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  1. mark

    21” Turbines in Texas

    I have a set in Dallas if you are interested.
  2. mark

    No front plate?

    Model S owner since 2012 - never had a front plate. Never been stopped.
  3. mark

    Tesla Fights Deer. DFW Body Shop Advice Needed.

    My S has been held hostage at John Eagle for 3.5 months. I have had better (but still slow) experiences at trade secret.
  4. mark

    WTB - rear facing seats

    You realize that if your car wasn't built with them it's unsafe to install them as the bumper is not reinforced and the storage area in the back is a crumple zone...
  5. mark

    Texas Hold Up!

    Just picked up my 3 - it perfect - super nimble and fun to drive. Well worth the wait :)
  6. mark

    Texas Hold Up!

    One of the blue aeros is mine - have to wait till Tuesday...
  7. mark

    Model 3 Ordered

    Given delivery date of 3/13 :( Apparently they are batching a large number for Texas to leave Fremont soon.
  8. mark

    Texas Hold Up!

    Got VIN 55XX last week - completed paperwork and payment - expecting delivery next week.
  9. mark

    Model 3 Ordered

    EDIT - got call this PM - Car is complete but need to complete MPVA and funding before car will leave Fremont. ETA 10-14days.
  10. mark

    Articles/megaposts by DaveT

    Building cars vs. building margin.
  11. mark

    Model 3 Ordered

    Assigned VIN today! 55XX Saw it on website - still no contact from Tesla.
  12. mark

    WTB. Grey 21” Turbines

    I'm in Dallas and have a set of silver turbines that need to be repaired (road rash) and could be powder coated to your liking - would let them go pretty cheap - 2 tires are new - 2 have wear - PM if interested
  13. mark

    Model 3 standard range postponed until Early 2019

    The idea that cancelling your reservation will change their decision making is silly. If they can't sell the LR they will make SR. But Tesla is a business and if they can find buyers for 600k model 3 LR vehicles a year (factory capacity), then they should not make the SR version until a new...
  14. mark

    Model 3 Ordered

    Ordered the first of my 2 model 3 reservations on 1/18 also. Never got email either. No word from Tesla since confirmation. Waiting for AWD to order my other one.
  15. mark

    Poll: Tesla US EV Federal Tax Credit ends Q1 or Q2 ???

    If you buy 2 Model 3s, can you claim 2 credits in the same year?
  16. mark

    Looking at 2015 P90D in TX

    This should help: Model S - Options by Year - Tesla Motors Club Wiki
  17. mark

    Possible Tesla Air Bag Recall

    Got my airbag recall fix done today in Dallas.
  18. mark

    Prediction: Model S Standard Features Base Model 3 Might Not Have

    Power liftgate? I thought it was a trunk on model 3? I doubt this is even an option. I also don't get the logic that just because it's cheap that Tesla won't charge for it. Homelink, seat memory, and navigation were paid options when I bought my S.
  19. mark

    Supercharger - Arlington, TX

    Thanks so much - really enjoyed following the progress through you.
  20. mark

    Tesla Fights Deer. DFW Body Shop Advice Needed.

    I used trade secret - I think the Tesla parts backlog is better now - they would know. It was bad last year - waited 6 weeks for a headlight. I don't think it was the shop at fault.
  21. mark

    Will Elon issue a 500 mile challenge for the 100D?

    If someone was able to get an S85 to do 400miles, shouldn't the 100D do 500? Anyone getting a 100D have 25 hours to drive at 20mph continuously?
  22. mark

    Driver's Door window "catches" or door open - is this normal?

    Not normal - simple adjustment though - notify service center. Congrats on your new car!
  23. mark

    Airbag Recall is here for Tesla

    Front facing camera? Ultrasonic sensors? No need to rip any of that out of a 2012...lol. But yeah, totally unrealistic.
  24. mark

    2013 Model S - No Defrost vents

    The 2012 and early 2013 have vents but they are hidden and small - there is an upgrade available for those up north that was offered to us. I never got it because in Dallas the defrosters were adequate for my infrequent use.
  25. mark

    Happy 2017 and a bit of perspective from a 2012 owner

    As someone who reads TMC a lot but rarely posts, it's hard not to notice that there are a lot of complaints and claims of injustice by many posters. There is a tendency to forget the amazing things that Tesla has accomplished for its customers and sustainable energy. As I celebrate my car...
  26. mark

    Anyone bought Pirelli Cinturato P7 AS tires yet? 70k warranty!

    I have these on my S85 and have similar problems with cupping and rotational thuds after only a few thousand miles and my car was aligned by Tesla service right before I had them installed last fall. I switched to my summer 21s in the spring and all the thuds resolved - I just put the 19in with...
  27. mark

    Drive unit replacement - getting better?

    Just got my unit replaced the third time for noise - This fourth one is quieter than any of the others ever were. The first two replacements were in 2013 and 2014. I hope this one never gets noisy.
  28. mark

    8 Cameras! Can they add a small DVR?

    I'm pretty certain the car does record - Tesla just doesn't give you access to the data.
  29. mark

    So... did my APv1 car just get shot in the head?

    Exactly - my 2012 S has been made obsolete so many times that now I just smile and feel good for those with new features. I'm looking forward to upgrading eventually, but for now I still love actually driving my model S. :)
  30. mark

    [NYT] How did GM Create Tesla's Dream Car First?

    I can't understand why no one seems to ask if GM is going to be losing money on each Bolt? Isn't the reason they haven't built it before because it was too expensive? Isn't the Bolt just a stunt to steal Tesla model 3 thunder by beating it to market and not caring about losses because they can...
  31. mark

    The sad part of owning a Tesla... accidents

    My car has been at Trade secret for over a month waiting on a headlight - Just heard today it will be at least 2 more weeks. All they need is the headlight - so frustrating.
  32. mark

    Wiki Tesla Service Center Stats

    I'm not disagreeing with your conclusion, just that the magnitude is probably a little overstated.
  33. mark

    Wiki Tesla Service Center Stats

    I would note that in Dallas the original service center has closed and been replaced by one 3-4 times larger. Still only one service center but the capacity of the newer centers is much larger than the early ones.
  34. mark

    Does SMP2 mean Elon is in it for the long haul?

    So, after reading part deaux, I couldn't help but think that Elon has much more to accomplish at Tesla than just make some cars before he flies to Mars. I've been concerned about chatter in the past that as soon as Tesla is stable making the Model 3 that he will leave to focus on SpaceX. This...
  35. mark

    When will 75D's start production

    I saw a Model X 75D in the Dallas Service Center today getting prepped for delivery when picking up my S.
  36. mark

    A very sad day for me

    Best wishes on your recovery! Your X will be that much better after all your withdrawls.
  37. mark

    2017 Texas Legislative Session Discussion Thread

    I sent him one during the last session and asked for a response and never received one. Hope he loses the next primary - I miss Carona.
  38. mark

    Articles/megaposts by DaveT

    Dave- Just curious if you are going to update you're 2.0 vs. 3.0 projection thoughts. Seems like Elon is setting it up for a run at 3.0. I know you are frustrated with model X execution, but as lolachampcar says, they seem to get the DFM thing with model 3. Would love to see you update the...
  39. mark

    New Dallas Service Center, Near Love Field

    Went by the old service center on welch and it's closed with a sign directing to new one. Too bad for me - the old one was so convenient.
  40. mark

    Model ≡ Door Handles

    Anyone at the reveal who can comment on how the door handles work on Model ≡? Like S? Like X? New design? Thanks.
  41. mark

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    I assume they mean in dollars not number of products. 50x multiplier for car vs. phone.
  42. mark

    Model3.tesla.com is live

    model3.tesla.com/store works now
  43. mark

    Reservations Online Start @ 7:30 PST

    Worked for me - charge from tesla on my card
  44. mark

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    7 digit reservations = $1Bn capital raise
  45. mark

    Making reservation for friend - conflicting info from Tesla - anyone know?

    In the past Tesla has allowed you to reserve for family - maybe if you referred to your friend as a distant relative;)
  46. mark

    Model S/X Owners Have Priority Model 3 Orders Over Non-Owners

    I hope it's some consolation to the non owners that there is a one priority reservation per Tesla limit. See excerpt from email below: And as a thank you to our current owners, existing customers will get priority in each region (one priority reservation for each Tesla they own).
  47. mark

    But Officer....I was going WAY below the speed limit!

    Jerry - that explains why the silicon valley guys get confused driving on interstate 5 and the 101.
  48. mark

    How many Model3s will you order!

    You can reserve for family members - at least that is what they have done in the past.
  49. mark

    Prediction: Model 3 Orders to reach 100k in 24 hours

    Doesn't every model S owner know 10-20 folks that drool over their car but can't afford it and are dying for one in their price range? At least 5 in my drool circle are planning to reserve ASAP. 5x100k Model S...Once the press gets a hold and the specs are known that will grow. 1 million by...
  50. mark

    Texas Supercharger Locations (location speculation, discussion)

    Tesla Charging Station Coming to Cisco

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