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  1. robquast

    Connecticut (Mt. Kisco) AWD delivery

    Thanks! I actually refreshed my page on Saturday morning and they had give me a Sunday pickup slot, so got it early. No issues worth raising hell about. A couple dust spots but really would never have cared if there wasn’t as much scrutiny on it. Charge port door isnt perfectly flush but all the...
  2. robquast

    Connecticut (Mt. Kisco) AWD delivery

    2pm on Tuesday so probably (well at least hopefully :)) won’t still be there at 7pm. Good luck with your pickup
  3. robquast

    Connecticut (Mt. Kisco) AWD delivery

    Well that makes me feel a little better, thanks, the front page being real-time but the statistics page is 2 months behind, so we should have at least 2 months more unless we really blow it out of the water with 3 deliveries for end of quarter. Based on past 2 months of available data, I was...
  4. robquast

    Connecticut (Mt. Kisco) AWD delivery

    Really good to hear positive experiences, thanks. Picking up on the 25th at Mt Kisco. I really don’t see CHEAPR lasting past Oct. July had a huge spike in 3 deliveries and Aug numbers aren't even posted yet. I’m actually a little concerned I won’t get it in time.
  5. robquast

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    Was scheduled for 9/19 pickup with car arriving 9/18, now car arriving 9/22 picking up 9/25, Mt kisco. So close yet so far away. Mvpa, trade in, loan all set, knock on wood.
  6. robquast

    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    I’ll miss the cool color but honestly just want to know if anyone tested it yet. Simple question, heat and UV blocking, still good? This thread was around 14 pages over the weekend and someone said they would test. I gather that hasn’t happened yet? Started skimming but honestly can’t be...
  7. robquast

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    Not I yet :) hopefully in a few more weeks. I did see that the cheapr site lists Glastonbury as having two 3’s already. I’m waiting for Elon to implement a headlight wink function to say hi to fellow Tesla’s. Undoubtedly will see you around town /wave
  8. robquast

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    noooo, I was going to be the only red 3 in Hartford area :)
  9. robquast

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    "A delivery experience specialist is reviewing your changes and will contact you prior to delivery" my new F5 greeting. IDA reached out to me this week, DA is assigned, but hasn't contacted yet. Waiting on final paperwork, still don't have trade in estimate, told late Sept for delivery, but...
  10. robquast

    AWD delivery thread

    Changed to white interior last Friday and config locked that night and asked for trade in info. Called support multiple times and DA says he will email but still hasn’t. They did say my car has a vin tho and is in transit so super siked! In CT Red, white interior, Aeros, aep Absion - I didn’t...
  11. robquast

    4/18 Invites

    Changed to white interior last Friday and config locked that night and asked for trade in info. Called support multiple times and DA says he will email but still hasn’t. They did say my car has a vin tho and is in transit so super siked!
  12. robquast

    ProClip Device Mounts for the Tesla 3

    Bump for an awesome company with quality products. Still don’t have my 3 and much farther away but would if I could. Any luck with Turo in those areas? PS - have you seen the suction style with an articulating arm mounted to the rear of the display panel. Looked pretty clean imo. Qi charging...
  13. robquast

    4/18 Invites

    Anyone from the 4/18 batch that deferred for AWD still waiting for Tesla to contact them after ordering? I put my order in immediately on 6/26 and still haven’t heard anything. Saw someone in my state that already has a delivery date in another thread :( hoping people still watching this...
  14. robquast

    AWD delivery thread

    Changed to prepare, still have edit link
  15. robquast

    AWD delivery thread

    I love that everyone is checking this thread just as much as their Tesla page. Already at 100k views. 3/31 reservation online, 6/26 AWD order still no contact. Called last week no info. Said my RN108 reservation number should have priority tho before the flood gates opened. Back to waiting...
  16. robquast

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    Non-owner CT picking up at Mt Kisco NY Reserved 3/31/16 Invited 4/18/18 Ordered 6/26/18 Red / Black Aero LR AWD AEP PUP Changed from cash to credit union to cash No contact
  17. robquast

    So did my AWD order just go to non-edit mode?

    Ordered AWD Tuesday June 26th, edit design link still there for me
  18. robquast

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    must be doing it wrong, trying to open the submit form to update my data but it's not populating, should i just submit again with same name? I should be logged into google with the correct username or is it based on a cookie that is maybe on a different laptop? tia
  19. robquast

    AWD & Performance Price drop? Also... I can configure!

    I caved as well. Really wanted the white interior AWD but not P. Hoping if they change their minds we can still edit, but wanted to order before July 1.
  20. robquast

    Model 3 Financing

    ugh just checked and CT's Greenbank EV loan program at 0.99% is ending June 30th. Have invite, but was waiting for AWD, even if I ordered now though I don't think I'd get the VIN quick enough. What say, give up on AWD? Special Offer for Electric Vehicle (EV) Buyers! | Connecticut Green Bank
  21. robquast

    4/18 Invites

    Anyone on the 4/18 invite list who held off ordering have AWD become available yet?
  22. robquast

    West Hartford 4/16/18 event

    Anyone else going to the legislative briefing event tonight by Tesla? Got a text on Friday, kind of last minute, I hope it’s well attended. We need some change in CT!
  23. robquast

    Summer Tire 21" Wheel - Spring Changeover / Pothole Fix Date

    i feel your pain, seems like winter is extra long this year. 70 degrees this last weekend and now it’s snowing again. Probably June at this point but I would just wait till the ride gets smoother before Pre empting, there is some bad road damage out there this year.
  24. robquast

    Supercharger - Manchester, CT

    Crap that parking lot is terrible to get into with only the one main entrance in the middle. Will have to leave feedback on PlugShare to drive to the far entrance by Joanne’s. Thanks for the pic, very easy for people to jump on and off, overall good spot.
  25. robquast

    Supercharger - Manchester, CT

    Sweet! I’ll go over and take a look on Thursday. Maybe this was the 2nd icon that was on West Hartford, this location makes much more sense.
  26. robquast

    Supercharger - Boston, MA (Boylston Street)

    So just to confirm, charging is included with the parking fee or there is an addl per minute fee? These will be extremely convienent for downtown meetings. Does anyone know if valets can move cars in and out? Parking is just expensive everywhere in Boston, no way around it, I can’t believe...

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