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  1. MichealW

    Model X OEM Swiveling Screen Thread

    I was told today by service here in Los Angeles that there will be a retrofit. Don't have an ETA though.
  2. MichealW

    POLL: vibration felt when slightly accelerating refresh Mode S Plaid or LR

    I also have it at 35-40 slightly in the pedal and on super hard blast offs. I have a brand new plaid X that has only 1200 miles. This is also my 4th Tesla and this is the first car to do this pedal vibration. Taking it in for the second time for issue in a week or so. The first time they acted...
  3. MichealW

    Model S Refresh- dashboard creaking/ popping sound

    They fixed to creaking issue i had. One was loud squeaking coming from the dash. They replaced the clips and it was silent again... Thank god! Then a weird clicking sound started happening on the right side only on excelleration and braking. That was there for a day and they solved that one too...
  4. MichealW

    Model S Refresh- dashboard creaking/ popping sound

    Ok, unfortunately, after pushing on that grill and getting the squeak to stop (for a day) its now back in a big way... Sigh... No bit of tweaking/wedging that spot works now. Back to the drawing board. I'll let you know what Tesla service says this week.
  5. MichealW

    Model S Refresh- dashboard creaking/ popping sound

    I didn't even have to apply tape and just pressure worked. But yeah, if you had to it would be between the metal speaker cover and the plastic near the door. Opening the door is key to get to the area.
  6. MichealW

    Model S Refresh- dashboard creaking/ popping sound

    Wow... So first off, thank you. I just bought a brand new Plaid Model X (My 4th Tesla in 8 years) and the dash sounded like a 57 Chevy Truck. 100 miles only. Did it from day two and it was driving me totally insane. I read your note here and put some pressure in that area where the plastic dash...
  7. MichealW

    Tint Factory on La ciengia Frank is the owner.

    Tint Factory on La ciengia Frank is the owner.
  8. MichealW

    Anyone not like the Tesla 22" wheels after getting them?

    Anyone got a pic of the 20" painted rims? Love to see that!
  9. MichealW

    MX Creaking Driver Seat

    I had that issue on my old X and it drove me nuts. They ended up replacing my front seat last time. I just picked up my new X last week. It is worse than the first X I got a year ago. I'll be replacing the seat again if they can't get it to go away... I am surprised they are still having this...
  10. MichealW

    Abandoned Tesla dancing on Rodeo drive

    Planking for Tesla owners. lol
  11. MichealW

    Easter Egg for X only

    Tesla flash mob on Rodeo drive last night! LOL
  12. MichealW

    Easter Egg for X only

    They will give it to you if you don't have it already. Just ask.
  13. MichealW

    Easter Egg for X only

    Got it!! I ran it like 5 times today at the park for an audience of about 20 kids and parents! Huge hit!!! FyI I called Tesla and they beemed the software to my car.
  14. MichealW

    Software Update for AP2.0

    I just received the update for the new software holiday car thingy for my new AP2. I called Tesla and they were kind enough to send the update to me. Took about 40 mins to download.
  15. MichealW

    Software Update for AP2.0

    Bummed we can't get the Holiday Easter Egg light show! 1st world problems... Hoping it comes soon :) Has anyone with AP2 gotten it yet?
  16. MichealW

    Easter Egg for X only

    Newest cars just have to wait? I have a five year old that would love this... I guess I should have kept my other X one more week... Damit! I was so pumped. :O Hopefully I'll get it in the next few days.
  17. MichealW

    Easter Egg for X only

    Noooooooooooooo! Sucks so bad. I want my old car back! Lol
  18. MichealW

    Easter Egg for X only

    Mine is not playing. I type in ModelXmas and Mars and Holidays and I get nothing. Is it possible the new cars are not getting this update? I picked up a new X only a week ago. Anyone? Maybe it needs Wi-fi and mine isn't strong enough? I have a 100D fully loaded. I haven't seen an update in the...
  19. MichealW

    Acceleration Shudder

    I have a shutter as well. I have about 5000 miles and lowering the suspension helps. My rims are the small basic 20's ones the car comes with. I asked them about it at service months ago and they had no idea what I was talking about. Hopefully now that all of us are experencing this they will...
  20. MichealW

    Black paint or Midnight gray?

    Hey guys I currently have a black model X and my good friend just gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. I will sell it to him and get the 100d Model. Should I get the black again or the Midnight gray? I love the black but honestly they are both really cool colors. The negative is the chrome wont...
  21. MichealW

    Recent Model X build quality

    So no problems with the Falcon wing doors guys? Sensors working perfect? I'd love to hear from people who have kids and use the doors on a regular basis.
  22. MichealW

    Falcon Door Issues, Touch Screen Freezing, Seatbelt Light Jumping

    Yeah... I'm having falcon wing door issues as well. Same as you. My car has been in several times. It works for awhile and then goes back to the same problem your having. I am pretty sure they are looking for a fix but just havent found it yet. Lets cross our fingers for a permanent solution...
  23. MichealW

    How many here actually use the Summon feature on an "almost" daily basis?

    I use it when the sprinklers are on and I am in a hurry to get to the gym in the morning and I don't want to get wet. Also, sometimes I park in the red slightly and I don't notice till I'm on the street walking to my destination. I simply take out my phone and pull in out of the red. The best...
  24. MichealW


    The upgrade is so beyond the standard it isn't even funny... No exaggeration, its seriously like 5 times as good no matter where you sit. At least 7% of my lifes happiness comes from the sterio upgrade. I'm not kidding.
  25. MichealW


    My opinion is it's on par or better. I've had both cars.
  26. MichealW


    I really love music and I will tell you the sound system is 100% worth it. I sat in a model X up at a stereo store in Hollywood (the owner had one) He was excitied for me to hear his system he put together for the X. It wasn't better! Guess how much the upgrade for the system was at the store...
  27. MichealW

    Question about falcon wings on ordering

    I was worried it would be too flashy but all that goes away when you see how people react around it. They just have big smiles on their faces. Kids love the wings too... As long as your attutude is chill about it... like "isn't this fun?"... Besides, if you have kids they are so functional. Its...
  28. MichealW

    Tesla Autopilot video.

    This one seems ok to me. Clips are short (3 seconds long) and its clearly a parody unlike others where it is really people (in long clips) sleeping or climbing into the back seat. Also, isn't the woman looking at the road quite a bit in the video?
  29. MichealW

    Tesla Autopilot video.

    Taking autopilot to the next level!
  30. MichealW

    New Key Fob Holder

    LOL. Some how I missed that song.... I will say people call my car Batmobile all the time. My X is black and I blacked out the chrome so yeah... Looks pretty sweet. Your kid will love it. I have a five year old as well and he really has fun with it. Enjoy!
  31. MichealW

    New Key Fob Holder

    The box for second to last fob key chain. Super nice! Something I would have paid fifty bucks to have if I hadn't been given one. Two came in the box.
  32. MichealW

    New Key Fob Holder

    I just went to Tesla and asked for the key fob thong thingy. LOL... They gave me one (they are made for the S but fit perfectly fine on an X key) then they handed me a box of the new high end key fobs for the X (Looked like a watch box, super nice with a big X on it). Below is the evolution of...
  33. MichealW

    New Key Fob Holder

    I hope they make the key fob thongs in a leopard print. I feel like I need to step out and take some risks.
  34. MichealW

    Model X Chrome black out/Wrap

    Bad ass! Looks amazing...
  35. MichealW

    Sunshade for Windshield & Skylight

    I would love an add. Thanks!
  36. MichealW

    Model X Chrome black out/Wrap

    Lets see a pic of the car!
  37. MichealW

    Lemon Lawsuit for Model X refund

    This comment is right on! This car was not ready but they had no choice but to get it out there... My X (P 3**) was so not ready... At least three times more problems than this guy had. It was disheartening but I got on them and they took care of everything. In the end it was all good.
  38. MichealW

    Model X Chrome black out/Wrap

    You can't really do that part under the mirrors or it will rip the vinyl like you said. My guy just left that area chrome. It still looks really good.
  39. MichealW

    Tesla Autopolit upgrade option removed from Tesla site

    Speaking of Auto Pilot I just noticed yesterday that while traveling with a bike rack you can't engage it. Anyone else have this issue? Is there a go around for this? Bummer as most of my trips I'll want to have a bike rack on my 2 inch hitch. FYI: At first I was having sensor issues as the...
  40. MichealW

    Alliant Credit Union 1.49% for 72 months

    Under sec 179 are we sure we have to register and insure it under your business? Can anyone confirm that? I'm in Los Angeles and was not told by my accountant that I didn't have to. Anyone?
  41. MichealW

    Alliant Credit Union 1.49% for 72 months

    Darn! I bought my car (with Alliant) two months ago and missed out on that half percent!
  42. MichealW

    Anyone else jump ship to Model S?

    I had an S for 3 years but X is a way better car for me. Issues here and there but I am confident they will resolve them and I love being up high and all the fun extras they put on this car. Both cars are so great though... Can't go wrong period ;)
  43. MichealW

    Is it too soon or too late to ask about a front lic. plate

    This is the one I'm getting! Remote control hide away plate!! Check it out... Can't wait...
  44. MichealW

    Harsh puinshment for early X ordering

    Yep! Similar stories are abundant... I have compassion for the guy more than most here though... This forum is a pretty tuff crowd if I do say so myself. The good news is this car mends a broken heart pretty fast :)
  45. MichealW

    Model X Paint Issues and Defects Pre-Delivery

    I have a X and several issues with the paint as well... Drip marks on the lift gate a ripple in the bumper and a light flaw in the driver door. What the hell happened to the paint department at Tesla while working on these cars? They have been painting the Model S for how long? Is the X really...
  46. MichealW

    Gonna bail - anyone else?

    Several little problems. Worth it though... Amazing car! I also had an earlier S and I expected this...
  47. MichealW

    HELP! 90D or P90D its $20k more ! worth it ?

    100% worth it in my opinion. I punch it in my new X a few times a day... Also, the joy on your friends/families faces makes it priceless... Its crazy money regardless... Life is short. Remember what you were doing 10 years ago? Well, we only have about three or four of those decades (at most)...

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