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  1. gcardona

    Tire rotation

    You are correct. Spin differences between the front and rear tires.
  2. gcardona

    Have any new testers with a safety score above 80 received the FSD Beta update yet?

    Well, I wasn't expecting this. I signed up for the beta program when it was available, but then seeing what was required to keep a safety score of 100, or 99, or 98, I said no way am I giving up my spirited driving ways. My safety score has been around 85 or so, and I just forgot about FSD beta...
  3. gcardona

    Supercharging speed - Pleasantly surprised

    I've had my Model 3 for 3 years now, and we travel from Dallas to Austin about 3-4 times per year, with a SC stop half-way in Waco. I start with 80% charge, and by the time we get to Waco, we're at about 30%, and I charge back up to 80 for the rest of the trip. When we first did this trip, it...
  4. gcardona

    Model 3 charging past set percentage

    I set my charge limit to 80%. The car will charge anywhere from 78% to 84%, depending on the phase of the moon.
  5. gcardona

    The Report-Your-No-Problems Thread

    2019 M3P, 1 issue, the 12V battery died on the 2 year anniversary of delivery. Mobile service replaced at no charge. Other than that, no problems.
  6. gcardona

    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    I have a Galaxy S21 and it has worked 99.9% of the time. I've had maybe once that I can remember where the door wouldn't unlock in time, then I just used my key. By the time I got in and sat down, the phone had registered properly.
  7. gcardona

    Rear defroster requires repair any advise?

    You can get a defroster repair kit.
  8. gcardona

    DIY PPF on 2022 Blue Model S

    Yes, because this was the largest part that I was installing. Knowing what I learned, I would have used something like a power sprayer instead of the spray bottles, and I would have had 2 more people helping me to hold the film while spraying and placing it down.
  9. gcardona

    DIY PPF on 2022 Blue Model S

    The problem is time, especially for the large pieces with intricate shapes like the bumper. I think you need more than two people because it is important to keep the whole surface wet while you work out the kinks and bubbles. I found that there was not enough time to work one side before the...
  10. gcardona

    DIY PPF on 2022 Blue Model S

    Front bumper and side skirts. I'd never done this before, didn't realize what I was getting into. Had my teenage daughter to help me, and it was like the blind leading the blind. I'm pretty handy, having painted several cars in the past and done some pretty good body work on one, so I thought...
  11. gcardona

    DIY PPF on 2022 Blue Model S

    I tried PPF DIY, it was a disaster. $300 down the drain.
  12. gcardona

    Is this pop sound normal for the door opening/closing?

    It sounds like your hinge needs some grease.
  13. gcardona

    Upgrade to a 2021 performance from a 2022 long range?

    No reason not to. P all the way!
  14. gcardona

    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    P all the way or you'll regret it every time you stomp on the pedal.....
  15. gcardona

    Turn signal screen

    I turned it off; it was too distracting and didn't provide any more information than my properly adjusted mirrors do.
  16. gcardona

    How urgent is "12V battery degraded" warning?

    The symptom of a 12V battery issue is the car won't start. As others have said, you are lucky you got a warning. See if Mobile Service is available, use Road Side assistance to schedule. I would not drive the car until the battery is replaced, or you can leave Sentry Mode on all the time so the...
  17. gcardona

    Do you drive more with your Tesla?

    I may not drive to more places, but I find myself driving the long way to where I need to go.....
  18. gcardona

    This thing is awesome! M3P

    I've had mine for 2 years and no tickets yet... I find that with the speed limit displayed next to my current speed, I'm more aware of the current limit and adjust accordingly. Also, the silent factor doesn't draw attention like wide open throttle would on a large V-8.
  19. gcardona

    Any News on UI Update?

    I wouldn't hold my breath.... What does the old UI look like? I forgot.......
  20. gcardona

    Tire white letter on model 3

    I had a car with white-lettered BF Goodrich T/A's in the 80's.....
  21. gcardona

    Alien Technoloy

    I learned to check my brain at the door, and this allows me to enjoy movies like this.
  22. gcardona

    Alien Technoloy

    My wife has a Lexus RC-F, and I compare driving the RC-F and the Model 3P to the scenes in Independence Day of the F-18s vs. the Alien Interceptors....
  23. gcardona

    Wrap question: Bumper, or bumper and hood?

    I got the front bumper, side skirts, and lower fenders. I have had the car for 2 years and the hood looks perfect.
  24. gcardona

    Should I get white interior?

    Yes. I love the white with blue exterior, and the white looks new after 2 years. Also, it keeps the interior much cooler than the black, especially after sitting in the Texas sun for hours.
  25. gcardona

    My Model 3 Died - Full Shutdown

    I also had no warning when my 12V battery died. After I jump-started the car, however, the "12V battery needs to be replaced" warning showed up.
  26. gcardona

    12V Battery died this weekend

    I don't think this is made anymore; it is about 5 years old. Any Li-ion jump-starter should work.
  27. gcardona

    12V Battery died this weekend

    The battery wasn't completely dead; it still had enough juice to open the trunk and the frunk.
  28. gcardona

    12V Battery died this weekend

    My 12V battery died this weekend, exactly 2 years to the day that I got my model 3P. My wife and I were in Austin (200 miles from home) when I went to move the car and NADA. It would not start, the screen was black, and the window rolled down by itself. Luckily, thanks to advice on this forum, I...
  29. gcardona

    How much PPF did you get?

    I got the front bumper, side skirts, lower 1/2 of fenders, rear splash guard. Tried to do DIY, was a disaster, wasted $300. Took it to a professional and paid $800.
  30. gcardona

    Stopping mode and very tight space

    Line your front wall with these:
  31. gcardona

    $1000 screw [through tire]

    I just got a new wheel and tire from Mobile Service. $1200, including everything. $350 for the tire, $750 for the wheel, +labor, tax, etc. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
  32. gcardona

    $1000 screw [through tire]

    Last night, on my way home form getting some food for the family, I was driving down the road listening to some tunes when all of a sudden the drum beat in the music was off. Wait, is that the music, or something else? I turned down the music and hear the familiar THUMP, THUMP, THUMP. Oh...
  33. gcardona

    Blind Spot [I want a chime for blind spot warning]

    You should adjust your mirrors so you don't have blind spots.
  34. gcardona

    Old and New

    My wife and I recently spent the weekend at the Hotel St. Cecilia in Austin, TX, and this was the car parked next to the Tesla charger, the 70's version of a futuristic car vs. an actual futuristic car:
  35. IMG_0307


    Model 3P and Citroen DS
  36. gcardona

    Biggest pain of EV is .......

    Driving my wife's RC-F for the first time in 6 months and almost rear-ending someone because I forgot I had to use the brakes....
  37. gcardona

    Blowing the Carbon Out

    It's time to de-glaze the tires!
  38. gcardona

    Deep Blue Metallic Picture Thread

  39. gcardona

    Model 3 Rivet sizes for Mud Guards?

    Try these.
  40. gcardona

    Rear ended another vehicle, not blaming Tesla but wondering why AEB did not activate?

    It looks like you turned the steering wheel sharply before the collision, and according to the manual, "Automatic Emergency Braking does not apply the brakes, or stops applying the brakes, when: • You turn the steering wheel sharply."
  41. gcardona

    Wheels touch paint for 19"

    Here's what I used: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/attachments/duplicolorcode-jpg.458717/ Here's the result: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/attachments/rash2-jpg.458720/
  42. gcardona

    Is this sound normal? [Update: yes, it’s normal]

    I hear it too. It seems to happen only when the car wakes up, and it seems to come from the rear drivetrain/wheel area. Maybe something to do with the parking brake preparing to dis-engage?
  43. gcardona

    Real purpose for Smart Summon

    I've come to the conclusion that Smart Summon is not a feature that was designed to be useful for the driver/consumer. Its real function is as a teaching tool for the FSD neural net. Remember when we were first learning to drive how we started in a parking lot? Well, Tesla now has thousands of...
  44. gcardona

    Controlling home charging costs, help wanted

    You should be able to set a lower current in your Tesla Wall Connector to limit your charge.
  45. gcardona

    DIY Curb Rash repair

    Here's what I did on my 20" performance wheels: 1. Sand the area smooth with 100 grit sandpaper 2. Use finer (320 then 400) grits to get it really smooth. 3. Use this to paint: 4. Let dry, polish using polishing compound. If you polish through, paint again and polish. Repeat until you're...
  46. gcardona

    audio issue bluetooth

    This used to happen to me all the time, my bluetooth audio wouldn't connect properly. It seems to have been fixed in 2019.28.3.1, at least the connection is much more consistent.
  47. gcardona

    EVs banned from Texas Motor Speedway

    The V8 drivers have finally had enough! Texas Motor Speedway bans electric cars from drag strip over safety concerns

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