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  1. Ant M3

    Car wash mode

    Anyone else had the new update with this function on it ? Looks really useful but I can’t find it to turn it on
  2. Ant M3

    Selling my M3P

    I’ve got a black M3P with FSD, also tinted glass , PPF to front and full ceramic coating. I do love the car , but I have hardly driven it since picking it up new in November 2019 (I’ve done 5500 miles!). So it’s absolutely wasted on me. I’m 80% sure I’m gonna sell it and just get a run about...
  3. Ant M3

    Bluetooth connection IPhone

    Very strange , posted something related yesterday but thought I had cleared the issue. Some data : - I have had my model 3 for 18 months no issues until now - my iPhone for about 6 months no issues until now - Not done a software update for about 4 weeks on the car ( no new ones due) - Not...
  4. Ant M3

    NFC / Bluetooth issues

    After nearly 18 months of working absolutely fine my M3/ Phone has suddenly stopped allowing me to get in my car or even drive away without getting the key card out So to clarify : - Won’t allow me to open the car with the phone nfc - but will allow me to open the car with the app OR when I...
  5. Ant M3

    Is Tesla losing its USP?

    With many of the main stream brands now having or certainly nearly having a half decent EV line up I think The Tesla USP of being the only decent EV is going to quickly go. Brand loyalty is a big thing as we know , Apple have it in abundance... this is not only because they make great products...
  6. Ant M3

    Should I sell it ?

    So I’ve had my M3P with FSD since new in Nov 19, it’s one of the first with the dark alloys. I do love the car but because I then got a new job (which was only 1.5miles from home) and then working from home exclusively since March, I’ve done less than 5000 miles in that time ! I’m just not...
  7. Ant M3

    Skoda EV cars

    Wow ! I think Skoda are going to steal the limelight from VW with their EV range. I’m finding the VW EV’s a bit dull and boring , whereas the Skoda ones look awesome. I’m certainly tempted to switch my wife’s FPace for something like this what do you guys think ?
  8. Ant M3


    Anyone else having a problem ? move had Rolec and EV.energy for nearly a year now and it has been generally good, With any issues promptly sorted via their app email service. Recently it’s not been so good, the problem I have is that the smart charging function just won’t work or charge my...
  9. Ant M3

    Insurance renewal

    Can’t keep up with who are Tesla friendly these days I’ve been quoted £1200 for my renewal (was £1300) by LV ... Who are Tesla friendly insurance companies these days so I can compare ?
  10. Ant M3

    Views on Jaguar IPace

    Through employee discount I’ve potentially got the chance to lease the I-pace HSE over 3 years , including insurance for around £380/month. It’s a £75k car and seems like a great deal to me.... I would potentially swap my wife’s FPace for it (keeping my M3P!) but this would mean we are a...
  11. Ant M3

    M3 Sentry Alarm - keeps going off !

    Anyone else having this problem ? Only started today, going off for absolutely no reason at all !
  12. Ant M3


    Installed today
  13. Ant M3

    Charging - anyone else having issues?

    Anyone else having issues ? I’m running 2020.20.12 and the Tesla Ranger applied a patch on Friday to sort the volume and phone issue I had (sudden Music volume to max and intermittent call issues). Since then I’ve had one part charge (only about 10% over the 4hr off peak time) and three failed...
  14. Ant M3

    Locked out of Tesla App

    Help, for some reason it won’t accept my password for my Tesla phone app. No option to reset that I can see, do I need to call Customer Services ?
  15. Ant M3

    M3 Sudden Radio deafening volume

    Hi Is anyone else experiencing the volume on their M3 suddenly jumping from nothing (mute) to the highest setting ? Not only does it deafen me but it nearly gives me a bloody heart attack ! It’s happened twice now, once when the volume wasn’t on and I notched it ONCE on the steering wheel...
  16. Ant M3

    UK Black M3P with tints and chrome delete

    Has anyone got a picture of their Black M3P with: Tints (standard tints) Chrome delete in a M3P with the dark alloys ? I’m tempted to get it done but concerned it might look a bit OTT, so could do with a picture if anyone is ok to share theirs ?
  17. Ant M3

    Car Tax

    So, I got my M3P back in November ... I’ve just had a letter from the DVLA saying it’s not taxed ! I’ve had 5 new cars over the last 3 years, every dealer has taxed the car prior to pick up .... I can’t believe that Tesla didn’t do it nor tell me that they hadn’t and that I needed to !!! I’m...
  18. Ant M3

    Windshield Squirter

    Hi all How does everyone else’s window squirter perform? When I press and hold the stalk button down water does come out, but not much and only for a very very short time. Anyone else have this issue ?
  19. Ant M3

    MODEL 3 Dashcam

    Ok so I’ve purchased an SD card, formatted it to Fat32 and inserted it (via a usb adapter) into the car. When I did this, the sentry camera icon appeared at the top of the screen, I clicked this until it was RED, so it’s now recording sentry incidents. my question is about the dashcam...
  20. Ant M3

    Rolec Tethered Charger ... help needed please

    Hi all I need help from someone who has a Rolec charger or know how they work. I have picked up my M3P today , and it’s epic ! I’m now trying to charge it and have plugged it in to the Rolec charger that I had installed on Monday. However I just can’t get it charging ! :( I have made sure...
  21. Ant M3


    Anyone else having issues with getting an install date? They seem overrun with work and are coming across very unprofessional with their communications on both email and the telephone. I’m on the verge of cancelling and going to Rolec anyone else experiencing difficulties ?

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