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  1. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Harris Ranch, CA - Expansion (under construction Apr 2022, 80 stalls)

    This second video Fiver posted shows a clueless KSBY reporter not aware that Tesla pulled off a stunt that NO ONE ELSE POSSIBLY COULD. What made the difference? I-5 at the Grapevine was closed due to snow. In a truly heroic act Tesla set 8 additional Supercharger ports on top a 18 wheel...
  2. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Santa Maria, CA (LIVE 18 May 2022, 20 V3 stalls)

    Anyone been by recently for a status check (and maybe posting some new photos)?
  3. Ron95030

    First EV Road Trip 700+ Miles Roundtrip - Some Observations

    I agree, and the reduction in range may have been the wet pavement. Using 30 mile averaging on the energy display, traveling 75-78 with Nav on Autopilot we found only a few stretches where consumption even approached 300 Wh/mile. YMMV ;)
  4. Ron95030

    Excellent Tesla Service

    We drove from the Bay Area to Portland last weekend, and were greeted by 3 inches of unseasonable snow Monday morning! A 3" heavy layer on the car & the streets were filled with deep traffic ruts of smooshed slush. But it was piled over 6" deep in the lanes where tires hadn't rolled. Adding...
  5. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Jackson, CA (LIVE 5 Nov 2020, 8 V3 stalls)

    Does anyone know if there a standard SAE J-1772 plugs available at this site, as there are in some Bay Area locations?
  6. Ron95030

    Voice Commands after V11 update

    Can someone please point me at a list of voice commands that have worked prior to v11 rollout? Ron
  7. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Greenfield, CA (LIVE 15 Dec 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    It's open! Arrived around 3:15 pm pix later. Another 3 also joined me, all good!
  8. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Firebaugh, CA (I-5 / West Panoche Rd, LIVE 13 Nov 2020, 56 V3 stalls)

    The Tesla.com site shows it as 56. Perhaps they are adding the RV spots in there too??? The Electrify America spots are across the street... Dunno.
  9. Ron95030

    Whats it like to own a Tesla in Los Angeles with no access to a charger at home?

    My early 'S' has 116,5XX miles on it, and has been supercharged for 95% of them. West coast travel mainly, with a few trips into Tx and CO. At 105,000 my battery was 3.5% degraded. I was told at the service center to "keep doing what I have been". My linear projections work out the 20%...
  10. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Greenfield, CA (LIVE 15 Dec 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    Thanks fr scouting it out. I suspect the high heat has a bit to do with slow progress, will check tomorrow fr signs of activity...
  11. Ron95030

    Keycard cracked, vehicle stuck

    Try setting the key over the lower edge of the windshield on the passenger side. IIRC, they used a passive resonant circuit as a backup if the battery died on it (fob). Don't know if this feature was carried forward since those early cars were built into later models...
  12. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Greenfield, CA (LIVE 15 Dec 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    As twice a month Santa Barbara travelers, we're really pleased to see Greenfield go in. Ever since spring '13 we've been making stops at the V1 in Atascadero. Salinas was a welcome addition in Oct. '18. and after that Xmas '19 I-5 shutdown (snow) fiasco with a huge 50+ car queue in SLO this...
  13. Ron95030

    Bonnie, Don't know if you recall Tom Dowling (Folsom) or not. Just wanted to let you know he...

    Bonnie, Don't know if you recall Tom Dowling (Folsom) or not. Just wanted to let you know he passed two weeks ago. I believe you had interactions with him in the early days with Jack Bowers. BR, Ron Freund
  14. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Dickinson, ND

    Yup, new installation versus repair work...Love some of these videos depicting utility work. Here's one from an effort in Canada:.
  15. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Dickinson, ND

    a link might be nice! ;)
  16. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Dickinson, ND

    Happy November - it's getting to the time where nobody wants to be outside very long. Anybody got an update? -R
  17. Ron95030

    Hi LIghtfoot3b, Can we connect to discuss SC'ing and travel in ND? I have a special request I'd...

    Hi LIghtfoot3b, Can we connect to discuss SC'ing and travel in ND? I have a special request I'd like to bounce off you. I've asked another ND forum member as well. Ron Freund
  18. Ron95030

    Off Road?/Altitude--Colorado Mountains?

    As mentioned, that's why the PPIHC (Pikes Peak International Hill Climb) event record was set by an EV last year. Volkswagen and their ID.R did a nice job! Driven by Romain Dumas in 2018.
  19. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Rockaway NJ

    Perhaps someone should prepare a gasoline filling hose for this event? The filler nozzle on one end, the threaded fitting to the pump on the other end. Place a cut right at the middle point, then install two hose barbs on either end. To make it re-usable place an inexpensive piece of vinyl...
  20. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Carlsbad, CA (7710 El Camino Real, LIVE 27 Sep 2018, 26 urban stalls)

    For some unknown reason, I now can see those photos. Thanks to whomever... Time to re-count and reassess!
  21. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Carlsbad, CA (7710 El Camino Real, LIVE 27 Sep 2018, 26 urban stalls)

    Trying to visualize this site: looks like the transformer and the SC cabinets will be located on the lower level. They will plumb the conduit such that only the DC runs to the pedestals on the upper level. I think I'm seeing (in my minds eye) 8 stalls against the RHS embankment, and another...
  22. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Carlsbad, CA (7710 El Camino Real, LIVE 27 Sep 2018, 26 urban stalls)

    Are we truly sure it's PVC? Could it be Intermediate metal conduit (IMC) and just look like PVC from the distance observers were standing at?
  23. Ron95030

    Your Top 5 Anticipated Supercharger Locations

    I can loudly hear the call for more San Diego county sites. Watching closely if the Carlsbad locations get finished in the next month. They'be been on the books for a long time. With the number of drivers living in San Diego county, it's pretty amazing there aren't more installed there. New...
  24. Ron95030

    Model S P85 Signature Dec 2012, CPO warranty remaining, Pano roof, 2 jump seats, Air suspension

    Something to consider => watermark your photos with Acrobat so that you can track their usage. Use your orlando-model-s user name... see if that slows the scammers down a bit! ;) Good luck!
  25. Ron95030

    Warning, horrible tesla certified bodyshop in south bay

    Sorry - I've had excellent service and perfect results on two separate occasions in 2015 and in 2017. No complaints. Remember - YMMV.
  26. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Atascadero, CA (8 V2 stalls)

    Yup. I've been using this site about every two - three weeks on Friday and Sunday afternoons since it opened in March of 2013. Ever since the Thanksgiving Weekend of 2015 - we notice more and more traffic increases between 2 and 6 PM. Now there are frequently waits encountered. This past...
  27. Ron95030

    Anyone going to the Cupertino National Drive Electric Wk Sat. 9/16?

    @SMAIset - I'll be there and can answer all your GM EV-1 questions. My S is filthy and I'll be driving a just washed legecy 2002 Toyota RAV4EV. Come look me up at the Registration Booth area. (We'd like to get you registered for the stats collectors at NDEW. Ron95030
  28. Ron95030

    Bonnie, We have a dilemma that I ask for your assistance with. Could you help identify some...

    Bonnie, We have a dilemma that I ask for your assistance with. Could you help identify some Roadster owners in the greater South Bay Area? I'd like to invite them to join our Historic EV display at DeAnza College in Cupertino this weekend. Cud u provide emails of 4-5 owners to ask about...
  29. Ron95030

    Diarmuid O'Connell VP buss. Dev. Tesla on everything from Roadster to G3

    Agree, an excellent post! +1 for Calvin.K Diarmuid (pronounced like 'pyramid') is one of TM's "secret weapons" who served as an early company spokesperson during the Calif Air Resources Board (CARB) hearings in March and May 2007 in San Diego and Sacramento. The model 'S' was only 'a glimmer...
  30. Ron95030

    Tesla Model S UMC cut open and modified to J1772

    Tony, the schematic symbol for S3 is wrong. You have a normally open symbol, but since it's normally closed and the depression of the switch adds 330 ohms to the circuit; you should place the 'bar' to the right of the two black dots (closer to R7). How's that for pickiness! ;) Sorry! -Ron...
  31. Ron95030

    Charging at Hotels

    Rob, you are so right. Just a few phone calls, some luck and time is all that it takes. I would hope that someone would organize a mailing campaign to B&B's and desireable hotels in a region of interest and send out a request to electrify, along with useful information on what's involved. No...
  32. Ron95030

    Preventing battery damage from road debris

    You're right, this is not simple to compare the two. The Roadster had 6831 cells, divided into 11 sheets with 9 blocks each, all liquid cooled, in back. The S has 7008, divided into 16 modules with a very similar number of cells per block but mounted down low. -R
  33. Ron95030

    Supercharger - Darien CT Rest Area

    I realize this thread is more about locations than technical stuff - but for the record, let's quickly move into the 21st century. There will be no 30% loss for some power factor as EVERYONE building switch mode power systems today at these power levels is acutely aware that power factor...
  34. Ron95030

    Kicked Out of a Motel for Charging at 12 Amps

    @yobigd20: did you leave a contact card on your dash with a cell number to text or call? Whoever did the unplugging was malicious, no doubt. And you might invite further scorn with a midnight call... but perhaps you turn off your phone at night. I'm just curious.
  35. Ron95030

    Too many fender benders

    And this, folks, is why they offered that adjustable ride height which comes with the air suspension option. But you all knew that! :biggrin::rolleyes: - - - Updated - - - Russell, try coming out of the western exit of Moscone Center garage some time. With our long wheelbase you'll really need...
  36. Ron95030

    EV friendly hotels: Portland?

    I learned that Hotel 50, has a pair of BLINK units. Beware, I nearly got screwed there. I called ahead, confirming that they had a J-plug based EVSE, and there was valet parking for guests. On the first night, I arrived after having been told that I could park overnight at the hotel and charge...
  37. Ron95030

    Superchargers need a sales associate

    This was just a random gathering of folks en-route to wherever they were going just after noon on the 7/4th. The temps were 97 degrees and most of us were gone within an hour. Initially, upon arrival, the 3 southern most SC units were not delivering power. After walking over to the big green...
  38. Ron95030

    New level 2 charger at UVA Garage, Charlottesville

    I believe that 184V is barely within the acceptable window of tolerable voltage for a 208V 40 A circuit. Perhaps some one should go to the facilities people at UVA and complain. The breakers are set for 80% of the wire rating, but they either used an unusually long run of wire and/or too thin...
  39. Ron95030

    artsci's Model S modifications

    I'm pretty certain this is simply a air pressure release for the frunk lid closure. With a tight weather strip around the perimeter of the lid, that final inch of compression when closing the lid (supposed to be done with TWO hands, per my DS) would result in an air pressure buildup which could...
  40. Ron95030

    Total Mileage Thus Far

    I did 700 miles in the first three days, but took a couple of weeks to hit 1000 back in December...
  41. Ron95030

    Firmware 4.3 - basic charging scheduling

    For California folks, here is a good website with current demand and forecast peaks: http://www.caiso.com/Pages/default.aspx (the CA ISO is in Folsom and does much of the regulation based on our generation statewide). Underneath the 25GW number, click on 'Supply & Demand' for a good 24 hours...
  42. Ron95030

    Borrowing your Tesla Model S in San Francisco on the 21st?

    Hi Sean, May I suggest that you check out 'GetAround' http://www.getaround.com/. I believe you can ask for Jessica, and she may be able to steer you towards a willing party or already have someone lined up. I saw a black one up there going for $25/hr. Good luck! Ron
  43. Ron95030

    Please Enter Access Code

    I recall sitting in an early white beta model at the Menlo store during early 2012, with a store manager, who pressed and held the big 'T'. There was no password at that time. IIRC, I soon saw a large graphic display of the battery layout, with each cell having what looked to be an identifier...

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