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  1. J

    Elon Musk - SpaceX version

    In this galaxy maybe. But there are maybe a 100 billion galaxies in the universe, so still plenty of opportunities for life elsewhere.
  2. J

    SpaceX F9 - Transporter 1 - SLC-40

    Scrub for today due to surface electrical fields (weather). Backup opportunity tomorrow.
  3. J

    Fibre versus Starlink Discussion

    I think he's talking about streaming games.
  4. J

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Yes, I do. This site has cameras that I monitor remotely. Also the plan was to share the connection with a couple of neighbours to share the cost. At present it is running on 4G (with two 3ft long external antennas) with a 100GB/month plan.
  5. J

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Thanks. That means 100W more than the current setup. That's 2,4kWh extra per day. No problem in the summer but sadly not feasible in winter at all. Guess I'll drop my Starlink-plans here in Norway then :(
  6. J

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Ouch. Melting snow. So Starlink would not work well in an off-grid location with limited energy available then? No hope of the user terminal using 10-20W or so like a 4G modem or router?
  7. J

    Wiki Falcon Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    Is there any reason not to retire Falcon 9 when the Starships are operable?
  8. J

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    It would be considered rural in Norway at least ;) And line-of-sight could be several miles away, seen from 3m above the roof-top, and still be very workable.
  9. J

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    Easily done, as long as they have at least 3 neighbours in line-of-sight. Ubiquiti wireless gear is cheap, easy to set up and can link up neighbours several miles away.
  10. J

    SR Not Plus Waiting Room

    I'll say it. It's basically useless to us in it's current form. The ACC brakes all the time when it shouldn't (often several times per minute), the autosteer takes detours into bus stops and merging lanes etc. So I never use the autosteer on our X75D now, and seldom the ACC. Sadly Tesla doesn't...
  11. J

    Fairing Recovery and Reuse

    Hmm, wouldn't it be easier to use two helicopters to snag the parafoil in mid-air? It seems this Mr.Steven-approach has a lot of things that can go wrong and will be hard to get righ every time, even after the firs success.
  12. J

    MX Design Studio Changes - Interior

    Too limiting, I agree. Very happy that I placed my order for a X75 with textile seats and white headliner in time. I hate all-black interiors and would rather not pony up the extra money for the white seats.
  13. J

    Model X 60D is Gone

    Of course it won't be standard on the Model 3, it isn't standard on the S or X either.
  14. J

    Model X 60D is Gone

    A loaded Model S costs ~2,45 times the base version. If the Model 3 base version costs $35k and a similar number of options is available, that equals nearly $86k fully loaded.
  15. J

    Are the X 22s as prone to damage as S 21s?

    After 80k kilometres (50k miles) my grey 21" wheels are still spotless. No rashes at all. Don't cut corners ;)
  16. J

    New Forum Design

    Are there any way now to view new posts in watched forums only? Before I used the "subscribed forums" link. When I use the "new posts" link now I get new posts in ALL forums. Not very useful as I'm only interested in about half the sub-forums. Wading through each sub-forum on it's own is way too...
  17. J

    New Forum Design

    Take a look at this new posts view from Endless Sphere forums. This is a truly efficient use of sceen estate. No whitespace and pleasure to navigate.
  18. J

    New Forum Design

    I always used the "subscribed forums" functionality of the old forum, which shows all the threads from the subscribed forums in one single thread view. How do I do that now, I cannot find a similar function? I haven't time to wade through all the (way too many IMHO) sub-forums one by one to find...
  19. J

    Repairing a Flooded Tesla Model S : HOW-TO

    No, the 90kWh pack has more energy dense cells. Still only 16 modules.
  20. J

    I love electric car so much, But how it comes without a center console

    Yeah, hopefully that will be possibly. No way I'm losing that great space to a console I have absolutely no need for in my next car. My sunglasses fit nicely in the cubby and doesn't move from there while the phone fits perfectly in the pocket by the door handle. I was glad the parcel shelf...
  21. J

    How NOT to convince your significant other to go all electric. *Confession*

    You don't have to REALLY worry until the power limit dotted line goes down below 40kW ;)
  22. J

    How long do you plan on keeping your Tesla?

    I am planning to keep my 2,3 year old P85+ for at least 10 more years. I do not want 4WD (but need the frunk space), I don't want AP (too many issues with the TACC (which can't be disabled sadly)) and I don't want the NG seats (too narrow and restricting for me). So there is simply no reason for...
  23. J

    A Model S caught fire while supercharging in Norway (link in Norwegian)

    The whole gas nozzle thing is a horrible design. If invented today it would have never been allowed. We really should have moved on to a lockable design with no possibility of leaks. Lock the nozzle to the car, push a button on the pump and do something else while the car is filled up. That...
  24. J

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    US cars have the wrong charging port, no 3-phase chargers, wrong rear lights etc. It would be quite time-consuming to rebuild them to EU-spec.
  25. J

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    Both the Camry and the Passat are considered luxury cars in Denmark. They mostly buy new mini-cars like the Kia Picanto. For Toyota the Auris is probably the most selling car and for VW it's probably the Up!.
  26. J

    Potential Impact of VW Diesel Cheating on EV Sales in the U.S. And Europe

    I even sometimes charge my car from sunlight alone, when I'm at my cabin. The cabin has no utility power, only 8 327W Sunpower panels, two 3kW Outback inverters and a 35kWh lithium battery (25kWh usable) made from Leaf modules from wrecked Leafs.
  27. J

    Potential Impact of VW Diesel Cheating on EV Sales in the U.S. And Europe

    I think this scandal will motivate VW to shift focus from their diesel-engines to the EV and plug-in hybrid product lines. I assume they will ramp up battery production capacity and offer the GTE-variant in more cars. For now it's available in the Golf and soon the Passat. Sales of the e-Golf...
  28. J

    European single charger upgrade in the works?

    Third party chargers mush have a connection between L1 and L2 (L3 is not necessary but doesn't hurt) to charge at 32A single phase. In the blue UMC adapter this is done internally. I sell charging stations, and for 32A charging stations for Teslas with single charger I use a three-phase cable...
  29. J

    EVmote App

    Not for everything. They also use gallons. Just not the same gallons as the US ;)
  30. J

    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Yep. I'd like a LOT more info please ;) - Motor temp (current and historical graph) - Battery temp (current and historical graph) - HVAC power usage (current and historical graph) - Battery warmer power usage (current, total (since start) and historical graph) - Aux power usage (current, total...
  31. J

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    I don't think this is a big factor in Norway. We don't buy new cars off the lot here, we are used to order them to spec and wait 3-6 months. Registrations so far in august suggests a 70kWh share of about 35%, and thus 65% 85kWh.
  32. J

    How trustworthy is Tesla's predicted "2015, 2016" supercharger map?

    Are you implying that Tesla gets free electricity for their SuperChargers in Canada? I've never heard of that happening anywere, so far.
  33. J

    Poll: How Actively Are You Promoting Your Referral Code?

    Same here. I won't share my code even if someone asks for it. If the person asking wants to save $1000 it's easy enough for them to find a code somewhere. I'll probably point them in the direction of Bjorn Nylands code ;)
  34. J

    How Much Would You Pay for a Premium Interior?

    This interior? I would be hard pressed to find an interior i would like less thank this... If I had to mention another interior I like it would probably be the BMW i3 one.
  35. J

    Where to buy solar products?

    I've usually gotten the best prices from Aten Solar. You can also try AcoSolar.
  36. J

    German bill requires CCS and L2 plugs at every new fast charge point.

    Thankfully MicroUSB is currently not required as all Apple products come with the vastly superior lightning connector. Mandatory standards like that just stifle innovation. Also the argument is moot for mobile phone charging as all tje charging equipment have USB ports anyway. You just use the...
  37. J

    cracking on seat leather

    My last BMW, an '96 E36 328i, had serious cracking of the leather when I bought it 5 years old. So BMWs are not immune to this in any way.
  38. J

    Supercharging - Elon's statement that Daily Supercharging Users are Receiving Notes

    This is already partly happening in Norway. There is a SC around 55 miles south of Oslo and one 110 miles north of Oslo. 165 miles between them is quite a stretch on Norways busiest road (at most it has 4 lanes each way). There is a huge demand for a SC north of Oslo quite a bit closer (maybe...
  39. J

    Supercharging - Elon's statement that Daily Supercharging Users are Receiving Notes

    Around Oslo the density of Teslas is way higher than any place in California. You'd easily be able to se hundreds in a day if you tried to. If the density of Teslas in California was equal to the density in Norway there would be 80,000 Teslas driving around California. I am on vacation now, when...
  40. J

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    Actually 23.4% of car registrations in March 2015 was BEVs alone. With PHEVs closer to 30% I would guess.
  41. J

    The 85 does not make sense with the release of the 70D

    Same here, I really need that frunk space.
  42. J

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    Not even close for Q1. Tesla delivered 1532 cars in Norway in Q1, VW delivered 1718 e-Golfs in January and February alone. With March added in I expect about 2500-2700 e-Golfs in Q1 (I don't have the exact e-Golf sales number for March yet, just the Golf total).
  43. J

    6.2 TACC still following WAY too far behind

    Funny, here in Norway the complaints are that the car is following too close even when set at 7... Setting 7 have been timed on the highway to 2.6 seconds here which is less than the 3 second recommended minimum.
  44. J

    CHAdeMO Adapter

    Yes. Except I want to use two 230V 16A circuits. When staying somewhere overnight, often 16A is the maximum socket available. 3,7kW means no full charge overnight. If I could use two of them the car would be fully charged in less than 12 hours. Perfect.
  45. J

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    Mine's as silent now as it was new, 1,5 years and 43,000 kilometres ago. No creaks or rattles whatsoever, and it has experienced temps as low as -20 degrees at least.
  46. J

    EU Market Situation and Outlook

    In Norway it is typically cross-shopped agains cars like the VW Passat, Toyota Avensis etc. And the lower end 5-series. I partly agree but the next gen seats shouldn't be standard. Just drop the price and call them sports seats instead. I assume they are good enough, just too expensive? Centre...
  47. J

    CHAdeMO Adapter

    I'd love a second port too, but for a different reason. To use the dual chargers independently of each other, with two outlets. Twice the speed where available :)
  48. J

    Website/Design Studio Update - Twin Chargers no longer available from factory

    That doesn't make sense either. The Service Centers in Norway are all swamped, the waiting time for an appointment have now reached 5 months. Giving them yet more to do doesn't seem like a good option.
  49. J

    Cold weather supercharging

    Rule for cold weather charging: Charge when you arrive in the evening, not in the morning when the battery has gotten cold soaked. So don't park a nearly empty car in the evening close to a SC. Go charge it up first, and leave right away in the morning.
  50. J

    Is Blink making EV's more expensive to drive than ICE cars?

    So you'd use a 1 hour longer route to avoid paying $20 for charging? Ok, but my time is worth more than that, especially with the rest of the family in the car.

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