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  1. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta 10.69

    Hasn’t killed me yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time though.
  2. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta 10.69

    Drives me batty as I live in such a small town, and my commute has me passing through 3 others, twice a day…the cops all have brand new cars….so you know they write a lot of tickets
  3. Mrcarcrazy

    Model 3 Experience with double-pane window update?

    Odd, South Texas heat hasn't done that to mine in 52k miles. I did have one rattle, but I found and eliminated it. Wind noise has been present and unchanged for entire 52k.
  4. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta 10.12

    Unless it’s changed they are correct. Your AP miles don’t help your score. So drive with a good follow distance, take turns slowly(like you’re driving a 1 ton pickup), and don’t use the brake pedal.
  5. Mrcarcrazy

    Still Not Fixed [small vibration in the steering wheel at speeds above 25 MPH.]

    Well heck I don’t THINK the alignment is causing it based on those numbers. The cross caster (difference left to right) is interesting to me. It shouldn’t cause the issue you’re having. Back when I was doing this we typically wanted the caster to be ~0.5-1.0 higher on the right than on the left...
  6. Mrcarcrazy

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    You’re right.
  7. Mrcarcrazy

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    This is the problem. You honestly believe that…and you’re wrong. Sorry to even reply to this. I ask those who are posting this ignorance in this thread to stop, just stop. You’re talking about ~1/2 the country and its painfully similar to the ignorance of EV haters. You believe lies about...
  8. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta 10.12

    My lane planning has been the worst aspect of FSD since I got Beta last year. I do agree it’s gotten a bit worse. But for me, on the roads I drive, it’s always been bad.
  9. Mrcarcrazy

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    I came here to say “if you’re asking the question, the answer is yes”. Haha
  10. Mrcarcrazy

    Still Not Fixed [small vibration in the steering wheel at speeds above 25 MPH.]

    Seeing your car history makes me trust it’s a car issue and not a driver issue a bit more (no offense intended). The steering on Teslas is closer the a late model 3 series. Electric assist feels different than hydraulic so I’m just wanting to leave that possibility out there. The Tesla attempts...
  11. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta 10.12

    Or dip your head with sunglasses on. (Like you’re looking over a pair of reading glasses). It gets all sorts of annoyed with that. I think it believes you’re looking down and since it can’t see your eyes it goes “wake up jack”. My names not even jack.
  12. Mrcarcrazy

    Still Not Fixed [small vibration in the steering wheel at speeds above 25 MPH.]

    Questions continued as I also have a sonicare so your description makes me scratch my head. Does it feel like the buzzing with the lane keep alert? What did you drive before the Tesla? Does it occur at different angles of steering? (Like on a steady 40+ degree turn) vs straight ahead. Im...
  13. Mrcarcrazy

    Still Not Fixed [small vibration in the steering wheel at speeds above 25 MPH.]

    Rapid vibration at relatively low speeds sounds like a bearing issue over a wheel balance issue. I don’t promise to be able to identify this over the interwebs. But I don’t think this is a tire/wheel issue. Often a wheel balance that is off pops up at ~60mph. I’ve only seen one pop up at low...
  14. Mrcarcrazy

    Are you planning to own post-warranty?

    I don’t have a clue what I’ll do. I’ve learned that I’m a fickle child. I’ve been very close to ordering a plaid a few times already but I can’t justify the price…and I honestly don’t want a larger car. I’d prefer an electric 911 fighter as I don’t carry a herd of humans around and I rather...
  15. Mrcarcrazy

    Autopilot nor Cruise will engage 50% or more of drives

    If it does it again I would schedule a service visit. When they triage the car for the visit they may see a software error and resend you the most recent update. (Not saying this is definitely the cause. But it’s what caused a similar issue in my car).
  16. Mrcarcrazy

    Paint Repair and Coating in Houston?

    Gulf coast auto shield for the PPF. and he can recommend someone for the paint work.
  17. Mrcarcrazy

    Texas Tesla Insurance - Cost Experience

    25 was a big year for my insurance rates dropping. For me Progressive is very fair, except on my Lotus. I feel slightly violated on what I pay to insure that car. I keep threatening to change companies for that car….and eventually I will once I get irritated enough.
  18. Mrcarcrazy

    Ordering a Model 3 in Texas vs. Ontario (Canada)

    http://www.txdmv.gov/motorists/buying-or-selling-a-vehicle/out-of-state-and-foreign-vehicles On the topic of changing where to take delivery, the Tesla rep who will eventually be assigned to you prior to delivery should be able to answer that better than I can. Just remember that Texas is...
  19. Mrcarcrazy

    Texas Tesla Insurance - Cost Experience

    I drive 10-15k a year and Tesla insurance quote was double what I pay for better coverage with progressive.
  20. Mrcarcrazy

    Autopilot constantly moving out of right hand lane

    Same issue here on rural highways (that don’t have on ramps or off ramps). It’s extremely irritating. I’ve been reporting it sporadically to Tesla for months as It’s an undesirable behavior. But it appears to be map based as it occurs at the same locations on my commute and mine is on the...
  21. Mrcarcrazy

    Summon Tesla hits park 3 Million Jet

    My experience supports that Smart summon uses cameras. I had an instance where I was trying to use it and another car decided to go full salmon on me, driving the wrong way up the isle. The Tesla stopped and the two were at a stalemate. Moron human and moron computer sitting there, staring at...
  22. Mrcarcrazy

    School zones

    I grew up in an area that used the flashy lights. Now I live in an area where some use lights others have the stupid “when children are present”. I feel that’s too vague of a statement. Those signs make my head hurt as I go down a rabbit hole of “what does this mean to the avg cop?”
  23. Mrcarcrazy

    Insurance rate increase

    That’s wild, I can say I’ve had multiple claims with progressive. And my rates have been reasonable for all my cars excluding my Lotus (I feel that I way overpay for it, so going to change it to a specialty car insurance). I do have 4 cars on my plan and I’ve had Progressive since 2007. Those...
  24. Mrcarcrazy

    Insurance rate increase

    Wow. Tesla just quoted me 204/mo starting price ( with an assumed 90 safety score) But that’s at 10-15k miles a year. For reference I pay 88/mo for better coverage through progressive.
  25. Mrcarcrazy

    About FSD

    In your app you can see if FSD has indeed been purchased. Now if you’re doing the monthly subscription I cannot comment. I’m sure someone else can, I would assume the car would show that in the same area as the premium maps As far as turning functions on, inside the cars infotainment screen...
  26. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta v10.11.2 - Here We Go Again!

    That explains the smell.
  27. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta v10.11.2 - Here We Go Again!

    Teslafi is showing all are existing 10.11/10.11.1 cars.
  28. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta 10.11

    Interesting. In my ownership I’ve had a total of 3 experiences with service and they’ve been 100% excellent. 2 mobile services (warranty) and one out of warranty in shop appt (wheel alignment ). I should clarify. Mobile experiences were for different issues at different times. 1. 12v battery...
  29. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta 10.11

    That’ll teach you!
  30. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta 10.11

    It can’t. If you look with your eyes and not your head you’re good to look wherever you want. However dip your chin a touch and it throws a hissy fit
  31. Mrcarcrazy

    RPMTesla v.NotAgain

    They’re fairly notorious for poor customer service. Sorry you had that experience, might be able to sell it on here. Not sure if it’s worth the hassle.
  32. Mrcarcrazy

    FSD Beta 10.10 Release Notes

    Got 10.10.2 notice on the way home from work. Coming from 10.8.1. Hopefully it sucks less. (I’m becoming rotten like so many others and want perfection).
  33. Mrcarcrazy

    Poll : What is your average daily miles on FSD Beta ?

    Excluding highway, not sure. Should exclude weekends? Arghhh time for me to go to bed. Too much thinking this late.
  34. Mrcarcrazy

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    It’s the rainy season here.
  35. Mrcarcrazy

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    We’re getting off topic, has Elon gone silent? Oh and wipers have improved and are decent now, Id say comparable to my previous BMW. High beams are absurdly overactive IMO. (I deactivate them with the stalk when in FSD). Basically the car thinks if headlights are appropriate, high beams are...
  36. Mrcarcrazy

    How private is roof glass for camping?

    Lighting differential would have an impact here. But overall I would say the glass is dark enough to keep lookie-lou’s at bay.
  37. Mrcarcrazy

    Post Elon Update Poll on FSD

    I’m cautiously optimistic. I figure why not be? I think either outcome is plausible. So I’ll be Optimistic.
  38. Mrcarcrazy

    Tyre Wear

    Same problem as the OP. TOE. Get it aligned and all will be well. I don’t know what you had done to fix the creaks. But if no suspension parts were replaced it’s unlikely that caused it. I’ve been recommending to my friends who are now getting Teslas to get it aligned within the first year...
  39. Mrcarcrazy

    Does Tesla always provide a loaner when car is in for warranty work?

    I took my car in for an alignment and some TSB to apply some nonsense to the upper ball joints. They gave me a loaner. The service writer was pretty open with info…my service center has 2 loaners total. So don’t expect a loaner at yours. I got lucky as I live in a small town 20+ miles away from...
  40. Mrcarcrazy

    Brownsville/Olmito/RGV Service Center

    I believe that to be the case.
  41. Mrcarcrazy

    Brownsville/Olmito/RGV Service Center

    Update. They have 4 destination chargers out front. But the service writer Jacob informed me that construction to the side of them is not Tesla. My phone hates me or I’d share a pic of the poured concrete. Noteworthy thing is the areas around what I presumed was supercharger locations is still...
  42. Mrcarcrazy

    10.8 FSD

    In that case, I sure wish mine would update before I go to breakfast…what a wonderful gift that would be. Elon, you want some tacos? I know a place nearby.
  43. Mrcarcrazy

    10.8 FSD

    It looks like people are coming from a wide range of FSD versions, hopefully they bring it to all of us shortly. Seems like an especially slow rollout so far.
  44. Mrcarcrazy

    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    This may be a stupid question, but how does this device know a real turn signal impulse vs a brake impulse? I could see it if they tied into each other / especially the CHMSL. but without that I’m lost as to how this works. Amber turn signals are the only correct turn signals.
  45. Mrcarcrazy

    10.8 FSD

    You take it back! Don’t you curse us like that!
  46. Mrcarcrazy

    New iPhone 13 Pro Max in a case does not work with the 2021 Model 3 wireless charging pad

    I’m in a 2019 model 3 with the old interior and aftermarket wireless charger. Also using an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple silicon case: everything works…except the case is pure garbage. Zero protection as evidence by my shattered screen. Spect case: no wireless charging as it doesn’t really fit on...
  47. Mrcarcrazy

    Brownsville/Olmito/RGV Service Center

    Yeah That’s my guess based on counting the PVC. Pretty great for this area.
  48. Mrcarcrazy

    Am I wrong in wishing FSD Beta had a lane change confirmation option like NOA?

    I’ve submitted tickets to FSD team for similar. On my route I must take a right hand turn. Consistently the car will move out of the right lane, into the left lane 0.2miles from the intersection I need to take a right at. One Time I had a few extra minutes so I let it get into the left lane. The...
  49. Mrcarcrazy


    Thank you for the notice. I checked and there it be.

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