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  1. RonKorakas

    The savings from daily driving a Cheapo car vs new Model 3 devaluation

    So, I guess this is PART 2 of the other popular thread I wrote about 6 months ago. Link here: The savings from giving up your Tesla... In this new predicament, I wanted to weigh out what would be better: Daily driving my Brand New Tesla Model 3 OR buying a Cheapo old car for this specific...
  2. RonKorakas

    Any tips on cleaning the gray interior liner?

    I just got my Model 3 back from the shop, and there was black residue of some sort on the liner. It looked like electrical tape residue. I didn't know what it was, so I stupidly tried to clean it with a towel, and I got most of it off. But there's still some light spots and I'm afraid to use...
  3. RonKorakas

    Bad Service Center Experience

    This is the second time I've had to deal with my local Service Center (Austin, TX), and it's 0 for 2 now. I just bought a brand new Model 3, about 2 months ago (this is my 4th Tesla). and I had to contact them once for a weird Vibration/Buzzing that was occurring under the front console. I came...
  4. RonKorakas

    Where is the vibration from Loud Music coming from/is it worth looking into fixing?

    After "blasting" some music, I noticed a little, normal, "you're-playing-music-too-loud" vibration, coming from the Passenger door-area. I used to do some dampening a long time ago, for cars I had outfitted with a big woofer and such. But this is a brand new car, and I don't want to mess with it...
  5. RonKorakas

    Does anyone know how/if you can have the "Charging Complete" screen not come up automatically after entering car?

    I know the title is a little screwed up. Basically, every time I get in my Model 3 (2022), in the mornings, after having charged overnight, the "Charging" screen on the menu automatically comes on and stays on, regardless of whether I drive out, or turn on the radio, or back up. There's no...
  6. RonKorakas

    Strange Vibration after getting in, before Pressing Brake Pedal - anyone else experience this?

    Hello, So today I had something VERY strange happen. I've owned 4 Teslas - 2 Model S's and 2 Model 3's - and I have NEVER heard anything close to what I heard today. I just bought a brand new Model 3, about 3 weeks ago. It has only 450 miles. Standard. It has been a little cold where I live...
  7. RonKorakas

    The "savings" from giving up your Tesla (under Loan) for a Cheap, old car, paid off

    So, I bought a brand new '19 (July Build) Model 3, Standard Plus, Autopilot, White on White. LOVED the car. However, I got it under a Car Loan. The total of the Monthly Payment, including Insurance, was $663.00. So, after a year and a half of owning it, I thought my lack of driving and lack of...
  8. RonKorakas

    2019 Model 3 SR+, AP, 5400 miles - $$??

    Hi. I'm considering selling my Model 3. But I am not sure what a fair asking price is. Yes, I have looked around, but the selling prices vary too much, on too many factors. I've noticed that the more informed the website is (like this one, or other Tesla club sites), the Lower the price will be...
  9. RonKorakas

    Anyone interested in buying my reservation?

    So I stood in line for about 2 1/2 hours, while I ditched work, to reserve my Model 3. Unfortunately, that was back when I actually had a good income and hadn't gotten screwed over by 3people in my life that would ultimately put me in the worst economic time of my life, as a single parent of...
  10. RonKorakas

    Thinking of getting these these wheels. Thoughts?

    I'm thinking about getting these to replace my 19". I used to be a BMW guy, so, these would be an homage, and a dream to get these legendary wheels for my Tesla. Now, I would NOT consider myself a connoisseur on wheels, but I believe, from what I've researched, that these will fit fine in the...
  11. RonKorakas

    HPWC Professional Installation - anyone get it?

    Has anyone installed the HPWC professionally? I'm buying one, and I'm pretty sure I can install it myself, saving hundreds of dollars. I installed, successfully, the Nema 14-50 box in my garage, with no issues at all. But the HPWC doesn't seem as simple as the 14-50. I just don't want to pay...
  12. RonKorakas

    19" cyclone - dark grey or matte black

    Hey. Looking for a set of 19" cyclone wheels either the dark grey or matte black. I think They are only available through TST. But if anyone has a set they want to sell, or trade, let me know. I have the OEM 19. -Ronnie.
  13. RonKorakas

    Dual Color (body and roof)....Tacky or Cool?

    I did this to one of my old BMWs, and it looked awesome. Pretty much giving, for example, my Black Tesla (no Pano) a Silver paint job, and leave the top black. It looks great on other cars, but would this be tacky because it would be like "pretending" you have a Pano roof?? -Ronnie
  14. RonKorakas

    Aftermarket spoiler - Tacky or cool?

    Trunk Boot Spoiler Unpainted Gray Primer Wing Fit for Tesla Model s 2012 2015 | eBay What do you think. Yes, your opinion DOES matter, because you will be the biggest and fairest judges of anyone driving a Model S. Other people don't know any better. I could stick a dildo on top of the car...
  15. RonKorakas

    2013 Model S 60kWh

    2013 Model S 60kWh >Hey guys. I'm actually opening up this thread to get a quote from YOU, the knowledgeable community. I haven't been on here for too long, but in the short time I have noticed that this is not a seller's market. Any and every ad to sell a car here gets grilled by...
  16. RonKorakas

    Tesla gear shop - charger price markdown

    Who's excited about the dual charger markdown!!??.....I know I am. I'm ordering mine as we speak. FINALLY, not spending $4000 to be able to charge at 80amp. And how about this thing: Premium Rear Console (for the back seat) - $600 I think it's pretty cool. I might get it.
  17. RonKorakas

    Need a car!!

    Hey there. Finally selling my car at a great price. And I'm looking for the replacement. Here's what I need. ANY year. 60kWh WITH all the fixings. Sunroof, tech package, dual charger. Any mileage will do AS LONG as it has all the fixings. OR Any year. 85kWh, Don't really care about the...
  18. RonKorakas


    I desperately need a High Power Wall Connector. Sorry, but I will not buy your faulted 99A or 99B one. I'm willing to pay up to 75% retail. Appreciate your help, thanks. -Ronnie
  19. RonKorakas

    RECHARGE Shirt (for EV Vehicles)

    RECHARGE Shirt (for EV Vehicles) "This is how I recharge" Shirt In black All sizes available. Women's T available. Free shipping to everyone here, regardless of how many you buy. -Ronnie List Date: 3/6/2015 For more info, click here to view the original listing: RECHARGE Shirt...
  20. RonKorakas

    DIY: iPhone to Micro USB cable swap.

    So, I asked about this a couple of weeks ago, about swapping the iphone cable to a Micro USB since ( I have some sense) and don't own an iphone. Nobody had a straight answer, so, I took it upon myself to just take a chance and meddle with it. The process is surprisingly easy and quick. HOWEVER...
  21. RonKorakas

    Buying a used second charger.

    Buying a used second charger. I want to add a Dual Charger to my single charger S. But, I'm not too thrilled about paying $3600. What about buying one off of a salvaged vehicle. Even it it does check out as...
  22. RonKorakas

    Swapping Center Console for Micro USB plug instead of Iphone one.

    Is this something I can do easily and cheap?? Or do I really need to buy the console and sell mine?? If so, anyone have the Android one, and wants to trade, let me know. I haven't tried poking around and meddling with it, but it looks like a fairly simple project. Thoughts??
  23. RonKorakas


    Looking for a HPWC. Don't want to pay $750 for it. Anyone have one I can buy off of you for cheap (er)??? Don't care how old it is, or worn out, as long as it does what it's supposed to. -Ronnie
  24. RonKorakas

    Buying a used second charger.

    I want to add a Dual Charger to my single charger S. But, I'm not too thrilled about paying $3600. What about buying one off of a salvaged vehicle. Even it it does check out as mint, any reasons why I shouldn't do this? I'm not sure, but every time I've asked my service center to help me out...
  25. RonKorakas

    19" Wheels and Tires ** $999 INCLUDING SHIPPING + Paypal Fee **

    19" Wheels and Tires ** $999 INCLUDING SHIPPING + Paypal Fee ** One set of 4 Tesla , 19" Wheels, Silver, Original Design. 4 Center Caps 4 Tires (TMPS not included) HOW: The condition of the wheels are just used. I'm not gonna try to blow smoke up your a$$. They are the original wheels...
  26. RonKorakas

    Need X 2 21" Turbine Charcoal Gray Wheels

    Hi. I need two Charcoal Gray Turbine Wheels. Used or new. No rush, so, if you're waiting to buy your own different set, I can wait. I am willing to pay up to 75% of retail value, which is $1100. So, I won't pay any more than $750 a pop (for new ones). Please be reasonable. All help...

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