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  1. Super Dude

    For Sale: Red December 2014 P85D+ Model S for Sale Warranty new tires Free supercharging, loaded $45,000

    Wasn't the AC, it's just the cooling system is loud, especially when 90+ and especially when charging.
  2. Super Dude

    For Sale: Red December 2014 P85D+ Model S for Sale Warranty new tires Free supercharging, loaded $45,000

    Selling my red Model S. Doesn't get driven enough, so it's time to go. Car is in good condition except for the front damage to the bumper, shown in pictures. No damage to any sensors or lights, it's purely cosmetic and has been there about a year and a half with no issues. Some scratches on...
  3. Super Dude

    Extremely loud air conditioning and while charging

    Cool, I never even knew these existed. I've never seen them open, I'll have to check them out next time I'm out.
  4. Super Dude

    Extremely loud air conditioning and while charging

    OK, sort of an update. I had mobile service come out to replace my 12v battery and I told them about the AC issue. Super great experience with mobile service, BTW. Tech said it did sound a little loud but he tested the cooling system and didn't find any errors. He said that it might be low...
  5. Super Dude

    Extremely loud air conditioning and while charging

    I gotta think this isn't normal. I've never heard a car this loud before. And it's not like it's always been this loud, it started a few months ago. As for having to move a lot of air, cabin's smaller than any SUV, so that's not the issue. For supercharging, I've never heard another Tesla...
  6. Super Dude

    Extremely loud air conditioning and while charging

    So for the past couple months or so I've noticed my air conditioning has been very loud. By very loud, I mean that I can hear it across the parking lot, in the house and it's very loud while driving. It's like a jet engine starting up! After it cools down, the sound gets quieter. Also...
  7. Super Dude

    Reliability between years & trims/battery sizes?

    No matter whether you buy a CPO or a used, not from a dealer, you NEED a multi year warranty. Tesla is not a high quality car and they vary substantially from vehicle to vehicle and when they were built during the year, ie. quality is lower at the end of a quarter and year due to the...
  8. Super Dude

    Supercharger Journey Notification

    Wanted to dig up this thread because it doesn't look like it has a resolution. I had the same issue a few times on my trip this weekend. Does the app just not tell you when you have enough charge to continue and just tells you when you're fully charged? The 80% charge notification worked but...
  9. Super Dude

    How fast can I go backwards?

    The quickest way to go backwards in a Tesla is to sell it and buy an ICE. ;)
  10. Super Dude

    WTB Model S East Coast

    When they come down in price to something reasonable. Long range battery isn't needed, so probably then. But most likely, when something expensive on her current Mazda 3 breaks.
  11. Super Dude

    WTB Model S East Coast

    Updated. Happy S owner now!
  12. Super Dude

    Mats. The velcro stinks. Is there a solution?

    Same issue for my 2014... except one mat was missing the velcro entirely! SC gave me a whole new set of mats, no questions asked. I highly recommend you go that route.
  13. Super Dude

    My Tesla Story: Holding out on Tesla and lessons I continue to learn.

    Can Tesla do this remotely if you give them a call? Even after an accident, your car would still be associated with the account. The prior owner of my car still has one key fob and they offered to disassociate it from my car if I wanted.
  14. Super Dude

    Seat belt too tight around the abdominal area

    How did this end up fixing the problem? It will make the belt longer but will it keep the belt from tightening down?
  15. Super Dude

    Seat belt too tight around the abdominal area

    Resurrecting this thread because I have the same problem. Both in the front driver and passenger seat. After a while of sitting the belts become tighter around the waist. To loosen them you have to pull on the chest portion to loosen it and then pull on the lap portion, thus using two hands...
  16. Super Dude

    Can I ask some noob questions?

    You may want to consider a second set of snow tires for the winter, especially if your buddy is giving you the rims. I bought my S from Wisconsin and it came with both 21 summers and 19 winters. Other than that, check for creaks in the steering and the suspension; common among Teslas in...
  17. Super Dude

    Driving my S when not bike commuting.

    Driving my S when not bike commuting.
  18. Super Dude

    Will referral wheels (in box) fit inside the car?

    I fit four 21" turbines with mounted tires, a spare rim in a box, plus three cases of beer for my inaugural 1000mi trip in my MS. The cargo space in this car is fantastic.
  19. Super Dude

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    To follow up on this issue in my car... Brought my car into the SC on Thursday the 12th. Test drove with mechanic and we both immediately heard the popping noise. Picked up car the next day and noise was much reduced. The fix was listed as "replace axle washers and nuts. Lubed front and...
  20. Super Dude

    High mileage issues (long and frustrating)

    And more importantly, speak with a manager about getting something for your time, aggravation and hassle for their screw up. Who knows, it may have even put you in danger. Certainly worth a try to get a voucher for your next repair.
  21. Super Dude

    Non staggered 245/35-21 tires on staggered rims?

    Anybody ever do this or know whether they will even fit? I have staggered rims but don't really care about the performance aspect of having wider rear tires. 245s are much cheaper and options much more plentiful than 265s, but will they fit? I know I still won't be able to rotate them front...
  22. Super Dude

    New Silver 21" X 8.5J" Turbine wheel Model S Philadelphia $450

    Make me an offer. Still available.
  23. Super Dude

    WTB: One 21” Grey Turbine/tire - great condition

    I have the rim posted in the classified section. New but no tire. Check it out and let me know. I can ship.
  24. Super Dude

    Plus + rear trunk emblem/script Model S

    Anybody know where I can get the + from a P85+? Doesn't have to be the new, can be aftermarket or used. Thanks.
  25. Super Dude

    Rattle noise coming from front Air Suspension (2017-18)

    My late 14 P85D with air suspension has the same problem. Clicking/popping at low speeds. Especially noticeable when starting or stopping but also when going over speed bumps. I'm not the original owner but the service records show steering column or rack were already replaced as well as all...
  26. Super Dude

    WTB One old style silver lug nut for Model S without cap/cover

    Thanks! PM sent! You have the same car as me... only mine's red.
  27. Super Dude

    WTB One old style silver lug nut for Model S without cap/cover

    Just need one of the old style lug nuts from a '14 or earlier model S. Tesla doesn't sell or stock them anymore so now I have 19 old style and one new style ;) I'll post pics whenever it stops raining.
  28. Super Dude

    Looking for someone who can order a 12v battery

    Even if it's not the BattMobile battery, any auto part store can sell you the battery. You just need to find the right size/specs which shouldn't be too difficult. Good videos on youtube to do the replacement yourself.
  29. Super Dude

    Brand new tires on sale at Discount Tire Direct eBay

    If anybody sees any more of these deals, please post them. I'm going to be looking for a set of new tires in the next few months and I'm not interested in paying a premium for the Michelins.
  30. Super Dude

    Did you name your Model S, and if so, what?

    Barack It's Hebrew for lightning. Thought it was fitting for a red P85D.
  31. Super Dude

    HPWC & UMC power cable slack rope retractor source

    Would love to see this in operation!
  32. Super Dude

    CPO Prices

    Lots of the first ones that were leased are coming off lease now so the supply is going up. But as Max said, not sure whether there's any logic.
  33. Super Dude

    2014 P85D sub zero question

    Thanks for the info. Mine is December 15, 2014 and has the heated steering wheel, so it must have been right on the border. Was also originally sold in Wisconsin so maybe the really cold climates got preference?
  34. Super Dude

    2014 MS P85D

    I just bought a P85D. How do you inspect to see if you have the + suspension. Pretty sure I do as it was a late 2014 model. Thanks.
  35. Super Dude

    New Silver 21" X 8.5J" Turbine wheel Model S Philadelphia $450

    Local pickup is required. Never been used as you'll see the tags are still on it. Perfect condition, original Tesla, not aftermarket.
  36. Super Dude

    Model S - FAQs

    Hope they get on it soon, one of my bigger gripes about the car now that I'm driving with the windows down.
  37. Super Dude

    Aero Wheels - touch up paint

    Just bought some of the touch up paint for my 19" snow tire rims and 21" aeros. Both silvers.I'll try lightly sanding then applying the paint and report back. Has anybody ::achem:: tested out the rimsavers to see how well they actually protect the rims? I have to park on the street a lot with...
  38. Super Dude

    ISO: 2014-2016 P85D/P100D

    Also, try mainstreetmotors.com They seem to get a lot of P85Ds in and I know they were getting a black one in.
  39. Super Dude

    ISO: 2014-2016 P85D/P100D

    Any of these work? https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/Tesla/Model+S/Las+Vegas+NV-89119?zip=89119&keywordPhrases=p85d&extColorsSimple=BLACK&startYear=1981&numRecords=25&sortBy=derivedpriceDESC&firstRecord=0&endYear=2019&modelCodeList=TESMODS&makeCodeList=TESLA&searchRadius=0
  40. Super Dude

    Spectacular 2015 Model S 85D for sale

    Great car!
  41. Super Dude

    ESA - now eligible even with dealer in chain of ownership?

    Was wondering about this. It's purchased AT a dealer but not FROM a dealer.... talk amongst yourselves.
  42. Super Dude

    WTB Model S East Coast

    Bumping this up and also to mention that if anyone has a P85D that they're willing to part with, I am interested in that too. Willing to pay more $$$ than my original post of course.
  43. Super Dude

    Tesla Model S 70D with AP1 - $55k

    also interested. but i agree, more pics and description is helpful.
  44. Super Dude

    2014/15 Tesla P85D+ for sale (22K miles)

    I'm trying to do the same thing... get a Tesla service center to inspect the car. Tesla was very cagey on what they would inspect. They said they would only do an external inspection and if that anything was wrong when the car was turned on an error message would pop up. What did they do for you?
  45. Super Dude

    Searching for an S...

    Searching for an S...
  46. Super Dude

    Selling 2014 CPO model S60 red multi coat 15k miles

    Agree with Toppa, but as you say, price is negotiable and super low miles. If it had AWD, I'd be all over it though!
  47. Super Dude

    Feeler: Unicorn 2015 P85DL+ Pearl White

    Fantastic car! I don't even like white but the dark rims really look nice.
  48. Super Dude

    WTB: Model S Third Row Seats

    I think someone was selling the third row seats on the Tesla for sale facebook group. I don't think they included all the trim and hardware though. Worth taking a look.
  49. Super Dude

    WTB Model S East Coast

    Awesome, thanks! Looks like they're super low on inventory (or at least public inventory) right now, maybe that explains the lack of response.....
  50. Super Dude

    WTB Model S East Coast

    Hi All, Seriously considering buying my first Tesla. Only things holding me back thus far are the price and having a perfectly good car already. Looking for a good condition Model S to buy: Required: AWD Clean Title AP-1 Some sort of transferable warranty (CPO or original) Any size battery...

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