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  1. Dogwhistle

    Supercharger - Middletown, DE

    It’s open now! Worked great. Still not on Tesla’s map.
  2. Dogwhistle

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    Yep, noticed the sound change too. I like it, not worried at all.
  3. Dogwhistle

    Winter Tires on Model 3

    Got my TireRack winter wheel package in, and installed myself. Borbet Type F 18x8 wheels with Michelin X-Ice tires. I was pleasantly surprised by how smooth and quiet the X-Ices are! Did notice a bit of squishy acceleration and the traction control light flashing when flooring it, but overall...
  4. Dogwhistle

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Release notes appear to be the same as 10.1
  5. Dogwhistle

    Enhanced Summon Test..Amazing

    You’re going to get a summons if you use summon in a public location. So not ready for the masses.
  6. Dogwhistle

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    I wonder what this new data number means. Storage for what?
  7. Dogwhistle

    Sentry Mode

    I would like to see them change the save behavior to, say, 2 minutes before the incident minute, and 1 minute after. 10 minutes before seems excessive, and unnecessarily fills the drive. My 8GB drive filled up and faulted with 1 hour of historical data, plus 5 incident saves. Done, grey x.
  8. Dogwhistle

    Sentry Mode

    Each “alert” event is saved into a separate folder on the drive. It doesn’t appear they self-delete. I parked at the mall for 1.5 hours and had 8 different saved events from people walking by my car.
  9. Dogwhistle

    Model 3 Software Update 2019.5.x

    I also have it. Not Cali.
  10. Dogwhistle

    Model 3 Software Update 2019.5.x

    TeslaCam is on a 16GB partition. Just saying unless you are a regular deleter (I am not), and you use Sentry mode often, the drive will fill up with auto-saved files. I don’t know if the Alert mode autosaves ever delete on their own at some point, but I doubt they will.
  11. Dogwhistle

    Model 3 Software Update 2019.5.x

    I need to get a bigger USB drive. In sentry mode, the car saves 5 minutes of video for all 3 cameras every time someone walks by your car in the “zone”. I tried it at the mall for 1.5 hours, and had 8 different “saves” from people pulling in beside me, walking by, etc.. Gonna fill up pretty...
  12. Dogwhistle

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    That is an EXCEPTIONALLY efficient number for LR RWD, way better than most people experience in those conditions. 235 Wh/mi equals 310 miles. So you were getting over 400 a charge? Do you drive downhill both ways?
  13. Dogwhistle

    2018.42.x acceleration

    Initial tip-in definitely feels more robust!
  14. Dogwhistle

    LR RWD owners - would you have ordered MR?

    Perfectly happy with my LR RWD. Even more so as the temperatures drop this winter! More buffer to crank the heat, drive normally, and still not worry about range.
  15. Dogwhistle

    How do you carry house keys?

    Keyless now. I have two WiFi-connected with battery back-up Chamberlain garage door openers that work as my keyless entry.
  16. Dogwhistle

    Supercharger - Dover, DE

    Awesome, good to see this moving!
  17. Dogwhistle

    Safe to sit in the car while Super Charging?

    I sat in my i3 twice a week while DCFCing during my commute. Why? The principle of the thing. Sure, I could run the last 20 miles home on the REx, but listening to that lawnmower buzzing back there just destroyed the experience.
  18. Dogwhistle

    What do reading glass users think of the display?

    I find progressives have too narrow of a field of vision to use comfortably, too much moving head side to side to find the sweet spot. I ended up getting some bi-focal reading glasses. No correction up top, and cheaters down below. Can just wear them all the time without the hanging off the...
  19. Dogwhistle

    Model 3 everywhere!

    In Delaware, not exactly a Tesla bastion, I am now averaging one other Model 3 sighting per day. Pretty good, and my wife doesn’t feel like she’s riding around in the only nerd unicorn on the east coast anymore!
  20. Dogwhistle

    Financing through USAA

    I hope it all worked out ok today. Plenty of us have just brought the DFR to delivery and handed it over, and that was that. No reason you shouldn’t be able to as well. My loan was activated about a week or so later, apparently after Tesla sent all the paperwork in.
  21. Dogwhistle

    Financing through USAA

    USAA gave me Total Loss Protection for my Model 3. It was an additional $299 tacked on to the loan.
  22. Dogwhistle

    Tesla + EZPass = uglified. Need ideas!

    I don’t mind it in the recommended area. It would drive me nucking futs if I had to look at it attached to the back of my display! Just do a reach-around to flip the switch, if that’s what’s needed.
  23. Dogwhistle

    Tesla + EZPass = uglified. Need ideas!

    Put it in the recommended area. You can’t see it from the left seat, and looks semi-normal from the outside.
  24. Dogwhistle

    Tesla 3 isn't perfect, but after a full day rental this BMW driver is buying one!

    I set my phone in the docking area, and when I want it to do something, I just say “Hey Siri” out loud. No button pushing required, works great.
  25. Dogwhistle

    Would not update car if you have a road trip coming soon

    Just rest your hand on the bottom of the wheel in a way that you are applying a slight amount of turning force to the wheel. Works great for me, no nags at all.
  26. Dogwhistle

    Financing through USAA

    Picked up my 3 yesterday, brought in the DFR with the loan amount pre-filled out. Paperwork was quick, he got to the loan part, saw I had a DFR, just took it and said thanks. That was it, no fax drama or anything. This was at the Devon, PA center.
  27. Dogwhistle

    VIN Assignment

    VIN appeared in my account at precisely 7 days before delivery.
  28. Dogwhistle

    Upgrading AWD

    I don't think a software upgrade to P is out of the question. The hardware is the same, "selection" and "burning in" notwithstanding.
  29. Dogwhistle

    4/18 Invites

    @vadimr, which SC specifically did you have problems with? I know there are two different locations in Milford alone. Need to avoid it next week on my trip!
  30. Dogwhistle

    4/18 Invites

    Oh, I’ve got a circum-Chesapeake Bay shakedown cruise planned for this weekend, followed by a Boston roadtrip next week! Timing works great with nothing but time off for me after delivery. This week is just creeping along though. Is it still Monday? Ugh. Enjoy your car, go get some miles on it!
  31. Dogwhistle

    4/18 Invites

    Awesome, thanks! Psyched to be receiving the identical twin of yours on Friday!
  32. Dogwhistle

    4/18 Invites

    Congrats @devilmountain! I’m expecting my Blue/Sport in the same VIN range as yours at the end of this week. Any other build quality issues you noticed? I bet they rolled off the line the same day. Enjoy!
  33. Dogwhistle

    VIN Assignment

    Great, thanks! That’s a big difference. Hopefully my 24k VIN has them next week!
  34. Dogwhistle

    VIN Assignment

    First I’ve heard of this, where did you see this? Anyone take any actual comparative measurements?
  35. Dogwhistle

    Supercharger - Dover, DE

    I see this on the map for 2018, anyone know where the site will be located in Dover? Have they started yet?
  36. Dogwhistle

    No Model 3 Team Photo easter egg for me?

    They changed it a month or two ago.
  37. Dogwhistle

    New UMC cable length

    How long is the new UMC cable in total? Looking to using it at my Dad’s house, want to make sure it is long enough to reach from his dryer plug! Thanks!
  38. Dogwhistle

    [Resolved w/12V Battery] Model 3 Hypermiled 606 Miles Down To 0% - Now Will Not Take A Charge

    Could be that the fact they were running at a super-efficient state over such a long distance only amplified the “guage error” that the computer has when trying to guesstimate usage. My interpretation is that the 66kWh report is just an amplified error. The battery guage was correct the whole...
  39. Dogwhistle

    Financing through USAA

    Oh, I know. But its worth it to me to keep all my banking under one house. As I get older I’m willing to pay for fewer complications! ;)
  40. Dogwhistle

    Financing through USAA

    Alright, delivery next Friday. I double-triple checked with my ISA. All I have to do is bring the DFR with me to delivery, they will take care of the rest then, just like you would with any other car dealer. No certified checks or other ACH gymnastics before hand. I’ll report back how it all...
  41. Dogwhistle

    YouYou Xue crashed while on autopilot (aka Model 3 Road Trip)

    We also received an extensive amount of classroom and practical training with the aircraft’s automation before using it operationally, in addition to “reading the book”. Tesla is woefully inadequate in the education department. It’s amazing how many Youtube videos there are of people using AP...
  42. Dogwhistle

    YouYou Xue crashed while on autopilot (aka Model 3 Road Trip)

    I so hope Tesla is able to download the data from that car. But despite Yo Yo’s posturing, he knows if they get ahold of that info, they will call total B.S. to his story. If it gets close to that point, I’m sure his computer will somehow have experienced “damage” that will make the data...
  43. Dogwhistle

    Just got 20" performance wheels installed on my Model 3!

    I’d try to sell them. The lot of 4 tires are worth over $1000 total at tire rack prices! Could easily offset the cost of getting the snow rubber.
  44. Dogwhistle

    Just got 20" performance wheels installed on my Model 3!

    Put snow tires on them and keep ‘em for winter. You’ll appreciate the traction and extra range when it gets cold!
  45. Dogwhistle

    Found a LOT of Model 3's in a Tesla lot - Pictures inside

    You think they are going to deliver 15k Model 3s in the next 35 days in Canada? That would be impressive indeed.
  46. Dogwhistle

    Financing through USAA

    I will ask again. My ISA specifically told me to bring my Dealer Funding Request with me to the Delivery, the Tesla staff would fill it out there. Perhaps they’re relaxing how they deal with USAA lately.
  47. Dogwhistle

    VIN Assignment

    Funny, total opposite of what my ISA said! Cut and pasted from her email: · We will need to see that the Model 3 has been added to your insurance before you take delivery. The effective date needs to be eligible for the time of delivery. For example, if you take delivery on May 5th...
  48. Dogwhistle

    Are you in PA, and have you been able to order yet?

    My VIN showed up via the Trick on 19 May, received an email from my ISA (Keshia) in the afternoon of 21 May. She did not tell me my VIN, in fact she said I would not have it until 72 hours before delivery! You should be hearing something very soon.
  49. Dogwhistle

    Are you in PA, and have you been able to order yet?

    My experience is that when you have been assigned a VIN, that car is slated for a specific Delivery Center. In my case Devon. Asked about Cherry Hill, she said you would lose the VIN and the process starts over again. Even though the delivery points are that close together, they might as well...

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