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  1. bollar

    National Drive Electric Week Texas 2018 - September 8-16

    Make plans to bring your Tesla to one of the NDEW events around Texas. It's a great way to meet other Tesla and other EV owners. The Texas events are perhaps surprisingly popular. The North Texas event is currently the largest in the country in terms of electric miles driven, total cars and...
  2. bollar

    Texas Model 3 Registrations Exceed Bolt Registrations May 2018

    Texas Model 3 registrations have exceeded Bolt registrations: M3: 636 Bolt: 579 Thanks to North Central Texas Council of Governments for the data. Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities
  3. bollar

    Supercharger - Fort Worth, TX

    This is old news, but a permit was applied for on March 22, 2018 at 2616 Whitmore St, Fort Worth, TX. The permit has not been issued. The location is a good sized parking lot. Given the proximity to West 7th area, my presumption is an urban Supercharger. Project Description: Tesla Proposing to...
  4. bollar

    North Texas Supercharger Party -- Saturday, May 12, 2018

    It's been quite a Spring filled with Superchargers in North Texas, with the Southlake Supercharger and the Plano & Dallas Urban Superchargers opening in the past two months. It's exciting news and we (Tesla Owners Club of North Texas) are ready for a party! This event is open to all levels of...
  5. bollar

    Bring Your Tesla to EarthX (Dallas, Saturday, April 21, 2018)

    All Tesla owners are invited to join us at EarthX (formerly Earth Day Texas) (Saturday, April 21)! You don't have to be a Tesla Owners Club of North Texas Member to join us! EarthX is the world's largest environmental conference and it's one of our group’s main opportunities to show off the...
  6. bollar

    Model 3 is on Display at Southlake Gallery

    Starting today, Friday, January 26, you can see Model 3 at the Southlake Gallery The car will be there indefinitely and drives are not currently being offered.
  7. bollar

    Texas Model 3 Count per TxDOT / NCTCOG

    According to Texas Department of Transportation data collected by North Central Texas Council of Governments, there are three Model 3s registered in North Texas. Thirteen across the state. Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Oh... 4876 Teslas of all types, according to their data. Chargepoint...
  8. bollar

    Your Action Requested re: $2500 TX EV Grant (December 11, 2017)

    There is a public hearing on 12/11 at 2pm in Austin on a $2500 EV grant that is set to exclude Tesla vehicles. If you are going to be in Austin, feel free to attend and let them know what you think. However, you can also submit written comments via the form below. Details for Hearing: What...
  9. bollar

    Supercharger - Plano, Texas

    A permit request for Tesla charging stations was received in Plano today at The Shops at Legacy Town Center (North) Phase 1 (CPL). Given the applicant and cost, this is certainly for the Plano Supercharger. Permit #BLD17-18194 5725 Legacy Dr Plano, Texas 75024
  10. bollar

    Need Example Supercharger Near Residential Area

    Does anyone have an example of a Supercharger near a residential area? The Southlake, Texas Supercharger will be across a four-lane street from a neighborhood Planning & Zoning Commission asked if this would be the first? Advice here or in the other thread would be great! Supercharger -...
  11. bollar

    National Drive Electric Weeks 2017 Events in Texas

    National Drive Electric Week 2016 was huge in Texas -- we came in second to California in total attendance, second in Teslas attending and North Texas had more Teslas attending than any other NDEW event. But we can do better in 2017... NORTH TEXAS Plans are firming up for National Drive...
  12. bollar

    Tesla Plano Legacy West Gallery Pre-Opening & The Tesla Arlington Supercharger Ribbon Cutting

    Tesla Plano Legacy West Gallery Pre-Opening & The Tesla Arlington Supercharger Ribbon Cutting, Saturday, May 13 Tesla has invited NTTOG to join them for the Pre-Opening of the Plano Legacy West Gallery! Let's Make a Day of It! We'll be joined by the Mayor of Arlington and North Central Texas...
  13. bollar

    Tesla Owners Converge on Cocoamoda, May 20, 2017

    Join us for the first Texas statewide group road trip to Cocoamoda ! PLEASE REGISTER AT THE EVENTBRITE LINK FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING! The Tesla clubs in Texas invite all Tesla owners to converge in Calvert, Texas to socialize, have lunch and enjoy the Best Little...
  14. bollar

    National Drive Electric Week 2016 & #BeatFlorida

    National Drive Electric Week 2016 is coming up again and we have a great opportunity to raise electric vehicle awareness right as we prepare for the 2017 Texas Legislative Session. Here's the idea - Texas came in third place to California and Florida in attendance in 2015. It would not be...
  15. bollar

    Supercharger - Sweetwater, TX

    According to @Justicepool , the Sweetwater, Texas Supercharger has been found and construction plans have been issued. It will be at the Holiday Inn Express: 300 SE Georgia Ave Sweetwater, TX 79556
  16. bollar

    Supercharger - Midland, TX

    The owner of the Flying J that's the location of the Cisco, TX Supercharger says he's also agreed to install a Supercharger at his location in Midland. Assuming that's the Flying J, the address is: 3302 Garden City Highway Midland, TX US 79706 See Supercharger - Cisco, TX for more info.
  17. bollar

    Supercharger - Cisco, TX

    @BlueShift found it! Sweetwater and Cisco Superchargers Tesla Charging Station Coming to Cisco
  18. bollar

    I-10 Closed Between Texas & Louisiana [March 15, 2016-March21, 2016]

    FYI, the Sabine River flooding has closed I-10 east & westbound at the Texas / Louisiana state line. Most crossings are impassible as far north as Toledo Bend. TXDOT recommends I-20 to Shreveport then I-49 to Baton Rouge as the alternate (shame we didn't get I-20/I-49 completed last year as...
  19. bollar

    Bring Your Tesla To Earth Day Texas - 2016 [April 22-24]

    Come join us for Earth Day Texas in Dallas! It’s our biggest public outreach event of the year and we’d love a huge Tesla owner attendance. The pressure’s on since we understand that Tesla won’t be exhibiting this year. Tesla Owners Club of North Texas is the registered exhibitor and we hold...
  20. bollar

    Tesla Owners Go To The Perot! [Thursday, February 11, 2016]

    The Perot Museum extends a Special Invitation to the Dallas & Fort Worth Tesla owners to join our reception showcasing our new Tech truck! Come a little early to park your Tesla all in a row for a photo in front of the museum! We'll save the few two rows of Parking Lot A for a photo (ask for...
  21. bollar

    Denton, Texas Supercharger Ribbon Cutting (Saturday, January 30, 2016 @ 10:00am)

    Please join the North Texas Tesla Electric Vehicle Owners Group along with The Rayzor Ranch Marketplace for a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to celebrate the recent opening of the Tesla High Powered Supercharger-Denton, Texas Saturday, January 30, 2015 10:00 A.M. Rayzor Ranch Marketplace 2700 West...
  22. bollar

    Supercharger - Lindale, Texas

    The newly updated Supercharger map shows a location near Tyler will be completed by year-end. This is almost certainly the Collin Street Bakery Express in Lindale. 17044 I-20 W Lindale, Texas 75771 Hideaway Lake exit 903-882-9205 I encourage anyone out East to go check it out! :)
  23. bollar

    A New Model X For Veterans Day!

    And thanks to all of our veterans! Instagram
  24. bollar

    Negative Carbon Road Trip

    Here's a guy on a journey to visit forty-eight states in a Nissan Leaf! And he's planting a tree every 250 miles to offset his carbon impact. He's having a tough time so far - some of the Chademo stations he planned to visit have been closed or offline...
  25. bollar

    DFW Solar Tour, Saturday, October 3, 2015

    The DFW Solar Tour is a free, one-day event on Saturday, October 3, 2015, generally from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during which you are invited to tour innovative green homes and buildings around the DFW Metroplex and learn how homeowners and businesses can use solar energy, wind energy, energy...
  26. bollar

    N Texas Tesla Owners -- Events Nearby the Next Billion Tour in Southlake, TX 8/15/15

    We may-or-may-not be invited to the Next Billion tour, but we can always have events nearby. Come to one or all of these activities, just minutes from the Southlake Hilton, site of the Next Billion tour: SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 2015 Cars at the Club — Texas Motor Speedway 8a-Noon From TMS...
  27. bollar

    Thinkware F750 Dash Cam

    Given the negative reviews of the Blackvue DR650GW, I decided to look at alternatives when my el-cheapo Mobius ActionCam died. I went with the Thinkview F750. It's a nice unit and total cost was just under $400 from Amazon, including a Sandisk Ultra 64 memory card (comes with 16GB)...
  28. bollar

    National Drive Electric Week North Texas SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 2015

    The Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Clean Cities Coalition is excited to be planning the DFW event for National Drive Electric Week! This year’s DFW event will be held on Saturday, September 19, from 10:00am to 2:00pm in section 2C (between Neiman Marcus Last Call and Saks Off 5th) of the Grapevine...
  29. bollar

    Shannon Brewing Company (Keller, Texas) Tesla Car Show (Saturday, May 16, 12-3pm)

    Shannon Brewing Company in Keller, Texas has invited us to show off our cars at their Saturday Open House on May 16. They'll have reserved Tesla parking for us and plenty of customers who will want to see and hear about our cars. Shannon offers tours, samples, live music and food trucks. If...
  30. bollar

    HB 1653 / SB 639 Relating to the ownership or operation of a motor vehicle dealership

    Here it is! 84R9491 MAW-F By: Rodriguez of TravisH.B. No. 1653 A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT relating to the ownership or operation of a motor vehicle dealership by certain manufacturers or distributors. BE IT ENACTED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE OF TEXAS: SECTION 1...
  31. bollar

    Weak Security in Car WiFi Systems (Markey Report)

    Automakers lag in protecting security, privacy of cars-Markey report Tesla did not respond, or I would have put in the news forum.
  32. bollar

    Shannon Brewing Company Tour, Keller, TX, Saturday, February 28 @ Noon

    Join Jay Squyres, other Tesla owners and me at Shannon Brewing Company for a tour, samples, live music and food trucks. If the weather is nice, the picnic area is a welcome place to hang out and kids & well-behaved dogs are welcome! If you're drinking (not at all a requirement), the cost is $10...
  33. bollar

    Can One Enter a Destination by Latitude / Longititude?

    And if so what's the format? i know this question has been answered before, but my search-fu fails me tonight. I would like to enter a destination as a latitude / longitude coordinate. How do I go about formatting that in a way the nav understands?
  34. bollar

    Supercharger - Ardmore, OK

    A subscriber to the North Texas Tesla mailing list has an email confirming a Denton, TX location and an Ardmore, OK location "coming in the first two months of 2015."
  35. bollar

    Wiki The Most Efficient Charging Amperage

    This wiki is s summary of my Model S Charging findings first covered in this thread: What is the Most Efficient Charging Amperage? In short, I am measuring the kWh required by my car to charge to 90% at various amperages, temperatures and battery discharge states and I'm looking to discover if...
  36. bollar

    What is the Most Efficient Charging Amperage?

    A question I have not seen answered is what charging amperage is most efficient for the Model S. I think I have the necessary data and I have begun to tabulate it as I charge each night. Before I get too far along, I thought I'd ask the teeming masses if there's anything else I should try to...
  37. bollar

    Supercharger - Auburn, AL

    Construction began on an Auburn, AL Supercharger on November 12. A permit was issued to Instrument Technical Service for construction at Village Mall, 1627 Opelika Rd. http://www.auburnalabama.org/PSDir/c...ber%202014.pdf Oh, and pictures of the Greenville, AL *AND* Auburn, AL...
  38. bollar

    Denton Horse Country Tour

    SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, January 24, 2015 @ 10:00 am DFW Airport Founders’ Plaza (Texan Trail & N. Airfield Drive) Join fellow Tesla enthusiasts for a tour of Denton County’s horse country! This is a backroads tour of scenic NE Tarrant and Denton county roads & ranches. After an estimated 1...
  39. bollar

    Corsicana Tote

    I didn't realize the Tesla Design Collection has a bag named after our favorite fruitcake-infused Supercharger! Tesla Gear Shop Corsicana Tote
  40. bollar

    Franconia Brewery Tour (McKinney, TX) With NTREG Saturday, December 13 10a-1p

    Let's join our friends at North Texas Renewable Energy Group tour the green features of Franconia Brewing Company in McKinney! Franconia will give NTREG a private brewery tour on Saturday, December 13. No beer or samples will be served during our tour. Instead, the focus will be the energy...
  41. bollar

    The McLaren P1 Crashed in Dallas Had Been Bought Just One Day Before

    Hey D owners. Be careful out there -- this McLaren P1 was trashed just one day after it was purchased: http://m.autoevolution.com/the-mclaren-p1-crashed-in-dallas-had-been-bought-just-one-day-before-89372.html
  42. bollar

    If You Tweet Your Car, Please Use the #TexasEV Hashtag

    If you tweet pictures of your car, or other things EV, please consider adding the ‪#‎TexasEV‬ hashtag. We're trying to build awareness of the rapidly growing electric vehicle infrastructure in Texas and this is a way that helps entities like North Central Texas Council of Governments communicate...
  43. bollar

    Mercedes G-Code Hybrid Hydrogen / Electric SUV

    I'm skeptical... [/FONT][/COLOR] Mercedes Vision G-Code concept is one big solar panel - Autoblog
  44. bollar

    Why Not Use The Model S Handsfree?

    I was passed by a Black 85 today and I noticed the driver was talking on the phone. Like most of you, I see this all the time, but I usually assume the car doesn't have handsfree. We know that's not the case on the Model S, so I wonder why someone would choose to hold their phone instead. He...
  45. bollar

    Track Day At Motorsport Ranch (Cresson, TX)

    How many people here are interested in doing a track day at Motorsport Ranch in Cresson? I have done this a few times with the Mercedes Club, but of course, it would be awesome to do with Teslas. If there are enough of us, the price would probably be < $200. The classes include instruction and...
  46. bollar

    DFW: National Drive Electric Week -- Saturday, September 20, 2014 10a-3p

    All, I wanted to let you know about this National Drive Electric Week event hosted by the North Texas Electric Auto Association this Saturday from 10am to 3pm. It would be nice to have some Tesla representation there. [/FONT][/COLOR]
  47. bollar

    Texas ERCOT Energy Sources January 2014

    I thought my Texas friends would find this interesting. This is the mix of our generating capability as of January. Gas 56.4% Coal 22.9% Wind 13.4% Nuclear 6.2% Hydro 0.6% Biomass, Solar, Storage 0.4% Source: Verdigris Energy
  48. bollar

    DFW Solar Tour, Saturday, October 4, 2014

    You may have seen my general invitation to attend the National Solar Tour coming up in October. I am on the organizing committee for DFW and I wanted to invite my North Texas friends to participate either as hosts or volunteers. "Solar Tour" is a bit of a misnomer, as we want to show all types...
  49. bollar

    Save The Date: National Solar Tour, October 4-5, 2014

    Please consider attending this great event: The American Solar Energy Society (ASES) will hold its 19th annual National Solar Tour, across the country on October 4-5, 2014. Homeowners and businesses in neighborhoods across the country opened their doors and to show what they’ve done to slash...
  50. bollar

    Evangelizing Tesla With My Mercedes Club Friends

    I had a nice drive last week with my Mercedes Club friends. We had fifteen cars touring the two-lane roads of North Texas. I don't think I actually sold any of them on going Tesla, but they were very interested to learn about Superchargers and a couple are interested in trying out the Mercedes...

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