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  1. LN1_Casey

    Seeking Used MS roof Rack

    I am thinking of getting a roof rack for my 2021 MS, but decided to be frugal and see if there is someone who is willing to sell theirs to me on Island rather than order from Tesla. So, is there a person on Oahu who no longer needs/wants their roof rack for a Model S?
  2. LN1_Casey

    Car recognizing key fob delay

    So I just took delivery of my 2021 Model S in December. I use sentry mode when I am not at home. Whenever I approach the car it seems to take longer than it should to recognize my key fob. I have filled my USB drive once already with all the "sentry alerts" of myself approaching the car. After...
  3. LN1_Casey

    Best areas for photographs

    So, I was driving around Oahu today on Kamehameha highway, stopping various areas to take a picture of my newly wrapped baby. I think I got some good shots, which I'll post in a follow on post, but that brought up the thought process; does anyone have any other good areas to snag some car pics...
  4. LN1_Casey

    Lit Tesla T

    I've seen a few websites that have the rear hatch Tesla T that's lit. However, I can only find a red version. Does anyone know of where, if it exists, a non-red version is? I'm getting a teal wrap on my car, red would not go well, but maybe a white?
  5. LN1_Casey

    Anyone on Oahu with a Kid Tesla?

    I have been doing a series of jokes while awaiting my Tesla S to come onto the Island (apparently it's been sitting at Oakland port for a few days now). Specifically, I put a hotwheels model S in my garage, as a "seed" then I've recently swapped it out for a model S diecast model. I even...
  6. LN1_Casey

    Time of Use info

    So I am moving into my home on the 17th, I am starting up all of my utilities. I applied to get the Time of Use rate instead of the standard Residential, since I figured it'd be over all cheaper if I just planned on charging my car (apparently now it's December instead of November) during the...
  7. LN1_Casey

    Fresh new batch of Teslas on Island?

    Does anyone know when Tesla delivers to Hawaii? I know that they generally produce for the EU/overseas market for the first part of each quarter, to facilitate deliver in time for end of quarter, but where does Hawaii fall into that? It can't exactly get a truck delivery, but I don't think it'd...
  8. LN1_Casey

    Purchase registration address?

    Hello everyone! I just put an order in for a new model S. As I'm getting it delivered to Hawaii, it'll be there in about 6-10 weeks as per the ordering page. And that's great! Because I am also not in Hawaii at this time. I'm moving out there in about 5 weeks. I will have to isolate when I...
  9. LN1_Casey

    K-I-S-S Options Trading

    Ho-kay, so I am going to try and make a threat that KISS's the options trading lingo, in the simpliest, barest bones way I can. I have gone to Investopedia.com, but once they start dipping into Theta, I'm out. So, here is my understanding, using examples, and I would greatly appreciate someone...
  10. LN1_Casey

    Solar+BESS contract?

    Renewable Project Status Board I know that Hawaii recently was accepting proposals for a solar + Battery Energy Storage System, of which Tesla is probably hands down the best there is, but it seems like they have awarded it to companies other than our Tesla. Why? Are these large companies in...
  11. LN1_Casey

    Custom plates

    I will finally be getting my model S in October of this year, when I move to my new duty station. I previously had custom plates for my vehicle when I was last stateside, and would like that to continue with my Model S performance. Hawaii, my soon to be state, has a limit of 6 characters. They...
  12. LN1_Casey

    Wraps or ceramic coats on Oahu?

    So, when I get to Oahu, I'll be getting my Tesla MS, and I was thinking of getting either/and wrapped/ceramic coated when I get it. Specifically, I was thinking of getting it a nice Campaign color. As Tesla no longer offers Titanium, I could only get this through paint or by wrapping. The...
  13. LN1_Casey

    Taxes question

    This is a really newbie question, but when do you pay taxes on stocks' gains? Is it immediately upon the sale, or is it when you file taxes at the new year? So, theoretically, you could sell 1/2 of your stock in November, then sell more in the following January to pay the taxes owed from the...
  14. LN1_Casey


    Welp, I'm in the military, and I got orders to get stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I have been saving for my Tesla Model S P100DL for about a year now, and alas, I'm getting stationed in an area where I have a much, much more limited pool to purchase from. At least, my current brief search...
  15. LN1_Casey

    Used Inventory Model S with FSD?

    So I'm going to be buying a Used Model S when I get stationed back in the States, and I want one that has FSD. However, Tesla has them listed on their website as "Full Self Driving Capability." Does this mean it doesn't have the FSD installed to the car, and I'd pay for it as a later add on...
  16. LN1_Casey


    Hello, Does Tesla in Japan lease vehicles? If so, for how long? I'm thinking that if I move to Japan I'll lease a M3 while there, since importation would be a nightmare logistically.
  17. LN1_Casey

    View from 3rd Row?

    Does anyone have a picture taken from the perspective of a Model S's 3rd row? Like, maybe POV from the 2nd row over the headrest, or flush against the center of the 2 seats? I'm trying to locate one so I can photoshop the Taycan on the Nürburgring behind it. For the lulz.
  18. LN1_Casey

    Tesla Solar +Powerwall Install

    So, just a few moments ago, I put in an order to get a small solar system installed. I also marked "interested in a powerwall" as part of my account process. This was done under the recently revamped system. I quite literally tried to place an order for a small system and powerwall last...
  19. LN1_Casey

    Is this console crooked?

    https://onlyusedtesla.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/DSC0196-Edited-1240x827.jpg In my obsession, I track the sale prices of Model S's in preparation of my own later purchase once I go back to the states. I found this neat one, MS90 2016 off Onlyused, with low mileage, and gray interior...
  20. LN1_Casey

    Tesla Inc. Loans?

    Does anyone have experience purchasing their vehicles through Tesla.com, and utilizing the loan process therefrom? And, what is people's thoughts that the used/new car loan % are the same at 4.25% (in estimation)? And, is there a Tesla loan page estimator that you can go to that doesn't...
  21. LN1_Casey

    Tesla Advertisement?

    I was very surprised to see a Tesla in an Advertisement. I was in Paris subways, and saw this one and another very similar one (but it showed the driver section of the car rather than the front) It was a pleasant thing, but I can only think that they're a third party company for car loans? And...
  22. LN1_Casey

    Alright, Hivemind--should I go solar?

    Background: I am in the Navy, and as such I move around a lot. I have a home from my last duty station that I am currently renting out. It is a 1400-ish sq ft home, and I have tenants (couple with young child) whose contract ends in September, and they may or may not relocate at the time. The...
  23. LN1_Casey

    Hello, from Greece!

    I am an American living in Greece, and as this is my 100th posting, I felt I should finally say Hello! I am a long time Tesla lover, since about 2014. However, I was no where near able to buy a model S then, and there wasn't much of a used market for them, and the Model 3 also hadn't been...
  24. LN1_Casey

    Ludicrous book releasing

    https://www.amazon.com/Ludicrous-Unvarnished-Story-Tesla-Motors/dp/1948836122/ref=sr_1_91?keywords=Tesla&qid=1559466627&s=gateway&sr=8-91 I always tend to view "tell all" books that have a cover in red as generally negative, and the description of the book seems to match that so far...
  25. LN1_Casey

    S 3 X Y P and...

    I think he should finish the line up making the model I (Eco coupe) and model C (Not Roadster Rich coupe). S3XYPIC
  26. LN1_Casey

    Tesla Purchase while in Japan/Taxes

    Hello all! I'm in the military, and I was stationed in Yokosuka, Japan back in 2010-2013. I would love, love to go back as my next duty station, BUT I am also planning on getting a Tesla as my next vehicle. If I were to get orders to Japan, they'd be for 2 or 3 years, and I would not want to...
  27. LN1_Casey

    Say the Doom and Gloom are right...

    Disclaimer; I am a hard core Tesla Long Bull. BUT. Lets theorize. Say all three Gigafactory's blow up, Overlord Musk hops onto a rocket and abandons us for Mars, and global warming goes 'lol jk' and we avoid disaster. Do you think your Tesla vehicle would still be a viable option? Would the...
  28. LN1_Casey

    Old Car Show Roadster

    Found this gem on an old iPod I had while I was stationed in Japan. This was at the Tokyo car show. Photo time stamp was November 15, 2010. I remember thinking, "Who the hell would plug in their sports car?"
  29. LN1_Casey

    Missed connection...

    Hey, you Silver Tesla Model X with the yellow plate. I saw you turn right out of that intersection, heading to/through Kounoupidiana on the isle of Crete, Greece, last Saturday. I just wanted to let you know, I appreciate you. And I love your car. Come back.
  30. LN1_Casey

    Tesla Logo Tattoo

    So, I'm a legitimate Tesla fangirl, and I am also in a professional field where I can get tattoos without concern. I've gotten a fake tattoo of the Tesla logo on the spot where I'm thinking of getting the real one. It'd be red, with probably some shading vice the temp color of black. (also...
  31. LN1_Casey


    IDK, something seems just off about this Model S. It's in the store for the US zip of 23432. 2019 Model S | Tesla Can't place my finger on why.
  32. LN1_Casey

    Automatic door opening?

    Since the Model X has the Jeeves feature to automatically open the doors as you approach, does anyone think the Roadster 2020 will have it also? I mean, since there aren't door handles anyway, just that possible swipe feature, it would be awesome to have that. And the Jeeves feature is just...
  33. LN1_Casey

    What does a Tesla do when changing countries?

    What happens when a US spec Tesla goes overseas? Does the AI understand it's in a new country? Does it switch to KM vs miles? Change languages? Does it understand the different street markings? Is there adapters you could purchase to go from one country's variance to anothers? Background: I...

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