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  1. tander

    Powering house with a Tesla during blackout?

    Looking at options to power house during power outages, of course there is a power wall but we already have a model y with a big battery, is there a way to rig that up?
  2. tander

    BioWeapon Defense Mode Hack For Wildfire Smoke

    So I'm in a certain area that has a lot of wildfires and some of the worst air in the world last week. Not good for people especially those in sensitive populations. I had thought that when you get in your car, you put on recirculate air, and then you've got pretty decent air. But after a 2 hour...
  3. tander

    Should biohazard defense mode be a standard safety feature?

    So I happen to live in an area that apparently has the worst air quality in the world right now (from wildfires) and was thinking that the biohazard defense mode (or maybe just call it something more boring) really ought to be just a standard safety feature on every car, Tesla or not, even when...
  4. tander

    How long till Cyber Truck on Moon or Mars?

    Just wondering if anybody else has been wondering when/if we'll see a Cyber Truck in space sometime? More priceless marketing for Tesla for sure. Guessing it would need some major modifications, maybe a light weight version? But at least they've got the whole not needing air to run thing figured...
  5. tander

    Teslas appreciating after autopilot, how will that work?

    As I understand it, Teslas might appreciate once they complete Autopilot. Will they appreciate? How done will Autopilot have to be? Will it be significant? Will it be fairly long term or just sort of a blip until other systems/retrofits come online? Will older Tesla's that don't have it...
  6. tander

    What get's downgraded to get to a 35K Model 3?

    Just pricing out a model 3, and right now the cheapest is at 46k. If they are going to sell one for 35k obviously the battery is going to have to have less range (software limited or physically?). But is a lower range battery really going to make up for the 11k difference? Are they going to...
  7. tander

    What cool secret projects is Tesla working on?

    Was just thinking about what kind of cool stuff Tesla is working on and thought it might be a fun thread. I've been wondering what ever happened with the submarine Bond car Musk bought and if the Tesla truck or something will incorporate water/air tight seals for water fording or something. I'm...
  8. tander

    Tips to teach 86 year old Grandma how to drive model 3

    I've been wanting to get my Grandma into a model 3, mostly for the autopilot and eventual self-driving/safety features. Hopefully if she's lucky she'll never have to give up driving, a car is a real necessity for her. Her current car is a 2003 ice and I'm not sure she even uses the cruise...
  9. tander

    Off road versions of x/y

    Just wondering if anyone has heard or thinks Tesla might do off road versions of x or y. My guess is never or not for a long time, might be too nichey for now and they'll just wait for the truck. But I was thinking it'd be cool if they did off road packages. X could make a killer off-roader if...
  10. tander

    Autopilot Safety: 2-3x safer than average really safer?

    So I listened to a recent Musk quote about self-driving () and he said that Autopilot should be 2-3x safer than the avg driver. 2-3x safer sounds pretty great, sign me up. But I'm wondering if that's really that good? The reason is if most people are good drivers that rarely get into accidents...
  11. tander

    Carbon Credits but for NOX?

    Just purchased carbon credits for the first time this year. They don't really solve the problem imo but it seems like a nice small thing to do. Anybody heard of something like that but for other emissions like NOX? At a local level those are a lot more important to me than carbon.
  12. tander

    Driver's License for Legally Blind (Autopilot)

    So I keep telling my Grandpa that it might not be that far away that he could be driving again (getting to and from the car of course is another issue). I know there is some controversy with Autopilot, but I'm of the opinion that "mostly" self-driving will be relatively soon. I know lot's of...
  13. tander

    Are any other auto-makers doing updates like Tesla?

    I've been keeping up with Tesla much more-so than any other auto-maker and was thinking about how it's pretty cool how Tesla is doing software updates and can honestly claim to make your car better with time to some extent. Got me thinking are there any other makers doing the same thing? I've...
  14. tander

    What happens to SCTY options?

    Somebody was talking about buying SCTY LEAPS in another thread, and it made me wonder if anyone has an idea of what will happen to them assuming the merger goes through? I'm guessing that sort of depends on the details of the deal but do they turn into TSLA options, get bought out?
  15. tander

    How Long Till Solar Powered Car?

    So a while ago Toyota had a Prius where you could get a solar roof panel. How long until someone has meaningful solar charging with panels or photo-voltaic paint or something (guessing it will be a decade or more before it could be relied on a sole charging source)?
  16. tander

    Will the Gigafactory really be "Sustainable" ?

    A buddy of mine just finished his MBA with a focus on "Sustainability", I get a kick out it because to me the term is just the current buzzword for good long-term business practices, same as they have always been. As a Tesla investor and general EV/solar/earth-loving sustainability fan I'm...
  17. tander

    Quality Control

    Been thinking about all those airbag recalls. Seems like manufacturing anything is pretty hard, and when they are as complicated as cars, the actual effort of making that many of something so complex is pretty impressive...as long as the quality is good. It seems like Tesla has been raising the...
  18. tander

    What is the makeup of a typical 18650 battery?

    Hi all, this is probably a silly question, but I was thinking about the gigafactory etc. and I realized I don't really even know what goes into an 18650 (which is terrible because I even remember seeing a video of the battery assembly gizmo machine Tesla uses). I know that they can differ...
  19. tander

    Model X self-driving on freeways?

    So this might not be a surprise to other people, but it sure was to me when I heard Musk say "So I think we are making some really good progress on the autopilot side, and I am confident that in less than a year you will be able to go from highway on ramp to highway exits without touching any...
  20. tander

    Musk And Rive CPUC Feb 27

    So this is about 2 hours long, but between Musk and Lyndon Rive (SolarCity) and the California Public Utilities president, there is some pretty enlightening discussion ranging from regulation, Gigafactory, Tesla, SolarCity: CPUC Video Stream Some highlights:Thought Leaders: Elon Musk Lyndon...
  21. tander

    Supercharging for Model E?

    Hi all I was just thinking about how the supercharging will work going forward and I've never heard them talk about whether it will be enabled for Model E or not? Seems like it would have to turn into a massive system when there are hundreds of thousands or millions of Teslas on the road rather...
  22. tander

    Roadster as a collector's item battery care?

    Hi all, I was just thinking about how fun it would be to get a roadster for the summer, which got me thinking about how they are probably great collector's items considering that they are the first few thousand cars of a company that will eventually make millions. But has anyone thought about...
  23. tander

    Model S as a ski car?

    So I have seen the winter driving videos and heard from people in my area (the NW U.S.) about how the MS does in winter conditions, and it sounds like it's pretty much the best rear wheel drive car out there in terms of traction (assuming snow tires). Now I'm sure that for most people getting...
  24. tander

    Tesla Texas Bills

    I've been trying to follow how things are going with the Texas bills for Tesla to workaround dealership laws. Tesla Motors Inc. : Poll From Austin Business Journal Shows Overwhelming Public Support for Tesla Motors Selling Electric Cars Direct to Consumers in Texas It seems like Tesla doesn't...
  25. tander

    Model S Factory Capacity?

    Hello all, So I was just thinking about the factory capacity for the Model S. Obviously it seems like the media has been pretty obsessed with the monthly rate of production, and I have seen the National Geographic Megafactories video, and I understand that the factory has a lot of room to...
  26. tander

    Will A Capital Raise Cause The Stock To Go Up Or Down?

    From the last conference call it sounded like they were seriously considering doing a capital raise this year, which I think is a good idea whether it's 30M or 150M. I automatically assume that would cause the stock to go down because of dilution concerns etc., but for for me it actually makes...
  27. tander

    Fast-Charging Corridor

    So for a variety of reasons I was thinking about how important it could be for Tesla to get the fast-charging corridor up and running and of course to do it well, and I recall it being alluded to several times by Tesla spokesmen. Aside from hearing that it will open up the California I-5 areas...

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