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  1. R1Fast

    Autopilot wont engage [2021.4.12.2]

    Wondering if anyone else is having this issue (now or recently) Autopilot stopped working in my P3 shortly (maybe right) after the last update to 2021.4.12.2. First time in 3 years I've ever had an issue with my 3 and/or Autopilot. I would normally assume it's an issue w/this specific SW...
  2. R1Fast

    Roadie: Product Review

    Have owned the Roadie for about 1 month and wanted to share my review for prospective/current buyers. But first /rant on: With how innovative Tesla is, it's laughable they haven't already integrated similar through Tesla UI/touchscreen. Come on Tesla... is this on the horizon? Also, with all...
  3. R1Fast

    C-bond Nanoshield (windshield sealant) 1 year review

    Wanted to post this to share my experience with C-Bond Nanoshield windshield sealant. TLDR: may just be a coincidence of evading a chip, star or crack more than a dozen encounters with flying pebbles at speed (60+ mph), but I tend to think not with so many posts about chipped and cracked...
  4. R1Fast

    2019.24.4 suddenly won't sleep

    Anyone else having this problem? I've been on 2019.24.4 for a week or so, and just noticed today (though it could have been happening since the update) that my car won't sleep at home, even after 3+ hours plugged in on my garage wall charger. - Cabin overheat is off - Sentry is off -...
  5. R1Fast

    Another "sub-trunk" install

    Posted this on TOO but wanted to share some details/pics of my finished install and some observations here as well. LONG READ so here is the TLDR version: TLDR: 1- Trunk well has more cubic vol thank you might think > a very large 12" sub will fit assuming a sealed box and an optimized...
  6. R1Fast

    RPMTesla not responding to e-mails

    Does anyone know of a way to get ahold of these guys besides [email protected]? Edit: DIsregard.. I just noticed they now have a phone # on their About Us page.
  7. R1Fast

    Q: Full Xpel with partial re-wrap in STEK

    Had a minor collision (cosmetic only) that will require the front bumper and passenger fender to be repainted. The car is fully wrapped in Xpel Ultimate + but I may be going to another shop in WA (Metropolitan Detail) who carries STEK not XPEL. Part of the reason for switching shops is lack...
  8. R1Fast

    Sourcing used P/AWD parts

    Has anyone had any luck sourcing used parts for the P/AWD yet? I've been looking for a couple of hours but short of Ebay or national auto wreckers, it seems like Tesla is really the only obvious option. Just curious if anyone has had luck doing this on the 3 yet, more specifically the P/AWD...
  9. R1Fast

    Want to buy: P3D/AWD driver side top hat / perch / assembly

    Since there isn't a classified section I'm posting this here. Looking for a drivers side top hat / perch or entire strut assembly. Long story and I'll save you the details, but if you have any leads on any part out, wrecked etc. P/AWD M3s drop me a message or respond here. I was hoping to...
  10. R1Fast

    New sub-forums for Vendor, private classifieds, etc.?

    QQ for the TMC moderators: Is there a reason we don't have Vendor or classified style sub-forums? If not, could we get them created? There are a handful of new vendors starting to post in the other sub-forums as well as private 'for sale', 'want to buy' and 'want to trade' posts. It would be...
  11. R1Fast

    Problem with V2 suspension, removing front strut

    Have any of you DIYd this successfully on the newer Model 3 suspension? The youtube videos I found say to apply force to the control arm to lift the strut over and out.' Ref 1 Ref 2 But this seems to only work on the old V1 suspension. The bottom of the strut has been redesigned on the V2...
  12. R1Fast

    Aftermarket suspension and alignment (SC or independent shop)

    The UP moderate springs I ordered for my P3D just arrived today. I'll be installing these by the weekend and I'm curious what people suggest a.f.a. where to get the alignment done afterwards. If you've gone either route, did you have a SC or local shop do your alignment? I searched quite a...
  13. R1Fast

    Backup camera color @ dawn/dusk

    Searched TMC for a relevant thread on the backup camera turning to a red hue at dawn and dusk. Didn't find one. I found a few threads about the annoying flicker caused by LED/DRL (which IMO looks like cop lights a lot of the time and nearly gives me a heart attack :eek:) but nothing about the...
  14. R1Fast

    Q: Caliper wrap (non PUP)

    Considering wrapping mine with Vivvid hi-temp caliper wrap, but realized there's a very subtle texture to the stock calipers. I'm not sure how well the wrap will stick and/or avoid air pockets but I want to avoid painting them. Second option is plasti-dip which I know works well but takes a...
  15. R1Fast

    Thin/bare paint on door jambs

    Who else has the problem of the inner doors/jambs/pillars completely missing paint in some areas? The first SC tech I talked to told me "they all come like that" but I quickly called his BS since my wrap guy pretty much does M3s exclusively now, and had 3 others in his shop. I showed the tech...
  16. R1Fast

    Bellevue, WA SC paint booth - opinions

    For anyone in the PNW that decided to have their paint flaws addressed, and by the Bellevue SC paint booth specifically, how did it turn out? Lots of horror stories about shoddy work floating around, or flat out receiving the car back with more issues than when it was dropped off, but I haven't...
  17. R1Fast

    5x1 brushed metal vinyl with grain along roll

    For anyone who's done either brushed gunmetal or brushed steel vinyl on the dash, can you share the direct link to the roll you bought? I've tried 2 of these (3m brushed black and vvivid aluminum) and they both had the grain running vertical. Really want horizontal but both sellers said I'd...
  18. R1Fast

    Ceramic vs/on top of PPF sealant

    Question for you PPF gurus out there. Just got my 3 wrapped in Xpel Ultimate+ and will be doing CQuartz ceramic coating next week. Browsing the Xpel website I noticed there Flawless Finish PPF cleaner and sealant. If doing ceramic, is there any benefit of doing the PPF sealant before doing...
  19. R1Fast

    V9 Energy Consumption: Spikes

    Finally got v9 this weekend. I have noticed energy usage spikes (wh/m) above 900 occasionally. The first time it happened we were heading uphill over a 2-3 mile pass during a road trip. I figured it must have just been a BIG hill, but later that day I noticed it twice while the car was...
  20. R1Fast

    Smart design: switching wall power

    I am still finding nice little surprises like this nearly every day and glad I took time to 'RTFM'. From pg.112 in the manual: Note: Whenever Model 3 is plugged in but not actively charging, it draws energy from the wall outlet instead of using energy stored in the Battery. For example, if you...
  21. R1Fast

    PSA: Check your lug torque at (or immed. after) delivery

    Reminder to everyone who is either recently or about to take your delivery: 1- At delivery: ask your DA to have a tech check that all 20 lugs are torqued correctly (129 ft.lb) 2- Post-delivery: if it's already too late, either check them yourself or swing by your SC and have them check As...
  22. R1Fast

    Tesla App for Android - issues

    When I launch the Tesla app and close out of the tutorial videos the screen is blank (dark grey). The only thing I can really do is swipe right to try and see settings, but it only shows about 2/3 of the dialogue and then freezes every time. Have tried reinstalling a few times, enabling all...
  23. R1Fast

    SEC Lawsuit

    Might be a little off-topic for any sub-forum, but just curious what everyone's perspective is on the SEC lawsuit. I'm concerned how it will affect Tesla amidst everything else in the melting pot (bad press, debt repayment, ramping/logistics issues) especially if Elon is forced to step down...
  24. R1Fast

    Seattle/Bellevue waiting room

    I couldn't find a waiting room thread for the Seattle area (apologies if I missed it), so I'm starting one. I can't imagine I'm the only one who got bent over on delivery recently around here. My delivery day experience - Reserved 4/12/16 - Configured 7/11/18 - 9/6: Delivery scheduled 9/28...
  25. R1Fast

    De-VIN'd: "part of the current Tesla experience" ... !?

    My delivery appointment for a shiney new blue P3D was scheduled for 4pm today, 9/25/18 in Bellevue, WA. I was told I would be contacted by the Bellevue SC within 24 hours of my appointment to confirm pickup. I haven't been contacted by the SC or heard a thing since speaking to my inside...
  26. R1Fast

    ICE/Audio SQ Build Log (Mosconi, ScanSpeak, JL)

    Hi folks, In addition to a decent list of upgrades to the interior, exterior and suspension of my P3D, I'll be doing my own custom audio install. This thread will serve as my build log to share with you all, and if it helps even just one person answer questions on a similar project, it's worth...
  27. R1Fast

    M3 license plate lights

    Hi all, I have been searching for the last hour trying to find the fitment size for the M3 license plate lights (considering upgrading to brighter leds if possible). It is surprisingly hard to find this info. I know most lights on the M3 are proprietary but I would think plate lights are an...

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