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  1. MichFin

    What should I do with my Model 3 reservtion

    I've been invited to order by Model 3 and it says 4 weeks for delivery. But since I placed my deposit I ended up leasing a Model X instead. I could order it and try to sell it? I could find someone and order it for them? I could just wait and use it when my lease expires? What do you guys...
  2. MichFin

    Insurance in Michigan

    I have a 2015 Model S 85D and I'm paying $995 for 6 months through Geico. I don't have any tickets or anything and neither does my wife. How does this compare with other Insurance carriers you might be using?
  3. MichFin

    Blasting into the future

    Missed by many is that Tesla will have over 20k cars on the road fleet learning with the fully autonomous hardware by the end of the year. That means around 20 million miles a month and growing every day. In the meantime Google and Uber are running a few dozen cars. These fleet learning...
  4. MichFin

    Picture of non-Tesla charging at supercharger

    IMG_0791 by MichFin posted Oct 3, 2016 at 11:56 AM I just charged up at the new Bay City, Michigan Supercharger and saw this.
  5. MichFin

    Is a Model S refresh a good thing or bad thing for existing owners

    Even though I bought my Model S early last year I knew that I was on the forefront of something big... real big. But I never gave it much though about eventually being a collectible until last year when I was looking for my second one on the CPO web site. I was looking at Tesla Model S with a...
  6. MichFin

    Model 3 to drive up Model S sales

    I really think with 200k pre orders in already it will be at least 2019-2020 before anyone that hasn't already ordered a model 3 gets their car. That's best case scenario. That being said I think people will move up rather than wait if they can.
  7. MichFin

    Cincinnati Model 3 event

    Is anyone planning on going to the store on the 31st?
  8. MichFin

    Autopilot in bad weather

    I was driving in fog and the warning comes up that autopilot is not available because of the fog but what I found frustrating is that cruise control was also unavailable because of the fog. I always put cruise control on for local roads so I don't accidentally speed. Also, you would think a...
  9. MichFin

    Key Fob Battery Low

    I got "Key Fob Battery Low" warning today after owning the car for 6 months. I've owned other cars with key fobs that are still going strong after 2+ years. What are other peoples experience?
  10. MichFin

    Service in Michigan

    Anyone in Michigan have service recently? Reading about the long wait times gives me service anxiety even though I haven't needed any service. Also, When I first got my car they came out to my house to fix a minor issue with the door mirror. Have they done away with service at your location?
  11. MichFin

    Ann Arbor grand opening

    I've never been to a grand opening of a super charger and wonder if I should go since I'm only 30 minutes away. The hard part is taking off work for a few hours. So my question is... Who's going to go On Monday 2pm? And... What should we expect it to be like?
  12. MichFin

    Detroit to Toronto anything to worry about?

    I'm heading out to Toronto from the metro Detroit Area and had a question Based on EV Trip planner it looks like I won't have any trouble going from Novi, Mi to the Woodstock supercharger. 2 hours and 23 minutes. Using 60.7 KWH It would take about 15 minutes longer to stop at the Comber...
  13. MichFin

    Will Model X come with autopilot 7.0

    I imagine Musk will want to showcase Model X next week with all the new autopilot features. So will Model X come of the assembly line with 7.0 autopilot features and if so then is Model S 7.0 release coming at the same time. I'm like a little kid before Christmas I just can't wait.
  14. MichFin

    Luxury car makers are so screwed

    As we've seen in the news the luxury car makers are rolling out their electric cars in the Frankfurt auto show that will compete with the Tesla Model S. Problem is that they are going after the Model S and the Model X and most of these cars are just concept cars. The true killer is not the...
  15. MichFin

    Thanks for the help

    I was driving back home from Cincinnati this weekend and as we came up I-75 navigation had us stopping at Dayton. The problem is Dayton is 8 miles west of I-75 so that's at least 15 minutes out of our way. But the next super charger would get us there with only 5% battery which is cutting it...
  16. MichFin

    Badge of Honor

    ​As I was traveling to Cincinnati this weekend we stopped at a couple superchargers we've never visited before. I realized that as silly as it sounds going to a completely new supercharger gives me a feeling of accomplishment and adventure. I listed out the superchargers we've visited in the...
  17. MichFin

    Charge port problem

    About 20-30% of the time that insert a charger into my MS I get a charge error and many times I don't get the error when I'm inserting it but rather late at night when the delayed charging kicks in. . I had my car serviced to a mirror issue and I had the tech check about the charging issue...
  18. MichFin

    My road trip experience and why the future of EV's depends on it getting better

    I'm a new Tesla owner and I've had my car for about 1 month and put 1800 miles on it. I took it for a road trip for the fourth of July weekend and prepared my route on EV Trip planner. I coordinated with the hotel to plug in while I was there and also used on board navigation to get me going...
  19. MichFin

    New 85 D problems charging

    I've had my 85D for a couple weeks now and on at least 3-4 days the car did not charge overnight. Also, sometimes when I plugin I sometimes get errors. lastly I've set the amps to 40 in the car controls but when I get back in the car I see it at 30 amps. I have a dedicated 100 amp electric...
  20. MichFin

    Road Trip newbie

    I'm planning my first road trip for the 4th of July weekend and I need to know realistically how much wiggle room is enough. For example I'm using EV Trip Planner and my first leg is 176 miles 69.4 KWH using a 1.15 speed multiplier and 600 lbs (overestimating 4 people and some stuff). another...
  21. MichFin

    XPEL Wrap

    Paint Chips I'm completely redoing this thread because I'm not getting response from the people I want to hear from. Tell me you paint chip stories... Is this car more, less or the same as any other car resisting paint chips.
  22. MichFin

    To chademo or not to chademo

    I'm getting my 85D tomorrow and as the date approaches I'm thinking about what I need to get for it. I've been contemplating getting the chademo adapter but when I look on plugshare it seems where there is a chademo there usually is a super charger nearby. Also, would like to hear real world...
  23. MichFin

    Tesla in Michigan

    I bought my 85D and I'm waiting for delivery but I saw recently that Tesla is pushing for direct sales to Michigan laws to be changed. FTC urges Michigan to drop Tesla sales ban My question is who should I contact to make it knows that we want Tesla here in Michigan. Because of this stupid...
  24. MichFin

    Would you pay for privately owned superchargers?

    I ordered my 85D for June delivery and I'm totally excited. But the more I think about it and look at the map these superchargers are very limiting. I also read lots of posts about crowded superchargers or having to go out of the way. So my question to all of you is would you pay for a...

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