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  1. voucher2002

    Maryland Tesla Owners...[2020 - question about tax credit]

    I purchased my Model 3 SR+ on June 8, 2019. I immediately completed and mailed the State of Maryland VR-334 form,"Excise Tax Credit Request for Plug-in Electric Vehicles" to the MVA. I know the funds had by that time already been depleted but I was told that my form would join the queue and...
  2. voucher2002

    New house address does not appear on maps

    I moved into a new home in a new community two weeks ago. There are about twenty existing houses on my street with room for about twenty more. When I enter my street address in the car’s navigation, nothing comes up. Now I need the address so I can set It as my “home” and tweak security, door...
  3. voucher2002

    Windshield repair

    I have a small pea-sized bubble in my windshield from a flying stone. I was quoted $50 to repair it. Is this a good price or should I make a claim through my insurance (State Farm) and possibly risk a rate increase.
  4. voucher2002

    Please....some clarification of the Federal tax credit for a Tesla purchased in 2019

    Am I still entitled for a tax credit of $3750 for a Model 3 purchased on June 8, 2019? The proposed IRS form 8936 available on line now for 2019 limits the total tax credit to $2500...of which I would now get 50% ($1250). The same site said that the official 2019 form 8936 displayed was not...
  5. voucher2002

    Navigation voice

    Are other voices/languages available for navigation in a Model 3.
  6. voucher2002

    is this normal?

    I have an outstanding service appointment to correct a few minor delivery flaws on my Model 3 SR+....off-center steering wheel and left side unoperative horn....so I thought I would have my tires rotated since the car has gone 6000 miles since delivery on June 8th. I received a text from Tesla...
  7. voucher2002

    Texas certified safety inspection

    I just moved to Austin, Texas and need to get my Model 3 inspected to start the process of getting Texas tags. Do I need to have the local Tesla Service Center perform the inspection or can any local garage, mechanic, car service chain do it. I'm concerned about lifting the car properly without...
  8. voucher2002

    Suggestions, tips, caveats, etc. for upcoming road trip

    Howdy! After 50 years my wife and I are relocating to the Austin, Texas area from Columbia, Maryland. The road trip in our Model 3 standard range plus begins on Friday and I plan on using the in-car navigation to go from supercharger to supercharger, taking approximately 4 days. The car will...
  9. voucher2002

    How to achieve the fastest 0-60 time

    perhaps this has been discussed before but what is the best method to use to get the fastest launch from a standstill. Enable “hold” or not? Any other tips?
  10. voucher2002

    Is Autopilot camera recalibration ever needed?

    New owner here. SR+RW without EAP. When I originally picked up my car I didn’t realize that my cameras would calibrate themselves (and needed calibration to work properly) over a short period of time and miles. My first experience with autopilot was tentative about 4 days later. I engaged...
  11. voucher2002

    New install of 14-50 outlet only charging at 16a for Standard Range Plus RWD

    Just had a new install of a 14-50 outlet with a 50a GFCI breaker with #6 Romex wire. I'm connected to the outlet with the Tesla 14-50 extension to the supplied Tesla power cable. I thought that I should be getting 32a instead of the 16a the car is currently charging at. The Tesla app says...
  12. voucher2002

    Missing Free Supercharger Hours

    Hi! New owner here (6/8/19). I ordered my car through a link from a previous buyer expecting to get the free Supercharger hours. When and where do they show up. and how are they used and tracked? In my "Loot" box?. I called and spoke to my sales advisor who said that it was "automatic" at the...
  13. voucher2002

    Teslacam And Securityview Setup

    I’m looking for a setup where I connect a wireless USB device to my Model 3 and then can access the recorded dash cam and security videos for playback without ever removing the drive from the car. Does such a setup exist? Removing the USB stick/drive each time I want to view clips seems so...
  14. voucher2002

    Safety issue

    New owner here (6/8 Model 3 standard range plus, partial premium interior, RWD) I sure miss the audible rear cross-traffic alert in my previous car. Should be a simple software update, no?
  15. voucher2002

    Planning to only use 110 outlet

    Hi everyone! New owner here. Picked up Model 3 on 6/8 and plan to only use my existing 110 outlet in my garage to charge my car. Since I have a total commute of 40 miles 4 days a week I figure I can get about 50 charging miles each night. If I decide to take a long trip there are a number of...
  16. voucher2002

    New owner of Model 3 missing Home Link

    I just picked up my new Model 3 SR+ on 6/11/19 with partial premium interior which I ordered on 5/17/19 ,BEFORE Tesla’s announcement that Home Link would no longer be standard equipment on the car. Was Home Link standard equipment included in the basic interior package or only on the premium...
  17. voucher2002

    Buying in Maryland next week and moving to Texas next year

    New prospective owner. I hope for some clarification on the registration tax issue, please. I will be purchasing my Model 3 new week in Maryland. I will pay the 6% Maryland sales tax at that time to register the car in this state. However, I will be moving to Austin Texas next year. The Texas...

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