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    Contacts won't sync. Only favorites and call history. [android phones]

    Thank you, @rush6410 and thank you, @Mach3 for posting how to enable the Developer Options. I had Tesla mobile service out yesterday, but they could not fix the issue. They did help me realize that the reason I was getting the "could not complete call" error (which is what I had searched this...
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    SuperCharger going away in Orlando at Waterford Lakes?

    I was travelling in Orlando this weekend and was surprised to find that NONE of the chargers at Waterford Lakes were accessible. They are all fenced off. It's over a 30 minute drive to the next closest. On the in-vehicle map, it is marked as limited service, but in fact there is no service...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Kudos to the Dania Beach Service Center for the mobile upgrade to FSD for my 2019 Model 3. The whole experience was first rate and nearly flawless. I was really impressed. When they arrived I commented that I was surprised to be able to do this at my house, and they told me this was their...
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    Change in Range calculation algorithm?

    I have a long range RWD which was 325 miles when I took delivery in March, 2019. I usually charge to 90% (occasionally 100%) and it was consistently at 292 miles. A couple months ago it dropped to 288 miles and has only shown that since. I did charge to full one time and it was only around...
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    Model 3 Range

    Very interesting data. It's surprising to see how much it can fluctuate. I'll keep a closer eye out on whether mine starts to change relative to the temperature.
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    Model 3 Range

    Thanks for all the feedback and info on experience. One thing to note in my case is that temperature should not be affecting anything at the moment as I live in South Florida. It's pretty much between 60 and 85 these days. Summer was very hot, but the car was new so the range was right on. I...
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    Model 3 Range

    I have a LR Model 3 which I took delivery of on March 31, 2019. The max range was 325 miles. I usually charge to 90% (and go to 100% every couple months) and it always charged to 292 -- perfect. The last couple times I noticed it a bit lower each time and it got down to 288. I decided to run...
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    Autopilot Didn't Brake

    Here's the front camera video: Dropbox - 2019-08-10_12-25-46-front.mp4 - Simplify your life It actually doesn't look that bad on the video. I didn't have to slam on the brakes, but it was really close (especially for my wife who yelled at me for not warning her!). I was waiting to see if the...
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    Autopilot Didn't Brake

    My Model 3 was driving with Navigate on Autopilot when another car changed into the lane in front of me. I expected it to brake or slow down automatically, but I got so close to the car that I had to manually brake. I have dashcam footage, and I'm wondering what the best way to report this to...
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    Auto wiper suggestions

    I too have been thinking that the wipers need a sensitivity control. I live in Florida and feel they need to be just a bit more sensitive and activate a little more often or quicker. The worst (and most dangerous) scenario is when there's a sudden downpour and they don't move to the fastest...
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    Bluetooth problems on phone calls only

    My experience is that this is an intermittent problem with the car only connecting to the phone sometimes. If you click the Bluetooth icon in the upper right of the car screen, you can see if it's connected to your phone. I check periodically and notice that sometimes it's connected; sometimes...
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    Android 8.0/9.0 compatibility with phone as a key?

    UPDATE: I continued to exchange emails with Advanced Tesla Support on this issue. They told me to make sure that the Tesla app has permissions for Location set to enabled, and that "Change system settings" (or "Modify system settings") is also on. I already had Location set to on, but did not...
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    Android 8.0/9.0 compatibility with phone as a key?

    I had reported this issue to Tesla via the Request Help button in my account on the web site. They replied about a week later with a series of questions. After several exchanges, they finally came back with this response: "Please unpair your phone and repair it. Once repaired please ensure the...
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    bluetooth calling bug

    I've had similar issues mentioned in this thread (on both incoming and outgoing calls) with my Model 3 using an Android (Galaxy S8+). Today I received a call a few minutes into my trip, but it only rang on my phone. While I was on the call, I tapped the Bluetooth icon on the car screen and...
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    Android 8.0/9.0 compatibility with phone as a key?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+. I have had similar experience as timk225 where it unlocks fine in the morning. Then I make a quick stop at a store and the door doesn't unlock when I return. The quickest workaround is turning Airplane mode on/off or Bluetooth on/off. That immediately fixes it, but...

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