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    FSD Beta 10.69

    At some point it'll settle into a system, where all version numbers are encoded in binary, but where 0 is represented by "69" and 1 is encoded by "420".
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    Help - Maximum ac charge rate on M3

    Sorry for the necropost, but I'm puzzled as to why so many people are talking about a 32 Amp limit here? My 2018 Model 3 LR routinely charges at 48A @ 240V, around 11kw, with the HWPC. Are people just referring to charging with the mobile connector? Or the standard range model? Hopefully...
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    Autopilot only works if I leave the headlights on!!!

    Like the others here, I've never had a problem with the auto headlights. However, I have found autopilot's insistence on auto-wipers to be infuriating, especially when it misidentifies rain where there is none, and therefore runs the wipers perpetually until you turn off autopilot.
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    Unexpected 100% volume since last update?

    I'm still encountering this issue too, sometimes loud enough to be physically painful, which I would never want! Is there any option to universally limit the maximum volume that the tesla speakers can produce? Similarly to the "Reduce Loud Sounds" setting in iOS settings, which lets you set a...
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    Are there forced software updates?

    Yes, it would be easier to keep ignoring updates, but also you'd lose out on tons of network connectivity features, such as the easy and traffic-aware navigation, satellite maps, music streaming, browser, etc.
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    FSD Beta 10.10 Release Notes

    Huh, that just gives me
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    FSD Beta 10.10 Release Notes

    Anyone else love how they specifically called out all the safety limitations in the rolling stop feature that was removed with this release? They're clearly making the point "this wasn't actually a safety risk, and was working fine, but we're removing it to comply with the NHTSA's complaint."
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    Model 3 USB-C retrofit

    As y'all mention, but I didn't realize until getting it, the front hub with the part number described in the 20 page thread linked in the first post here, is the one with one USB-C port, and one USB-A port, rather than both being USB-C. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good USB hub...
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    FS: 2018-2020 Model 3 USB-A to USB-C Retrofit Adapters

    Awesome, thanks! That matches some additional info I've found since then, searching through the forums, I've sent a message for service in the app, just waiting on the reply now :)
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    FS: 2018-2020 Model 3 USB-A to USB-C Retrofit Adapters

    Update: I've found your ebay listing (unless it's an incredible coincidence, someone else from San Jose), and ordered a pair from there. Thanks!
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    FS: 2018-2020 Model 3 USB-A to USB-C Retrofit Adapters

    I've been wanting to do this upgrade for a while, I'll take an adapter cable pair if you still have any! Thanks! Also, I haven't yet seen anything about how much Tesla charges for the other parts to do this upgrade, how much did those parts cost for you?
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    When is 2022 Model 3 releasing?

    I think you misinterpreted the release schedule. The 2023 models aren't coming out until April 1st.
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    FSD City release date keeps getting pushed?

    Something tells me it’ll never be $20 a month, as that’d be a pretty rotten deal for the early adopters who pre-paid for the first 41.6 years of use! EDIT: I re-read and saw how you mentioned subscribing to a subset of features, which is a little more reasonable, but I’m still dubious they’d...
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    Model 3 new USB C center console data hub from model Y?

    How hard was the procedure? Did it go smoothly? I've just started looking into doing this again, now that both of the family's phones support wireless charging.
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    Re-enable supercharging service request on salvage title.

    While I'm not a fan of the policy, it does make sense to me from Tesla's perspective. It only takes one mistake in an inspection to miss something, and imagine all the bad press of "Tesla bursts into flames at supercharging station", if they missed something in any one of these refurbishing...
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    FSD City release date keeps getting pushed?

    Or perhaps driving is just not possible for humans ;)
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    Recommended Reading

    Lol, that's why I skipped to the last page after the first, seems to have saved me some time. My favorite book to recommend is The Martian, by Andy Weir, much better than the movie.
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    Would you buy an Apple Car?

    Hmm, would including a phone with your purchase of the car be sufficient? ;)
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    After last update, IOS Tesla app no longer wakes up the car...

    I've been having this issue too, for almost a week the app fails to connect with the message "unknown error". Logging out and back in doesn't fix it, I haven't yet tried rebooting the car (I'll try that soon, see if it helps) The car is running 2020.48.30, and the app is version 3.10.9. I just...
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    What is the closest Supercharger to your house?

    And I thought our local supercharger was close! 2.7 miles as the crow flies, or 3.7 by car away. Even if not the closest, the fact it's a service center too is definitely a nice bonus! Also just yesterday I spotted some new under-construction super chargers even closer, apparently 1.9 miles away...
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    Transformers(Tesla’s next big rewrite)

    As a Californian, I legitimately read this as "For example, if I add some extra California kind of annoying filler words, you still understand what I am saying". Had to read it another 2 times to actually see what you meant! :p Only one of the "kind of"s didn't fit naturally, and stood out to...
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    I wish the Tesla app could ...

    I believe you're mixing up terms here, as cabin overheat protection (run AC when above 105° inside) can (and is, by default) active alongside sentry mode. However dog mode (keep the AC to a specific temperature, and show a balloon dog on screen) is not able to be active at the same time as...
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    Tesla App v3.10.8 and Dark Mode

    Same issue here too, on iOS 13.6.1, Tesla app version 3.10.8
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    Uber and Lift leaving California, potential opening for a RoboTaxi fleet?

    It's been big news today, a new California law is requiring ride-sharing companies to treat their drivers as employees, not contractors, and apparently Uber and Lyft have both decided to stop service in California instead of complying with the law. It's a little early, but if Tesla can start...
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    HW3 upgrade lost game progress and profiles?!

    I'm glad they seem to have fixed the losing of game progress, not sure if other settings are transferred though. At this point I've far surpassed my initial progress in Stardew Valley, but still haven't replayed cuphead or beach buggy racing. You could look at it the other way, that if you...
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    Is my Model 3 on LSD?

    Perhaps it's Light Speed Driving Laser-powered Self Driving Light, Sound Driving Loosely Steered Driving Less Stopped Driving Lazy Self Driving Loud-Sounding Driving Loud Stereo Driving Lazy, Slow Driving Laser Steered Driving
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    Is there a way to tell what batch of cars Tesla is making?

    Regarding the question in your title, I suspect that by refreshing https://thiscatdoesnotexist.com you'll see the latest cat batch that Tesla is working on (in partnership with Neuralink) . Some of them even look like cats! :p
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    How do I get in touch with someone from TSLA who has actual authority?

    In the meantime, perhaps you should send him some bitcoins, that'll surely get his attention ;):p
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    Feature Request: Spotify Account based on Driver Profile

    One other potential option I'm surprised hasn't been brought up yet, if you're not too attached to Spotify in particular, is one person could use Spotify in the car, and the other use Slacker. That way you can each have your own music preferences, and not have to mess around with bluetooth.
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    Requirement to register EV with power company

    Wow, I'm jealous! I can't believe they just ate the cost of that upgrade. We have 125 Amp service, and were hoping to upgrade it, but apparently it'd cost us thousands of dollars to do so! For now the 125 Amp service is fine, but the future proofing would be nice, if not so expensive! Do you...
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    53 countries adopt strict FSD regulations

    From my interpretation of this discussion, it sounds like this law is intended to allow level 3 autonomy (driver doesn't need to babysit the car as attentively as L2, but still should be ready to take over if the car demands it) in a certain subset of circumstances, which, I'd say, Autopilot is...
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    Autosteer - turned into curb on first corner

    In my experience, for now it's best to treat autopilot much as you would a "student driver", where you need to pay attention to everything it's doing, and be ready to override at a moment's notice, especially at the start. Over time you'll learn to spot the sorts of situations it can reliably...
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    Autopilot system acting weird on 2020.20.12?

    Thanks for the reply, Knightshade, that's good to know, that, at least in some cases, it is expected for the "take control immediately" warning to activate when out of AP. Also, upon further reading of the forum, I suspect these issues are closely related to the issues being discussed here...
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    Autopilot system acting weird on 2020.20.12?

    First of all, a disclaimer that I haven't experienced this personally, but only 2nd hand from my mom. But since the 2020.20.12 update apparently our model 3 (with FSD and HW3) has been behaving weirdly. Yesterday, the car (in autopilot) changed 2 lanes at once while on the freeway (which it...
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    Battery Pack Failed in Less Than One Year (>13,000 miles)

    As I'm reading it it would still need to last for the rest of the warranty period, and I'd assume a battery that's already down to 75% capacity would degrade down below that 70% threshold in the following years, so they can't really do that, unless they want to replace it again down the road...
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    J1772 Won't Charge until 30+ minutes after driving

    I'm glad you've got the issue resolved (or resolution in progress anyway), but I am curious as to what went wrong to cause it. I guess we'll never know now. I feel like if you'd kept experimenting with it, attempting to find patterns where there may have been none, pretty soon we'd have a...
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    Driver side window closed by itself before entry - trim damage

    Just to help show that's it's not a universal problem, I've never had this happen, even when manually trying to roll up the window. Successfully training all passengers not to use the emergency lever, on the other hand, is a different story...
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    I love the new Dashcam/Sentry viewer, but has anyone else encountered the behavior where almost all clips are classified as Sentry, and not Dashcam, even when it's recorded while driving? Although I haven't driven it since the update yet, so if something's changed since then, it might only be...
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    Breaking: First-Ever Tesla Model 3 Responding To Traffic Lights

    Don't forget also emulating human Tesla drivers, and flooring it on green ;)
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    Tesla's Trade-In policy for other Teslas Questions

    Ok, I've submitted the trade-in value request, I'll report back when I get a response.
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    Tesla's Trade-In policy for other Teslas Questions

    I've been toying with the idea of trading in my 2018 Model 3 LR RWD for a model Y, but have some questions on how the trade-in is valued. AutoPilot: Is FSD autopilot transferable to the new car? If not transferable, is it taken into account in the valuation of the trade-in car? If it is taken...
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    2nd Steering wheel centered screen?

    That's an expensive little screen! Anyone else notice the vaguely ominous message onscreen in one of their demo photos? Edit: On a more serious and on-topic note, Personally I'm not a huge fan of the behind-the-steering-wheel displays, always find myself needing to twist around to read the...
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    Quest for toilet paper in my Tesla!

    There's a lot of other resources that those 3 criteria are applicable to as well, so why the ridiculous focus on toilet paper?
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    Disappearing Bluetooth Door Locking Radios

    Like the rest of you, I definitely remember that there used to be several Bluetooth devices that showed up, and now there's just the one "C" device. But for me, the phone key has been working flawlessly lately, I never have to manually wake up the phone anymore, as I used to need to do...
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    HW3 upgrade lost game progress and profiles?!

    Almost all settings, driver profiles, etc were lost, including (sort of scary when you don't realize to change it), walk away lock defaulting to off. My car spent a week or so always unlocked before I realized and fixed it. Thankfully no one broke in during that time. Homelink was another...
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    HW3 upgrade lost game progress and profiles?!

    I have noticed a bit of a change, I'd say that the image quality is better, not worse, with HW3, especially in good conditions. In dark conditions, it seems more grayscale tinted then before. Take this with several grains of salt, as I wasn't particularly looking for changes, and any I have...
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    HW3 upgrade lost game progress and profiles?!

    @jjrandorin and @MP3Mike, thanks to both of you for considerate, non-insulting replies (unlike the earlier replies from others). I agree that it shouldn't be the service center's problem to need to deal with migration of things like the game's save data, and it should be something I could do...
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    HW3 upgrade lost game progress and profiles?!

    What do you mean? I don't use superchargers very often, or see what that has to do with anything? It's clear that most of the replies here aren't really the target demographics for the games, but I'm sure anyone who actually plays them feels the same way I do. As an analogy for the rest of you...

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