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  1. Drone Flyer

    Tesla ignoring older cars!

    Seems that Tesla is ignoring those of us with older cars as we are the ones who got Tesla to where they are now. Without us, Tesla wouldn't exist. These new firmware updates are fine and dandy but they do very little to the cars built between 2012 and 2015. Really disappointing!
  2. Drone Flyer

    Sharing Car Washes in the GTA

    Anyone interested in sharing a $200.00 or whatever the price is, coupon for Car washes? It would mean going weekly on a certain day so everyone can go on that day allocated to him/her. Depends how many people can sign up etc. Just a thought.
  3. Drone Flyer

    Toronto BBQ today at Tesla Oakville

    Great BBQ today for the Ontario Tesla owners. Thanks to John Dixon for organizing it. Great turn out too!
  4. Drone Flyer

    Going to St. John, NB

    Have to go to St. John this weekend. The Tesla NAV screen and the website Tesla.com\trips suggests I can do it all on Superchargers. I would charge in Cornwall, Magog, then Augusta Maine, Bangor and then St. John's (Level 2). Anyone else done this trip? Going though the Excited States is a...
  5. Drone Flyer

    Fan goes to "High" when making phone call!

    Whenever I initiate a call, the fan goes to 10 or 11 every time. Anyone else experience this?
  6. Drone Flyer

    Model 3 Category in Canada!

    Can we please make a separate category just for the Model 3? I'm not knocking the car, it's great! However, i feel it is becoming more and more difficult when searching for Model S issues due to the excess of Model 3 posts. Thank you!
  7. Drone Flyer

    Mr. Musk goes to Washington (Well Not really!)

    Time magazine did a nice job of morphing Donald Trump and Vlad Putin into one person. With the antics of late of Mr. Musk on Twitter, I'm sure Time Magazine will probably do the same thing between Musk and Trump! Elon, for the sake of your investors, followers, and customers, please lay off...
  8. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Port Hope, ON

    Here are some aerial photos from the Hope of good charge yesterday at the port.
  9. Drone Flyer

    Loaner cars with Summer tires in Winter!

    Picked up a loaner Friday from Mississauga and they gave me a P90D with summer tires. I barely made it home last night in the snow and I'm afraid to drive it today in the snow. I appreciate Tesla giving us loaners but please, INSTALL WINTER TIRES on them! Geez!
  10. Drone Flyer

    New USB stick for seniors who need Tesla info handy!

    This would be great for anyone actually! USB stick for seniors.
  11. Drone Flyer

    The new charging etiquette!

    Some people just don't get it! I guess some owners are just plain too lazy to park properly while charging. LOL! Spotted at the Pickering charger today!
  12. Drone Flyer

    Merry Tesla Christmas!

    May you have visions of Teslas under your tree and chestnuts roasting in an electric fireplace!
  13. Drone Flyer

    Chill Mode is like Range Mode when conserving energy! Or is it?

    So a good feature about Chill mode is that when running low on energy, it will help you to arrive at your destination easier by not allowing you to use extra energy by restricting the energy consumption when pressing the accelerator pedal. Coupled with Range mode, I would imagine it could make a...
  14. Drone Flyer

    Renting a Tesla in Vancouver over the holidays?

    Any places in Vancouver or Victoria that rents Teslas for a good price during Christmas? Flying in from Toronto. If not, I'll have to rent an ICE car. Ouch! Thanks
  15. Drone Flyer

    I Wanna be a Truck Driver!

    1000 km range and 0 to 100 km/hr in 5 seconds! Wow! Looks like a lot of fun! I think a lot of people will want to sign on with trucking companies once these semi's hit the road! This marks the end of traditional trucking! It will be safer too, with collision avoidance helping drivers who fall...
  16. Drone Flyer

    Supercharger - Ottawa ON

    I know it's coming sometime but I thought I would post this photo of a charger we could use until it comes!
  17. Drone Flyer

    Uncorking in Canada! No bottle of wine needed!

    I was all excited a few minutes ago about getting uncorked on my 75D and the SC made me an appointment for next week only to be called back a few minutes later saying my car didn't qualify. According to the Tesla Uncorking 75D Tracker site, there have been cars uncorked already going back to...
  18. Drone Flyer

    Gun control

    So the NRA gave the Republicans 54 million dollars worth of advertising while the Democrats received $265.00, that's right, $265.00 for the Dems. Since Elon Musk left Donald Trump's inner circle of advisors recently due to differences of opinion, perhaps it's time for Elon to step up to the...
  19. Drone Flyer

    19 Inch slipstream wheels wanted!

    Anybody in Canada selling a set of 4 Slipstream wheels? Meed them for my winter package. thanks
  20. Drone Flyer

    New Model 3 orders may have to wait until the end of 2018!

    TSLA) CEO Elon Musk said at the company's annual shareholder conference on Tuesday. "I'm guessing if you put a deposit down now, it's probably end of next year before you get it." Musk's estimate suggests an even greater backlog than expected. On Tesla's website, the delivery estimate for new...
  21. Drone Flyer

    Confrontation at Woodstock Supercharger!

    Charging yesterday and there was a jeep Wrangler parked in the Chademo station. It was also parked there last week on my way out to the States. As i was charging yesterday , a beat up Volkswagen pulled up to the 2nd of 3 Chademo spots and I politely asked the guy if he could perhaps park...
  22. Drone Flyer

    Circuit Electric Chargers going online in Ontario!

    This is at least a start. Pricey though per charge and the ability to only have one car charge at a time is not good! But it's better than nothing! New fast-charge stations in Ontario Dear member, The Electric Circuit and the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario are pleased to announce the...
  23. Drone Flyer

    Vampire drain of 23 km in two hours!

    I got home tonight at 10 pm with 71 km available. At midnight, I checked my car and it said 48 km available. i have set to charge on my HPWC at 3:30 am. Never seen this before. It is in my garage and its not that cold outside either. It is a 75D. anyone else experience this? It is a new car...
  24. Drone Flyer

    Unplug Dashcams before going to Service!

    Make sure you unplug these devices before leaving vehicle for service as the techs will just yank the cables out and damage them, as was the case with me. These cables are very delicate and should be put in carefully and pulled out the same way. I had to purchase a new cable because the...
  25. Drone Flyer

    Lucid Air competition

    This is one ugly car! It's HQ is also in Fremont. Little to no cargo space too! Still only a prototype.
  26. Drone Flyer

    Model 3 with AP 1 instead of problematic AP 2.0

    With all the problems with AP 2 and the soon to be release of the Model 3 with no heads up display, could Tesla be rationalizing the costs and headaches of this car by going with a proven Autopilot and screen display? Personally, I don't blame them. AP 2 won't be fully functional anyway by the...
  27. Drone Flyer

    Still waiting for Waypoints!

    Still waiting Tesla! What is the issue? We can set a pinpoint so what's the hold up? Even two pinpoints would work for now!
  28. Drone Flyer

    Fool flyer with a toy drone flies through a Model X

    The things people will do for kicks!
  29. Drone Flyer

    Beginning to feel that we won't see any new Superchargers in Canada for quite a while!

    Between Rochester and Buffalo, there are two and a third has a permit. This is roughly the same distance as it is from Toronto to the Port of Good Hope (Charge)! I just fail to understand why the Ottawa area doesn't have anything planned and it is a major city. Frustrating to see them in out of...
  30. Drone Flyer

    Chicago chargers in schools?

    So if your Tesla is charging at a Chicago school, it looks like you won't be bothered by the ICE patrol. Lets hope ICE cars stay away too from the charging spots! LOL! "Chicago public schools say they will keep ICE agents out!"
  31. Drone Flyer

    The Teddy Waste Management awards are out and guess what?

    The annual Canadian Teddy awards are out and the Ontario government won the prize for electric vehicle tax payer waste with regards to the $14,000 rebate. It is their twisted conviction that anyone who can afford a $140,000 Tesla doesn't need a rebate. Of course they miss the point here that...
  32. Drone Flyer

    The "ICE" police working overtime to remove non EV Cars!

    Take a look at this photo. Nice to see that police forces are working diligently to extricate non EV cars from charging spots
  33. Drone Flyer

    Truck Lust and the myths that accompany it!

    Reading through the comments about truck lust and the "so called" (A Donald Trump vernacular) attraction to big trucks while passing them, makes me think that it is all in one's imagination. I've tried on several occasions to see if this happens and I have to say that the power of suggestion can...
  34. Drone Flyer

    Hacking the AP Nag warning!

    I wonder if its possible to "hack' the Nag warning as to make it disappear completely? Will Tesla eventually remove it? Could it be gone once AP 2 rolls around completely in 5 years? Could they increase the time to say, 10 minutes? (Most probable outcome I would think)!
  35. Drone Flyer

    Tesla Model Trump?

    With the close ties Elon Musk seems to have with the Trumper, let's hope the Model 3 is not renamed. The reason why I'm wondering this is that the implications of nicknaming it, "Model T", could have far reaching political advantages for Tesla and it would circumvent the trademark name Ford...
  36. Drone Flyer

    Autopilot on undivided roads back to 10 km/r over limit!

    The latest update now has AP working at up to 10 km/hr over the posted speed limit on divided roads. Thanks Tesla, for listening! Now if you could just leave the icons at the top of the screen always visible, that would be great! Oh and did I mention it would be nice to have waypoint mapping...
  37. Drone Flyer

    (re-opened!) Boston Pizza in Kingston is closed due to fire!

    Do not count on the BP at the SC in Kingston to be operational anytime soon. Was there yesterday and had to go to Swiss Chalet on both trips to and from Montreal. Apparently they had a kitchen fire last weekend and it could be closed for a while.
  38. Drone Flyer

    Abandoned cars on 401 curb and Autopilot

    I was on 401 yesterday in Autopilot at 110 km/hr in left lane passing slower cars when all of a sudden I came across a parked car on shoulder on left and as I passed him, Autopilot slowed rapidly to 80 km/hr and stayed that way for at least about 10 seconds after I passed him before returning to...
  39. Drone Flyer

    Autopilot unlimited speed on Kingston Road

    I noticed last night unlimited speed on Autopilot while driving on Kingston road in Scarborough. The speed limit is 60 and I was able to go 69 km/h. Could it be geo fencing not set up for the area? I don't know if the AP 1 reads the signs or is it programmed in already via GPS and maps.
  40. Drone Flyer

    DIVING Mode

    My car now has "Diving" mode under the "Controls" tab. Anyone else notice this? Software 248.16
  41. Drone Flyer

    Happy Boxing Day!

    Happy Boxing Day everyone! Anyone get a Tesla gift wrapped in a box for Christmas?
  42. Drone Flyer

    Happy Christmas and Merry New Year everyone!

    Good charging and hot chocolate for all during this festive season! May you have visions of Teslas all through the night!
  43. Drone Flyer

    The Summon Prank!

    Ok, I'm sure most owners have tried this but this has got to be the funniest prank one can pull. I like to have a passenger who is unaware of the car's features, sit in the car while I am outside of the car. Turning on summon and moving the car forward or reverse while passenger is inside...
  44. Drone Flyer

    Tesla Taxi fleet SC abuse in Montreal!

    Pulled into the main Montreal 12 slot SC last night as I was nearing 40 km of available range. What I saw floored me! 6 Teo Montreal Tesla taxis sitting there charging. They were a combination of Model S 60D's and Model S's. This isn't right! They should be charging elsewhere shouldn't they? I...
  45. Drone Flyer

    Renting a Model S or X in London

    Anyone know where I can rent, at a cheap price, a Tesla from the 17th for a week? I have Teslaitis and I can't stand the thought of renting an ICE car while my Tesla sits in my garage at home in Toronto. I've seen prices ranging from 1300-1700 Pounds but that is way too expensive. That's...
  46. Drone Flyer

    Proposed Toll on Gardner and DVP in Canada's second biggest city!

    Mayor Tory today is about to unveil a proposed toll on Toronto's Gardiner and DVP highways. This would be a good time to exclude all electric vehicles from this proposal and it would be a great way to promote electric car usage on our highways and streets. Of course he could propose a gas tax...
  47. Drone Flyer

    Will we ever have full autonomy with Autopilot 1?

    Just because Autosteer is in beta mode that doesn't necessarily mean we have to touch the steering wheel every four minutes or so forever or will it? Will AP 1 cars be able to one day experience non touch driving ever? I wonder!
  48. Drone Flyer

    Michelin Primacy Tires or Good Year Tires for new deliveries

    Just wondering which tires are the best. I have the Primacy tires now on my Model S but my new car has Good Year tires. Which are better? Any thoughts or experiences? I do like the Michelin's as they last long and seem very quiet. I'm told the Good years have foam inserted to assist with the...
  49. Drone Flyer

    Check Bolt EV soon to be available but charging could still be an issue!

    Ok so it does 235 miles on a charge. So what? How long will it take to charge at a level 2? I've seen a report that it does one hour at 80%. That's twice as long as a Tesla. Plus, finding a level two charger that isn't occupied is a concern. Also, very little cargo space, and the Bolt sure...
  50. Drone Flyer

    Renting a Tesla Model S in Vancouver!

    Just thought I'd throw this out there. Heading to Vancouver and Kelowna tomorrow but unfortunately, can't bring my Model S on the plane. Does anyone know of a place that I can rent one at a reasonable cost for a week? Thanks

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