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    2014 tesla model parts

    Do you have the right rear corner lights?
  2. M

    Parting out 3 2015 model S's (70D, S70 and S85)

    How much for the right rear corner light?
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    Let the hacking begin... (Model S parts on the bench)

    I was previously wondering if in the future Tesla may sell a centre display unit upgrade with a faster processor and more ram etc, but a DIY ram upgrade would be good too.
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    Group buy for Xpel ultimate from DCC story anyone?

    Is this wrappro on texaco road in Tsuen Wan? Avoid them. They did a horrible job on my car. Even the bonnet, a large flat area, has lift marks and stretch marks and bubbles. (This was their second attempt after I complained the first time about the quality of the job. They had the nerve to...
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    Paint Color Code for the Grey 21" Wheels?

    Any luck on this paint code? I just took a massive chip in my wheels. A fleck the size of a table tennis ball came off.
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    Model S parcel shelf for sale

    I got given an extra parcel shelf as a Christmas gift. No packaging, but pretty much new and selling for $1250. Whatsapp me on 91296281 if interested. Tim.
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    Changing the OEM sound system

    Avoid MK shops. They are horrible. There is some discussion about an upgrade kit from Light Harmonic. You can find the thread on this forum. Currently they just started shipping out their upgrade system, so you should read the thread and follow it for any reviews. If I was really desperate...
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    Horrible 21" front tire wear

    I've been provided with some examples in the news of Teslas that have alignment within the spec but still have horrible tire life. Tesla replaced the tires free of charge. I will take these articles with me when I chat to the service centre again on Monday.
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    Horrible 21" front tire wear

    Spoke to Tesla HK today. Seems that they can not print out a report from their machine. Not sure if this is a lie. Also they need to ask permission before they can even release the wheel alignment specs for the car. Still trying to find a resolution. So ends day 8 of my car sitting in the...
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    Horrible 21" front tire wear

    Thanks to everyone for your responses and tips. I will try to talk to Tesla again. Unfortunately the service in Hong Kong really sucks and in general there isn't much if any consumer protection here. Will visit the service centre today and ask for the alignment report.
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    Horrible 21" front tire wear

    Any suggestions who to escalate this to? The service guys have emailed me back saying tire wear is not covered under warranty and we have found nothing wrong with your car to explain a mechanical cause. I should add that my rear tires are in great shape. Even wear pattern and still have...
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    Misleading SCMP Article

    Need to also factor in maintenance and repairs: All the parts needed to service a car 2 times a year. Oil filters, spark plugs, 6L of oil each time, not to mention all the bits that break down too! A combustion engine will have more wear and tear since it harnesses the power of explosions. Now...
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    Horrible 21" front tire wear

    Not sure I can get a second opinion on the alignment now. Tesla has got the car, so they could have already corrected the alignment then run the test again to get good results. They've had the since Friday morning. It's Tuesday night here now. We never turn the wheel while stationary. This...
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    Horrible 21" front tire wear

    Hi everyone. What is the tire life you are getting from your P85D 21" tires? My car was fitted with the 21" rims and Michelin PS2 tires on November 12, 2015 and after 5500km/3400 miles, the outer edges of the front tires are bald. The rear tires have even wear and look reasonable for the...
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    Jerk who interrupts others charging to get higher amps

    Spot on! Also I would add a few more ideas For personal charger installation: The government should engage several reputable installation contractors to get a standard pricing scheme. Base cost plus standard variable cost structure. That way EV owners can have a good idea of what the max...
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    Jerk who interrupts others charging to get higher amps

    FequalsMA, I really hope this is a wrong prediction, but sadly I suspect that you are going to be correct. Everyone in HK is taught from a young age to be competitive. Even in the class room, its not enough to do well, but the schools have to rank the children and publish the lists...
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    Jerk who interrupts others charging to get higher amps

    Once again the selfishness of some HK people comes to light. It's a shame since a large portion of the HK owners group is a great, close knit, helpful and friendly community.
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    CHAdeMO Adapter

    This website / spreadsheet http://www.enb.gov.hk/en/resources_publications/guidelines/files/charging_points.xls Shows that there are only 10 chademo sites in HK. Wouldn't it be easier for Tesla to just somehow store an adaptor at each of the sites? Maybe chain it to the charger somehow.
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    CHAdeMO Adapter

    I got mine in early January. Don't remember the exact cost.
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    CHAdeMO Adapter

    I got one. Used it today at Stanley. Charging rate is fast. Maybe about half the speed of a supercharger. 200km+. I don't remember exactly. No additional software needed. Not hard to use. Plug the adaptor into the cable coming out of the charger, then plug it into your car. Follow...
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    Occupancy of Superchager

    Afraid of running out of battery? “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” – Yoda
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    Uber drivers and super chargers

    Saw a driver today (not sure he was Uber, but 100% sure he was a professional driver for some car service). When I got to the SC, I saw his display saying that he had 240km and he had set his charge to 100%. Not only are they using the SC spaces more than regular drivers, but charging to 100%...
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    Spotify in Tesla

    Hours = Days, Days = Weeks Months = Years Soon = ummm... maybe sometime in the future?
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    Spotify in Tesla

    Pleeeeeaaaase be true!!
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    Idea for Tesla - Tesla Valet Charging Service

    Longer cables would be awesome, we could even park next to an ICEd spot and still get the cable to charge. But I remember reading that the longer a cable is, the more resistance there is, which would be bad 2 ways. Slower charging and more heat. I guess the liquid cooled supercharger cables...
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    RDIO going bankrupt

    Thanks for fixing the title. Asked the Tesla service guys about this today while getting my seatbelts inspected. They had no idea about Rdio going out of business and even less about what would happen. It is strange that different countries get different services. Not sure why they would do...
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    Seat belt recall check....

    Went in at 10am today. Took less than 10 minutes and they give you a form to sign after the inspection. One of the white shirt (more senior?) guys had a quick chat to me saying it was a simple check. He also said that most of them didn't know what was going on until this morning when they got...
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    RDIO going bankrupt

    Who else uses the Rdio subscription in their cars? They are going bust. Wonder what happens to Tesla users. Pandora buying assets of Rdio, which is shutting down - MarketWatch
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    Self closing charge port door

    I always think that the port should open in the other direction. That way there's a small chance the air resistance when we drive, will close the port for us.
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    Windscreen wiper stuttering

    Try cleaning the glass. Alternatively grab a pencil and draw a big dark patch on some paper. Then rub it against the wiper blade. The graphite can help to make it glide smoothly. New wiper blades have a coating of this stuff I think.
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    Silent EVs in HK - vs traffic safety

    Make my car sound like the flying cars in the Jetsons! Also be careful around Hopewell Centre. Walking around the corner of the carpark can be dangerous with so many quiet Tesla prowling for a charge.
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    More crappy Tesla service experience. 2 days to switch the wheels!!!!

    When I ordered the car last year, the sale person saw my old car and the staggered wheels, then specifically said that ordering the 21" rims meant that it would come with a staggered setup. This was later confirmed again from Tesla a few months later, during the time when they were calling...
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    More crappy Tesla service experience. 2 days to switch the wheels!!!!

    I placed an order with them for a specific product and they promised to deliver. Simple as that. I would expect that of any transaction. I don't care what brand or product it is, as a customer of theirs, I should be very important to them. Why should I be embarrassed? It is right to...
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    More crappy Tesla service experience. 2 days to switch the wheels!!!!

    A sensor shouldn't take 2 days to "Reset" I had asked if they were short staffed and if I should bring my car back first thing tomorrow morning, so I could get it done in 1 day. The service guy kept saying it really takes 2 days. Quite disappointed. The service in Hong Kong is really bad...
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    More crappy Tesla service experience. 2 days to switch the wheels!!!!

    When I got my Tesla, they gave me the wrong rear wheels. I was promised 265 on the rear, which was the only reason I ordered the 21" wheels. After a **** load of crap from Tesla and taking 2 months for them to arrive, I finally got to take my car in today. (Valet service pickup or car return...
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    Tesla gets warning letter from Transport Department for auto pilot?

    Can anyone identify the stickers on the car windscreen? Is it a rental car?
  37. M

    Didn't take long to see first a-hole

    The quality of those sticky notes is amazing. I can never get mine to stick to anything and they call off as soon as someone breathes in the same room.
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    Reminder to raise suspension at Superchargers

    Considering that they know the exact specification of the car parking in that spot, it is absolutely the dumbest design ever! How can the Tesla guys not know the max height of a stopper to prevent damage?
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    Interior lighting installation shop recommendation

    I got a USB powered led bar kit from a computer mall. The strip comes with 2 bars connected by a micro usb cable. I think it cost less than $80 to buy the kit. It has 2 brightness levels and would be very easy to install in the car. Each bar in my kit is 37cm long, but I remember seeing this...
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    Sound and air filter DIYs on the Model S

    I saw on another thread here that there is a company that may produce an active noise cancelling device for the car. That could be a good option.
  41. M

    Sound and air filter DIYs on the Model S

    How is the results? I'm not really sure your approach to this will work that well. Typically, car sound deadening material works by dampening vibrations / sound waves. It's not an insulator. The carpets in your car are not vibrating, so they aren't the things that are making noise. You...
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    Dragonflies attracted to my car?

    I had 5 dragon flies dancing around my car last week. 2 pairs were in the process of getting it on and the fifth was kinda lonely I guess.
  43. M

    Sound and air filter DIYs on the Model S

    Most decent car audio workshop could can do the soundproofing for you. While they are taking the car apart, you should also consider doing a 360 car cam system. I'm not sure about the sound proofing that you have linked to. The previous stuff I have used in other cars all had a foil backing...
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    Buy Carbon fibre spoiler?

    Looking forward to your review on this
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    Screen protector for 17" screen

    Abstract ocean is great. One mistake I made when applying, was thinking that I could remove a little bit of dust under the protector. By lifting up the protector to remove the dust, I ended up letting more dust in. Next time I'll clean the car, clean the screen then apply. If the protector...
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    Alloygators in Hong Kong?

    I did a search around online for this and saw that Paint Protection for your Car say they have them. But their website is horrible so I think you would need to contact the store in Tin Hau to confirm this. I was going to go this week, but Tesla gave me the wrong rear rims, so no point yet...
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    Ludicrous speed pack

    I'm going to ask the dealership when I pick up my car. If this is cheaper than an Xpel wrap then I know what my choice would be.
  48. M

    Ludicrous Easter Egg

    Where's the option to have strawberry jam drip down over the screen?
  49. M

    Window Tinting

    Has anyone tried to fill in that form to get approval? What was the reason you used?
  50. M

    Tesla moments

    They were probably thinking "Foolish Tesla owner... Don't you know that without an engine, your wings wont stay warm in there?"

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