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  1. DBO.

    Does Model S work as family car?

    The S is an amazing family car! We’re a family of 5 and it fits us all and all of our stuff. We also have the rear facing jump seats so we even have room for a couple extra friends if we put a couple kids back there. With all seats folded you can fit as much as most SUV’s.
  2. DBO.

    How much can fit in a Tesla Model S

    Two adults up front, the smallest kids in the middle with another adult, and the oldest child in the rear facing third row.
  3. DBO.

    How much can fit in a Tesla Model S

    Last weekend we took a short 2.5hr trip with 3 adults, 3 kids, and everyone’s luggage including the baby’s pack n’ play. Everyone was comfortable and we still had room to spare for belongings.
  4. DBO.

    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    Got mine done yesterday. Dropped it off at 9:30am and was given a loner 2020 Model X. Picked it up at 6pm. Really feels like a new car. Better screen, MUCH faster, browser works great, and the extra entertainment stuff will come in handy on road trips. Even had all my settings retained! Very...
  5. DBO.

    Took Delivery 03.14.2021- Used 2017 MSM P100DL

    Congratulations! Glad to see you had a good experience and the horror stories didn’t sway you.
  6. DBO.

    Used Tesla Model S Delivery Experience!

    Congrats! I always say the horror stories are the loudest, but there’s plenty more good stories like yours that don’t get told because, hey, that’s what you expect when you buy a car. Glad to see you and several others contribute to the positive side!
  7. DBO.

    First time CPO experience- 2017 Model S P100D- need some advice :)

    Sorry, should have clarified. You can't "buy" the lifetime free supercharging, but I believe it transfers with the car if bought private party. However, Tesla strips the free supercharging if it is sold through them.
  8. DBO.

    First time CPO experience- 2017 Model S P100D- need some advice :)

    I'm sure you'll hear the usual horror stories about buying used from Tesla, but since you asked for people's experiences, here's mine. I just purchased a used 2016.5 AP2 model S 90D on 12/31/20 from Tesla. Yes, it was unnerving to put any money down, even the order fee, without seeing the car...
  9. DBO.

    Improve the Tesla Dashcam by upgrading side repeater cameras?

    I LOVE my next gen seats. Very, very comfortable! And to answer the OP's original question, yes, you can go from 2.0 to 3.0. I just had it done. Personally the camera's are a non issue for me. Plenty high enough resolution to be able to identify traffic incidents and the dreaded sentry mode event.
  10. DBO.

    Convince me to buy used from Tesla vs Dealer

    I just purchased a used 2016.5 AP2 model S 90D on 12/31/20 from Tesla. Yes, it was unnerving to put any money down, even the order fee, without seeing the car, but everything turned out amazing. Here's my direct from Tesla experience: - My delivery specialist was very responsive to calls...
  11. DBO.

    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    I found these and 200+ other used S’s with FSD on evcpo.com. 2017 Model S | Tesla https://www.tesla.com/used/5YJSA1E26HF183942?redirect=no&referral=sarahelizabeth3205 2017 Model S | Tesla
  12. DBO.

    Upgrading from LR 3 to S 75

    I also just purchased a used Nov 2016 (ap2) model s and it came with the FSD package. Obviously I still have to do the MCU2 and HW3 upgrades to use the package to its current abilities, but it’s there nonetheless.
  13. DBO.

    Purchasing a used model S

    I took delivery of my used model S on 12/31. Don’t pay too much attention to the horror stories. Ive come to find it’s mainly the same folks repeating their story over and over, and usually the issue at hand was the car had scratch or two, or someone didn’t treat them like a VIP enough. While it...
  14. DBO.

    Great delivery story

    I have seen so many horror stories on here about deliveries, I thought I’d share a positive experience. I placed an order for a used 2016.5 model S 90D on 12/22. In a few hours I was contacted by my delivery assistant. This person was amazing throughout the whole process. Answered calls...
  15. DBO.

    Financing from Wisconsin

    Thanks everyone. Hopefully it’s an easy fix to call the sales advisor and have them switch the payment to cash and transfer title to me. Then again, after some of the stories I’ve been hearing, who knows...
  16. DBO.

    Financing from Wisconsin

    Ok, thank you very much! I'll get in touch with Tesla and switch my payment form from financed to pay in full.
  17. DBO.

    Financing from Wisconsin

    Got it, thanks! So then would I switch my form of payment to cash instead of financed on Tesla’s end? That seems to be where the confusion was on Tesla’s part. He said if I paid the full balance then they would send the title to me rather than the CU. But the car is going to be retitled and...
  18. DBO.

    Financing from Wisconsin

    Hello, Apologies if I’m bringing up an old subject. I searched but couldn’t find a clear answer. I’m from Wisconsin and in the process of buying a used model s. I’ve secured my own financing through my credit Union and the loan has been funded into my checking account with them. I was...
  19. DBO.

    Joining the club

    Thanks for the advice. I am aware of what to be on the lookout for thanks to the folks on this forum and friends who are Tesla owners. And yes, it should go without saying that no one pay/sign for anything, much less a Tesla, without seeing it first!
  20. DBO.

    Joining the club

    After a long search, today we took the plunge and ordered a CPO 16 90D. Has all the features we wanted including FSD. EV-CPO lists it as an AP2 car so I guess we’ll have to get the HW3 upgrade at some point. Has anyone had this done at the same time as delivery? Anyway, super excited to get this...

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