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    FWD sensor thinks there is an obstacle (when parked I the sun)

    Hi, So I have a 2017 model X. And whenever the passage sur side FWD is hot (usually parked in the sun), the sensor shows that there is a obstacle that prevents the door from opening (I can see the red bar on the mcu screen) and, well doesn’t open fully ( as it should if there was an obstacle)...
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    Non-staggered for Model X

    I am new to this, but also shocked by the uneven wear. If I want to rotate my tires, I need to buy 2 front (9.0) wheels, then install 265/45r20s on all 4. right ?
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    UMC Gen1 40A with 15-40

    Mobile Connector Cable (20 feet) 1x Adapter NEMA 14-50 for higher power 240 volt outlet. That's it. Used, works fine. $210 shipped.
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    New to TMC, Took delivery of my MX 100D Friday

    I think I got all of these issues too :0 1 year ownership
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    $2000 FSD Poll

    Well this is the point of buying it at a "discount" price. FSD is a $5000 option. If you get it at $2000, then maybe it is worth it at resale time.
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    $2000 FSD Poll

    i asked the SC tot ake care of it. I actually never saw the credit on my account
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    $2000 FSD Poll

    I am getting it, but strangely I have absolutely no faith that they will deliver FSD in the ownership time of my car. I am actually very convinced of the opposite. 3+ years of using AP everyday and seeing the progress made my mind :) it can't even park in my garage on first try 75% of the time...
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    Anyone buy a new inventory MX?

    I bought 2 inventories. Great cars each time. I prioritized price, so I have to make concession on the color each time, so if you get exactly what you want, even better.
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    Car in service mode. What can I do ?

    I don’t think you understood me :) The pin is entered, I don’t want to remove the service mode, I want to use it.
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    Car in service mode. What can I do ?

    there is a 4 digit pin to start the wing flapping mode, can't fly at this point :)
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    Car in service mode. What can I do ?

    Mmm no, I know how to get out of this mode (I think restart will do this). I would like to see what are the hidden screens, and how to access them.
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    Car in service mode. What can I do ?

    Service left my car in Service Mode. What can I do with this, and how ? thanks !
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    Reading Speed signs...is is till due in AP/EAP?FSD?

    Agreed that it looks stupid that it does not do this, but I find the GPS based speed limits good enough. Not as good, but good enough
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    So what exactly do you get when you buy the FSD upgrade? (for AP2.0, EAP owners)

    Well, princess, it may not happen :)
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    Price and Model changes

    IMHO they will only copy Tesla as long as Tesla is a threat. Then if they put them out of business somehow, they will go back to charging 500 for map updates or any new feature. Decades of screwing people, not even able to see that electric was a great option by themselves (or worse, purposely...
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    Sun visor rattle?

    New part was not better for me. I am thinking of taping the end of the visor with black masking tape, it should look fine and I hope it will fix it. Does this qualify foe lemon law ? They tried to fix mine xx times
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    Price and Model changes

    ‘They understand about protecting their existing customer base.” When I bought my first S autopilot was not available. Months later, they released a software update and suddenly my car had autopilot. My car was at feature parity with new cars. If I had bought a Porsche, they would have...
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    Lost heating after SW update

    This happened to me too 2 weeks ago. I drove to the SC right away and left with a loaner. Since then I came back because my driver door would not open now I have a lose screw in the door that is moving with my car....... I asked for a mobile tech. I wish they would give me a Roadster loaner...
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    Acceleration Shudder

    I had the same issues (stuttering), and similar "its normal" answer. Since I now started hearing clomps on acceleration, I asked them to look at these, they changed rigth and left axles. Stuttering is now gone. Still a light stomp noise when I have too much spirit while driving.
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    Used Tow Package?

    Yes, they comped it. I have a bike rack.
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    Used Tow Package?

    FWIW, I needed one badly, so I email tesla and escalated to management via their website. They replied, I sent them a photo of my kids crying for not being able to go on bike trips. Got a hitch in 2 weeks at my service center waiting for me. comped on top of that :)
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    DR650S-2CH BlackVue camera

    'right" harness and SD card. Stupid phone :)
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    DR650S-2CH BlackVue camera

    Works great. Taken out of my S so coming with the rires harness already done to connect to the power in the microphone area. Complete with as card. No power lighter power plug anymore as you don’t need it in a S and the wire is not setup to get power from the microphone area. $150 shipped.
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    Supercharger - Issaquah, WA (LIVE 10/8/2018)

    I never see that parking lot full. I see the spot close to HD, FM entrances full, but this is further away. I am not worried about iceing. Hoarders shopping at fred meyer, yes. Sign me up :)
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    Personalized Plate in WA - SILENCE

    I have SILENT. ;)
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    Supercharger - Issaquah, WA (LIVE 10/8/2018)

    I never saw that parking lot full. There are a lot of stores, but besides the spots near the entrances, it is never "full".
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    Wanted: OEM hitch adapter/receiver

    HI. I have a brand new completre set. wi;ll sell for 400 + shipping. I am in Seattle, not this could be costly.
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    Tesla Model S PArcel Shelf $100 + shipping

    I am in Seattle area. Very little used as I had the third row and a bunch of kids all the time :)
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    University Village Destination chargers

    With the store in the same building, I don't think so. 1- The store will call whoever to get ice vehicule removed right away 2- There will be Teslas parked in these spots all the time, so, very unlikely to not understand what this is, or to pretend to not know.
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    Tow package psych

    I couldn't get one from the SC or from the shop, so I used the escalate email feature, 1 week later, I have one. All good
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    New 100D MX owner of 2 weeks. 3 Service center visits already?

    The issues mentioned everywhere have nothing to do with being electric. Other manufacturers are slow at adopting electric because they sit on a pile of money doing very little to the consumer to improve the driving experience (not even talking about green energie). There is abolutely no reason...
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    Where are all the inventory Model X's?

    Actually isn't this going against what the general idea is ? I tought everybody agreed that tesla was making discounts available at the end of a quarter to increase sales before quarter results. Also these inventory car have little discount if any.
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    Just bought an X. My first Tesla. It'll be the family beater and we'll ignore it. Suggestions?

    We have a Model X, 4 kids 14 to 5. Ultra White interior since Elon said it is the easiest one to maintain. If this turns out to be not true, I'll ping him for a detailing :) We have 2 cars, so this is an every day car, every activity car for us. We are paying attention to it, but we are not...
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    Model X - Where can I get an aftermarket accessory hitch installed ?

    I was chatting with Tork Lift. they don't have one for the X yet. Mann's Hitch & Truck wants $600 for pieces + install. That makes install at $400+, whihc I feel is still high
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    Model X - Where can I get an aftermarket accessory hitch installed ?

    2017 Tesla Model X Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III - 2" is the one I see people talk about
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    Model X - Where can I get an aftermarket accessory hitch installed ?

    Since tesla is incapable of having this in stock, I decided to go after market, which will also probably save me a lot. I don't need to tow, just carry bikes or skis, so I don't care about the Tow mode. 1- Where can I got to get an accessory hitch installed ? 2- Any particular hitch you guys...
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    Does anybody regret buying Model X for your main car?

    It does - It does take into account elevation. Try it yourself, enter a destination, that includes up or down hills, then look at the return usage. Both trips have a different expected comsuption. - It takes into acocunt weather, somehow: - It does not look at the weather and adjusts...
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    Model S Frunk Net fs

    same as this one http://blobs.autobahnparts.com/media/Default/_Profiles/91318dec/5f36ce5/03-431.jpg?v=636571019470000000
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    Tesla Signature Black Wall Connector

    Got it via referral. $500 and I put your name on the delivery address. Delivery in April.
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    Selling 2017 Model X 75D AP 2.0

    So range anxiety is costing you $20k ? Or do you also need to switch seats config ?
  41. M

    Model S Frunk Net fs

    $20 shipped. Like new
  42. M

    Model S rear parcel shelf...

    I have one for sale as well. Also $120 plus shipping
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    rattle in sun visors

    thanks guys. I'll bug them also :)
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    rattle in sun visors

    Hi, I have some rattle in the sun visor when theyr are in off position (by the side on the car). Anyone was able to resolve this ? I was thinking of adding padding either on the visor (magnet), or the pillar where is snaps to. thanks for your help
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    Picking up MX next week. Pay for FSD now or wait?

    wait. chances of seeing FSD on your MS are very very slim. There was litterally no progress in 2 years, so FSD is a far cry
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    (Preemptive) WTB: Signature Black Wall Connector

    I have one also. $550, and I put your name on the reciepient list. Marc
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    Gen 1 UMC New in bag

    Got it with my new car.
  48. M

    Gen 1 UMC New in bag

    Nah. But I am not far. Come visit Seattle. We have no Supercharger, but we have salmon

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