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  1. longshadows

    Trip planning software of choice

    About to make my third long road trip in my Model 3 DM/LR. So far, I've found the online AAA TripTik to provide the best routing details (including SuperChargers), but it cannot help me determine my range and which SCs I need to include. What do some of you use for trip planning that can...
  2. longshadows

    Tesla Says Cybertruck Will Be Built at New Factory in Texas

    Reminds me of when I was a boy, growing up in Texas in the 1950’s. Every Ford you saw came with this on their rear window. Wonder if Tesla will do likewise?
  3. longshadows

    TuneIn Login by scanning a QR code??

    The new TI UI is a hodge-podge mess, with users' "Favorites" broken up across different categories, but not all Favorites can be found anywhere! They have added categories (radio stations) I don't even want. Even when logged on with my TI premium account, I can't access all my Favorites. They...
  4. longshadows

    Tunein keeps logging out

    Not only does the TuneIn service keep logging me out, but when I am logged on, not all my "Favorites" are available. The new UI is complex and hard to navigate, especially while driving. Some of my Favorites are present, but broken up across various categories. There is no longer a single...
  5. longshadows

    Multi Coat Red Picture Thread

    My sweet "Amber" is now eighteen months old. Red was my only choice... all my neighbors voted and it was unanimous. I've never regretted getting a red Model 3. Hey, my first car, some fifty years ago was a red Opal Kadett! I made a month-long road trip from Maine to Texas earlier this year...
  6. longshadows

    Report: Tesla Considering Austin, Tulsa for Next U.S. Factory

    Texas has been hostile to Tesla over the years, overly restricting its operations and sales. I guess that might change. Maybe those good ol' boys in Austin finally see oil is not the wave of the future.
  7. longshadows

    Excellent Tesla Service

    Living in Maine, I have a two hour drive to our nearest SC in Peabody (North Short) Massachusetts. Other than a long dive, I've had nothing but excellent service. They have an attentive and knowledgeable Service Manager, Shawn, who takes care of us from scheduling to completion. Nice...
  8. longshadows

    Traveling in a Model 3

    I'm in the planning stages of a 5,000 mile trip to South Texas and back to Maine in the coming months, and I'm intrigued by the possibility (and cost savings) of stopping at night (Camper Mode) along Interstate Hwy rest areas and (nicer) truck stops, where I can take a shower, etc. I'd be glad...
  9. longshadows

    Tune-In Radio

    Thanks, Rince. Actually, my situation is sort of opposite. I already had a Tune-In account (for several years) and when I got the Tesla, I just signed in on the screen to my existing account. It didn't seem to recognize me; no error or anything, just nothing happened. I could use Tune-In as...
  10. longshadows

    Tune-In Radio

    I have a Tune-In Radio account and have signed in on the Tesla. Once is a great while, my "Favorites" will show up on the Tesla, but most often not. I have contacted Tune-In and they cannot account for this problem and suggested it may be something Tesla can address. When "Favorites" is...
  11. longshadows

    Latest on SentryCam with iPhone

    SentryCam is great, but hard to use, especially to view recent "events" Until Tesla provides a way of viewing camera recording on the Tesla screen, we have to rely on 3rd party apps. Recently, there has been discussion about the vulnerability of thumb drives, as opposed to small memory...
  12. longshadows

    My car ignores me all too frequently!

    Thank you, I'll give that a try.
  13. longshadows

    My car ignores me all too frequently!

    For the past few weeks, my phone key does not automatically work when I approach my car. The car asks for the card (which I refuse to give it!) I have to open the app and wake it up or press the unlock icon on the app. The same for the charging port. It won't open when I need to plug it in...
  14. longshadows

    Recommended USB drive for dashcam

    Question for iPhone (ver. 13) users. Would the Sandisk High Endurance MicroSD card work? Is there a lightening adapter for it? Does it require external power? Can it be powered via the car's USB port?
  15. longshadows

    Apps shows my car is 1/2 mile away!

    Thank you. Your point is well-taken about the garage, but the map on my car's screen is clearly showing I'm right inside my garage. The car knows it's at home, it's just not telling the app!
  16. longshadows

    Apps shows my car is 1/2 mile away!

    For several weeks now, my Tesla app on iPhone has indicated that my car is at an address about 1/2 mile away from my residence. I live on a street, which is listed on Google Maps, and there are several streets between my house and the fictitious "location" of my car. So, why is it arbitrarily...
  17. longshadows

    Model 3 camping mode?

    So, if the Model3 does not have something called "Camper Mode" what does the current "Leave Climate On" or even "Dog" setting do (ver 2019.20.4.4)? Can't I just stay in the parked car with either of these settings engaged? (I can manually lock the doors and deactivate the Sentry Mode.) Not...
  18. longshadows

    To charge or not to charge?

    Advice, please: I won’t be driving my Model 3 for about a week. It will just be sitting in my garage. Should I keep it plugged in to the wall charger all that time or should I charge it to the regular 80% and then unplug it for the week? Thanks.
  19. longshadows

    Security Mode alert video "gone missing"

    Got my first "Security Alert" this morning while at the vet's. No obvious damage. Came home, brought the little thumb drive into the house and plugged it into the PC. Lots of old video clips, but nothing dated today. (Lots of videos of my garage wall! Useless!) How does one identify/find...
  20. longshadows

    Tesla backing away from "Phone Key as primary key"

    Ooh, how generous of him! I'd suggest it would be more appropriate to make it "opt in" rather than our having to "opt out!" Maybe our Teslas are really not our own. We merely pay a license fee to use them? BS!
  21. longshadows

    No AM radio?

    Seems less than gratifying that we pay upwards of $50-$100K for a "luxury" car and then have to jerry-rig with little pieces of crap to listen to a radio station or stream a satellite service.
  22. longshadows

    Tesla backing away from "Phone Key as primary key"

    The phone key is perfect for me. I hate to use that card and having to place it on the console to drive is absurd. My iPhone key has worked 99% of the time. What galls me is that Elon has this "vision" that all Model 3s are going to be shared vehicles and they designed the entry and drive...
  23. longshadows

    TuneIn Radio and the Model 3

    The TuneIn app on the Tesla is strange. To search, you have to have it opened all the way and you'll see "Browse." It's not exactly a "search" feature, but you can choose "Local" "By Location" (for many national and international radio stations), "Most Popular, etc. This is the screen where...
  24. longshadows

    TuneIn Radio

    Love my M3 and the audio system. Slacker isn't great, but I use TuneIn Radio all the time (streaming those classical stations...). Problem is, I can't seem to set any stations as "favorites" and have them stick. I have to search for them once I exceed the number allowed to remain in...
  25. longshadows

    Maybe It's Me, but Too Many Snarky Posts

    As sad as it is, why should a Tesla board be any different than the society in general. Be it politics, religion, dieting styles, etc. there is less tolerance and willingness to listen to divergent viewpoints and/or shortcomings. All we can do is "ignore," but that does not improve the situation.
  26. longshadows

    V9 and TuneIn Favorites

    So, has anyone spoken to or heard anything from Tesla (or TuneIn) about this issue? Just another example of how Tesla drops the ball. I'm sorry, but after spending over $60K for a car (and some of you spent a whole lot more!), to have to resort to a Users' Forum to get tech support is just not...
  27. longshadows

    Web browser doesn't allow me to log into Plex using email

    Yes, this is a very unfortunate and negative aspect. Why did Tesla even bother to "give us" a web browser, when it works maybe 10% of the time, and usually after a reboot of the screen. Very disappointing. Like other things about Tesla, we can only wait and hope...
  28. longshadows

    12 volt battery "back-up?"

    Yes, my thoughts exactly. Thanks for the feed back.
  29. longshadows

    12 volt battery "back-up?"

    Actually, I misspoke. I can't say that I've seen owner say they carry a backup, but one of the popular Tesla "third-party" EVTuning Solutions sells them, with the following "just in case" statement, implying that it's something we should consider: Are you tired of seeing the dreaded "12v...
  30. longshadows

    12 volt battery "back-up?"

    I've read a few times about problems some owners have had with the 12 volt batteries (near the frunk) and some have had to replace them, some even carry a replacement... "just in case." What's the deal? Is this a serious issue and how should a concerned owner deal with this possibility? I'm...
  31. longshadows

    Model 3 key fob finally coming

    Sorry, "SOL!" They are already sold out. Wow... that went fast!
  32. longshadows

    Superchargers "misssing" on navigation???

    Thanks! I appreciate your feedback on this topic... Safe travels to all.
  33. longshadows

    Superchargers "misssing" on navigation???

    I just attempted to set a route for an upcoming trip on my new M3. I need to drive from Brunswick, ME to near Syracuse, NY. No matter what I input, the resulted navigation only shows me two SuperChargers (both in Massachusetts). Can anyone advise me if this is as it should be or is something...
  34. longshadows

    Rubber foot pedal pads

    My M3 is two weeks old and I ordered replacement (aluminum metal) pads for the brake and accelerator pedals. I was just installing them, but discovered that only the original brake pad was there. There was no pad on the accelerator pedal, just black metal! Is this as it should be or did Tesla...
  35. longshadows

    Charging during holiday travel

    Thanks, everyone, for your helpful and interesting thoughts on this situation.
  36. longshadows

    Charging during holiday travel

    Holiday travel is just around the corner and we all want to take the new "wheels," but I'm a little worried about finding adequate charging at my destinations.. The kit that comes with the Tesla has a 20 foot cable and adapters for the NEMA 14-50, 110 volt home sockets and the J-1772 adapter...
  37. longshadows

    Just Spoke to Tesla...Reservation date means NOTHING!

    This seems unfair, but on the other hand, I placed my reservations of 4/2/16 and my order deposit on 6/27/18 and both of these dates (upped by one day in each case, for some reason) are still showing on my current order page... Still haveonly a Reservation number and no VIN, too!
  38. longshadows

    Rhode Island deliveries

    I'm in Maine. As I've been told (by several sources), Mass. now has a state law that if you pick up a car in Mass, you must be changed the state sales tax (6.25%) even if you don't live there. So, for everyone in New England, outside of Mass. we either have to have "home delivery" or drive to...
  39. longshadows

    Updated account summary page: did anyone not get it?

    AWD Reserved 4/1/16 (non-owner). Order placed and accepted 6/27/18. Got update on my account page on 7/20 with state sales tax wrong! (I live in Maine, but they calculated the sales tax for Mass. 1.25% higher than Maine!). I responded, noting the error and my account had a message that a...
  40. longshadows

    Refused M3 delivery Marina Del Rey

    Eddie, Yes, it does look like it sat someplace and got dusty--outside and in. Remember all those photos we looked at over the past few months of Telsa M3s parked all around the Freemont factory? They were just banking them until the 3rd quarter to keep the numbers sold below 200K until July...
  41. longshadows

    New Englanders -- check in!

    (You have to laugh to keep from crying!) So, it seems that all New England residents, except Massfolk have to choose between a third party delivery truck dropping off our new Tesla, with no Tesla rep to ask questions or note damages OR make the pilgrimage to Mt Kisco. Sort’a sucks for that sort...
  42. longshadows

    Maine Model3 deliveries

    Thanks! Has anyone had any experience with delivery pick up as an out of state buyer in Milford, CT? That would be an hour closer to me than NY.
  43. longshadows

    New Englanders -- check in!

    Insanity for those of us “outliers,” who don’t live in “The Commonwealth!” I’m in Maine and want to personally pick up my new M3, but wondering why, if there is a Tesla Service Center shown in Milford, CT, we can’t take delivery there as opposed to Mt. Kisco, NY. Does CT have that mandatory...
  44. longshadows

    Maine Model3 deliveries

    Does anyone know if NY SC would be able to waive NY sales tax for out of state residents?
  45. longshadows

    Maine Model3 deliveries

    My AWD M3 is on order, scheduled for delivery "Sept-Nov 2018" What's not clear is how I pick up the new car. I am paying cash and can EFT the final payment to Tesla when they ask for it. I believe all paperwork can be done electronically. So, all that's left would be "delivery." Does this...
  46. longshadows

    Maine - Inspection Stickers

    Congratulations. Sure hope you pass the tough Maine emissions test when you arrive home :) Have a safe trip and enjoy that new ModelX!
  47. longshadows

    So sick of the negativity

    Oh Boy! So many unhappy people... I'm wondering about some of this and a couple of thoughts hit me: 1) The Model3 is getting much more publicity than previous models. Like politics, the 24/7 news and information sources need something to talk about. So, there are perspectives coming from...
  48. longshadows

    Wrapping a new M3

    I'd appreciate input from current or potential owners of the Model 3 concerning body wrapping, both as a means of full-body protection and as obtaining a body color not offered by Tesla (dark green). What has been the experience with either Full Body 3M or Avery Dennison vehicle wrap vinyl...
  49. longshadows

    Tesla Model 3 Down: Won't Power Up, and is Inaccessible

    Yeah, Comcast/Xfinity support would say, "reboot the modem."
  50. longshadows

    Model 3 Hits More Showrooms Across U.S.

    Took the train down to Boston for the day last week to see one in the Tesla showroom. It's only there until the end of the month, then, I was told, it's being taken to Chicago. They are shuffling these few cars around the country, so as to give as many showrooms time with the car, without...

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