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  1. Puddles

    Blog Musk Gives Details on FSD 10.2 Beta Release

    I’m working on a theory that “safe” is not the target demographic. I think they are after people who are willing to accommodate and tolerate FSD’s contemplative pace. If you are not willing to creep around corners and patiently wait for FSD to work itself through problems, you’re not a good...
  2. Puddles

    Blog Musk Gives Details on FSD 10.2 Beta Release

    Many people are saying that actions while driving using autopilot or cruise are being counted against them, despite Elon and the documentation being clear that this would not be the case. What gives?
  3. Puddles

    Someone ran into my new Model 3

    I’m not understanding why OP’s insurance should be out of the loop. I was rear ended while stopped in traffic on the highway, & my insurance company handled everything. Full payout for my totaled vehicle, and legal action against the other party to recover the part of the payout his insurance...
  4. Puddles

    Police charge Tesla driver who was going 90 mph on AP while asleep

    If those RCMP were a bit more clever, they would have gone in front and slowed down. Or maybe that's what they mean by "pulled him over."
  5. Puddles

    Windshield washer fluid?

    I add a tiny bit of my car wash detergent to water and mix well before adding, & have had no problems. Water alone should do fine, but it's nice to have something to disrupt the surface tension. Sudsy ammonia (again, tiny bit) should work also, but ammonia does dissolve some waxes. I'll...
  6. Puddles

    Sentry USB drive recommendation

    Let's crunch some numbers. I just checked my 500 GB SanDisk SDD after having it in place for a week. It has accumulated 2GB of data, so at this rate it would be full in 250 weeks. That's 5 years of letting it sit, in use, and the entire drive would have had ONE write cycle. You're arguing...
  7. Puddles

    Question about Brake Usage

    You may not be using the brake often, but autopilot does.
  8. Puddles

    IOS 14 - now app won’t wake up the car

    I did have trouble getting Summon to wake up yesterday, which might have been the first time since iOS14, but I thought it was something I said.
  9. Puddles

    Sentry USB drive recommendation

    Since I know *nothing* about this, it's safe to assume you know more than I do, but I have never seen anything from Tesla indicating this would be happening. Plus, if it looks like a zebra, I'm going to call it a zebra. Why would they devote resources full time to an activity that could be...
  10. Puddles

    Sentry USB drive recommendation

    I find it unlikely that all eight channels will ever be made available for recording. But while we’re on (or near) the subject, I often see reference to “frequent read/write cycles“ when talking about video storage. I don’t see why this should be the case. A video stream is just one large...
  11. Puddles

    Sentry USB drive recommendation

    After burning up a memory stick, I went this route: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07S1PCSV5/ So far it's working great, and as far as rewrites... It's so big that it'll only rewrite after I erase it, which will probably be every 6 months. Although write cycles are so carefully managed...
  12. Puddles

    Big lot of old-style, warped lug nuts and covers - free

    How does a nut get "warped?" I'd send the covers to Rich Rebuilds. He can epoxy them onto his new Audi.
  13. Puddles

    Lane change blinker

    I have a theory about sampling. I feel like if I flick any stalk, odds are the action will not register, but if I do more of a momentary hold, at either the soft or hard stop, it does much better. I wonder if it needs more than an instantaneous contact in order to register.
  14. Puddles

    Blog New Autopilot Feature Keeps Cars in Passing Lane

    I KNOW it is. It was a rhetorical question :mad:
  15. Puddles

    Blog New Autopilot Feature Keeps Cars in Passing Lane

    In my enthusiasm to nit pick and armchair engineer, I clean forgot that version 11 will be out “soon” and will completely reshuffle the deck. It’s not surprising that I would make this mistake, but it is very surprising that Tesla is releasing new, insignificant, features on the eve of...
  16. Puddles

    Summon problem

    Whenever the app has trouble connecting to the car, I close it and then re-open it to force a reconnection.
  17. Puddles

    Blog New Autopilot Feature Keeps Cars in Passing Lane

    I know exactly what you're talking about. But I disapprove of the feature, here's why. I like many of the automated features because they help me and remind me to be a better roadway citizen. TACC keeps me from raging at slower traffic, especially when they are in MY passing lane. "Changing...
  18. Puddles

    Problems with home charging after over a year of charging with 240 V 30 A

    My charge cable controller failed, and displayed an undefined code, which did not encourage Tesla to be of any help. I wonder if yours is going out too. Any way you can try another charge cable?
  19. Puddles

    18' Wall Connector...ALLLMMMMOOOSSST Long Enough

    Try backing in. Give it 3-4 days. Driving by rear view camera isn’t easy until you practice, but then it is.
  20. Puddles

    Texas refuses to renew registration of Tesla M3 without emissions test

    Knowing bureaucracy, it would be quicker to go get an emissions test. Have the tech lay the sniffer somewhere near the back of the car.
  21. Puddles

    No water condensation from the air conditioning

    It won't cost you anything to open a ticket and say "A/C smells musty and is not draining." See where that leads.
  22. Puddles

    First impressions

    NoA is great when you need to get back home again ;)
  23. Puddles

    First impressions

    You got it! Congrats! I've found that if I use dumb summon it just goes straight. I haven't tried sending it into the garage though; I feel like it's supposed to maneuver in that case, but I'm not sure why I think that. Give it a few days to settle in before you worry about feature enabling...
  24. Puddles

    New green light chimes shed light on FSD lane awareness

    OTOH, this morning we stopped at a red light and noticed the truck’s turn signal in front of us was being picked up as a traffic light also, with the result of having a traffic light image appear and disappear, in addition to the ones that were static. Was interested to see how that would play...
  25. Puddles

    Even the best of us get confused sometimes

    There was the occasional blip, but nothing dramatic
  26. Puddles

    Even the best of us get confused sometimes

    Add it to the list of things we can blame on fire, and therefore climate change: An endless parade of stoplights along the freeway.
  27. Puddles

    Safety Recall? Backup Camera Randomly Stop Working

    To be fair, the model 3 does have awful rear visibility, a design choice which was accepted, I assume in part, because there was a rear view camera.
  28. Puddles

    Safety Recall? Backup Camera Randomly Stop Working

    You can get out and back it in/out using dumb summon, which is less likely to cause injury to yourself (or others, if you care) than twisting your back, neck, and shoulders into such an unsafe position.
  29. Puddles

    Edit the route home?

    You can’t, and in response to the many complaints about this, Elon says his guiding design principle is best route point-to-point. If you want a different route on NoA, just ask for each segment individually.
  30. Puddles

    2020.36 Problems

    My understanding is that the speed limit sign recognition does take a little while to calibrate itself and activate. Also, I think the traffic light chime only operates when you’re not using auto pilot, which it sounds like you were doing.
  31. Puddles

    Does autopilot prevent speeding tickets?

    I'd agree if you said "any traffic aware cruise control." If I have to constantly fiddle with the set points of a single-speed cruise control, due to traffic, I find the "hurry around them" part of my brain is still engaged.
  32. Puddles

    Does autopilot prevent speeding tickets?

    I definitely drive slower on AP. Different mind set altogether.
  33. Puddles

    unhappy unhappy

    RIP John, a true American original.
  34. Puddles

    A lot of bugs after 28k miles.

    Get ahold of this guy. He's having the same problem. Too many bugs.
  35. Puddles

    AP should Just Say No to intersections.

    Feel free. I don't Twitter.
  36. Puddles

    AP should Just Say No to intersections.

    Once AP hits the city streets, I assume that one guiding principle (satisfying common sense as well as the law) will be to never change lanes while in an intersection. People do this all the time, but we're not supposed to. Autopilot is more rigorous. My argument here is that currently, on...
  37. Puddles

    delivery inspection

    Honestly, the whole inspection checklist thing is a bit passive aggressive. I did it, felt stupid about it, didn't find the major flaw anyway, took the car home, found the flaw after 2 weeks, had it fixed. Just take it home, and if you find something, open a ticket. They'll fix it. Maybe do...
  38. Puddles

    Our cars “see” others’ turn signal?

    If I was an AI developer, I would consider input from vehicle lights to be so unreliable as to be useless.
  39. Puddles


    Nice! Thanks. But yeah, I do like the idea of having a warning if you actually leave the windows *open* but vented seems like it should be considered closed. A check box saying "Exclude Venting" would do it. The whole thing seems a little overthought though; a solution crying out for a problem.
  40. Puddles


    Just for that one notification, or for all of them?
  41. Puddles


    I won't use that because it will never rain here ever again, so I generally leave the windows "Vent"ed during the day. I also don't like that the car will always text me and sound the alert that I left windows open. When I heard about that feature I thought, Surely, Venting will be excluded...
  42. Puddles

    Sound Level super loud switching between phone and radio

    ANNOYING, ISN'T IT, TO SUDDENLY HAVE EVERYTHING AT FULL VOLUME? I use an iPad, and although I do enjoy the bluetooth connectivity so I can use speech to text using the car's microphone (and simultaneously mute the car), whenever I switch away from the iPad, whatever was playing comes back very...
  43. Puddles

    Trunk Overloading

    I used to do similar activities with my Honda Civic and the only thing that ever broke was the decking in the trunk (the cover over the spare wheel compartment). I replaced it with plywood and was able to load a few more concrete sacks per load that way. :D If you're going to put really heavy...
  44. Puddles

    Trunk Overloading

    You're either a C-17 loadmaster and are way overthinking this loading thing, or you got your degree in Balanceology from the Barbizon School. What on earth would there be about those two scenarios that would make a BIG difference, or even an APPRECIABLE difference? Consider that in many cases...
  45. Puddles

    Trunk Overloading

    I'd call them above average.
  46. Puddles

    Trunk Overloading

    1200 lb? That's your average American fat family of 4. I generally load until the suspension is *gently* resting on its stops. Gently, because, well, safety.
  47. Puddles

    Hello All

    Welcome! The Internet is for complaining, so keep in mind that despite what you see on the forums, most people pick up the car, find nothing wrong, and happily just drive it. Nothing wrong with taking a careful look at delivery though. I got used to driving past gas stations and oil changers...
  48. Puddles

    With Full Self Driving, How Will Four-Way Stops be Handled?

    If I was younger, and smarter, I’d be all about working on an open source standard for real time inter-vehicular communication. Such opportunity there! Fortunately, I think young and smart people are already on this.
  49. Puddles

    Sentry Mode Fail

    It would be nice to have Sentry Mode get a bit more attention. I normally park in the driveway, and occasionally come out in the morning to 1-2 Sentry Mode alerts, usually cat videos. This week I parked in our garage for a few days and every day there was over 200 alerts, none of them showing...
  50. Puddles


    Open a service ticket. Sounds like a sensor is malfunctioning or is not calibrated.

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