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  1. bitmanEV

    Revised Model 3 user manual for Europe 2021.12.25 / 2021.24 / 2021.32

    The 'onboard' user manual never worked in our Model3 (not even when connected by WiFi)
  2. bitmanEV

    UK to France in a M3 - Video

    OMG Do you still need to make (a boring) video about driving a Tesla from the UK to France?
  3. bitmanEV

    NEC Pick up

    Update; Did pop in Tesla Small heath to charge and had a chat and they confirmed that indeed using NEC for deliveries due it has a large parking space
  4. bitmanEV

    NEC Pick up

    indeed so many road works going on at the moment on the A45
  5. bitmanEV

    Tesla model 3 driver throwing litter!

    logic as EV's becoming just cars now so the early spirit of being clean and nature friendly is sadly along gone...
  6. bitmanEV

    Coolest charger location

    Closed for a week because town festival (Aracena)... Ended up on a 3kW charger with 5% left
  7. bitmanEV

    Just because Teslas can (but beware the reputation)

    hence the insurance premiums will go sky high the more are on the road and in hands of boy racers spoiling it for others, only time will tell
  8. bitmanEV

    Just because Teslas can (but beware the reputation)

    this boy racers behaviour will all end up in tears as insurance companies will just adjust their premium simples
  9. bitmanEV

    Tesla Wall Connector - keeps fusing?

    Have a Sparky check the cabling, connections, resistance etc
  10. bitmanEV

    Do you have a pocket full of RFID tags or don’t bother?

    Really? Driven from Dublin via UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and back Spain, France, UK and could use my Schuko in all those countries...
  11. bitmanEV

    Birmingham Supercharger - slow charge speed / local Supercharger

    Using the SC Small Heath delivery centre every weekend and had no issues even when all the 16 stalls are in use
  12. bitmanEV

    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    AC charged too 100% (balancing the batteries once a month) Washed it Took it for a spin to about 90% Did software update to version 2021.4.15
  13. bitmanEV

    Which vaccine did you get?

    1st Astra
  14. bitmanEV

    Commuting in a Model 3 SR+

    SWMBO is commuting Solihull <-> Witney (140miles) at the moment with her M3 no issues BTW we don't have overnight charging so it can be done
  15. bitmanEV

    How NOT to recover a Model 3 Mr AA

    indeed he did hammer some skates under the rear wheels towing on suspension parts i still disagree this whole exercise was unnecessary as the car was not in any danger to other traffic as being pushed into a lay-by by the police who actually knew how to put the car in neutral so they could...
  16. bitmanEV

    How NOT to recover a Model 3 Mr AA

    This happend to our Model 3 Guy should have just used the tow hook, boast the 12v battery and used to tow mode and not damaged the tow hook cover including the bumper as he used a screwdriver and broke all the clips off I wasn't there so couldn't stop him...
  17. bitmanEV

    Can you do this with your left indicator / turn signal?

    same here; very annoying when on Autopilot and wanted a lane change to the left
  18. bitmanEV

    Home charger in block of flats?

    We are in the same boat 1st floor flat Management company lying and unwilling to help so after months of emails and phone calls we got in touch with the local council and they are in the process of installing a double charge point on the public road just around the corner. Not the best solution...
  19. bitmanEV

    Did supercharger network influence your buying decision

    YES Driving an EV (especially with NO home charging possible) is all about charging, full stop
  20. bitmanEV

    Octopus Agile 30 minute readings don't match other data....

    My communication with Octopus; Quick question about Agile; So now we have those 30 minutes kWh slots. So lets say I'm in slot 11:00 - 11:30 with a price of £0.14 now using a shower that takes 9kW for 5 minutes (lets suppose it's the only apparatus use electricity) how do I get billed? is that...
  21. bitmanEV

    (No) cruise control in fog?

    Probably more to do with damp in the camera's. Had this last night too constant messages with blocked camera's and dropping out Cruise Control
  22. bitmanEV

    I've ordered an ID.3

    If you follow the YouTube Channel of Next Move you can get lots of first hand info about the ID3 https://www.youtube.com/c/nextmovevideos/featured
  23. bitmanEV

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Indeed as I asked them (Birmingham) today and got reply "Yes they are live" Unfortunately my Leaf has Chademo so couldn't test :D
  24. bitmanEV

    UK Wiring Regulations and Charge Point Safety

    I have indeed installed Type-B on Switched type PV inverters (transformer less) and Type AC on transformer PV Inverters like older the SMA SB For my own use I have SMA Sunny Boys transformer PV Inverters due the fact less EMC as being a Radio Amateur and I can use my HF transceivers very close...
  25. bitmanEV

    Using UMC charger only

    That will be fine but you might want to exchange that 3 pin socket for a blue commando socket as they do a better job carrying currents over long times? example; Industrial Connectors IP44 230V Panel Socket 16A you local sparky could help you
  26. bitmanEV

    Rolec EV Wallpod

    Thanks @Glan gluaisne to bring this up I had this issue addressed in my post #21 (Rolec EV Wallpod) but was shot down...
  27. bitmanEV

    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    To be able to charge on campings for example IEC 60309 - Wikipedia
  28. bitmanEV

    [UK] 2020.44.x

    Just downloaded & installed
  29. bitmanEV

    Pod Point removing from app some public (Sainsburys) chargers?

    How much time do you spend in a Supermarket? 30 min? 1 hour? What's a 7kW charger going to do on a Model 3? A drop in the ocean IMHO Even on my 24kWh Leaf it's not really worth the effort to charge for a short time... And be very careful as most of those Supermarket carparks do have a max...
  30. bitmanEV

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    No, when I passed there last Saturday those transformer boxes were still wrapped in plastic as far I could see
  31. bitmanEV

    What do you miss about your previous car?

    in one word "Quality" as it's not up to scratch for a £40+ car
  32. bitmanEV

    [UK] 2020.40.x

    So because YOU find it irritating it should NOT be an option for OTHER people who like to have this? Wow...
  33. bitmanEV

    [UK] 2020.40.x

    if true that's cool as I asked Elon for this via Model3Man
  34. bitmanEV

    Sygic Navigation adds support for EV Charging and Payments

    I have requested that for many years and always got the answer we working on it... And indeed they did it but very limited charge networks so hope they will improve over time
  35. bitmanEV

    [UK] 2020.40.x

    It also reveals their software vulnerabilities of previous versions food for crackers to attack not yet updated systems
  36. bitmanEV

    PHEV v Pure EV at charging points

    Years back when I had a first generation Zoe was almost pushed from an Ecotricity charger on the M40 by an Outlander PHEV who parked so close to me and then started looking down waiting for me to finish my charge. Found it so imitating that when having enough charge moved to the next service...
  37. bitmanEV

    Parcel Shelf Rattle

    SC fixed it for us as still under warranty i'm not going to do anything on a £40k+ vehicle
  38. bitmanEV

    Condensation in rear lights

    Say no more;
  39. bitmanEV

    Crawley Update

    plenty of EasyJet Flight Info | Gatwick Airport
  40. bitmanEV

    Crawley Update

    That will be good news for the Gatwick Taxi's
  41. bitmanEV

    DIY charge point

    This is my portable box build years ago :D
  42. bitmanEV

    DIY charge point

    And this was done in 2013... EVSE Build Day
  43. bitmanEV

    Model 3 Headlights Dazzling Others!

    Our M3 was on EU setting according SC when we booked her in
  44. bitmanEV

    Ionity Charger Sites in UK [megathread]

    Is that at STOP 24 as there is already a duo Ecotricity charger?
  45. bitmanEV

    Tesla App Login

    i noted yesterday (Sunday 13 Sep) that i had to login again but that went without any issues (1Password)
  46. bitmanEV

    Non Tesla on a supercharger?

    A whole bunch of EVs charging on SC This is simply a software bug at the moment Tesla V3 Superchargers Surprisingly Charge Other EVs For Free
  47. bitmanEV

    Non Tesla on a supercharger?

  48. bitmanEV

    Less well known Tesla features / information

    As if everyone can charge at home...
  49. bitmanEV

    Octopus smart meter installation

    ours is installed Wednesday 9 Sep all in all in just about 20 min done but still need to be commissioned as the national networks was down
  50. bitmanEV

    Non Tesla on a supercharger?

    Glad it's not as when charging on a Pod Point AC post that will mean some one could just take your expensive AC cable home... The Pod Point AC post will unlock the Type Socket when unplugging the AC cable from the car while a Chargemaster AC post needs to be unlocked with the RFID card to unlock...

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