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    Supercharger - Florence, SC

    We used this one on the way to Charleston this weekend. The cones were still in place and nobody had ICEd any of the spots. Probably a half dozen Teslas in the spots. Nice area!
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    Supercharger - Charleston, SC

    We really need a Supercharger in Charleston proper and it would be very nice to have a few out on Kiawah Island. Freshfields parking lot would be a perfect place for it.
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    New Model 3 Owner.......

    Calm down
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    Production Number Breakdown

    I'd be curious to know how many Performance models have been sold in the US compared to other models.
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    Model 3P FSD - wall connector and local electrician (King of Prussia, PA)

    Hit up HavePower, LLC. They're based out of Potomac, MD but it's possible that they'd go up there to help you out. They installed mine and it was a very professional experience.
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    Range increase (split from Master Thread: 2019.40.2)

    Same here. My M3P+ has always had a 279 mile charge at 90%. With 40.2.1 its now 275.
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    Lower 90% charge with 40.2.1?

    Anybody seeing lower overall mileage being displayed on 40.2.1? I've had a 90% charge at 279 miles since I've owned my M3P+ but since the 40.2.1 update it shows 275.
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    Could Teslas recognize an approaching Tesla?

    My wife said that I should submit a request to have other Teslas show up as different colors on the screen.
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    It's happening for me too. I've never heard it click prior to changing it over to Hold Mode.
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    Model 3 Lug Silver Nut Covers?

    Hi folks, Where are you guys buying silver lug nut covers for the Model 3? I bought some on Amazon and they don't fit. Really would rather not pay the $50 that T Sportline is asking. Thanks!
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    Free 2 Years Supercharge?

    As I understood it, you could apply one or the other, but there was a lot of confusion with the sales folks at that time. I know there were several who posted here that they received both incentives. I received the 2 years of free charging but not an interior incentive.
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    Free 2 Years Supercharge?

    Looks like they applied mine on 10/7.
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    FSD increasing by $1K 11/1/19

    Sorry Elon, I don't see anything justifying the existing 6K price much less 7. I have a brand new performance without FSD and it'll stay that way until pricing comes down to a reasonable level for the features.
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    M3P+ Winter Wheels, Tires, and TPMS

    Those wheels were really the only ones I've seen that are a close approximation to the OEM wheels. I'm not dead set on them if folks have suggestions for 18" wheels that can fit the Performance model. Thanks for the input!
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    M3P+ Winter Wheels, Tires, and TPMS

    Oxford comma for life... Anyway, I'm looking to buy a set of wheels, tires, and TPMS sensors for my M3P+ and I think I've settled on the T Sportline 18" wheels. I think I'm going to go with Michelin X-Ice tires... but here's the question - can I just buy TPMS sensors on eBay or similar? These...
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    XPEL Stealth Washing/Care

    I had XPEL PPF and XPEL Prime XR+ installed on my Tesla and they're both awesome! Highly recommended!
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    Does 0 to 60 really matter? What about 55 to 75?

    55 to 75 is super quick too. You'd know if you owned one.
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    The total Tesla M3 experience. Happy or disappointed?

    Rarely answering calls and never emails is the Tesla way in the states too so don't feel too bad.
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    The total Tesla M3 experience. Happy or disappointed?

    The service experience needs help. A lot of help. The product itself is awesome. I think a lot of peoples opinions are going to swing on whether they've had to deal with Tesla service or not. If you haven't it's the greatest car company in the world. If you have, well...
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    Test Drive Tomorrow

    Yeah, see, that's not a thing with Tesla. You would know that if you'd purchased one.
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    Midnight siliver color regret anyone?

    Not even a little bit!
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    Could Driving Visualization with Zoom/Rotate Help in Tight Parking Situations?

    Here's a question for you guys - when you're driving in bumper to bumper traffic do you see the car behind you on your visualization? Typically, even when the car is really close it won't show up on the visualization on my M3P+. Cars in front and to the side do but fairly rarely in the rear.
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    2 yr free super charging not showing up

    Same here. I asked about it and they said it was noted on the account but hadn't been applied by corporate yet. No time frame given.
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    Spotify and Hulu included in 2019.32.10

    Voice controls will go to Spotify. "Play <song>" - now it won't play something random from the artist it will play the song.
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    LR set to 90%. Used to go to 290 mi but now 281 mi

    My M3P+ has always charged to 279 at 90%
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    Best spot in garage for EVSE installation with two cars: 1 ICE 1 EV?

    Between the garage doors worked for me!
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    Right amount of tint?

    I did 35% Xpel all around and 70% on the windshield. It's perfect.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    I thought I'd update this to let people know how it went. I took the car into the Rockville, MD SC this morning for a 10:15AM appointment to replace the rear bumper and passenger side wheel as they were both damaged upon delivery. I arrived a little early, at 10:00AM or so and they took the car...
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    Is Tesla trying to become the absolute worst service organization?

    I thought I'd update this to let people know how it went. I took the car into the Rockville, MD SC this morning for a 10:15AM appointment to replace the rear bumper and passenger side wheel as they were both damaged upon delivery. I arrived a little early, at 10:00AM or so and they took the car...
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    The flooring of the PPF and tint shop.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    They finally did but it was via email. I never spoke to anyone nor did they ever apologize for the inconvenience and lack of response. I asked them how the car got through visual inspection before I arrived and there was no answer. Maybe they were looking at the car in the same dimly lit service...
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    Is Tesla trying to become the absolute worst service organization?

    I'm experiencing the terrible customer service and I don't even have 10 miles on my Model 3 yet. The car arrived with a back bumper that looks like it was painted in a dirty parking lot and a dinged front rim. Getting the Rockville, MD SC to respond to calls or emails is nearly impossible...
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    Did Model X Windshield Save My Life?

    Wow. That initial spark is the pin falling out then the ball and hitch comes out!
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    Rockville Service Center - What's Going On?

    I have to say, if my experience post-delivery at the Rockville SC is an example of what future service is going to look like I'm going to start going to Tyson's or elsewhere. Getting these guys to respond to email or answer the phone is nearly impossible.
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    Tint Shop Recommendation in Rockville MD area for M3

    AAPP do an excellent job and they're less than a mile from the Tesla SC. Both owners are awesome. Super detail oriented. It's not the cheapest place to have the work done but it will get done right.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    Without a doubt. I've been having to harangue them over replacing a dinged wheel and bumper that was horribly painted. After three calls and emailing everyone in the Tesla corporation, practically, I finally got a reply. Their customer service is really bad.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    Read the ****ing thread.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    That's a very good question. Pay very close attention to your cars when you pick them up. The Rockville, MD delivery center has pretty low light out in the delivery bay. I didn't see this stuff until I was up the street at the PPF installers bay with good light.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    So, there's good news and bad news with the delivery of my M3P this afternoon - which seems to just be the way it is with Tesla. The car has 5 miles on it. First, the good news - the car drives great (for the 2 miles I drove it) and doors, trim, etc. seem to line up as they should. The...
  41. Left_rear_quarter_panel_paint_drips


  42. Right_rear_quarter_panel_drips_and_tape


  43. Right_rear_reflector_tape_and_cracks


  44. Rim_road_rash


  45. Rim_road_rash_2


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    All Model 3s built since 9/1/2019 have a pedestrian warning speaker installed

    Hopefully someone will come up with a way to disable it shortly.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    I emailed my SA. It's the least they could do for me after the delays that I've had.
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    Performance Waiting Room

    Tesla called me today asking if I wanted to pick the car up early tomorrow morning at 11AM. I agreed and moved my appointment to drop off my car at the PPF/tint place. Ten minutes later they call me back and tell me that my car isn't at the facility yet and isn't going to be there until late on...

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