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    Matte wrap in Orange County So Cal

    My friend is wondering if there are recommendations to wrap matte black his Model X, including the door jambs, frunk and trunk areas. I’m not sure if shops wrap them areas below the frunk and trunk. Including chrome delete in Orange County area. What is estimated price and does the film...
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    Long range vs long range plus

    I’ve noticed the back say “dual motor” but descriptions differ. Sometimes it will say long range and sometimes it will say long range plus. What was the difference in range and year on the two?
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    Free supercharger

    hi everyone, not familiar with Teslas at all and I am looking at 2018 model X at dealers. When looking to buy a used model X from a dealer, how do you know if free supercharging carries over? If not, how much is it to pay at supercharger? How do you pay?
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    Cold weather package

    When the cold weather package says “ Steering wheel and wiper heaters” does that also mean all the seats are heated also? Do the second and third row seats get heat?
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    2018 model x seats

    In the second picture, the car was made on 08/18. It looks like nicer fake leather In the first picture, the car was made on 09/18. It looks like cloth. Why did Tesla change the material? And when did they change back to the fake leather?
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    Used X

    I test drove a Y and its too small. I'm looking at used X (prices are all high) and I forget but there is a way to figure out if the 2018 models have a newer chip/faster interface. Can someone tell me how to confirm this with the seller? Is there any harm in buying a 2016 or 2017 and are all...
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    2021 refresh mx

    Is it me or do I think the refresh is a dumb idea? First of all they raised the price by $10k. Did they increase the range to 360 miles? I can’t recall what the long range was before. But the 0-60 dropped from 4.4 to 3.8. It’s not even a refresh other than a slightly different front bumper...
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    2019 model x shows 328 miles

    I spoke to a sales associate about a few use 2019 model access that they have. They say it’s only 328 miles because the 2020 models have 351 miles. I asked if you can do a simple software update to get the increase mileage and they said they do not believe so. Interview owners do this because I...
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    2019 front seats vs 2020

    I heard that the 2020 seats are slimmer. I can’t find any pics. Anyone have side by side pictures?
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    I am on the look out for a black Model X. Some of the used car prices are pretty decent but they aren't the color I want. An option is to pay to wrap the car. Inozetek is supposedly the best quality brand right now. Including the door jambs are extra of course. Has anyone done this? Any...
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    Price drop again?

    I just looked on the Tesla website. Six seat config in black is $88k. I remember it was $5k more. Did they have a recent price drop?
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    Do they fix cars from ev-cpo thru tesla?

    I noticed some damage to cars like scratched dash and sometimes wheel curbs. Tesla used to fix these used cars before shipment. Do they not anymore? If I have questions, how do I contact someone? I never get tesla to call me back, whenever I submit for feedback online.
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    Financing rates

    The best I found for 60 months is 2.84%. Anyone have anything lower that isn't military rates?
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    Vegan vs black premium

    I thought the vegan interior came out with the "dual motor" 2019-2020 models? How can this one produced in March 18 have vegan (based on ev-cpo) 2018 Model X | Tesla but this one produced in Dec 18 have premium leather (based from ev-cpo) 2018 Model X | Tesla Can you feel the difference...
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    Chrome delete in Southern CA

    Any recommendations for chrome delete in So Cal? Does it have to be 3m? I found this place in RsM but it looks like it’s going to be over $1000 Chrome Delete I found this DIY called www.abstractocean.com But it only sells you the 4 door handles for only $15.99, not the window trims and rear...
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    Close to pulling trigger on 2018 MX (not sold by Tesla)

    Hi all, Looks like prices are finally coming down for used Model X. For a 2018 75D Model X, I see some around the $65k mark. I am looking for a 6 seater, maybe 7 seater works. 6 seaters are harder to find and seem to command a higher price for some reason. I know that its not a Raven model...
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    New 100D range is 328 miles

    I think Tesla increased the range on the new 100D (dual motor name) What is the older 100D range?
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    Replace brake pad costs

    I was wondering if anyone had to replace their brake pads yet? Obviously, this can only be done at Tesla. I don't think indy shops do this....yet. If so, how much have you been charged by Tesla for this?
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    CA - Orange County Incentives

    I live in Irvine. From the tesla website Electric Vehicle & Solar Incentives it seems like there are a few incentives for buying a tesla and installing a charger at home. The city of Irvine does not have anything. It looks like the only ones applicable are the PG&E $800 and SCE $1000...
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    Exterior refresh by this year?

    Could an interior refresh occur this year on the model X? Any possibility of a exterior refresh? Been waiting to pull the trigger but waiting for them to make the exterior nicer and less “van-like”. Heard it might happen but now hearing it won’t happen this year.
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    Is it finally time?

    i just realized the price drop on the MX. Faster 0-60 time and more range. The 75D with 6 seat configuration is now $81k + $6k = $87k brand new! Not too bad. Feel bad for the folks that ordered right before this minor update. Although I hear the interior refresh is coming. When is that...
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    Existing inventory pricing

    I noticed that prices have somewhat dropped for existing 2019 inventory. I found MX 100D with very low miles starting in $89,000. There are some that are $10k more and I’m comparing the options and other than wheels and lighter headliner, there isn’t much difference. So why the huge...
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    Insurance claims appear on carfax?

    so my dash was scratched and the tint shop owner who did the windshield is involving his insurance. I’ve heard two sides to the story. Some auto body shops say it will show up on car fax if it’s over a certain amount. My insurance agent says because it is not collision and it is replacing the...
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    Red light cameras

    I went thru an intersection today and the light turned red. I read that as long as the car is within the intersection when light turns red, you are technically fine. That made me think and brought me back to driving 101. Where do your tires have to be when the light turns red to be ok? And...
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    CA black license plate

    i read that it costs $50 to order the black plates and $40 renewal each year. Does that mean $40 on top of the normal renewal fee? Do they mail the plates to you or do you have to pick it up? Is a new number assigned?
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    Toll surcharge on Uber

    Today, I took local streets using Uber. They charged me a toll surcharge fee and I told them that they should remove it because these were local streets and I did not take any toll roads. Typically, I know that there are fees when you enter and exit the airport or pay for parking fees or take...
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    Should you clay bar paint protection film ?

    I purchased Mother’s Speed 2.0 clay bar. It’s supposed to be the next generation clay bar technology that some friends suggested. Mothers Speed® Clay 2.0 - Clay Bar Some people say it is totally fine to use clay bar on paint protection film (clear bra) while others say do not do it. Some say...
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    3m Crystalline 40 vs 50

    I am about to get 3m Crystalline and wanted to know anyone pick the 50 over the 40? I’ve seen pictures of the 40 but never the 50. I want something lighter but I read 50 does nothing. Any pics of the 3m Crystalline 50?
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    Huper Optik installer in So Cal?

    I am reading all these ceramic tint comparisons of Huper Optik vs 3M Crystalline vs LLumar vs Suntek vs Winco and I’m confused. Everyone seems to say their tint is best for heat rejection. Some say 3M Crystalline color comes off. Some say Wincos are considered budget ceramic tints. Some say...
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    New gen latches

    I was under the impression that the new door latches that made the operation and opening and closing smoother on the MX was for the front doors and the falcon wing doors. Tesla told me that gen 2 latches are only for the front doors. They told me that the falcon wing door latches are still the...
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    Inside door sensors

    I read that the 2016 MX did not have inside door sensors so if you are standing underneath the falcon wing doors, they close on you. Isn't that a safety issue, especially with young kids? Can you get Tesla to install them since its a safety issue? When were the inside door sensors installed...
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    How long a car has been listed for on Tesla website for pre-owned how long a car has been listed for

    Is there a way to tell how long a pre-own car has been listed on the Tesla inventory website for?
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    Replace with generation two latches on pre-owned before delivery

    Has anybody gotten Tesla to replace the door latches with the newest generation before delivery on the preowned 2016 model years? I asked my rep and he said only if they fail you can take it to a Tesla service center to replace. I think some owners here got their latches replaced and wanted to...
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    Professional wrap in Orange County recommendation

    Does anyone have personal recommendations to wrap door handles and the Tesla chrome strip in the back that goes through the taillights, in Orange County CA? I called Lucent Wraps and they said they cannot wrap the chrome strip that goes through the taillights in newer MX or MS because it will...
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    Financing through Tesla

    Hi everyone, I'm debating on a preowned MX. The issue I have is putting down a $2500 non refundable deposit before they will let me see the car. They sent me pictures, but won't let me see the car before I commit. They won't refund it if I see it in person in Fremont and decide I don't want...
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    $2500 deposit not refundable for preowned

    Im thinking of buying a preowned 2016 MX. The non refundable deposit is $2500. I’m worried if I show up and there are scratches or dings on the car exterior or interior and I change my mind. Rep says too bad. You have 72 hrs after you make a deposit to transfer it to another car. So...
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    Pre-owned they don’t ship anymore?

    For their pre-owned cars, I was told I have to physically go pick it up as they do not deliver to your local Tesla Center anymore. I thought used to be able to pay for shipping and they would ship it to you?
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    2016 model XPremium package

    Did the 2016 model X have premium package? I’m looking at the tesla pre-owned website and a lot of these don’t have premium package. This would be like the door automatically opening when you walk towards it. Was it not available then? This is the option list Autopilot with convenience...
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    Preowned dealer in MA says only cash

    i was looking at this car in MA. The associate said that it has to be a cash deal and they do not finance in the state of MA. I also have to provide the truck to pick it up. I told them I’ve financed out of state cars before I never heard that rule. They said it could be something to do with...
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    Easy or difficult to change interior trim

    how hard or easy is it to change the wood trim to carbon fiber? Has anyone done it? Someone told me you can get it wrapped but I’m not sure how expensive it is or how well it looks compared to the factory carbon fiber look?
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    Black premium interior vs black textile

    I thought all model x have synthetic leather. So why have two options? What does premium mean? Isn’t it all synthetic?
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    2016 P90D or 2017 75D

    For $88k would you guys buy a 2016 P90D with high miles, around 33k miles, or for $85k buy a 2017 75D with low miles, around 10k miles? I’ve heard that the 2016 models have glitches particularly with the falcon doors but not sure what else. I’ve learned to generally avoid the first year models...
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    Anyone have to replace battery yet?

    Tesla has a 8 year battery warranty. So only the 2008-2009 roadster would be out of warranty and need to be replaced outside of warranty. I’m curious as to what the costs are for anyone that has done this.
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    7 seater with 3 car seats in middle row

    hi folks Do you know if you can easily access the third row seats if you have 3 child car seats in a row, in the middle seats? Looking for a SUV that allows you to do that. From my researching most SUVs require you to take out the car seats so you can fold down the middle seat and slide it...
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    Model X Depreciation

    I read online that you can write off the MX if you own your own business. Is this true only if you buy the car or if you finance it? For regular W2 employees, is there any way around this? Can you get a side gig somehow? Curious to see how working folks do freelance stuff?
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    7 seat configuration < 6 seat configuration

    How can the 7 seat ($3000) cost less than the 6 seat ($6000) configuration? I’m on the Tesla website right now.
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    Brake job costs

    can anyone share the cost of the front and rear brake jobs on their MX? Do you have to go to a Tesla Service Center?
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    Can you update the software on the older 75D to make 0-60 times faster like the new 75D?

    Is it just a software update to shave off one second faster on the 0 to 60 times? Can you take our car in to Tesla and have them do an update to make it faster? If not, does anyone know after what the numbers are quicker ones?
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    Is this considered a software upgrade?

    Is the door opening as you walk to it and closing when you step on the brake considered a software upgrade? Meaning can I buy an older 2016 MX and get that option via software update? What about the Summon feature and self park?
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    MX 75D 0-60

    Was the 0-60 always 4.9 seconds? I thought it was in th ehigh 5 seconds/low 6 seconds for some reason. Did they improve it or was time always this number?

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