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    Supercharger - Meridian, MS

    Looks like they are building it so that you do not have to back in and can easily charge while pulling a trailer. I like the new set up.
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    Supercharger - Meridian, MS

    I have used the 14/50 at Chunky River campground. Nice couple run it. They have 2 outlets, have snaks and bathrooms and are open long hours. He is a local history buff and will talk your ear off if you let him. I add about an hour charge to get me from Jackson to Montgomery AL. I think that...
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    Model X Range

    The Inn that is in front of the SC has a very good restaurant and bar. Try their french toast with ham and swiss!
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    Example of my drive two day drive - divided 70 mph highway

    How did you get those graphs showing speed, wh/mile etc? I would love to be able to track my trips with this type of data.
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    Looking for pics of Model X with tan interior and light headliner...

    Yep, third row reading light. The figured ash is not glossy and looks better than I expected.
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    Looking for pics of Model X with tan interior and light headliner...

    We picked up our model X this week with tan seats and light headliner. We really like the combination. I was afraid that it would look too jumbled but the headliner is similar the the tan and goes with it quite well. My wife said that with her mild claustrophobia, that she could not ride in...
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    Post Initial Problems with the Model X

    Picked up my X yesterday. Fit and finish were great. Went to work and the Park setting would not engage and gave a warning that the car could move. By the time I got back with some rocks to put behind the wheels, the Park button began working! Going to get a small set of chucks to carry until...
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    Pearl White Exterior Model X Photos

    Wow, how many X's did you have in one place?
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    Clear protective film kits for the X

    Does xpel or any of the other wraps interfere with the radar sensors?
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    Model X Range

    Thanks for the info. This is the best that I have seen on TMC so far. Just got notified for final payment and should be picking up mine soon. We have hills in SC but our weather is more moderate. I just hope that I can come close to your Wh/mi !
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    Model X Range

    Roamer, on your trip from Nephi to Beaver, you show 100 miles at 457 Wh/mi. Was that a fairly constant 75 mph or a lower average speed. Just trying to get a feel for the energy usage at different speeds. Thanks.
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    Please help track QC problems - post build date and list of issues please

    You should have named your thread differently if you wanted a different thread.
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    Post Initial Problems with the Model X

    Thnaks for the feedback. This will help when I pick up mine. The bowed glass panels are things that I would not have thought to look at.
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    Post Initial Problems with the Model X

    Wise words. My 2 sons are as different as night and day. The first one will listen to reason and learn before making a mistake. The second one will only learn from the mistake. I don't have to worry about kicking the back of the seat. They are 29 and 31. It will be more about letting them...
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    Post Initial Problems with the Model X

    Wow, didn't expect that this would unleash such an in depth discussion on the appropriateness of discussing problems. I am happy for it to sink into oblivion if it doesn't serve a useful purpose. A number of initial problems had already been mentioned in separate threads on TMC, the official...
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    Post Initial Problems with the Model X

    With problems like these, looks like we do not need this thread! Sorry, not sure what I was thinking. Still hung over from New Years. Moderator, you can delete this thread, thanks.
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    Post Initial Problems with the Model X

    Model X's are starting to roll out (still waiting for mine). I have read about some early problems with FWD sensors, the drivers door not closing, paint drips, middle second row seat not working etc. Could you please post any initial problems with the X so that we can see if there are common...
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    2 Red X's delivered to Costa Mesa today!!

    Thanks for the Video. I ordered the Sig red and have been looking for a good post to ease my jitters about the color. Agree that the 22 wheels look awesome but had to go with 20's for range, ride and my bad driving (can't blame it all on the wife)!
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    Random Model X sightings

    I think that he has the white alcantara liner and that makes the seats look white in some angles.
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    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    Thanks Bonnie. Surprised you still have access to the Design Studio!
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    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    Could someone post tan seats with white headliner or light alcantara for comparison? Thanks.
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    70D deliveries starting H2/16

    Now you are just enjoying complaining and the feeling of "righteous indignation". Ever hear of the term, secondary gain?
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    70D deliveries starting H2/16

    Maybe I am not up to date on the current nomenclature since I live on the east coast. I thought that husband implied male (or identifies as one) , wife female (or identifies) and partner (or spouse) is gender neutral.
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    70D deliveries starting H2/16

    You sound like a little girl (assuming that you are a girl, otherwise read child) who did not get what she wanted in the way that she wanted. Crying.....But it isn't fair! Life isn't fair. Sometimes business is business. Maybe Tesla needs the additional cash from the more expensive models in...
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    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    You can put in a change order for a $500 fee. I don't know if you can put in all changes at one time for $500 or if it is $500 each. I would ask about that before cancelling the entire order.
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    Anyone want to trade 20 inch wheels for 22 inch wheels?

    I have a Sig X and get the 22 inch rims for "free" but I want the 20 inch standard rims (NOT the Helix ones). If anyone wants 22's and is willing to trade, I will be happy to split the difference. Let me know so that I can put in a change order since my current order is for the 20's. I live...
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    Anyone want to trade 20 inch wheels for 22 inch wheels?

    oops, sorry, wrong thread.
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    New X wheels...Helix

    Could they have made a mistake or they had to offer them as the base wheel because they have more of these in stock and they will switch the helix to the base when there are enough of them produced?
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    Stray Model X Production rationale posts

    I have been reading this thread primarily because the other threads are not very active and to see what kind of outrageous comments johnnyduval will make next. I am not sure if he is actively trying to be a troll or if he is not even conscious of what he is doing. Most trolls are looking for...
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    New X wheels...Helix

    The Production Order page shows a new wheel pattern, the Helix. I looks like the Signature choices were between the Base and the Turbine. I ordered the 20 inch rims thinking that I was only loosing about $2k and that I could pick up a used set of Turbines if I changed my mind later. The loss...
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    Why I am getting a Signature Tesla Model X

    Why am I getting a Sig X? 1-I will get an X sooner 2- Since it comes loaded, I do not have to convince my wife about getting something other than a stripped down X......Ludicrous speed, here I come!
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    Random Model X sightings

    Is that the Signature Red?
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    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    Excellent review of the event. Too long to be posted here in total. Not too difficult to click on the link. Even a 65 year old figured out how to do it!
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    5 days to decide between S and X

    Buy the S now and the X later!
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    Supercharger - Greenville, SC

    Ouch, didn't realize it was that far from Birmingham. Guess I better pull for Meridian!
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    Supercharger - Greenville, SC

    So when is Birmingham going to get an SC? Or maybe I can Sponge off of you on the way from Greenville to Jackson :)
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    Supercharger - Greenville, SC

    It is exciting to see a Tesla presence in Greenville. Now if they would put chargers in Birmingham and Jackson Miss so that I can visit my son!
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    Model X Founder Series - Facts

    The Titanium Founder car at the event had 20 inch rims.
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    New range estimate of 250? (9/14)

    Congrats Nigel. The EPA estimate is a combination of town and highway mileage and therefore uses the large rear motor a lot (even though the speed may be slower). Highway mileage alone hopefully will be better since the more efficient front motor will be used primarily (even with performance...
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    First road trip in your MX

    Visit my son in Jackson Mississippi.......No Wait, there is a big hole in the supercharger map centering on Mississippi. Which will come first, the X or the Supercharger!
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    Does it mean anything: Model X mule(s) show signs of opposite-side charge port?

    That is a wonderful idea. Place an output port on the right side so that we can daisy chain from one car to the next!
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    are the falconwings dangerous ?

    I closed the rear gate on my wife's head one time. Now THAT was dangerous. Hopefully Tesla will prevent me from doing something like that again.
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    Tesla X vs performance X

    The X will already have a lower range (assuming the same battery) due to it's greater weight and poorer aerodynamics than the S. I would like to have a performance X but am worried that the range hit for the performance model may not be worth the performance gain since either X will be slower...
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    Any Model X Reservations around Charlotte, NC?

    I live in Greenville SC and have x785 reservation. Just starting to get to know the Tesla owners in my area.
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    Model X Feature request thread - (to be seen by Tesla Motors and perhaps acted upon.)

    Tesla should mount cameras on the edge of the side mounted mirrors so that they look backward when the mirrors are folded back. That way the mirrors could be folded back during driving to allow for better aerodynamics, still have backward view and satisfy the regulators who have not approved...

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