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  1. ChargeIt!

    2008 (or 9?) Roadster #278

    In the VDS there is an information screen which also lists a VIN and Build Date ... what does it say ?
  2. ChargeIt!

    OVMS AT&T GoPhone SIM card installation guide

    Version is 2.3.2/TR/V2 I use the "?" because version 1.3.1 (30th September 2012) of the Guide I have says so ;-)
  3. ChargeIt!

    OVMS AT&T GoPhone SIM card installation guide

    Thanks, Tom. Well now, that was simply too obvious for me to figure out all by myself :redface: I did that, but still have the "Permission denied" response to "STAT? MYNEWPW" if done from another cell phone. I am working with Mark on this ...
  4. ChargeIt!

    OVMS AT&T GoPhone SIM card installation guide

    So ... <embarrassed> The originally registered phone was lost quite some time ago; the Android app (on a separate tablet) has been used successfully since original setup. I think I remember the correct MYNEWPASSWD, but any query attempt using a new cell phone with (for example) "STAT...
  5. ChargeIt!

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    :-) Sounds good :-) Is the 13A something of a (british/HK) household current limit, or enforced for distinguishing a cooldown cycle (good idea) ? Or some other reason ? If the VDS was limited to 12A, will it still enforce 13A, and will it revert to 12A for manually initiated charging ...
  6. ChargeIt!

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    No ... I think that's the next planned release ... not sure what happened to 2.4, but AFAIK 2.3.2 is latest.
  7. ChargeIt!

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    Ok ... so it appears we are seeing TmaxBrick. The next question revolves around the CoolDown feature for version 2.5.2. What will be the parameter that controls termination of the CoolDown ? Could Tmax represent a value too far out of line with Tave ? Would it be a "waste" to continue...
  8. ChargeIt!

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    "Thank You !" to all OVMS contributors. This App (and the related hardware) is much appreciated. :cool: :smile: Just got everything installed today. However ... I would consider the "Battery Temperature" ("BT") to be the most important parameter for monitoring (JMHO). And -- based on...
  9. ChargeIt!

    BSM Contactor failure - unable to charge...

    "BSM Isolation fault" "ID:283 Data:0x2400000" (not sure how many zeros after the "24") Roadster 1.5. Happened yesterday after doing a wash at self-serve with high-pressure gun. Problem is, however, not that I couldn't charge, but that the car wouldn't start ! I had left it "ON" during the...
  10. ChargeIt!

    Roadster ChargePortRing Colors

    The blinking amber came back last night ! And upon completion the ring is solid green ... again :-) (Haven't charged since around July 3rd until last night.) :confused: but :smile:
  11. ChargeIt!

    1.5 Roadster Tire Thread

    Try reducing the difference of rear versus front psi. In other words, where Tesla recommends 30F/40R reduce that 10psi difference to 7 psi, thus using (for example) 31F/38R. See what happens and report back. HTH. The 2.0+ has a "Tire Learning" mode that does not exist on the 1.5. Also the...
  12. ChargeIt!

    Roadster ChargePortRing Colors

    Yes, the blinking (red) behaves like the normally expected blinking amber.
  13. ChargeIt!

    Roadster ChargePortRing Colors

    The Mystery and Theory Revealed Not on the US 1.5 versions that I have seen. Unsure about US 2.0/2.5 ... someone else should chime in ... *** The Mystery of the Blinking Red *** Ok ! Here goes: I have reports for a 1.5 Roadster (now out-of-warranty) ... As of Saturday evening every...
  14. ChargeIt!

    Roadster ChargePortRing Colors

    STUPENDOUS photographs ! Wow. :love: Had not noticed that before. THANKS ! As to the mystery: I'd like to confirm a couple of things, but will reveal later today :smile:
  15. ChargeIt!

    Roadster ChargePortRing Colors

    EXCELLENT info ! Thank you djp. Question for the Canadian Roadster 2.0: is the blue always blinking, or only in winter ? Reason: I believe it should be solid blue (while handshaking with EVSE; pilot signal, etc), and blue blinking only while battery is being heated prior to the (blinking...
  16. ChargeIt!

    Roadster ChargePortRing Colors

    Thanks, guys. I am not so much worried about "flickering". But yes, those are the colors I am aware of, and the "speed" of "blinking" (not flickering) is controlled by the firmware. Some colors blink, but not all :-) which brings up a (mystery-related) question: which color(s) can blink ...
  17. ChargeIt!

    Roadster ChargePortRing Colors

    I am trying to solve a mystery. I do have a theory, but without revealing it ... let me start by asking as follows: Does anyone know how the different colors are produced in the LED Ring around the Chargeport of the Roadster ? Are there separate LEDs for each color ? ( White, blue...
  18. ChargeIt!

    Sacramento Area/Davis: Chris Howell's "What is J1772 ?"

    Thought I should post for a slightly wider audience, in case you're not directly subscribed to the Local TMC ... and might consider attending a Sacramento or Davis event: Sacramento Area/Davis: Chris Howell's
  19. ChargeIt!

    Tesla Graphical Log Parser

    Is there a feature which allows the creation of a cumulative history file ("CHF") from all of your old individual TAR files ? This feature would allow us to avoid re-loading and re-analyzing the entire set ( several dozen ! ) each time. An additional feature could allow an append of the latest...
  20. ChargeIt!

    List of 70A or 80A publicly accessible charging stations in California

    I know the following reference is to a very old post (almost 2 years), but I believe the info is still useful, if not 100% accurate due to its age (for example: Newport Beach Tesla Store: was probably converted to J plug ?). But the public locations (non-Tesla-store) should still be the same...
  21. ChargeIt!

    Charging options?

    Can you provide a reference to a written policy (to carry along and show the local KOA management in case they are unaware) ?
  22. ChargeIt!

    random chitchat

    Someone help me ... is it male or female ? Hmm. The lid's not down ... so, male ! Right ?
  23. ChargeIt!

    Tesla in Brick. Not Bricked.

    You could charge your Tesla Roadster (or Model S, but not yet announced) at THIS Shell Station.
  24. ChargeIt!

    Charging a Roadster with Varying Terminal Voltage

    Weird ... originally worked for me. Anyway ... look at the Google Map and click on the icon in front of "Florin" (south of Sacramento, on 99, above "Elk Grove"). If you "hover" over that icon it says "Lowe's of Elk Grove: Up". After clicking, comments are on the right.
  25. ChargeIt!

    Can't pull log files

    Other possible causes from what I have heard: a) If the USB stick has a large number of other files in other folders, or deep sub-folders hierarchy, or many files in the root folder ... it may also cause issues. b) I heard one report that a "CHKDSK /F" on the USB stick solved someone's...
  26. ChargeIt!

    Ticketed for parking Roadster in alternative-fuel area

    Stake-out: Go back and hang out for a while ... bring your video camera (and maybe a camera-person to operate it). :wink:
  27. ChargeIt!

    Charging a Roadster with Varying Terminal Voltage

    Read the comments all the way back to April 2009 ... some interesting data there: EVChargerMaps
  28. ChargeIt!

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    WHOA !! Thanks for catching that. YOU ARE RIGHT ... I must have been on some sort of meds ( kidding ... but I don't remember !! :eek: :biggrin: ) So ... let's re-write the whole thing ... Try decreasing the rears by 2 psi, or reducing the differential between rear/front by 2 psi ...
  29. ChargeIt!

    random chitchat

    Bonnie could teach them how to make honey ... works great as a sweetener :cool:
  30. ChargeIt!

    first around the world EV race starts May 2012

    Rafael is charging at Hyatt Lake Tahoe, Incline Village now. Planning on leaving soon for Auburn or Rocklin.
  31. ChargeIt!

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    What are you cold PSI pressures ? Try increasing the rears by 2 psi, or creating an additional 2 psi differential between rear/front ... this will depend on how close your current settings are to recommended pressures. HTH. EDIT: I corrected this post below ... try the opposite (thanks, hcsharp!)
  32. ChargeIt!

    Shade Mesh Screen Top

    How much is a replacement soft-top ?
  33. ChargeIt!

    53kwh consumed in one charge

    I can confirm that some "bugs" related to CSH (Charge Session History) are still not fixed (in the 1.5 Roadster). And probably won't be ... Remember THIS ? And here's an additional photo from January 2010 ... notice the MANY things wrong with it back then. (The "Available Current" column...
  34. ChargeIt!

    Roadster Owner Based Study of Battery Pack Capacity Over Time

    Of course, he means HOURS. But yes, that would be a nice "reminder" feature. As an immediate alternative the Trip Meter (which also logs hours) could be used -- if you don't mind resetting (and checking) it regularly.
  35. ChargeIt!

    Roadster Owner Based Study of Battery Pack Capacity Over Time

    What's interesting here is (assuming you did not charge after taking it out of "Storage Mode") that the car, even if it was fully charged at the start of StorageMode, still had 142+ (+30? depending on how you drove) Ideal Miles left after "the last few months" sitting in StorageMode. So ... do...
  36. ChargeIt!

    A story about driving a Roadster

    Form 1040, Schedule A, line 1 :biggrin: ( Disclaimer: I can not provide tax advice; check with a tax professional. )
  37. ChargeIt!

    Salvage #807

    What is a "tank-wagon" ? What was the model that was rear-ended and did it have dynamic seats ? And what is the replacement ? -- same model ?
  38. ChargeIt!

    Do you know that you must keep your battery charged?

    AFAIK v1.x Roadsters don't. Probably started after VIN 500. Anyone can confirm ?
  39. ChargeIt!

    Cold weather tips

    The car will start heating the battery pack automatically at much higher temps than -40 ( C or F ;-) ). I have a report from an owner ... with the car cold-soaked outside from 5pm to 8am and temps dropping from mid 30's to high teens (degrees F) as an overnight low .. and by 8am still low 20's...
  40. ChargeIt!

    TEG 10k

    Has the term "vacation" or "time off" any meaning in your vocabulary :biggrin:
  41. ChargeIt!

    Elon Musk: No Leasing program from Tesla in the first 12 Months (Q3 Financial Call)

    That "Dutch bank" you mention ... is ... <drum-roll> ... Rabobank !!! (To those in the know ... that's where many of the 101 corridor from NorCal to SoCal Tesla HPC 1.0s were initially installed.) From your link:
  42. ChargeIt!

    Traction control with new tires

    Try adjusting the tire pressures, keeping the fronts near recommended, but lowering the rears a little. The T/C on acceleration probably will be impossible to fix until the tires are worn-in a little, but the pressure adjustment should take care of the T/C during regen problem.
  43. ChargeIt!

    Post readout jumbles

    Oops ... you're right ... should have added that I was using IE9.
  44. ChargeIt!

    Walgreens planning to offer EV charging nationwide

    The two locations I visited in Elk Grove, CA have the stations installed at the REAR of the building, one corner to the "right" (if you exit the store) -- if that makes sense. (The entrance is at a corner location.) So, actually, they did it "RIGHT" ;-) ... being a less congested location :-)
  45. ChargeIt!

    Post readout jumbles

    Yeah. And the cursor goes "invisible" so you can't tell exactly where you are typing, which is a PITA when you are trying to edit. And looks like the text is Right-Justified, but then JUMPS after it fills most of the edit box. (This reply was written using "QuickReply" and exhibited the...
  46. ChargeIt!

    Umc 2.0

    Hmmm. True. Of course I don't expect a Model S owner to steal. But ... you make a good point, so ... to be on the safe side, the car should tell the difference between a UMC and an EVSE being plugged in and only release the UMC if it's the owner's fob. :smile:
  47. ChargeIt!

    Umc 2.0

    If TM is going to put proprietary infrastructure in place it actually makes sense that ANY fob can unlock the cable on ANY Model S. That would make sharing the EVSE much easier. It does not unlock the car, obviously, just the charge port/cable. So ... if I am done charging, I can plug in the...
  48. ChargeIt!

    Charging at Campgrounds and RV Parks

    Oops ... sorry Sam. Might be worth it to update the listing to avoid others' future confusion ... :redface:
  49. ChargeIt!

    Rescue Sheet for Tesla

    For a 1.5 Roadster the location is on the rear right of the car, along the right edge of the PEM. But I am not sure it also disables the ESS. On the 1.5 it appears to only disable the SRS, but the fact that is located along the PEM where the main HV cables attach ... hmmm ... does anyone know...
  50. ChargeIt!

    NEMA 14-50 - Sometimes 120 V

    Because of your second "quirky" experience ... where the UMC worked ... I'd have to ask whether your DVM was set to the correct settings (it's happened to me a few times, especially when tired). Certainly campsite mis-wiring could have been the cause, but less likely at two places. Single...

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