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  1. Gvardaman

    Best SSD for TeslaCam?

    I think the glovebox port is a more recent addition (compared to some of the cars people have been discussing) and that is why it wasn’t mentioned. I would also prefer the glovebox as hidden and locked. i don’t have a drive yet, and have a question. In a MUSIC folder or partition, can you then...
  2. Gvardaman

    Vendor 3M Reimagines Tesla Exteriors as TMC’s Official Films Partner

    After several years, wrapping the car will make it feel like it is new or at least different, so hardly a waste, unless it peeled off very quickly. I tend to keep cars a long time, so being able to change the color appeals to me.
  3. Gvardaman

    Vendor 3M Reimagines Tesla Exteriors as TMC’s Official Films Partner

    Well, that is what I feared. Okay, maybe in a few years, more likely aft the car is paid off.
  4. Gvardaman

    Vendor 3M Reimagines Tesla Exteriors as TMC’s Official Films Partner

    So what would it cost (approximately) to do a color wrap of my model 3?
  5. Gvardaman

    Ford Announces Crate Motor for EV Conversions

    Definitely just the motor, but this is pretty cool! I mean, it looks good for Ford and they don’t have to deal with the speed controllers, batteries, etc. for a builder/maker/tinkerer, it’s a nice start to electrifying a vehicle. Peo have been making electric cars for decades, but using forklift...
  6. Gvardaman

    Pixar’s “Lightyear” 2022 animated film

    I can’t wait to see that!
  7. Gvardaman

    Aftermarket yoke steering wheel in Model 3

    I am surprised no one has mentioned the most compelling reason (perhaps the only reason, at all) to install the yoke to replace a stock steering wheel. The weight! Obviously, the yoke is lighter, but by how much? Anyone weigh them to compare? I am hoping to get some decent additional range out...
  8. Gvardaman

    Looking for a Gen 3 wall connector

    And… The big supercharger decal was gone when I went back to look for it. -(
  9. Gvardaman

    NJ ChargeUp Rebate Response

    Make a change to your order and call to see if it will actually change the order date? if so, In a few days, change it back to what you wanted originally and wait. if it doesn’t change the date, just place a new order in a couple of days? When did you place your original order? Good luck, I...
  10. Gvardaman

    MY delivery today - trying to decide if I should keep it

    Congratulations! Looks like a great car, besides the few tweaks you pointed out, obviously. Enjoy your new car, I bet those blemishes aren’t visible from inside while you are driving it! :cool:
  11. Gvardaman

    2021: Low Frequency Vibration

    We haven’t had a single issue with our M3, so far at least! I’ve also had good luck with VWs and BMWs, an Isuzu and bad luck with a Mini Copper S and a Subaru Forester. I think it is just luck, driving conditions and so many small random factors in many cases. Sorry you have had bad luck With...
  12. Gvardaman

    Vendor MY Lower Rear Door PPF Kits

    Will this fit on a model 3? Or, will you make a set for a model 3? please? :-)
  13. Gvardaman

    Need Powerwall

    I think Tesla has them for sale...
  14. Gvardaman

    Blog NHTSA Wants to Talk to Tesla About Half-Circle Steering Wheel

    I remember this same argument... “What? A horseless carriage? How will anyone ride it? Everyone knows you need reins if you expect to maintain control!” If the CT is self driving, it will make little difference. If not, it can have some kind of proportional control to make it perform.
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    Model S refresh steering wheel
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    Model S refresh steering yoke
  18. Gvardaman

    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    Well, at the quarterly financial report Elon said they were in production on the Model S now and would start delivering in February. I think if this were set in “the Fall” or “Q4” I would be dubious. That close? I’d say they will be delivering and they are okay with the steering yoke. Also, for...
  19. Gvardaman

    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    Yes, I love the look of it and expect it to be proportional, as mentioned above. I would love to try this out!
  20. Gvardaman

    Buying used Tesla from dealer free FSD

    When I was looking, prior to getting a model 3, the used inventory rep told me that they had added FSD to all of the inventory as an incentive to boost sakes at the end of the year. I looked again out of curiosity and saw that all the used cars that could have it, did. Maybe this will be the...
  21. Gvardaman

    How effective is active noise cancelling in a car?

    Very well! Most of the extraneous noise in a car is fairly constant; wind noise and the sound of the tires on the road are exactly the kinds of noise a noise canceling system is perfect at reducing or eliminating.
  22. Gvardaman

    How do we “tinker” with our Teslas?

    I don’t know, mine are in my wife’s purse.
  23. Gvardaman

    How do we “tinker” with our Teslas?

    That looks good, but how loud is it? Can you get dual pipes on a single motor m3?
  24. Gvardaman

    2021: Low Frequency Vibration

    Yep, me too. I was installing floor mats and heard it.
  25. Gvardaman

    Emblem Etch in PPF

    Replace that piece of PPF?
  26. Gvardaman

    Selling Model 3 Roof Racks - $350 OBO

    I’d this the OEM rack?
  27. Gvardaman

    Did you PPF your new Tesla?

    We got the white, so it won’t seem as bad, but I am convinced the front needs some protection. Now after seeing that pic, lppks like the rocker panels do too! I hate that feeling when you are driving along and hit a patch of gravel or sand and hear thousands of hits... it seems like they go...
  28. Gvardaman

    Vendor M14x1.5 grade 5 titanium lug nuts set of 20 that fit Tesla model S 3 X Y

    Titanium is is far stronger, pound-for-pound. So High grade stainless steel would be stronger, but weigh about twice as much. The specifics depend on whether the Titanium is an alloy or pure metal, and the metal you are comparing it with. The weight savings is the big benefit here since any...
  29. Gvardaman

    Did you PPF your new Tesla?

    Ok, so is “stealth” what people are calling the flat finish? That looks amazing. I remember when BMW started making cars with the “frozen” paint finish, which was more like frosted glass than f;at, but I really liked it. My wife and I discussed getting black instead of white for our m3. The...
  30. Gvardaman

    Did you PPF your new Tesla?

    Yes, Tesla paint is not great, but I find it to be average, not the worst. I plan to do the front as soon as I can, because I have done it on another daily driver and saw what a huge difference it makes. It is also about pride of ownership. If you plan to sell the car in a few years, maybe you...
  31. Gvardaman

    How do we “tinker” with our Teslas?

    Well, for example, on my Mini Cooper, I found a bank of switches from the European release that had an extra switch for the rear fog light, changed exhaust, springs and shocks, added upper stress bars, beefier sway bars, larger cold air intake, added a shelf for storage under the steering wheel...
  32. Gvardaman

    Looking for a Gen 3 wall connector

    Did they make a level 3 with the signature on it? Also, I love the “face” of the supercharger! Is that a vac formed piece? Did you make it? Also, what is the box on the left? Cool stuff.
  33. Gvardaman

    Vendor M14x1.5 grade 5 titanium lug nuts set of 20 that fit Tesla model S 3 X Y

    Do you mean the length for the studs is different?
  34. Gvardaman

    How do we “tinker” with our Teslas?

    Thanks for the link. I’ll look into them. The puddle lights are great! Now to figure out what to make!
  35. Gvardaman

    How do we “tinker” with our Teslas?

    I think that means the bottle is leaking... Awesome! Can you please post a picture of this? Also, do you mind sharing what it cost to get made? I have always died K&N filters, but can’t seem to find the right size! Same for Bosch platinum plugs.
  36. Gvardaman

    2018 M3 LR AWD with FSD

    Maybe just sitting on it a while longer will help, as FSD gets more developed, it will certainly add to the attractiveness and value of your car. None of my business, but have you looked tat trading it in to Tesla (or elsewhere?) That might help you get more of the ballpark (“lowballpark”?)...
  37. Gvardaman

    How do we “tinker” with our Teslas?

    Yes, that might work out very well!
  38. Gvardaman

    2018 M3 LR AWD with FSD

    Thank you for clarifying that! Great information. GLWS!
  39. Gvardaman

    FS: OEM 2020 Model 3 Sport Wheels no tires SoCal

    Yeah, I noticed the same thing, but didn’t know if it had to do with being a new member or something. Is there a deluxe version of this site that is paid or something? Tough to not have a mailbox here (or dm or pm, whatever).
  40. Gvardaman

    Vendor M14x1.5 grade 5 titanium lug nuts set of 20 that fit Tesla model S 3 X Y

    I love titanium, but can rarely afford it. Do these fit factory wheels? I know people get lug nuts in titanium for Porsches, I guess time will tell if Teslas get to the same level accessorizing. I would think so, since there are far fewer “things” to modify/change on these, compared to ICE cars.
  41. Gvardaman

    I need to know how to get parts to repair my model 3

    Just f.y.I. When I have had cars repaired in the past (non Tesla) waiting on parts has always been the longest part of the job. I remember having to wait so long once that the rental car from insurance ran out! I was able to get it extended, but still, must have been a month, at least. You...
  42. Gvardaman

    Free Model 3 Performance Coilovers and Dampers

    Oh, okay, let me find out who is closest and see if I can get them over to You!
  43. Gvardaman

    Vendor New Cubby Drawer

    Do you make parts for the model 3?
  44. Gvardaman

    Vendor The Multi Personalities of STEK DYNOmatt

    Looks great, what does it cost to cover a model 3?
  45. Gvardaman

    Free Model 3 Performance Coilovers and Dampers

    D’oh! Just too late. iIf that falls through (I.e. shipping is too high to Chicago) I would like to be next. I am in the 91505 zip code. Either way, very nice offer! Edit: oops, just realized you want pick-up only. I may have a friend up there who could pick these up, if they end up available...
  46. Gvardaman

    How do we “tinker” with our Teslas?

    The ball upgrade is great, have you noticed an increase in road noise? For the suspension stuff, since my wife also drives the m3, I know she would be miserable with the stuff I would like (better handling, stiffer ride)
  47. Gvardaman

    How do we “tinker” with our Teslas?

    Nice. I am not sure about how to go about upgrading the sound system.... As for the super capacitors, I had the same thought, hitting the motors with a timed burst over over-voltage. I was thinking it would work like a nitrous burst.

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