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  1. Half Dollar Bill

    School Science/STEM Electric Car Volunteers Needed - April in northeast PA

    I'm looking for volunteers to bring their cars for students to experience during school science and STEM days. The location is northeast PA, specifically Forty Fort and Kingston. April 5th is for grades 6-8. April 12th is for grades 1-5. April 26th is for the high school, grades 9-12. Classes...
  2. Half Dollar Bill

    6th Annual Sound of Silence Rally - Custer SD - May 17-19

    http://www.visitcuster.com/6th-Annual-Sound-of-Silence-Tesla-Rally This is rapidly becoming THE meet-up for any Tesla owner to attend. Long-time road-trippers and new owners all have fun. It's all the easier now that Custer has their own supercharger. The town hospitality is still a...
  3. Half Dollar Bill

    Supercharger/Tesla Appreciation Day

    I'm copying this from a tesla.com forum thread. Feel free to post questions/ideas here or there. tesla rally | Tesla Tesla Rally Submitted by mrporter6 on June 21, 2018 To say I am proud to have purchased a MS three years ago and put on 100000 in the past 3 years is really an understatement...
  4. Half Dollar Bill

    Just another four year owner story

    I wanted to do a different kind of write-up for my four year anniversary and decided to focus on service. I’ve been back to the Service Center 15 times since my purchase of an S85. About a quarter of the visits were for Annual Service though there were other items identified and fixed during...
  5. Half Dollar Bill

    East Coast Supercharger Celebration Road Trip Idea

    With all the new charger sites opening in the MD/VA/PA/WV vicinity, what about if we string a few of them together for a ribbon-cutting celebration sometime in the next couple weeks? Right now, Breezewood PA and Grasonville MD are open. Martinsburg WV could come online soon and I know there...
  6. Half Dollar Bill

    Sound of Silence Rally - Custer SD - May 19 & 20

    May 19th and 20th 2017 will be our next trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota. For those new to this – it will be the 4th Annual Black Hills Sounds of Silence Road Trip! Last year we had 59 cars and 105 drivers, friends, and spouses attending. Again, tell your friends & sign up by sending me a...
  7. Half Dollar Bill

    Volunteers needed for northeast PA school demonstrations

    I’ve been doing Tesla and electric car presentations at the elementary and high school I graduated from in northeast PA for the last two years. The schools have graciously asked for a return trip this year and I’m posting this message to solicit volunteers from the owner community. Grades 1-5...
  8. Half Dollar Bill

    Mount Washington Questions

    We're planning a New England trip in June and want to visit Mount Washington with the car. I've got an MS85 with 19" tires. We have a dog, though, so here's my questions: Do I need to fully charge in Lincoln if I want to drop the "family" off at the cog railway that they'll take to the top...
  9. Half Dollar Bill

    Anyone done Ogallala NE to Lusk WY?

    Just doing some pre-planning for the Sound of Silence rally. I know the Nebraska route is currently in-process. I expect it'll be done before May, though, and I was looking to use it on the way out but am looking at my stop-overs. I was wondering if anyone has made Ogallala to Lusk in one leg...
  10. Half Dollar Bill

    Three years in ……..

    December 8th will be our three year anniversary. A most happy anniversary at that! Ownership came to be through a confluence of events. We were happy Jeep owners but our second one was on its last legs after 150K+ miles so we were already new car shopping. We weren’t happy with the 20 mpg...
  11. Half Dollar Bill

    It can't be just me (sighting temp tags) :)

    It doesn't matter what mood I'm in, but seeing an MS or MX with temp tags is an automatic pick-me-up. I saw three on my way to work this morning in northern VA and the feeling just kept getting better with each subsequent one I spotted. That's an anomaly for me which is why today stuck out in...
  12. Half Dollar Bill

    Any interest? Spaceballs @ FM Kirby in Wilkes-Barre PA on 9/3 @1:00

    Any interest in a pre-Labor Day mini road trip? The FM Kirby Center in Wilkes Barre PA is showing Spaceballs on Saturday 9/3 at 1:00 PM. Events - The F.M. Kirby Center for the Performing Arts We can caravan from the south using either Harrisburg or Allentown superchargers. Destination is also...
  13. Half Dollar Bill

    Things I Didn’t Do

    Three years ago I led a rather ordinary life. In most respects, I probably still do today; but there are differences – changes – that relate to the automobile we have. In relatively short order, we went from realizing we need a new car to deciding on a hybrid/electric to picking the options on...
  14. Half Dollar Bill

    Tesla Electric Road Trip - Stonehaus Winery - Crossville TN - 8/19 - 4-6PM

    We decided to make it a real road trip and come down from VA for the event. We're going to make it a multi-day trip and we'll be travelling with our 6 month old Newfoundland puppy (only in behavior because at 60 pounds even we've stopped referring to him as a puppy). We're planning to do the...
  15. Half Dollar Bill

    Support the Tesla Science Center 7/10 at Newark DE Supercharger

    July 10th is the 160th anniversary of Nikola Tesla's birthday. To celebrate, we're going to have a birthday card to sign at the Newark Delaware supercharger during the day that we will forward to the staff at the Tesla Science Center. Bring your checkbook as well and make a tax-deductible...
  16. Half Dollar Bill

    Needed - Nikola Tesla birthday card designed by your child

    My apologies if you see this message in a few places as we’re aiming for saturation. Do you have a child that’s a budding greeting card artist? Are they interested in creating a birthday card to be signed by other owners and enthusiasts and then sent to Tesla? If those answers are “Yes” then...
  17. Half Dollar Bill

    New Presidential Initiative to Spur Competition

    Thinking Outside the Cable Box: How More Competition Gets You a Better Deal While the cable box is the poster child, what about a change to allow direct-to-consumer auto sales nationally?
  18. Half Dollar Bill

    ECOCar3 Challenge

    I had the pleasure of spending part of the day with students at Penn State University (my alma mater so don't hold it against them) who are working on the EcoCAR 3 Challenge. The competition is sponsored by The Department of Energy and General Motors. www.ecocar3.org From their website: EcoCAR...
  19. Half Dollar Bill

    2016 Sound of Silence Rally - Custer SD May 20-22

    Hello Fellow Tesla Road Trippers! Our 2016 event is scheduled for May 20th - 22nd and we will have a similar set-up to last year (hopefully sans rain). Our third annual Black Hills Sound of Silence Road Trip is going to be great and we are aiming for 100 cars so tell your friends to sign-up...
  20. Half Dollar Bill

    Cautionary Tale - Distracted Driving

    This one could have ended much worse. We were recently on our way to visit family. We were driving through Ohio with about 10 miles/10 minutes to go until getting to the Dayton supercharger. We had about 40 miles left on the battery so plenty to spare. The nav was active and we don't have...
  21. Half Dollar Bill

    (Fill in superlative) trip from VA to Burlington WA to San Diego CA to VA

    Tesla Motors Club - Enthusiasts & Owners Forum First time trying this, so see the blog link above for the full write-up or go to Blogs. We just got back from our summer trip and wanted to share the experience. We took three weeks to experience the US via the supercharger highway, traveling...
  22. Half Dollar Bill

    Leesburg/Sterling/Ashburn/Reston Detailer?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a good detailer? My girl is going to need a spa day for all the exercise I've given her lately. Thanks kindly.
  23. Half Dollar Bill

    She's Met Her Hero

    She's Met My Hero It's a bit of a back-story but the vanity plate wasn't my original plate. After about a year of driving I realized I wanted to upgrade to something EV-related and went back-and-forth over choices. I was going to do "4Q OPEC" but then an opportunity came up to do a...
  24. Half Dollar Bill

    Nikola Tesla Tribute at Croatian Embassy Washington DC July 9th

    International Club of DC - I haven't tried to buy tickets yet so no idea if they're sold out.
  25. Half Dollar Bill

    Cars & Cigars - Ashburn VA 6/13

    Posted on TM and I'm reposting since I don't see it on TMC anywhere. Saturday June 13th at 2 pm at the "V Eatery". The V Virginia Eatery and Brew House is located at 44630 Waxpool Road, Ashburn, VA 20147). Would love some Roadsters as well as Model Ss, and if we can have a P85D as well, that...
  26. Half Dollar Bill

    Solowheel Personal Commuter

    I saw someone using this in Reston VA the other day. At first I was confused at what I was looking at. Then I was intrigued. Home - SOLOWHEEL 10 mph and 10 mile range make it useful. Much of the battery detail seems similar to what would be discussed with an electric car. It didn't occur to...
  27. Half Dollar Bill

    High School STEM Talk on Model S

    I volunteered to talk about the MS at the high school where I graduated. Besides a sense of pride in being an owner, the high school is located in the electron desert of northeast Pennsylvania and I figured it could be a neat experience for the kids. The high school has a large foreign student...
  28. Half Dollar Bill

    Old Meets New

    We saw this painting by E. Martin Hennings at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis and it really spoke to us. First, the gas dispensers look a little like a side-view of a supercharger. It's interesting that the horses have the widest color diversity compared to the automobiles. Not that...
  29. Half Dollar Bill

    Plugshare user info software upgrade

    I didn't notice this posted anywhere so apologies if it's known already. I was messing around on Plugshare, pulled up a user and noticed that there was now a picture of their car listed. I went to my contact info and discovered that there is now an option for MS and Roadster owners to list...
  30. Half Dollar Bill

    Tesla Poetry / Limericks / Haiku

    I was inspired by the seasonal appearance of the yellow low-end line. Leaves dance in the wind. Temperatures plunge, light fades. Limited regen! Garage door opens - Winter's dry cold air surrounds. Hooray! Seat warmers!
  31. Half Dollar Bill

    CT to NJ Supercharger Route Recommendations?

    We'll be vacationing in the New Haven CT area and I'm looking for recommendations on how to get to the Hamilton NJ supercharger from New Haven for our return trip (we will arrive via a different route). I know I'll need to stop at a CT supercharger before Hamilton, but which one and then what's...
  32. Half Dollar Bill

    Indianapolis in reach from either Maumee or Angola?

    Seriously? No one's tried an Indy to supercharger trip? It's been a week folks and no replies? Has anyone driven to/from Indianapolis vicinity from/to either the Maumee or Angola superchargers? I'm traveling to visit family in May (from VA) and wondering if the leg is doable or whether I'll...
  33. Half Dollar Bill

    Need an accident support group thread?

    I was having an absolutely fantastic day on Saturday running errands in my MS. Hit (stopped at) the Hagerstown supercharger, met a couple fellow owners, met some other enthusiasts, took Flat Stanley pix and was generally having fun all day driving. Within a mile of my house while making a...
  34. Half Dollar Bill

    Driver Profile Display Length Question

    When creating a new driver profile it appears you have a relatively lengthy name field. However, if you create a profile of over five letters, it appears the name is getting truncated on the top of the display console. I apologize if this question has been asked already as I did try to search...
  35. Half Dollar Bill

    Start the clock on my MS

    Start the clock on my MS and our continued adventures Just received the email from my delivery specialist this weekend that the car will soon enter production and delivery is on track for early December. S85, Green, grey, black, pano, tech, air. Ordered & confirmed 10/1. VIN 10/22...

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