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  1. J

    Headlights defaulting to auto high beam

    In the past, if AP was activated then deactivated, the light went back to normal beam state. Now, after AP deactivation, the light stuck with high beam on. I have a vision only car so this change is not something associated with disabling radar.
  2. J

    Poll: stay on v10 or download v11?

    Are you asking about Microsoft Windows or Tesla SW? 🤔
  3. J

    Headlights defaulting to auto high beam

    The lighting part of this SW version is very buggy. In addition to the high beam behaviour, I also frequently see the brake light visualization on the screen stops working. The car display would no longer show the brake light being illuminated while the real brake light is actually lit up...
  4. J

    Trunk hook for MY 7 Seater

    I could not find any bag hook accessories on the market for MY 7 seater trunk. (And I found MY in general lacks trunk hook solutions.) So I went ahead and attempted a scrappy 3d printing solution. I'd share my model here for anyone who are interested to be a "beta tester" (who as a Tesla driver...
  5. J

    Model Y Performance Logo

    If you want the real deal, order Tesla part from a SC: DUAL MOTOR PERFORMANCE BADGE 1484849-00-B
  6. J

    Headlights defaulting to auto high beam

    I observed the same behaviour. My car is a vision-only car to begin with and this is the first time I have the high-beam forced on. It only starts with 2022.28. I believe it is a bug, because the high beam is not forced on if I turn it off by pushing the left stalk forward, and leave the car...
  7. J

    Can't turn off auto wipers or high beams? [on autopilot]

    Deja vu! - from someone who ordered a Model Y before 05/2021 and had to click an Accept button for Tesla Vision in order to take a delivery.
  8. J

    Difference between 2022.24.5 and 2022.24.6

    For me, 2022.24.6 brings back the radio frequency display in the icon.
  9. J

    Floor Jack

    No problem for Model Y and puck on.
  10. J

    Floor Jack

    We usually lift one corner of the car for a wheel change, and only in rare cases the entire side gets lifted with 2 wheels in the air. In theory even a one-ton jack can do the job. That being said, many floor jack below 2 ton capacity looks like toys with very narrow bodies and small pads. I...
  11. J

    Floor Jack

    A popular floor jack is the Arcan 3 ton Hybrid. It's solid with metal wheels while not too heavy for a 3 ton floor jack. Unfortunately they can no longer be had at $150.
  12. J

    Getting ready for winter

    Last year I bought my winter tires from PMC Tire. I placed my order in mid July and received them in late September.
  13. J

    Snippiness 2.0

    I often give my son this type of answers: "I don't know immediately the answer to your question but I will tell you where and how I would look for the answer". I want to make sure he can solve problems himself when I'm not around.
  14. J

    2021 88xxx MY, purchased 12/26, Windshield wiper rubbing on hood

    You probably want to still keep an eye on it after this. I had gone through the wiper arm replacement for the same reason, and I found that I still had white dust on the wiper arm knuckle after rain. What's interesting is the wiper arm and the hood do not touch while parked. I can slide a thick...
  15. J

    Lug nuts way under torqued from Fremont CA

    I agree there are probably some ranting/whining threads out there. But the posts in this thread are far from whining IMO. This, to me, is a mostly healthy "I observed something. I'm not sure if it is a problem.Leta discuss and learn" situation.
  16. J

    Lug nuts way under torqued from Fremont CA

    I also felt the lug nuts under torqued out of the factory when I got all my tools acquired for the first winter tire change over and test the torque wrench by re-torquing the facotry-installed wheel nuts.
  17. J

    Car names…

    It's almost "Noise", or it should probably be named "No Noise"
  18. J

    Battery Charge Level Upon Delivery?

    Wow, you could push such a heavy car up a ramp to the back of a semi! Your name must be Clark Kent.
  19. J

    Horrible 2022 Model Y Tesla Experience

    I don't think there is much distorted views in this forum about what are issues and what are not issues. But among us, there are different levels of tolerance to those issues. I guess it happen to be that many people in this forum don't think lacking a paper floor mat is an issue. Apparently...
  20. J

    DIY tire rotation

    The point is not just an isolated "why" for tire rotation and balance. The point people are making is that tire balance does not need to be done at the same frequency as rotation (in most situations you don't need to balance it after the initial balance), and they don't get why rotation and...
  21. J

    DIY tire rotation

    Rotation is simple for me - I can rearrange the tire positions when changing between winter and summer tires. One off, one on. Never need to worry about lifting two wheels at the same time.
  22. J

    Enhanced Autopilot is live in Canada for $6,400

    Just be honest - it's your stress, right? :D
  23. J

    Is there a voice command "Turn Fog Lights on" that works?

    Voice commands will not work when there is no cell signal for internet connection. On a mountain where fog can come and go, cell signal is usually very spotty. I'm just wondering if it is possible for Tesla to add some gestures to the scroll wheels on the steering wheel/yoke, such as: push both...
  24. J

    2022.16.1.1 is now rolling out globally.

    Anyone observed the visualization's mis-recognition of vehicles? After 2022.16 upgrade, my car always thinks the garage wall is a car next to me. Or, once thought I'm driving on top of a truck while entering the garage.
  25. J

    Dent caused closing door on seat belt buckle

    The seat belt's material does not leach colour. The only scenario for "belt stain" is dirt transferred from passenger's clothes to belt then to seat. In this case, if you have a sleeve, dirt will go from clothes to sleeve then to seat - the same result. And the dirty clothes would have larger...
  26. J

    Rear Double Pane Window Update?

    I would want them to add a proper manual release handle to rear doors before putting on dual pane laminated glasses on them. Otherwise it would be really really tricky for passengers at the back row to break the glass and escape in case of an emergency when the electronic door button doesn't work.
  27. J

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    My speculation on the stale "up to date" date is that the date now reflects the last time when Tesla's server made a decision whether you have a new version to install or not. This would allow the server to turn down an update check cheaply and quickly without having to do the (potentially much...
  28. J

    Dent caused closing door on seat belt buckle

    What is the seatbelt sleeve for? If it prevents the seatbelt from retracting, there would be bigger problems for the passenger who's on the seat in case of an accident.
  29. J

    Fix for rear seat belt buckles rattling against the side of the car

    The seat belt holder is probably not practical for 7 seaters. When the second row seat is moved and tilted forward for 3rd row entry, the belt, while on the holder, would get in the way for access. So the felt tape/foam tape fix is simpler and more adaptive.
  30. J

    Winter wheels and tires - should I get new nuts or use factory nuts (with caps)

    They are not. You want to find caps that match the socket size for the wheel nuts, which is 21mm. I didn't feel the need for a centre cap with Tesla logo so I bought a $10 set on Amazon and they have held up in the last winter.
  31. J

    Battery Charge Level Upon Delivery?

    My local delivery center had dedicated indoor supercharging facility right inside the delivery building, and they will plug the car while preparing for delivery.
  32. J

    Body shop told me my MS LR had a rear fender repaired at factory

    Don't try to get a Tesla SC do any body work - they are not competent to do any body work than dropping in a painted bumper cover. Since you are already at a body shop, you should ask them if there is anything needed to be done (other than being curious about what actually happened).
  33. J

    Tesla SC made my paint issue worse, what can I do?

    The tiny blisters on the door pillar is probably not too big of a concern, but the touch up work on the panel edge must be fixed. A qualified body shop would definitely do a much better job than this. I'd want to make sure the SC agrees to take the job to a Tesla-certified body shops. Those...
  34. J

    2022 Prius Prime or another Model 3?

    Maybe I'm a bit late into this thread, but I'd say stick with another Model 3. I've just driven a rental Prius that's under a month old, and I can't wait to return it back to Avis. It's like getting a loner classic Blackberry phone (with a physical keyboard) after you use a latest iPhone...
  35. J

    Travelling in USA with UK-Model Y

    A hassle that you should not over look is the tendency to be stopped by every single police passing by your car when they see there is no US license plate on it. My understanding is that you cannot get a US license plate for this car since it is not importable to the US and you are using it...
  36. J

    Supercharger Taxi Overuse - What to do?

    See this:
  37. J

    Supercharger Taxi Overuse - What to do?

    The button on the charging head will open it witelessly
  38. J


    I agree. The 3-dot button is stupid. Tesla should make the swipe from bottom gesture to open all app icons. Climate can be opened by tapping the temperature.
  39. J


    I guess it could work if Tesla makes the rear view mirror transparent... And, don't wear clothes in the same colour as your seat
  40. J

    Is there a voice command "Turn Fog Lights on" that works?

    There is probably no harm to leave the fog light option on all the time. On the road, I notice more than half of the Teslas actually have fog lights on when their headlight is on, regardless of the weather condition. The fog lights are not that glaring to my eyes - they are weaker than the LED...
  41. J


    I found a weird bug. When I set the climate temperature to 19.5 C, this setting sometimes will be rounded by the car to 20 C next time I drive, but other times it would be kept as 19.5 C just fine. I haven't figured out in what situation it would be rounded yet.
  42. J


    Finally! These should have been delivered in the Holiday Update in the first place.
  43. J

    What bike rack to purchase?

    The Thule Helium Pro 3 is only 20 lbs itself, but it does not have a very high bike load - only 37 lbs each bike with 112 lbs total. It's hitch lock is the knob style and it does not conflict with the tight space inside the MY's bumper cover, and the knob clears the bumper on the outside as...
  44. J


    It's not a 2022.8.2 specific problem. I'm on 2022.4.5.17 and also have this issue occasionally with Streaming. I think it is more frequent in the last 1-2 months but I can't remember exactly if it correlates to a specific SW update.
  45. J

    Charging at 12amps

    Maybe the wires are not properly connected to the receptacle? I also charge from a 15A 120V outlet. I replaced the old receptacle with a heavy duty one and made sure the wire nuts were tight. I had no problems charging at 12 Amps for over 16 hours continuously.
  46. J

    Advice Needed - MY Pearl White Touch Up Paint

    For this scratch size, and the pearl white color, it is not a DIY touch up job. Pearl white is very tricky to match, regardless of brand of vehicles.
  47. J


    If you look at teslafi's firmware update tracker for 2022.8.2, you'll find cars in all generations and ages. So 2022.8.2 is rolling out to the fleet regardless of CPU type.
  48. J

    Downgrade possible?

    There is an obvious danger associated with downgrading if this scenario is not designed and tested for by Tesla. A software upgrade may introduce new configuration or state data, or migrate them to a new format that the old software cannot understand. When this happens and the software is...
  49. J


    There is no "how to get it". It is basically a random or obscure logic at Tesla deciding who will go straight to 2022.8.2 or take a detour to 2022.4.5.17 to nag for cabin camera data. Maybe when Tesla gets enough opt-ins for cabin camera data, the people on 2022.4.5.17 will move on to 2022.8.x.

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