeping windows open while parked

    Use the "vent" option on your app? I never have as I don't want birds and bugs in.
  13. rpiotro

    Recommended tire pressure too high

    The OEM Michelins on my M3 SR+ have no leakage at all. After 13 months. Zero. In my 55 years of driving this is a first. I wonder how they do it?
  14. rpiotro

    iPhone 14 + wireless charging pad

    I have an iPhone 13 with the Genuine Apple MagSafe charger. No problems.
  15. rpiotro

    Tesla Model 3 steering wheel only turns one full turn (360 degrees)?

    And the problem with that is...?
  16. rpiotro

    Can't turn off auto wipers or high beams? [on autopilot]

    The auto wipers while in autopilot has been around for a quite while now.
  17. rpiotro

    Should I get new tires?

    Warranty them? And have them replaced with the same tire that you don't like? If you hate your tires, just bite the bullet and replace them. I have had a number of new cars in my 55 years of driving. I can't say I have ever owned one where the OEM tires that it came with aren't crap. Low bidder...
  18. rpiotro

    Not getting 2022.24 update?

    Got the 2022.24.8 update today. Also updated the app. I noticed my apps have stopped auto updating. Need to look into that. In any case, I get the PSI thing now. Great addition! Good to know tire pressures before even getting into the car. Should always be part of pre-flight.
  19. rpiotro

    Model 3 Performance Brake Rust Ring

    Maybe the pads have not fully bedded in. Often they are a little convex when new. How many miles on the car? How often do you actually use the brakes. Plan B. Take it to service for evaluation.
  20. rpiotro

    Not getting 2022.24 update?

    I have the 2022.24.5 software and the latest app on my iPhone. I'm not seeing tire pressures in controls. Nor is it available in "Customize Controls." Anyone else?
  21. rpiotro

    Tesla Maintenance [for model 3]

    Brake fluid deterioration is not dependent on brake usage. I don't understand where people get that notion. It doesn't "wear out." If the car sat in a garage for years and was never driven you would still need to change it if you were in a humid environment.
  22. rpiotro

    Premium Connectivity Vs. Connectivity to WiFi/HotSpot on phone

    Sure, but those are subscription services. Cal1 made a blanket statement that " I absolutely hate subscription models..." without any qualification. It sounded pretty absolute to me.
  23. rpiotro

    Rattle noise

    I don't understand. You admit to causing accidental damage and you think that should be warranted? Am I missing something?
  24. rpiotro

    Wipers randomly turn on

    I just saw this issue for the first time on a recent road trip from Milwaukee to Minneapolis and back. I attributed it to the huge amount of bug spatters on the windshield confusing the sensor. Just a single swipe, randomly. Haven't seen it before or since.
  25. rpiotro

    Premium Connectivity Vs. Connectivity to WiFi/HotSpot on phone

    "I absolutely hate subscription models...." And yet you have a cell phone. Home internet? How about streaming video service? Should I go on?
  26. rpiotro

    Performance cold weather range

    Sandy Munro did several videos on the Mach-E. He too liked a lot of things about it until he removed the frunk tub baring the thermal management system. I thought he was going to gag. Compared to Tesla's simple and elegant system this was a plumbers nightmare with all of the rubber hoses...
  27. rpiotro

    Performance cold weather range

    In February in 2021 I got a call from the sales manager of a long time former employer. A Ford Truck dealership. He said they got in a pre-release Mustang Mach-E and asked if I would like to do an evaluation. I said sure. Went and picked it up, got my son and we drove it around for the...
  28. rpiotro

    Performance cold weather range

    If you use the seat heater it will just suck more juice. Where the savings come in is by using the seat and steering wheel heater you can have sufficient comfort turning down the cabin temp. There is where your savings will be.
  29. rpiotro

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    What we have now is what the American people voted for.
  30. rpiotro

    which year of model 3 have heating steer wheel hardware feature?

    My M3 SR+ built in 06/21 has it. I believe the change was in April 2021.
  31. rpiotro

    Tesla Wall connector with 14-50 NEMA plug

    Do you mean like this? I had my electrician install a 14-50 To use the supplied travel charger for my short lived Leaf. When I got the Tesla I asked if he would come and install the Tesla wall charger. He said why bother? Just add an appliance cord. Leave the 14-50 there in case you get a...
  32. rpiotro

    Interior acoustics... the good and bad...

    This? It keeps it cooler in the summer also. I remove them in November. https://www.amazon.com/Accessories-Sunshade-Compatible-Skylight-Reflective/dp/B092VB8RWW
  33. rpiotro

    would you considering sacrificing range to get extended tire life?

    I feel a need to strike a balance. Tire life is low on my priorities. Most important is traction, rolling resistance, ride quality and noise level in that order. What's the point in having tires that go 50K miles but you hate every minute of it?
  34. rpiotro

    Munich to Cologne road trip

    If you were really there you would know it is München and Köln. ;)
  35. rpiotro

    Leak onto floor from rear of car

    Why? As this is a sealed unit there is no way additional contaminants could get in and any debris from wear would stabilize pretty quickly. Still, maybe at 100K miles it might not be a bad idea.
  36. rpiotro

    Should I attempt to have Tesla adjust trunk alignment?

    I think it would be OK for them to have a try. I had an alignment issue with my frunk lid and they took care of it nicely.
  37. rpiotro

    Any way to keep high beams on?

    Eat more carrots.
  38. rpiotro

    Has Tesla Build quality improved on new Model 3s in 2022?

    I have a 2021 M3 SR+ built in July of '21. I feel the build quality is pretty good. Not like a German built Mercedes but much better than a Canadian Ford. I think a lot of these moments about build quality are from previous years. Leftover FUD. Any product will have builds quality issues early...
  39. rpiotro

    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    Calibration of the range computer perhaps? Just spitballing here. What was the temperature difference? You driving habits during that time? Etc.
  40. rpiotro

    Premium Connectivity Vs. Connectivity to WiFi/HotSpot on phone

    Minimum wage jobs are entry level jobs. A place for mostly young people to introduce themselves to the workforce. They are not intended to be livable wage. If you are 40 years old and still working the counter at McDonalds... Also, $15 does not go as far in CA as it would in say Mississippi or...
  41. rpiotro

    Model 3 delivered with 75 foot-pounds lug-nut torque [Update: 75 ft lbs to loosen, not tighten]

    I had Tesla Mobile service come out and do my tire rotation. The fellow had a torque wrench and used it.
  42. rpiotro

    Premium Connectivity Vs. Connectivity to WiFi/HotSpot on phone

    Meh, I charge $90 per hour. That would almost cover a whole year. If you're not making a month's subscription cost in 1/2 hour you have made some poor life choices.
  43. rpiotro

    Premium Connectivity Vs. Connectivity to WiFi/HotSpot on phone

    And really, $99 per year? What fraction of the price you paid for the car is that? To get full functionality?
  44. rpiotro

    2021 Model 3 Performance with factory Michelin Pilot Sport tyres?

    I think the Michelins are a better tire. My wife's SLK 350 has had both. Big difference in performance and wear. I'd thank the person that put them on there.
  45. rpiotro

    Tire rotation best practices?

    My M3 SR+ weighs 3616 lbs. My last car a Q50 hybrid was ~4100. Tires wore evenly. I never rotated them and got good life. Before that was a G8 GT. Just over 4000 lbs. I never rotated them on that car either because it would just chew them up no matter where they were. And no, it was not an...
  46. rpiotro

    Tire rotation best practices?

    There is no way to know if and when they were rotated. It doesn't matter. What is the tread thickness today? Let the tire wear be your guide. Nothing else. A depth gauge is cheap. You didn't mention which variation you had. SR+, Long range AWD, performance? The AWD may not need rotation. At 6K...
  47. rpiotro

    WiFi extender please help

    If I change my DNS spec in the router my Tesla won't connect. It won't even see it. The strangest thing I have ever seen. A two button reboot fixes it. Go figure. I have both an auto 2.4/5 Ghz SSID and a dedicated 2.4 SSID. The Tesla will connect to either though I believe it has a 2.4 only radio.
  48. rpiotro

    Tesla model 3 doesn’t start - bms contactor state open [Salvage - air bags were deployed on vehicle]

    I disagree. In a country with too many lawyers the liability of repairing a salvage vehicle means it can never be profitable. Why would they want that headache. Repairing a salvage vehicle often ends with an empty wallet and a lot of heartache.
  49. rpiotro

    Stumped! How Do I lock the Windows ?

    Time for Cesar Millan. It seems that dog is too smart to be restrained. Need to treat its separation anxiety. Or, get model Y and put a metal dog crate in the back.

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