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    2019.7.105 (w/hw3?) center display went black while on freeway for my wife an hour ago

    So the blank screen has happened to me while driving about 3 or 4 times since 2012. It's happened on my 2012 Model S, and it's also happened (once) on my 2016 Model S. It was a bit alarming the first time, but then I realized it doesn't impact your ability to drive the car. I just do the two...
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    Beautiful 6 Powerwall Installation

    EVPGH, yours is an equally beautiful installation - maybe except for the oversized garden hose wall bracket. I searched for a long time before I found this inexpensive bracket on the RB Components web site. Take a look: Large Bracket - Cords, Hoses I'll be thinking of you guys, the next time...
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    Supercharger - Altamonte Springs, FL

    I was at the Altamonte Springs SC station 2 days ago and it still was not operational. Half the parking spaces were ICEd. These spaces are some of the closest to Whole foods, so I imagine ICEING will forever be a problem here. I went to the Orlando (Sand Lake) SC instead. It's in the Wawa...
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    Supercharger - Fort Stockton, Texas

    This location would be perfect for a trailer mounted industrial generator. Add a couple of 80A HPWCs, and a "chill lounge" in an Airstream trailer. Done and done. Then when the superchargers are eventually completed, move the entire setup to the next "impossible" location and repeat.
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    BMW i3 charging at a Tesla Showroom HPWC

    Based on the sign that says "Tesla charging only", I would consider this theft. In a nutshell, Tesla is offering free fuel to its customers via the HPWC. As a business owner, I understand that there may be times when I want to offer a perk to MY customers, as a "thank you" for their business...
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    Battery size headache!!

    Long wait time? Funny. I waited 27 months from 2010 to 2012. But I still have the Tesla grin after 3 1/2 years, and 46K miles. Enjoy!
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    Battery size headache!!

    I would recommend getting the 90kWh battery if you can afford it. I've owned a Model S 85 for 3 1/2 years. The choice isn't only about initial range. Over time you will experience some range degradation, which will make you appreciate having the longer range battery to begin with. Also, with...
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    Electric Bicycles

    I've owned an Optibike Pioneer Allroad for about 2 years. It's a high quality bike with a mid drive motor on the crank. It's a pedal assist with a top speed around 23 mph, and it effortlessly cruises at 17 to 18 mph. It's not as heavy as many other ebikes. It's been a joy to own. Optibike is...
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    Prediction: Model 3 reservation crush will spark Supercharger competition

    Well, it's kinda hard to compete with free. Also, while a competing fast charge infrastructure could build out fairly quickly if the majors all cooperated with each other, they still don't have long range BEVs that are all capable of using the same fast charging standard. And if one major...
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    Destination Charger Anxiety

    Many locations have at least 2 HPWCs, plus a public L2 charger. Although, some of the older HPWC installations only have a single charger. I would like to see many more vendors installing Destination chargers. I wish the Tesla owners had literature to hand out to vendors so hotel managers and...
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    Bank of America SUCKS! Who Wants my Loan!?

    It sounds like you're good to go with an Auto Loan at BofA. However, another alternative (also w/ BofA) would be a Home Equity Line of Credit. The rate will be a bit higher (~3.5%), but you should be able to deduct the interest on your taxes, which may (or may not) be beneficial for your...
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    Destination Charger Anxiety

    I used more than a dozen Destination chargers on a 33 day road trip in 2015. Most were located at hotels. Some in valet, and some in self parking. I didn't have a single problem. In every case, I was the only car charging. I also planned to use a few public Level 2 chargers (overnight)...
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    Using Superchargers for Local Charging

    If it's far enough that you are not sleeping at home, I guess it's a road trip.
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    Using Superchargers for Local Charging

    Model 3 may have a priced option to buy into the supercharger network (~$2,000), just like it used to be for the MS 60. In my travels, I visited more than 55 superchargers. None were heavily used except for the one we visited in the San Diego metropolitan area. Lots of locals charging. They...
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    Using Superchargers for Local Charging

    That's it! "Metro-charger". I like that term. A pay per use "supercharger", located in (and around) major cities. Tesla could even team with a strategic partner like Chargepoint or Blink (if necessary) to defray the capital expense. However, it really needs to happen before the Model 3 hits...
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    Using Superchargers for Local Charging

    All of the "in town" supercharger locations probably should have been "pay per use" locations. That would reduce the logjams, and still allow condo dwellers to own a Tesla. This would bring in more customers, and more revenue, while providing charging to people on road trips (without the wait)...
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    Model 3 Reservation Guess Lottery

    Week: 55,000 Month: 80,000 (TSLA $275) Year: 180,000 Assuming: Tesla doesn't stop taking reservations. Tesla doesn't curtail fleet reservations (which could be 20% of total)
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    6 seat vs. 7 seat

    I've seen both configurations, ànd I would definitely choose the 6 seat version. The space between the 2nd row seats is perfect for a cooler!
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    Model 3 and the genius marketing idea.

    Technically I said that people "want" a guarantee. I also said the early M3 depositors would "virtually" be guaranteed to get the tax break. Of course, delays and MS & MX sales could change the odds, but earlier deposits will always have better odds than late deposits.
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    Model 3 and the genius marketing idea.

    Under normal circumstances, people would just wait until April 1st to order online. However, there are a LOT of people who want a guarantee of the $7,500 tax credit. It's like getting a 20% discount on the car. So the question becomes, would you go to a Tesla store on March 31st to get a...
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    The gas station of the future may not be a station at all

    This is very interesting. Particularly to hear owners of gasoline cars admit that going to gas stations is inconvenient. Now, the next logical step is buying an EV, and refueling at home, or at work.
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    Model 3: $1000 reservation

    In the USA, there are 160,000 Uber drivers. I suspect about 10,000 of them might want a Model 3. So they might be in line with their deposit.
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    Model 3: $1000 reservation

    I guarantee you that Tesla will receive numerous deposits from Fleets. It could be 5 to 50 cars or more from a fleet customer.
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    Model 3: $1000 reservation

    This will initiate the auto industry disruption that everybody has been talking about. Huge numbers of consumers standing with Tesla. I love it.
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    Model 3 reservations ($1000 down) will be accepted in Tesla stores....

    OMG! This will turn the auto industry on it's head. I was expecting $1,500. But at $1,000 we could see 250,000 deposits before production. That's 2 years of news headlines.
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    Supercharger Aerial Photos

    Wow Brings back memories. I visited some of those superchargers on my roadtrip from Florida.
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    How will Tesla make deliveries?

    Well Tesla will obviously increase the capability of the Service centers to be able to service the cars they sell. But increasing them to handle "that", as well as to handle prepping and delivering every single new vehicle is an order of magnitude larger. The prep and delivery can be more...
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    How will Tesla make deliveries?

    I believe Tesla simply cannot afford to triple the current service centers over the next four years. They will not even be able to triple the supercharger stations over the same period. Nearly every penny of capital will go towards the massive assembly lines for the Model 3, and the continual...
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    How will Tesla make deliveries?

    The service centers would have to be 5X to 10X their current size to receive and prep the volume of cars that will be coming in 2018 and beyond. The current service centers are already busting at the seams and the Model X deliveries are just beginning to scale up. Either that, or there would...
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    How will Tesla make deliveries?

    I've been thinking about this for a long time. How Tesla will prep and deliver so many cars. If strong deposits are received for the Model 3, I expect Tesla will partner with a single national dealer to exclusively prep and sell the Model 3. This will limit future capital expenses for build...
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    How much of a deposit do you think will be required?

    I believe the Model 3 deposit will be $1,500. If Tesla wants to create an even bigger frenzy, they'll only require a $1,000 deposit. In that case, they may take in 250,000 deposits before the first car ships. Either way, there will be historic demand for the Model 3. The major automakers...
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    To 72 A or not to 72 A?

    Ok. So that photo was really funny to me, since I live in Florida, and we run the air conditioning 24/7 (10 months a year). "Run the Air Conditioning in the house OR charge the car?"
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    Dual chargers

    I've traveled the entire country with my Model S, and I've used many Tesla Destination chargers. I will estimate that about 70% of Destination chargers are 80À. I've seen a few that were 64A, but the 40A or less were a minority. Many of the hotels with valet parking had only one or two 80A...
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    To 72 A or not to 72 A?

    That's right. Home charging potential for the Model X looks like this: Options: 1. No upgrade & no HPWC = 40A charging (26 mi/hr) 2. Charger upgrade (72A) & no HPWC = 40A charging (26 mi/hr) 3. HPWC purchase, but no charger upgrade = 48A charging (31 mi/hr) 4. Charger upgrade (72A) & HPWC...
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    Charging time at Supercharger in cold weather

    Important Question: Q. Were you the only car using the supercharger? If you are sharing the supercharger with one or more cars, you may get a reduced charging rate. It depends what stall you and others are using.
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    To 72 A or not to 72 A?

    So if I understand this correctly, the Model X comes with a 48A charger (in the car), and the same UMC cable that ships with the Model S. The UMC cable is designed for charging at 40A max. on a 50A circuit. So without purchasing the HPWC, you are limited to AC charging at 40A at home (26...
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    Tesla in the South - In the Snow!

    Very brave to drive the Model S in snowstorms. I'd be more worried about other drivers losing control and plowing into me. Years ago I used to own a 2nd car which was an old, beat up Subaru wagon. It was my "combat" vehicle for the purpose of necessary commutes in bad weather, and for...
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    Poll: Short tall or long low Model 3?

    We already know that the Model 3 will be about 15% to 20% shorter than the Model S. That makes it a mid-sized car. So it's already longer than a Bolt. What we don't know is how tall. Well, it's got to be tall enough to have decent head room in the 2nd row. So I expect it to be a few inches...
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    To 72 A or not to 72 A?

    You'll never regret going with the 72A charger. I lived with 40A charging in my Model S for nearly 3 years before upgrading to the dual chargers (in advance of a long road trip). I used more than a dozen Destination chargers on the road trip (most of them were 80A). I love it. Most of the...
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    Elon: Model 3 production will start at the end of 2017

    The Chevy Volt was released at least a year before the Model S. What happened? Model S sales have far exceeded the Volt at more than twice the price. It makes no difference when the Bolt starts shipping. By then, Tesla will already have more than 100,000 deposits on the Model 3. The Bolt...
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    Is Tesla underestimating Model 3 demand?

    Families spend $1,000 (or more) all the time to purchase airline tickets several months in advance for their trip to Disney, or their holiday trip to visit grandma. I don't see that as a burden for middle class households. However it might be a burden for lower middle class households, but...
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    BMW and Nissan currently building USA 120 50kW DC Fast chargers that work all EV's

    Well, on my recent 7,200 mile roadtrip I visited about 12 different Tesla Destination chargers (none in California). And about 80% of them provided 80A of power. We stayed in two different hotels on the Las Vegas Strip and both of them had 80A HPWCs in their valet lot. That may change in the...
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    BMW and Nissan currently building USA 120 50kW DC Fast chargers that work all EV's

    For anyone with a Model S equipped with dual chargers, or a Model X with the 72A charger, the thousands of Tesla Destination chargers in the US are a huge benefit over what BMW and Nissan have announced. I love this "forgotten network". No lines, no waiting, and free. Many are at hotels, but...
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    Taking advantage of 72 amp Charger

    I used the UMC with my Model S for nearly 3 years on my 14-50 outlet. Charging at 40A continuous was more than adequate 99% of the time. But after the first year, Tesla rolled out the 5.8.4 firmware update which caused my connection to continuously back off and only charge at 30A. For nearly...
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    For Techies: What size server, etc., will TM need to handle Model 3 reservations?

    I don't know about the first day of deposits, but I would imagine that Tesla could take up to 25,000 reservations in the first week. This assumes that the deposit is $1,000 - $1,500 for general production vehicles. Any lower than $1K and you'll get a higher cancellation percentage. I suspect...
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    Is Tesla underestimating Model 3 demand?

    In 2015 Tesla will deliver 50,000 vehicles. If Tesla wants to deliver 500,000 vehicles/year in 2020, they will need 10X the number of service centers and staff to physically deliver that many cars. That's a lot of overhead. What is the likelihood that service centers can grow 10X in 5 years...
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    Is Tesla underestimating Model 3 demand?

    The path to 350,000 Model 3 cars per year by 2020 isn't only a matter of demand and production. The important component that people never talk about is "delivery logistics". The current method of delivering Tesla vehicles is woefully inadequate for delivering 400K - 500K cars to customers per...
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    Bonnie's Xcellent Adventure w/X Sig 2 - Config, Delivery, Roadtrip

    Bonnie, congratulations on your delivery. Happy Holidays.
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    Charging in and around Nokomis

    You mentioned you will be staying "at a park". If you will be camping at an RV Park, there should be 50A outlets there, so you could charge via the UMC and adapter.
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    Charging in and around Nokomis

    Moxie, welcome to Florida. It seems as though thousands of your fellow Canadian citizens beat you down here this year. I've noticed lots of Canadian license plates already this season. If you are staying in Nokomis, I have no doubt you'll make an occasional trip to the new University Town...

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