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  1. Cowby

    Tesla Model S OEM 21 Gray Front Arachnid

    didn’t know they come in grey?
  2. Cowby

    WTB 21” Black Arachnid Wheel & Tire Set for 2012-2020 Model S (Georgia)

    interested in square setup arachnids? If so, txt me @ 7703313926. No trades tho.
  3. Cowby

    Supercharger - Valdosta GA

    Ha! ran across this thread looking at the Valdosta supercharger. I agree it's too dangerous to get down to 10% once the cars have gotten over 50k miles on them!...and that's on S,3, and X. I used to be able to trust the Guessometer and run the car down to 1% if needed, but no more. I now try to...
  4. Cowby

    Model S Founders (#15)

    Didn’t Jurvetson get Founders #1? Side note, I’d take 1 mil for my F11 if there’s a Saudi Prince lurking around here...lol
  5. Cowby

    21" Referral Arachnid Wheels - Satin Black

    Please Pm me if you still have the spacers and willing to part with these only.
  6. Cowby

    Partial Swap: Silver 21" Arachnid Wheels

    Lectric_Agent is correct....my original 21” turbines are square setup
  7. Cowby

    Partial Swap: Silver 21" Arachnid Wheels

    Alternatively, i can sell you 2 fronts that have curb rashes with tires....used a bit and place in storage so don’t know how bad they are...lemme know if you’re seriously interested in these and I’ll check my storage.
  8. Cowby

    Partial Swap: Silver 21" Arachnid Wheels

    I’ll trade you my 2 fronts for your 2 rears....i only want the rim....no tires or tpms needed....mine are in pristine condition in box so yours has to be completely blemish free
  9. Cowby


    Yes and no....it came after i left Cali....typical Tesla, lol....will have to retrieve next time or have whomever meet my brother to get it.
  10. Cowby

    Tesla Offer Model 3/Y Frunk Group Buy

    I sent u a pm...in for 1-2
  11. Cowby

    Model 3 Roof Rack - New

    It won’t work on the Y? Different part number?
  12. Cowby

    30% off Hansshow Power Frunk

    Interested too!
  13. Cowby

    Hansshow Power Frunk

    I’m waiting on this as well....need more positive reviewers with no issues to chip in here.
  14. Cowby

    2012 Model S Signature Cars

    I asked service a long time ago on mines and they quoted me a stupendously high price....kinda like they didn’t want me to do it. Have you been able to do it for less?
  15. Cowby

    2020 Climate XChange Tesla Raffle

    Awesome saucesome! Already got my tickets...here’s to looking for a repeat ;)
  16. Cowby

    2020 Climate XChange Tesla Raffle

    Noticed there’s no ticket counter...can we get live updates?
  17. Cowby


    Might be willing to part with one of my bottles....if the price is right. PM me to discuss.
  18. Cowby

    WTB Sonic carbon slipstream 19" sets for model S wheels

    I have a set but with tires tho...make me a decent offer
  19. Cowby

    20” model 3 wheels $2400

    Finally got the zero G wheels on so these gotta go....price drop....$2k plus shipping if needed
  20. Cowby

    FS: Kenriko Model 3 Complete Chome Delete

    I’m not vinyl expert either...but I’ll gamble 80$ shipped if no one else wants it or can offer more...lol, I’ll probably end up ripping it off too and calling it quits.
  21. Cowby

    WTB: Light Harmonic Amp

    Are they not selling these any more? Oh well, i actually have a brand new one never installled along with the door speakers....gotta make me a good offer if you want it.
  22. Cowby

    20” model 3 wheels $2400

    Includes tpms and center cap of course. Complete set with 2 new tires and 2 with 200 miles on tires. Michelin Pilot A/S 3+ tires. Let’s try local Atlanta pickup first before shipping.
  23. Cowby

    WTB: Zero G 34mm wheels

    What would u be willing to pay?
  24. Cowby

    WTB: Zero-G's 20"s for PUP+ Atlanta

    Got a referral set coming....what would u be willing to offer?
  25. Cowby

    Want to buy: 2019 or 2020 Model S Steering Wheel

    what's the difference in the steering wheel?
  26. Cowby

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    they'll mount without spacers but looks funny....I will stick with 275...thought about going to 265 for fronts but prefer a square setup for tire rotations
  27. Cowby

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    I actually went crazy with 275/40/21 all around square setup....that is correct, as of now no lowest suspension setting due to fronts being too close to suspension....i'm going to add 5 mm spacers to front and bring in rears with 20mm adapters to try it on lowest setting next time i rotate...
  28. Cowby

    Blackvue front dashcam

    i've got a complete set unused....pm me an offer
  29. Cowby

    WTB: Model X 22" Turbine Wheel and Tire Package

    got a used set with about 20k miles on the tires...probably best to come take a look and make an offer...i'm in ATL if you're ever in the area to meet up.
  30. Cowby

    DIY Model X Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    i'm willing to gamble 100 shipped if you're game
  31. Cowby

    Condensation In Left Pillar Camera

    Same here....dorky mobile tech said it’s not a defect so can’t replace...really?....I asked him what if it was a dead bug blocking the camera from properly operating? He said yes....then I told him an “obstruction is an obstruction”, no matter what it is....he just stared at me dumbfounded and...
  32. Cowby

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    I posted my setup in a different thread. basically 2 rear arachnid sets on the X....been working fine so far!
  33. Cowby

    21" Arachnid Rims on Model X - Load Ratings

    I actually have a square set for the S that I not using anymore...2 are new rims and 2 are used/scuffs with tires/tpms....make me a decent offer and they're yours.
  34. Cowby

    WTB - Light Harmonics Model S Amp

    Thanks for the offer but I’ll pass.
  35. Cowby

    WTB - Light Harmonics Model S Amp

    I have one never used along with the door speakers....make me an offer I can’t refuse.
  36. Cowby

    WTB Arachnids

    Sorry too low. Thanks for the offer tho. Good luck with the hunt.
  37. Cowby

    WTB Arachnids

    I have a square setup...2 used wheels (center caps and tpms, also will need to get rashes buffed out) and 2 new rims/ center caps only (might have tpms but not sure yet) ....all satin black...pm me what u want to pay shipped to u...I’m in Atlanta also if u want to pickup/exchange to avoid shipping.
  38. Cowby

    FS: Tesla Model 3 18" Hub Cap Wheel Cover p/n 1044231-00-B

    I have a used set willing to part with...make me a decent offer shipped...best offer gets them.
  39. Cowby

    Vendor Kenriko Tesla Model 3 Professional Chrome Delete Kits

    let me know when you have the X version and can offer combo deal!
  40. Cowby

    WTB: Light Harmonics Amp

    i have both unused...make a an offer i can't refuse...
  41. Cowby

    Vendor Win a Tesla

    what if i said yes?
  42. Cowby

    Vendor Win a Tesla

    can past winners win again?? lol
  43. Cowby

    Nearly brand new 90 kWh Ludicrous battery pack, v3 - LIMITED TIME

    So if the 100's were to be locked the firmware forever, would we still be able to use the superchargers? I'm assuming yes, but just want clarification for when I'll need do this in the future.
  44. Cowby

    2012 Nose Cone without holes

    Can’t recall, but I think I have both in the storage bin
  45. Cowby

    2012 Nose Cone without holes

    i might...but that went into the whole 'save for the maybe future' collectible bin
  46. Cowby

    2012 Nose Cone without holes

    ooh...that's a very beginning one....fugly in my book...i'd swap that out with the new version of that one....u can do that at the SC like I did
  47. Cowby

    2012 Nose Cone without holes

    I might have an old nosecone without holes...make me a decent offer shipped to you.

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