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  1. mitch672

    Will initial model 3's only be pricey signature / 4wd versions?

    They absolutley will NOT prioritize overseas markets, lol. The plan was to get the cars in the hands of Tesla employees first, local CA customers 2nd. Trust in that plan, as they cannot afford the Model S rollout issues I experienced, it would be a disaster for the company. The early deliveries...
  2. mitch672

    Model S owners are you keeping the MS when getting a Model 3?

    never say never. you probably would, if you had a Model S with basically none of the current feature set. (no parking sensors, no rear heated seats (no winter package), no autonomous sensors, all these and more where added).
  3. mitch672

    Model S owners are you keeping the MS when getting a Model 3?

    being that I own a VERY early Model S (December 2012 production), the Model 3 is my upgrade. 2018/2019 should be about right. Tesla Time.
  4. mitch672

    What Are Your Daily Driver Plans While Awaiting the Model 3?

    A December 2012 production, early Model S. Enough said.
  5. mitch672

    Supercharger - Auburn MA

    Tesla tried to put the SuperCharger at the Charlton rest stop, or any rest stops on the Mass Pike. You can blame the Commonwealth of MA for this decision, they don't want to put EV infrastructure that is proprietary to one manufacturer at public locations... It was, and still is a stupid...
  6. mitch672

    Model 3 reserved today

    Model 3 reserved today
  7. mitch672

    No dash screen -- only 15" touchscreen?

    It's a prototype, they are 2 years away from delivering this car (Despite claiming Dec 2017, it's "Tesla Time") The fact the car is so far along is impressive.. many things can/will change by the time it gets to production.
  8. mitch672

    Model3.tesla.com is live

    ok, enough with the videos.. where's the beef Elon?
  9. mitch672

    Guesses on "token of appreciation" for line waiters tweeted by Elon Musk

    probably a 3D printed copy of Model 3 keyfob, until you get the real one. Dedham, MA had about 150-200 in line when I showed up at 10:10AM.. bottled water and BJ's cookies...
  10. mitch672

    Thinking out-loud

    Thinking out-loud
  11. mitch672

    Invite to Model 3 Unveiling ...

    yup, got it, entered.. if I win the lottery (unlikely), could be a chance to try those cross country SuperCharger routes (I'm in Boston)
  12. mitch672

    Supercharger - Auburn MA

    Sure, but if you look at the hours Golden Pizza is open, it is open much later than the mall, and it is also a shorter walk from the SuperChargers, plus I'd rather support a small business than a national chain.
  13. mitch672

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    Actually, it's extremely difficult to time a bottom buy, if you are within %5-%10 with a multiyear (3-4 years) investment timeframe, you will still be fine. If you are a short term trader, I would advise you to avoid TSLA, unless your a professional.
  14. mitch672

    Are we worried yet about Tesla Stock?

    The stock price is being pushed down by greedy shorts, most of whom have never had anything good to say about TSLA, or Tesla, most of whom push their vitriol on "Seeking Mediocrity", which is mostly a bear site at this point, they have also been burned on the way up. Many of them come here to...
  15. mitch672

    Supercharger - Auburn MA

    Yup, Golden Pizza: Google Maps 20 Auburn St, Auburn, MA 01501 goldenpizza.net (508) 721-1271 Open now: 10:30AM–2AM Menu goldenpizza.net Golden Pizza 20 Auburn St, Auburn, MA 01501 Or give us a call at (508) 721-1271 Fax (508) 721-1333 Sun -Tue: 10:30 am to 12 midnight Wed - Thu: 10:30 am...
  16. mitch672

    Auto-Lift Kit for Model S Parcel Shelf - No Longer Available

    I have this one, seems about the same: Auto-Lift kit for the Tesla Model S Parcel Shelf - Abstract Ocean
  17. mitch672

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    Happy New Year to all. Mods, time to make the 2016 thread and close this beast, lol.
  18. mitch672

    Tesla Gigafactory Investor Thread

    go read his stuff in the comments of any TSLA article on "Seeking Mediocrity", TFTF stands for "Tales From The Future"
  19. mitch672

    Tesla Gigafactory Investor Thread

    your wasting electrons, disk space, and your time & effort arguing with TFTF, he is a long time TSLA bear, no amount of logic or reason is going to do any good with this poster.
  20. mitch672

    Elon Musk

    Yes, he shared a piece of uneaten pumpkin pie with walowitz, actually the scene lasted a few minutes and he had multiple lines. Tesla CEO Elon Musk To Appear On Upcoming Episode Of The Big Bang Theory - CBS.com
  21. mitch672

    Tesla Showroom/Gallery - Hingham MA

    Makes perfect sense to me... They are opening showrooms in high income/net worth communities, Hingham, Back Bay (mall at Prudential Center). If your trying to sell $100K+ cars, you don't open stores in Brockton, Lynn, or Lawrence.
  22. mitch672

    Elon: Autopilot, new constraints on when it can be used

    The solution is to install a camera looking at the driver. If the autopilot doesn't detect they are looking forward it disengages. This may be one of the cameras in the new 8 camera system mentioned above... it could allow some grace period, before disengaging. It could also detect a...
  23. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    There is not adequate space. The 2-3 near route 1 are right by an entrance/exit, they are unusable for trailers, as they will block 1 of the 2 entrance/exits, the one intended for SuperCharger access. On the other end, those could possibly block the gate to the employee parking area, but maybe...
  24. mitch672

    Survey: Tesla as primary car?

    I only have the Model S now.. had an old 1994 Suburban with a Fisher snowplow on it, but I'm moving to a condo, so no need to own my own snowplow any longer... sold it before last winter. I do miss the trailer hitch.. eventually I'll trade up to Model X, assuming it has trailering...
  25. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    I stopped by yesterday on my way home, I forgot to plug in and was running a little low, here is my car at the SC:
  26. mitch672

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    an investment by Google could also speed up the self driving car business, makes a lot of sense for Google and Tesla to team up on that aspect... Remember who invested in Uber in 2013 :rolleyes: Google Ventures - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  27. mitch672

    NE destination overnight charging stations

    I was their today, there are (2) Tesla HPWC's, on 50A breakers, delivering 40A each. The J-1772 is a 40A Clipper Creek (32A):
  28. mitch672

    Mt. Washington NH - Tesla car club 2015

    update: 5:00PM, breaker reset, I am finishing my charge on this unit (left), set at 80A, no issue so far.
  29. mitch672

    Mt. Washington NH - Tesla car club 2015

    I am here now. Right HPWC blew a circuit breaker at 80Amps, using left HPWC and lowered current to 65A, Told Bill at the front desk about it, he is going to get someone to look at it. At the summit now, 100 mile visibility and 50 degress (took stagecoach up)
  30. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    I would call them, the 14-50's and the HPWC's are in the 2 "delivery bays"' which are in the showroom (overhead doors are facing the SuperCharger area). not sure what the hours are. other than that, I have a 14-50 on the outside of my garage in Randolph, and a 75A EVSE in the garage, if I am...
  31. mitch672

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    this seems to be what Tesla is currently setting up. checkout the pictures I posted in the "Dedham, MA" SuperCharger thread. Service Center w/7 lifts, alignement lift, tire mounting & balancing equipment, 2 delivery bays w/garage doors setup with HPWC & 14-50's each, 8 stall SuperCharger, and...
  32. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    SuperCharger cabinets & switchgear on the pad, being wired right now:
  33. mitch672

    The sad part of owning a Tesla... accidents

    perhaps with the Dedham service center now open, they'll find/authorize another body shop, there are too many Model S's already in the area for Hollis Auto body to handle. I'm sure there is something on Route 1 in the Dedham/Norwood area they can get to do body work. BTW, the Mount Washington...
  34. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    took a few pictures today, for the curious. transformer is on the pad, no HV wiring yet. SC pad has been prepped, ready for the pour. they are making great progress here..
  35. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    look through the third SuperCharger frame from the left, you'll see a large dark green object behind it in the distance. I believe that is the transformer. This site is different, the transformer will also power the service center, not just the SuperCharger Perhaps they are waiting for an...
  36. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    thanks brassguy, the major progress seems to be the transformer looks to be set on the pad (visible on your picture). Did you notice if the SuperCharger equipment pad had been poured yet?
  37. mitch672

    Charge Port Door will not stay closed

    I had this issue with my Dec 2012 production Model S (yes, before the charge port could close, back then they where manually closed). Turns out it was the steel plate on the door, was a bit rusted, and the sensor could't detect the door being closed. Tesla service replaced the entire charge port.
  38. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    There are 2, in the "delivery bays" (which are inside, each has an overhead door to the parking lot though). The site has limited power, until the new electrical service is completed, would be my guess. They didn't put 14-50's or HPWC's by the lifts, just noticed 120V outlets. I'm guessing...
  39. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    Tesla, as we've come to expect, throws a nice party. several pictures of the 7 lifts, alignment lift, tire mounting and balancing equipment. There has been remarkable SuperCharger progress since Monday. 8 stalls mounted, piped, awaiting a concrete pour for the SuperCharger/Switchgear pad, but...
  40. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    I don't think they are replying/confirming. I don't think any local Model S owner who shows up would be turned away, it's essentialy a "meet and greet" for the new location's people/owners.
  41. mitch672

    What is a good mount for smartphone/GPS?

    Brodit (Norway) = ProClip (US) I have a similar vent mounted ProClip (as above), without the built in cable (i just use the apple cable)
  42. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    Just after the turn in at the light. "Summershack" is directly next to Tesla, I'm guessing some of us will need to make the right into legacy place and then make the first left turn, when Teslas parking lot is filled.
  43. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    stopped by quickly, prefab transformer concrete pad is installed, several holes (4) dug for what looks to be S.C pedestals, most backfilling completed. Looks to be 4 S.C pedestals, pull in forward, from the looks of their placement. We'll have to wait this out, and see what develops.. more...
  44. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    I live about 10 miles away, and no invitation. stopped by today, new paving in some of the lot, much progress on the new pad mount transformer, it's very obvious where the SuperCharger pedestals will be. looking good :smile:
  45. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    I'll drive by on the weekend and take updated pictures. It's very likely they are opening the location on the old electrical service, since you can see the conditions as of Tuesday afternoon.
  46. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    todays update: nothing to see here, move on looky lews. seems there has been a change in plans as to the pole to supply to new transformer. crews where installing conduit today, on the pole on the property... backfilling trenches going on, as well as sweeping the parking lot. Their is now a...
  47. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    its been a full week since my last visit.. not much progress to report, unfortunatley. A few trenches have been partialy backfilled, some new curbing installed by one entrance, the sign has gone up on the building. Electrical work has not made any progress.
  48. mitch672

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    the last picture with the wires hanging on the pole, shows the high voltage terminations have been done to the coaxial HV cable, it has a ground surounding the center, and is a real PITA to work with, I had the opportunity several years ago to do the pole top and vault end of those HV coaxial...
  49. mitch672

    Supercharger - Dedham, MA

    Notice the SuperCharger pedestals will be "5.72 feet from the side property line" and the closest pedestal to Route 1 will be just 13 feet from Route 1 ("Front Yard Setback"). This pretty much confirms they are going on the Bed, Bath and Beyond/Massage Envy/Verizon abuters side of the property...
  50. mitch672

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    That's because the utility runs them up the pole, mounts them, fuses them, and connects it up.

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