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    Dashcam usb x issue

    hi I have purchased several brand name usbs so far with 128gb, 256gb but all of them fail in Tesla after a few days with the grey x issue. I do not want to go on reformatting these drives after a couple of days. Has anybody found a permanent solution which does not involve reformatting or...
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    Touch up paint

    Hi Did you guys have any success with touch up paint in Tesla? I have a red M3 that needs some touch up but kind of discouraged because of the numerous YouTube videos showing the failure in applying touch up paint on Tesla. Regards San
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    Which wireless charging mat

    Ran another test using taptes generation 1. It charges iPhone X plus at 1.+ watts. Kindly look at the attached pic. Regards S
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    What is the efficient way to contact service?

    hi I just brought a new model 3 about a month back. I noticed last week that the black plastic cover underneath the car has come loose and almost touches the road. I tried to call the Tesla service center about 15 times now but nobody picks up and returns the call. Overall my experience with...
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    Which wireless charging mat

    I have connected taptes directly to the two USB ports in the car. My iPhone X plus charges at 2 watts according to amperes app. At home, the amperes app shows it charging at 7+ Watts when connected to wall outlet.
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    Flat tire

    hi Which flat tire repair kit do you all recommend? Regards S
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    Road noise verdict

    Hi Does the 3rd party tubing on the roof or the doors help to significantly reduce the road noise? Have seen lot of videos on YouTube but they all came out to be inconclusive. Regards S
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    Which wireless charging mat

    I just got the taptes generation 1 pad from Amazon. It seems to move around unlike the Basenor charging pad that I had. Have you all installed with the double sided tape that comes in the taptes package? Regards S
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    Taptes Gen 2 charge pad arrived

    Even Jeda is getting it from China.
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    Wrap color for white interiors

    hi Which center console wrap color do you prefer for the white interiors? Regards S
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    Center Console Wood Wrap

    Wow!!! Where did you get the seat covers, wood trim? Regards S
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    Which wireless charging mat

    Should I get the Taptes Gen 1 or Gen 2. Gen 1 has better reviews and both of them are at the same price range. Regards S
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    Is Expel better than 3M PPF?

    Hi jkoya If you do not mind, can you please tell me how much did it cost you? Regards S
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    Is Expel better than 3M PPF?

    Hi Is Expel ultimate plus ppf better than 3M ppf? I heard on YouTube that 3M gives a $3500 warranty against rock chips that expel does not provide but could not find any reference to this warranty on 3M’s website. Regards S
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    Non detergent soap for interiors

    hi Tesla manual mentions to use non detergent soap to clean the seats. Which non detergent soap do you all recommend ? Regards S
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    Which wireless charging mat

    Does anybody have experience with the rpmtesla wireless charging mat? Regards S
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    Is this normal? Or, defect? Leathers seats wrinkle.

    This looks like a 2004 corolla or something
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    Is this normal? Or, defect? Leathers seats wrinkle.

    Hi I noticed that my rear seats had wrinkles in 3 different places. It is a new car and we just owned it for 8 days. We observed the wrinkles after a long drive of 500 miles round trip. The car has a total of 600 miles on it now. My son who is 8 and weighs 50lbs was the only person sitting in...
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    Cleaning products

    Hi Which cleaning products do you all recommend for cleaning the interior with white seats and exterior of the car? Regards S
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    Tesla miles

    hi Tesla miles are different than actual miles travelled by the car. For example I travelled to Santa Cruz this weekend and the total round trip distance is about 400 miles. I charged my battery twice to 290 miles and Tesla in the cars profile in both the app as well as in the car increased the...
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    Which wireless charging mat

    Thanks for your response. What do you mean by a battery pack? Regards S
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    Which wireless charging mat

    hi Which wireless charging mat do you all prefer? I have used the Basenor but it is extremely slow in charging my iPhone. Regards S
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    White seats

    Here are the pics.
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    Nema 14-50 charging 8 miles per hour

    Hi My mistake... I just realized I had not correctly fixed the adapter into the connector. Problem resolved as now I am getting 32 amps. Thanks for all your help guys!!! Appreciate it. Regards S
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    White seats

    Thanks for your response. The rear car seat show stretch / wrinkle marks. Normally in my other Acura MDX it took 4 years for them to show up on beige seats. This car is only 8 days old and hardly used. Regards S
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    Nema 14-50 charging 8 miles per hour

    Hi The car shows 8/8 amps. Regards S
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    Nema 14-50 charging 8 miles per hour

    Hi I just had a licensed electrician install the Nema 14-50 wall socket. Today I got the Nema 14-50 adapter and connected it to the mobile charger which comes with the car. But the car was charging only at 8 amps which is 8 miles per hour. I was not able to increase the amps in the car as the...
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    White seats

    Hi I took the delivery of a Model 3 Premium cabin with white seats about 8 days. We went for a one day and roughly spent 6 hrs in the car round trip. I noticed stretch marks in two different places in the rear seat. My son who is 8 and weighs 50 lbs was sitting there. He was just sitting there...
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    Software update

    Thanks Fred.
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    Software update

    Thanks , I am connected to WiFi at home. I have still not named my car. Do you think this is why I am not getting the software updates?
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    Software update

    hi I just took delivery of a new Model 3 with FSD. I am still awaiting for the latest software update which installs the game similar to the Mario racing cart as well as the enhanced summon. I saw the Mario racing cart game in the arcade section of my friends 2018 Model 3 earlier this week...
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    Paint protection films

    Hi Does Opti coat protect against basic scratches ? Regards S
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    Paint protection films

    Hi I just got a new Tesla model 3 red. Are paint protection films worth the price ? I got an offer for full hood , bumper xpel paint protection film for $1500 but wanted to check with you all whether it is worth the effort and price. Regards S
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    Dashboard display crashed

    Thanks!!! How do I reboot the MCU/dashboard while driving? Regards S
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    Dashboard display crashed

    Hi I just took the delivery of a model 3 about 3 days ago. Yesterday suddenly while I was parking in the garage, my car’s dashboard display froze. I restarted the car and the display started working again. I am worried that it might happen while the car is on FSD. Does it often happen or I...
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    NEMA 14-50 adapter no longer included with vehicles

    This is so cheap Tesla. They are going nickel and dime to make whatever extra money they can. I just spent $62000 on a new Tesla model 3 and I am appalled by them by not having the 14-50 adapter , HomeLink etc. I thought Tesla was a pioneer in customer convenience and innovation but this tactic...
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    Homelink Garage Door Opening no longer included with Premium Interior Package

    But did Tesla reduce the price of the car by $300? - I do not think so. Furthermore they should have included this as an option for the customer while selecting the options as now customers will have to undergo the inconvenience of buying the home link after the delivery and then waiting for 2-3...
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    Tesla Model S - 2018 - AP 2.5

    hi I am planning to buy a Tesla Model S 2018 75 D previously used as a car rental from a third party car dealer. The car dealer is not very knowledgeable on the AP functionality and does not have the original sticker which lists the features the car has. Will this car have AP 2.5 or Enhanced...
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    Tesla M3 Cabin Noise

    hi I am going to take the delivery of a new Model 3 this week. It is the long range single motor. I have heard that the Model 3 has significant cabin / wind noise issue on highway. Just wanted to confirm if that is the case. Regards S
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    Full Self Driving On Used Model S 2017

    Thank you so much!!! Regards S
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    Full Self Driving On Used Model S 2017

    Hi I am looking to buy a used Tesla model S 2017. It is a 75 single motor car and was used previously as a fleet rental. It is not a certified preowned and has 19k miles on it. I would appreciate if you can help me with the following questions. My dream is to be able to use the full self...

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