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  1. olanmills

    Who here is going to lose 3G Connectivity - Feb 2022 when it sunsets?

    I have a 2012 Model S, and the 3G connection is still working. I have an appointment for an upgrade next week, but I'm wondering how long the 3G would last if I just left it alone...
  2. olanmills

    Software Version 9/10 for Non-AP/Classic Cars

    There's already been a lot said on this site and tesla.com, so I won't rehash, other than to register my opinion that I absolutely hate the new update. The UX is horrible.
  3. olanmills

    Software Update 2018.39.5 a1c2332 (first 9.0 release)

    Apparently my message isn't valid without this text. :mad: And they automatically removed the dozens of thumbs down emojis, or this forum doesn't support unicode. Either way, it's lame
  4. olanmills

    Any benefit to "clear" tint on windshield?

    Thanks. I actually had 3M Crystaline 90 installed on my old windshield, but I just had it installed without doing any research. I had no idea if it made any difference.
  5. olanmills

    Any benefit to "clear" tint on windshield?

    I just got a new OEM (from Tesla) windshield replacement on my 2012 Model S. I am wondering if there is any practical benefit to having having tinting applied to the windshield, or if the windshield is already coated well enough that it blocks nearly all UV and if adding the tint is pointless...
  6. olanmills

    1:18 Scale Diecast P85 Model S painting/modding

    So I just received both the red and grey models from the Tesla store. I've only examined them for a few minutes so far. The front and back 'T', 'Model S', and 'P 85' badges are all small decals, but I don't know if it would be easy to get them off in a way that you could preserve them for reuse...
  7. olanmills

    Professional lighted emblem installation

    Nope, I haven't done it yet
  8. olanmills

    Professional lighted emblem installation

    That's not actually the same thing. Check the link I posted.
  9. olanmills

    Professional lighted emblem installation

    To clarify, Evannex calls it the Lighted Emblem, but on the forums, the inventor calls it the lighted rear applique.
  10. olanmills

    Professional lighted emblem installation

    Has anyone had a shop install the rear lighted emblem around the Puget Sound area? How much did it cost? Lighted Emblem for Tesla Model S I've had it sitting around for a few weeks now, I'm not sure when I'm going to be able to do it, so I figure I should find out what options are there for...
  11. olanmills

    90D features

    So my Dad finally got his 90D (non-performance) yesterday, and I was disappointed to see that it has a spoiler, as I don't like the look of it, and now I notice that there's inconsistent pictures in the configurator, but I was under the impression that it would have no spoiler. Is there an easy...
  12. olanmills

    Is this the trunk release?

    So my dad finally got his 90D X yesterday, and I was looking it over. I found this hole on the underside of this surface on the left side of the trunk, in the same spot where the LED light is on the right side. If I reach inside the hole, it feels like there's a little rubber tab thingy, and it...
  13. olanmills

    1:18 Scale Diecast P85 Model S painting/modding

    What do you mean by "FWD"? Normally, I'd think "front wheel drive", but in the context of toy models, I'm not sure if that's what you're talking about. ...oh, maybe "fully working doors"?
  14. olanmills

    1:18 Scale Diecast P85 Model S painting/modding

    lol, it almost looks real
  15. olanmills

    NEMA 14-50 Permanent Extension

    Thanks for the helpful advice. Yeah, I should take some measurements, but my guess is that a straight line distance across the floor from the outlet (which is on the far right side of the garage, at the third card spot, where the X will not easily fit) to the charging port to a car parked in the...
  16. olanmills

    NEMA 14-50 Permanent Extension

    I might not have been clear, but the existing NEMA 14-50 outlet is next to the panel, and this is not near the location where we would like to park the Model X. Maybe we could have a surface conduit go all the way to the other side of garage and put an outlet on the opposite wall, but...
  17. olanmills

    NEMA 14-50 Permanent Extension

    I am trying to figure out what options there for permanently extending a NEMA 14-50 outlet. I found this (Heavy-duty NEMA 14-50 extension cord for Tesla, 20 ft.) on the forums, but I don't think that's going to be long enough. Back in 2012, I had a NEMA 14-50 installed in my parent's third car...
  18. olanmills

    1:18 Scale Diecast P85 Model S painting/modding

    The official Tesla shop has a 1:18 scale Model S (Tesla — 1:18 Scale Diecast P85 Model S). I am considering buying one and having someone that paints tabletop gaming miniatures to paint it so that it looks like my car. I would get the Signature Red color because its interior is the same as my...
  19. olanmills

    Caliper and rotor hat painting

    It didn't take long for the brake calipers on my 2012 Model S to look faded and the non-braking part of the rotors to look rusty. ForMyTesla.com has a kit for painting these (Caliper Paint Kit – For My Tesla), but I don't want to do it myself. Any recommendations in the Puget Sound area?
  20. olanmills

    19" vs 20" pics?

    So T Sportline is coming out with some 20" wheels soon. Given that there are actually some non-performance tires available for this size (http://www.tirerack.com/tires/TireSearchResults.jsp?width=245%2F&ratio=40&diameter=20&rearWidth=255%2F&rearRatio=40&rearDiameter=17&zip-code=), I'm mildly...
  21. olanmills

    Tesla model s gen ii lighted rear appliqu㉠with special effects, bluetooth smart phone controller,

    I've been eyeing this thing since it was little more than a discussion on TMC, but now I think I'm really itching to get this thing. I have a 2012 Model S. Will this "Gen II" applique fit on my car? My car's green, but I'm going to go with the chrome one. Also is there any difference between...
  22. olanmills

    Experience with Ultra High Fidelity Sound

    The premium sound upgrade is the one option that my dad didn't order on his X that I wish he would have, but I can't really make that strong of an argument for it. I have it on my Model S (2012), but I don't think it's all that great. The question is, how big is the difference. $2500 would be a...
  23. olanmills

    Current line conditions Bellevue vs Seattle?

    I made my reservation at about 2:30. So it took a little over two hours, but I also noticed that the line didn't grow that fast behind me, so it' s probably a lot shorter now.
  24. olanmills

    Current line conditions Bellevue vs Seattle?

    I think I overestimated by quite a bit. A Tesla employee estimated the line at about 100 people now. If that estimate is accurate, based on how far I've moved, there were probably less than 150 people when I first got here.
  25. olanmills

    Current line conditions Bellevue vs Seattle?

    Yeah, I just got to the Westlake location. I was surprised to get a parking spot in the Tesla lot, but the line wraps around the block. I'd guess there's at least 200 people
  26. olanmills

    Current line conditions Bellevue vs Seattle?

    Does anyone know what the current line conditions are like at either the Bellevue or Seattle location?
  27. olanmills

    Base price

    So at least then it will still be far under $130k, right?
  28. olanmills

    Base price

    After the Live reveal/delivery event started, multiple sites posted Model X articles that contain many of the same details revealed during the event, which must have been under embargo until tonight's event. Multiple articles have been stating the base price as being $130k with no other...
  29. olanmills

    Live stream of event?

    Is that no-mouth design production? It's kind of weird.
  30. olanmills

    Live stream of event?

    It started
  31. olanmills

    Live stream of event?

    Man, this happens every time. I'm sitting here in my office doing nothing because I'm worried that I'll miss it if I start driving home, but now it's going to be an hour late. I could have been at home playing games or doing chores at least, waiting for this to start.
  32. olanmills

    Relocating to Seattle - Charging options?

    A lot of parking garages in the area have at least a couple chargers now, and sometimes, they're even free. In the Puget Sound area, we generally have Blink or Chargepoint chargers, so you might want to register for those so that you can have their NFC cards to use. You might also want to check...
  33. olanmills

    Seattle SC

    I think Southcenter makes the most sense too. The area right around the Seattle service center would be confusing for out-of-towners I think, and can sometimes suck with traffic, especially with game days which throw road closures and massive amounts of pedestrians into the mix. Not to mention...
  34. olanmills

    Work on lighting lift gate appliqué begins

    So will it be chrome plated?
  35. olanmills

    Does the Model S handle the Seattle rain well?

    Really, though, it doesn't usually rain that much all at once, so the roads aren't really like running with water. But anyway, it doesn't really seem to be any different than any other car with similar tires.
  36. olanmills

    PSE Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate

    So it seems like the 240v outlet I had installed last year doesn't qualify?
  37. olanmills

    Missing/stolen T Sportline wheel in Puget Sound area

    Yeah, I've been checking on Craigslist and eBay, but I haven't seen anything so far. Craigslist shows a bunch of irrelevant results when you search for Tesla (it shows seemingly every auto listing), so it's kind of hard to search through. I'm also going to ask my neighbors this weekend. I just...
  38. olanmills

    Missing/stolen T Sportline wheel in Puget Sound area

    I ordered these 19" metallic gray wheels from T Sportline: TST Tesla Aftermarket Wheel 19x8.5. Last Thursday (7/24), FedEx supposedly delivered all four wheels (each had a separate tracking number showing driver-confirmed delivery). When I got home, I only found three of the four wheels on my...
  39. olanmills

    Charging/Parking in downtown Seattle (near the Washington State Convention Center)

    There is no Seattle Super Charger. You're probably thinking of the service center, which isn't generally available for random customer charging, though you could ask I guess. I've never really had to charge right near the convention center, so I don't know what is necessarily the best place. I...
  40. olanmills

    My new baby!

    Awesome! Is there any difference in hand control operation compared to other cars due to the regenerative brakes?
  41. olanmills

    Shrill sound at low speeds

    I am now also noticing a faint noise at low power when my windows are open and there is something to reflect the sound as I drive by like a wall or building.
  42. olanmills

    Seattle dashcam installer recommendations

    Yes, thanks. I actually sent them that post weeks ago, and the sales guy had already discussed it with their techs a while ago. The job looks like it came out pretty good. From the driver's position, the front camera is not visible, except for a wire going up to the headliner, and the rear...
  43. olanmills

    Seattle dashcam installer recommendations

    I'm getting the BlackVue front and rear cameras installed by Benchmark Motoring tomorrow. I'll let you know what I think. The sales person indicated that they hadn't done a wired rear camera in a Model S yet, so I'm hoping it goes okay...
  44. olanmills

    Is the P85 too fast/powerful?

    I don't think so. I have an S85, but I now wish I had gotten a P85. A few times I have had a P85 as a service loaner. It's faster, but really, that's about it. Under normal speeds, I don't think it handles that differently from an S85 (though I'm no expert, so maybe I didn't really notice). I...
  45. olanmills

    OT: Was there a car event in Kent on 6/18?

    This is off-topic, but I don't really know of a better place to ask this. Last night, maybe a little before 9 pm, I saw an Audi R8 (brand new with temp tags) and a Lamborghini (driving in the opposite direction, I didn't really get a good look at, but it could've been a Huracan, and was...
  46. olanmills

    Shrill sound at low speeds

    I also had it. Like David, they replaced my drive unit to fix the issue. The "high-pitched whine during acceleration" is a separate issue, and I also have that. I've been told that it's normal, so I'm not concerned about it. Apparently some electrical contacts somewhere can vibrate under high...
  47. olanmills

    My new baby!

    Have hand controls been done before on the Model S? How do they work, especially with the regen?
  48. olanmills

    Tesla vs BMW i3 test drove both back to back.

    I actually wish the Model S had an even stronger regen brake. You can always control the exact amount of regen from none to maximum by modulating the pedal correctly.
  49. olanmills

    My First Dent and Two Surprising Estimates

    The following info is based on my experience with insurance in Washington state. Things maybe different elsewhere, but I think this is pretty standard in general. It is not "special" insurance. You could get it for any car. This type of coverage is called comprehensive and collision insurance...

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