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  1. albiefett

    Arachnids 21" Silver : Ready at Buena Park CA

    I was just notified that my Silver 21" Arachnids are ready for pick up/ installation. Although I am very tempted, I will not be using them, so wanted to offer them here. Includes TPMS, Center Caps, 4 wheels, 4 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires. They are at the Buena Park Service Center, and I...
  2. albiefett

    WTB Grey or Black 21" Turbines (Square)

    I may have a set ready to sell as well.. Do you mind a bit of curb rash? PM or post your price range...
  3. albiefett

    WTB RadioFlyer Referral Code

    PM me!
  4. albiefett

    Radio Flyer Model S for Kids

    Thanks for the offer, but not really needing an additional connector right now...
  5. albiefett

    Radio Flyer Model S for Kids

    I have a Radio Flyer Model S for Kids Redemption Code for Sale. Asking $400. PM if interested... THANKS!
  6. albiefett

    Telsa Kids Roadster

    I have a Radio Flyer TESLA for Kids Redemption Code available if you are still looking...
  7. albiefett

    Looking electrician reference in orange cunty, cA

    I used these guys... good work. George at WIRING SOLUTIONS. https://yelp.to/qTKq/py3o8jjo7J
  8. albiefett

    Carbon Fiber B Pillar panel overlays

    Very cool! Saw these at TMC Connect as well at the EVAnnex table, and nice to see the install trick. Me thinks me needs a set!
  9. albiefett

    Installing a Passport 9500ci radar detector / laser diffuser

    INstalled... with custom pods for the laser interceptors! sounds like something out of STAR WARS... not my car, but done by my customs guy in AL & Ed's in HB.
  10. albiefett

    Driving my Model S reminds me of playing Spy Hunter

    THat commercial is very cool... especially the way they transition from game to real cars driving. How does the handling and drive of your G8 compare to your Model S?
  11. albiefett

    Driving my Model S reminds me of playing Spy Hunter

    While I was cruising around the other day, I thought as cool and impressive as the handling and acceleration is, Ive felt this similar driving sensation before... I realized it was when I was just a pimply-faced teenager, I was at the local Golf-land Arcade, and I was playing this game...
  12. albiefett

    Vendor Blind Spot Detection System - *pics included

    I dont have the parking sensors installed... ive just been super cautious and try to give myself plenty of space. I am getting set to install the front view camera. the Goshers take a bit of time to get used to, and I have found they are becoming more and more accurate. I still look most of...
  13. albiefett

    Teslas in Seal Beach

    Howdy Leshore, Im probably the Blue P85 you saw on Ocean ... I live on 1st and often take the scenic route home when the weather is nice :cool: I have also seen the White Model S cruising around town, and theres a Black one thats interestingly often parked on the street on Central. Im...
  14. albiefett

    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    THis is GREAT news, and thanks so much for all the Updates and advice! I'm planning to make a quick cruise down there soon, grab me a Carne Asada Burrito from Pedro's in San Clemente, and charge my baby up! :tongue:
  15. albiefett

    Vendor Blind Spot Detection System - *pics included

    I have had problems with things creeping up on me in my Blind Spot, and so I had the Goshers system installed last week... I wasnt too crazy about the look of the internal "warts" or "nubs" as I like to call them, so had customs housings made. My custom guy put on a metal housing rim and...
  16. blindspot3


  17. albiefett

    Ground light on bottom of door

    Yes, i did order through opn2012, after finding them on EBAY. i asked about doing a BLUE with BLACK background, and they responded with the following: Hi,we just have the green and red in our stock , If you want to get the bule one ,we can custom for you,extra cost 30 usd for custom, about 20...
  18. albiefett

    Single Women Tesla Owners

    Thanks for the much needed point of clarification, Doug. :rolleyes: Here's a pic of my "M3" (aka "Manly Mazda Miata") I brought it to a driving event at Buttonwillow Raceway, along with about 40 other Miata owners. It was truly a blast, and I've tried to find similar events for the Model S...
  19. albiefett

    Ground light on bottom of door

    Very cool looking lights Rick! I also had Custom Puddle Lights installed recently (see below). But I went with the solo BLUE LOGO... I kinda like the Bat-Signal look! sorry pics aren't the best, as i didn't use a tripod either :wink:
  20. PuddleLite1


  21. PuddleLite2


  22. albiefett

    Single Women Tesla Owners

    Hey Shark, Love the Lashes on this Beauty! Maybe she was manufactured with it... Maybe it's Maybelline?
  23. albiefett

    Took Delivery Today!

    Congrats and Welcome Aboard!!! and great to hear your excitement. i dont think the "TESLA GRIN" ever goes away... looking forward to seeing you and your car at the OC meet-ups.
  24. albiefett

    Installing a Passport 9500ci radar detector / laser diffuser

    Here's another quick vid shot of an LED Mirror installed 9500ci on a Model S. done by JT and his team at Al&Ed's in OC... the Coolest thing is how he also installed the Control Module into the base of the Mirror itself!
  25. albiefett

    Model S 17" Touch Screen Computer

    another shot of what your 17" Touch Screen looks like, from the inside...
  26. albiefett

    Turning off 17" touch screen...

    YOU MUST ADD... http://www.teslatuner.com/2001__HAL.html
  27. albiefett

    Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 vs Pilot Super Sport - Opinions Please

    I just had PSS's installed on my rears today, replacing stock Conti's that were worn down to the fibers. So far feeling GOOD, running smooth and quiet, with no more fears of having a Blow-Out on the highway! I will also keep an eye on ongoing energy consumption, affect on range, and rolling...
  28. albiefett

    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    I have been driving in the Carpool Lane pretty regularly with my Stickers in place in the windows like this for about 2 months. Last weekend, "Officer Poncherello" pulled up behind me, then alongside, and gave me a long glare... I gave him a quick thumbs up, a big Tesla grin, and he went along...
  29. albiefett

    Comment by 'albiefett' in media 'HOV3'

    HOV 4 ME !!!
  30. HOV3


  31. HOV2


  32. HOV1


  33. teslatail


  34. albiefett

    Comment by 'albiefett' in media 'TeslaFett'

    the most notorious vehicle in the galaxy...
  35. TeslaFett


  36. Newrims


  37. albiefett

    How do you have your displays setup? (Touchscreen and Dash)

    Left: Music Right: Trips Top: Energy(PM)/Nav/Web Bottom: Music Right Scroll: Thumb Treadmill
  38. albiefett

    Feedback on Hankook 21s?

    Hey guys, thanks for all the follow up and feedback on these Hankook tires! I met up with my tire guy to make sure he could do it, and am about to purchase 4 of these from TireRack.com And if you act fast, there is an $80 REBATE on the purchase of 4...
  39. albiefett

    Carbon fiber rear spoiler on p85

    I was in the same situation, as im not such a high-end performance guy, and usually dont like the look of speed racer accessories. In the end i just got lazy and just left it on, although i thought about selling the spoiler after purchase... They are going for anywhere from $500-$800 on EBAY...
  40. albiefett

    Well..... I done done it! :-)

    she's a beauty! congrats and welcome to the club... the blue club!
  41. albiefett

    Front-rear camera touchscreen parking protection switch kit reservations

    Just purchased... Hope this helps to put us over the top! Thanks again to Rick and team. If there was a newer better cooler word for awesome, that's what you guys would be.
  42. albiefett

    DOCS---What specialty do you practice?

    Great idea GasDoc. and I can see it now... TESLA Model S - "Official Car of the American Medical Association"
  43. albiefett

    Post A Picture Of Your Car Charging

    Sweet Pics, PV! but i hate to tell ya, the PREDATOR called... and HE wants his CAM back! :)
  44. albiefett

    USB Song or Artist Selection

    thanks for this info kirkp! any luck in finding the "SHUFFLE" button? :)
  45. albiefett

    Post A Picture Of Your Car Charging

    it's a bit abstract, but it's charging...
  46. albiefett

    Comment by 'albiefett' in media 'ImChargeMe'

    it's a bit abstract, but it's charging...
  47. ImChargeMe


  48. PIX


  49. albiefett

    DOCS---What specialty do you practice?

    Pediatrics and Preventive Medicine. Also the Regional Medical Director of our group. BTW, my sales guy at the Fashion Island Newport Beach Tesla Shop tells me about 1/3 of buyers these days are Physicians!

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