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    Warranty Adjustment Program – Touchscreen Component email - Wow - watch for it

    Well I went into my service center to ask about my MCU. They were able to look up the repair and were able to see that on my MCU it was the main board that went bad. So if you’re not seeing an eligible repair in your account it may mean it was another issue and not the eMMC. I would have liked...
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    Warranty Adjustment Program – Touchscreen Component email - Wow - watch for it

    I’m in the exact situation. I’m going to go into my service center to talk to someone tomorrow . I think this may be the last Tesla I buy. To not be able to get a hold of someone on the phone to address an issue is pretty bad.
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    Just received this warranty email

    I’m in the exact same situation. We’re you able to get a hold of someone?
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    Anyone want to help modify a Radio Flyer Model S?

    Well I finally got the time to finish my project. I ended up using a castle mamba x esc with a Futaba radio system I already had. I installed a single promodeler 470 servo. I ordered two but found this thing is so strong by itself using 6.0 volts. It can go up to 8.4v but I found I couldn’t...
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    Speaker upgrade with custom mounts

    So I just started looking at the models and I just got some new filament today. I ended up just tearing out the old speaker and breaking the rear supports with pliers. I then cut the wires in the back. I cut off the mounting tabs that extend out on the kappa speakers so that they sit down in the...
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    Speaker upgrade with custom mounts

    I’ll print a couple and see how they turn out. If I can I’ll print some extras. I won’t be home until tomorrow and I might need some more filament. I have a pretty good printer that sits doing nothing most of the time.
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    Anyone want to help modify a Radio Flyer Model S?

    Also what are you using for servo arms?
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    Anyone want to help modify a Radio Flyer Model S?

    Wait you’re just using the two HS-7954SH‘s? I have a 470oz servo on my rc 4x4. I may just buy another one and take it out of the truck. Thanks again
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    Anyone want to help modify a Radio Flyer Model S?

    Is your project all done? I was thinking about making my daughters remote control because she is too short to reach the pedals right now. I probably shouldn’t have bought it yet but I got it at a super great price. How do you like your steering? I was seeing that people use linear actuators on...
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    Paint code for silver wheels?

    I gave up and bought new wheels. I went back to 19" slipstreams. The ride and cost of replacement 21's weren't worth the look.
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    Speaker upgrade with custom mounts

    Can you share the model for your speaker adapter?
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    Worst Delivery Ever

    Best Delivery Ever! Got my keycards and paperwork then I left. My wife is going to love this car. Have fun everyone I’ll post in a few more years when I get my truck.
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    Worst Delivery Ever

    The stars have realigned. Picking up today :)
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    Worst Delivery Ever

    Once I was told I could configure my car I contacted my credit union for a loan quote. They asked how much and for how long before running my credit. They then sent me an approval letter to give to Tesla or any dealer. That letter had the information for tesla to send the purchase order to. The...
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    Worst Delivery Ever

    You’re completely right. I should have checked before even leaving my house. It didn’t cross my mind though because they handled my S without any problems. It’s probably due to everything getting done before and after Christmas. I know they’ll make it right and nobody died so not to big of a deal.
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    Worst Delivery Ever

    Definitely stay on top of your Delivery person. They should be sending your documents to your bank or credit union as soon as you are done signing them. In my case my credit union will have to overnight a check and I can take delivery once they receive it.
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    Worst Delivery Ever

    Went in to take delivery of our Model 3. We signed the paperwork and did the orientation. Tesla staff then tell us no one sent our contract to the credit union. Had to leave without the new car. When they finally did send the contract, they sent one belonging to someone else. Hopefully...
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    FS: CHAdeMo Adapter

    Where are you located? I'm in a service center looking to pick one up right now it's $450
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    How I Eliminated A Rattle and Squeak

    I had a squeak coming from the front center of my pano roof. I found that using a rubber protectant on the seals around the pano did the trick. Make sure you get the seal in front of the wind deflector too. Just press it down and you'll see it. No more squeak from glass and rubber.
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    Remote S: Tesla app for Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    When I use summon on my Apple Watch the car begins to move but then aborts abruptly . Is there a particular setup I need to do?
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    19" wheels, tires, and TPMS - No Longer Available

    19" wheels, tires, and TPMS This a set of 19's that I swapped for 21's on my car. They are in great shape with no scratches or curb rash. The tires have 4000 miles on them. The TPMS sensors are older and we're not compatible with my car. I had to switch the sensors from the 21's and the...
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    Paint code for silver wheels?

    Can anyone give me a paint code and source to match silver wheels? I bought a used set of 21's and there are a couple of scuffs I'd like to fix. I'm not interested in the pen from Tesla. I want to fix/fill, sand, prime, paint, and clear the spots.
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    Dilemma: Buy EV now or wait for Model 3?

    My leaf lease is up in a couple months and my wife said we can't have two Model Ss. We really enjoyed the eGolf. I will definitely get the 3 when it comes out its just a matter of when.
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    What do you think of roof rack?

    I have the roof rack on my car. My only complaint with the whole system is that the rubber boots mar the paint a little. I'm cutting some bigger 3m film patches to go under the full boot. The kit comes with a couple strips but they don't work well.
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    Repairing Crease in Frunk

    My hood was repaired. I'll give Tesla a call.
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    Supercharger - Rancho Cucamonga, CA (12 V2 stalls)

    I used this supercharger this weekend. Only one other car there with me.
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    Repairing Crease in Frunk

    I recently picked my car up from service with a crease. Tesla sent the car to a body shop for repair. I used the frunk a few days after the repair. I'm very cautious about where I place my hands. There is now another crease in the hood. I'm not sure what to do now.
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    Adaptive Cruise Control By December 15, 2014, as per Tesla Test Drive Rep

    Adaptive cruise control would be great for my 5hr drive to visit family around Christmas time.
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    Alcantara Dash on S85

    I ordered the black alcantara headliner and my dash showed up with alcantara also. It was a pleasant surprise. I took delivery 9/26. - - - Updated - - - Sorry I forgot to say the car is an S85.
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    Anyone taken delivery of new steel grey?

    Here's my gray with the whispbar roof rack.
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    Gray Leather with black alcantara

    Heres my gray with black headliner
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    Newish cars and 6.0

    My newish car downloaded 6.0 this morning. I hope tesla gives us autopilot by Christmas.
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    New Model S owner here

    I took delivery of my s85 a few days after you. I looked at the build site almost everyday an I was waiting for delivery. The day I saw the black headliner I called my DS and they made it happen.
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    Schedule for Autopilot features

    Google "Hyundai empty car convoy" video. The 2015 Genesis will have autopilot. I hope we have all these new features before the end of the year.
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    Newish cars and 6.0

    I have all the new hardware. I took delivery 9/27. Still on 5.14
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I was in the same boat but ended up getting the black headliner. I like it better than tan but I'm not a big fan of suede. I picked up my 85 on Sunday.
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    Extended test drive of Toyota RAV4 EV

    Chris can you take some pictures of your leather? My dealer had a rav that they installed leather in but I thought it was a bad job so I only have the fabric/vinyl right now.
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    The New RAV4 EV

    I just bought a Rav4 EV and I own a Leaf too. Ill try out the Leafs EVSE and see how it works thith the Rav. Blink works.
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    Model S Reservation Tally

    Im looking at either the 60 or 85 battery, 19" wheels, pano roof, tech package, air susp, twin chargers with HPWC, super charge(if I get the 60), and leather with lace. White/gray. I was told about 9-10 month wait
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    Model S Reservation Tally

    I test drove today and got reservation 12,676.

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