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  1. Videofrank

    Should I sell my Model S for a used Model X?

    So I currently own a 2015 P85D with about 49K miles. My vehicle warranty expires in November and the battery and drive unit warranty expires September 2023. I'm torn whether to buy an extended warranty and keep it or sell it for a 2019 or 2020 Model X Long Range Plus. I started looking at the...
  2. Videofrank

    Possibly in the market for used Model X, need help please!

    So I currently own a 2015 P85D with about 49K miles. My vehicle warranty expires in November and the battery and drive unit warranty expires September 2023. I'm torn whether to buy an extended warranty and keep it or sell it for a 2019 or 2020 Model X Long Range Plus. I started looking at the...
  3. Videofrank

    2015 Model S shutdown again!

    I was running some errands in town when at a light the car would not move. The gear selections all turned red and wouldn't go into gear. This had happened back in April of this year. I had to get it towed to the service center and a couple days later the rear drive unit was replaced. So I kept...
  4. Videofrank

    Grinding sound and vibration from front wheel area.

    I have a 2015 P85D with stock 19 inch wheels and front brakes are good. But I'm getting a low grinding/rubbing sound and a small vibration in the steering wheel that feels like it's coming from the front driver's side wheel area. It doesn't happen all the time but always at low speed I've been...
  5. Videofrank

    Issue with how to control climate in the Tesla app

    I noticed that after the last android (and maybe iphone) app update the climate section has changed. I noticed that I can no longer control the blower lever on the app. I can control the on/off, the temperature, the heated seats and steering wheel even the defrost but not the blower intensity...
  6. Videofrank

    Door panel insert replacement

    The grey driver side door panel insert that matches the grey interior on my 2015 MS is scuffed up and showing it's age. Can someone help provide a part number and instruction video on how to do it? I'm sure someone here has done this already. Thanks
  7. Videofrank

    What do these prompts mean?

    Today I got in my car and drove to two different locations. Each time I went to get back in the car I received three sound "prompts" from the car. Not the sound that happens when the car is telling you that one of the doors are open when you're in drive. Those are usually three fast sound...
  8. Videofrank

    My MS can read out my emails now?

    So I got in the car this morning and my personal phone connected to the car like it always does. All of a sudden I get a prompt from the car that I received a text message, no big deal except it wasn't a text. It was an incoming email from one of my email addresses! The prompt was from an email...
  9. Videofrank

    For Sale: Model S/X Wireless Phone Charger

    Model S/X Wireless Phone Charger I bought this wireless charger a couple of months ago to install in my MS. Unfortunately when I went out to install it today, I realized I have an OEM drop in center console and it doesn't work with it. My loss is your gain. I bought it for $125 on the Tesla...
  10. Videofrank

    Nosecone frunk pieces and face-lift frunk pieces the same?

    I recently upgraded to the face-lift bumper on my 2015 P85D. I didn't change the frunk tub or the underhood trim. I reused the ones that came with the car except for the part that goes over the v bar assembly. That part won't fit right so that one I changed from the face-lift version. The...
  11. Videofrank

    Least expensive way to ship wheels?

    I'm interested in buying wheels but trying to find the least expensive way to get them shipped to the east coast from Texas. Any ideas?
  12. Videofrank

    Face-lift under hood trim fit prefacelift?

    I have a P85D and swapped my nosecone for a face-lift bumper a couple months ago. I also swapped out the under hood trim above the vbar assembly just above the latch. I didn't swap out the two side pieces of under hood trim so I had to cut them to fit with the trim above the vbar. Does anyone...
  13. Videofrank

    Is is possible to delete stations other than radio favorites?

    I'm trying to delete recent podcasts or streaming stations from the MCU screen from someone who borrowed my car. Is this possible? When I touch and hold a them, only the radio stations have an X on the top right to delete them. Thanks
  14. Videofrank

    MCU DEAD? Keeps restarting then goes black.

    My 2015 P85D is acting very strange. All of a sudden after driving it half they day, I got in the car and the touchscreen is black. The seat memory doesn't work, radio is off but the car drives and turn signals work. The screen keeps restarting itself, I see the Tesla logo then just goes black...
  15. Videofrank

    FOR SALE: Full Tesla Model S Pre-refresh front bumper

    I am selling the full front bumper with nosecone and under tray from my 2015 Model S in midnight silver metallic. It is in great condition. Selling because I upgraded to the refreshed bumper recently. This is a massive bumper so local pickup only. I would be willing to meet halfway somewhere...
  16. Videofrank

    Paramus dealer and service is great.

    I'll start by saying I am not an employee of Tesla. I am a customer that lives near this dealer and have had several interactions with employees at this dealership. I just want to give everyone a heads up about a place that goes above and beyond. I have had nothing but great experiences here...
  17. Videofrank

    Does anyone have the Model S parts catalog in pdf form?

    Need it for the 2016 and up models Thanks
  18. Videofrank

    Federal safety officials probe alleged Tesla battery defects

    From NY times article. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has started to look into possible battery defects in Tesla sedans and SUVs after some cars spontaneously burst into flames. The development raises yet more safety concerns for the high-profile electric vehicle...
  19. Videofrank

    Gen 2 UMC stopped working.

    A couple of nights ago I was charging my MS with a Gen 2 UMC, I bought from a forum member almost a year ago. About an hour or two into the charge, I received an alert that the charge was interrupted. When I go outside to check I notice the lights on the UMC are all dark. I unplugged from car...
  20. Videofrank

    Good service experience in Paramus, NJ

    It's easy to find posts about horrible service experiences. As much as I think they're important in order to help inform others on the board and help service centers change, I also think it's important to post about good experiences. Here is my experience with my local service center in Paramus...
  21. Videofrank

    Screen with speedometer not showing other cars.

    Not sure when this happened but I noticed a couple days ago that the front display that shows the speedometer (not sure what it's called) doesn't show cars around me anymore. It used to show other cars on the sides and front, even trucks. Now it just shows white or yellow accents where cars or...
  22. Videofrank

    My armrest pads won't stay in place.

    I took off my armrest pads a couple weeks ago to wrap the area below them in carbon fiber. After putting them back on, one of them keeps sliding and won't snap in place when it is slid fully forward. How do I get it to stay in place without sliding under my arm when driving?
  23. Videofrank

    Heat not cranking to 11 via app

    So how come when I try and pre-heat the car via the app, I set it to "HI", it doesn't crank up the vents to level 11? It doesn't matter that the last time I was in the car, I had it at that level. It always goes to like level 4 or something. The last couple days have been really cold and no...
  24. Videofrank

    Headlights and screen don't turn off

    Sometimes when I park the car and leave it, the headlights and screen stay on, and the mirrors don't retract when I activate the alarm. I have to open the door and close it again for it to turn everything off. Am I doing something wrong?
  25. Videofrank

    Software Update 2018.50.x

    Moderator note: This post was the beginning of a thread regarding software update 2018.50.6. Does anyone know what this update has?
  26. Videofrank

    Charge stops at 89% instead of 90% and 99% instead of 100% Problem?

    I have a 2015 P85D that I picked up as a CPO about 3 months ago. I have consistently tried to keep the car charged between 20%-90%. When I first got the car it would charge to 90% no problem and send me a notification on my phone when done. Recently it stops at 89% and says "Charging Completed"...
  27. Videofrank

    Kia recalls 200,000 cars for fire risk. Who would have thought?

  28. Videofrank

    Carbon fiber wrap dashboard

    So I'm off until the new year and was really board today. Decided to take apart the dash to wrap the piano black parts in a 3M gray carbon fiber wrap. It was way easier than I thought. Taking the pieces out took about 30 minutes. Wrapping took about another hour. Would have taken less but messed...
  29. Videofrank

    Car has been on for 4 hours notification?

    I woke up this morning and got that notification from the car. "Maximus has turned off because it has been on for more than 4 hours". What does that mean? I didn't drive that car all day yesterday and when I got home the night before the car was off. I have noticed that since the last update...
  30. Videofrank

    How do I contact Tesla?

    I've tried through my Tesla account sending a message "for executive review" and haven't received a response in over a week. Is there a number I can call?
  31. Videofrank

    WTB Center Console Sliding Lid

    I will take any style available. The Tesla part number is 1058088. PM me please.
  32. Videofrank

    Need help ordering a part. How do I do it?

    i need to order the sliding door for the center console. It's labeled as "SLIDING LID, MAMMOTH 1058088-06-A" How do I order it? Does Tesla have a website to order parts?
  33. Videofrank

    Finally a center console!!!!

    I purchased my 2015 P85D about a month ago and I love it! So far, best car I have ever owned. I have been doing all sorts of little mods here and there. As we speak the car is in the shop getting all the wheels, including the spare, power coated gray. I pick it up Saturday, will post pics when I...
  34. Videofrank

    Do these TPMS sensors fit my car?

    I have a 2015 P85D that I bought a spare tire for off ebay, that didn't come with a TPMS sensor. I didn't realize that they changed the sensor over the years. I bought a used TPMS set off ebay and I was hoping to use one for the spare and keep the others just in case. The part number on them...
  35. Videofrank

    Do Model 3 wheel caps fit Model S?

    Does this set fit Model S wheels? Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit
  36. Videofrank

    The heat is coming!

  37. Videofrank

    Tesla asking for help with used car sales

    Good article. Tesla partnering with Manheim, Adesa to manage used cars
  38. Videofrank

    Should I update my software? And another thing...

    I recently picked up a 2015 P85D with 23,400 miles. Love this thing. I have a couple questions about the software. I have been reading on the board about everyone's disdain for the recent software update. Especially about the fact that you can't easily have certain things up on the screen where...
  39. Videofrank

    My experience, so far, purchasing a CPO P85D

    I pulled the trigger last night and put a deposit down on a 2015 P85D with 23K miles. The car is located in Atlanta and I'm in New Jersey, so we'll see how the delivery will happen. I have another post talking about that and will update that situation there. I just wanted to give people some...
  40. Videofrank

    CPO purchased finally! P85D with low miles

    After months of searching, and searching and lurking around here, I finally bought my first Tesla. Its a 2015 P85D. I am extremely excited but a little worried as well. I have never even driven a Tesla before. I'm coming from a BMW 650i convertible. Can't wait to get it. A couple questions. I...

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