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  1. J

    Weird buzzing sound from Plaid after updating to 2022.24.6

    Now I understand why energy graph went away on the S/X. Hope this makes it way to our cars with the update!
  2. J

    CCS Adapter is Now Available in the US Tesla Store

    I'm in a similar situation as you but bought one for several reasons - insurance policy in case Tesla SC not avail, many times non Tesla chargers are cheaper per kWh during peak periods, and my work has a free DC fast charger avail to use.
  3. J

    Weird buzzing sound from Plaid after updating to 2022.24.6

    I just got a notification to download 2022.24.8, but I'll looks like I'll defer that for as long as possible.
  4. J

    refresh Model S seat wear

    For some perspective, my car is 6mo old and has black seats as well. I don't have any of such creases or white scuffing on there. It seems to be a defective material or really abrasive pants you have.
  5. J

    Weird buzzing sound from Plaid after updating to 2022.24.6

    Thanks for the heads up on this Is it possible to skip 2022.24.6 and go directly to the following update? Or does it require a sequential order before the latest can be installed?
  6. J

    Air Suspension Height

    The vehicle will automatically go to low on highway. Note that it will automatically adjust to medium for a short period of you have it on auto mode to help with the ride comfort.
  7. J

    Model S LR Refresh 2022 rattling noise from dashboard

    I recently developed a rattle in more colder conditions(doesn't rattle when it's warm out in sun), and seems to be from the center portion of the dash. When I press it down with my hand, noise goes away. I would have SC take a look at it, but they'll probably make things worse ripping out the...
  8. J

    Refreshed Model S - rear seat rattle

    I went to the service center recently for this issue and they adjusted the striker. The noise has been gone for the last 2 weeks, so hoping that this has solved my issue.
  9. J

    Model S Refresh PRND Manual button plastic malfunction

    Doubt it's build date as mine was from March 2022, which is pretty recent.
  10. J

    Model S Refresh PRND Manual button plastic malfunction

    Same happened to me! One delivered from factory started to peel away, so had it replaced by mobile service. The second one is now starting to do the same thing! I suspect it's a cheaply built plastic and may be due to the heat from the sun causing some issues. I'm going to wait a bit longer...
  11. J

    Trade in Y for S

    IMO the suspension is wonderful in the S compared to the 3/Y that I've driven. It feels much more planted in the ground. The cabin is also amazingly quiet in comparison, although less so if compared to something like a Mercedes S class. The biggest open question is if it is worth it as OP...
  12. J

    Lucid Air Grand Touring vs Tesla Model S Plaid.

    Great write up - I had a reservation for a Lucid, but ultimately gave it up because the look of it just wasn't for me along with the unknowns of the software. I do agree that the fit and finish felt quite good in comparison to my S.
  13. J

    2022.24.5 reduces size of backup camera view

    Correct, this is with the side mirrors. I feel like it shrunk somewhat but maybe it's just an insignificant difference that I only noticed it now.
  14. J

    2022.24.5 reduces size of backup camera view

    You can see here how it's shrunk and black space on the sides
  15. J

    2022.24.5 reduces size of backup camera view

    Nope, I turned off Auto on both screens, then tested functionality by changing fan speed to 2, but the rears stayed at 3.
  16. J

    2022.24.5 reduces size of backup camera view

    Just updated my 2022 refresh S to 2022.24.5 and noticed when in reverse, the backup camera window on screen is shrunken to almost a 4:3 aspect ratio. Anyone else see this with the latest update? Also, the syncing of fan speed on the rear seats doesn't work anymore. If I change the fan speed up...
  17. J

    Exterior door trim not seated correctly

    Reply from my SA for same issue with that it was within spec and wouldn't be covered.
  18. J

    BMW to Tesla Experiences

    Ive come from being a BMW loyalist owning e46, e92, f10, f30 and still have the f15 x5 now. The 2022 model S was my first experience with an EV and it has it's pros and cons. Tesla's software and technology really is pretty amazing and I love not having to pay for gas (free charging at work...
  19. J

    Model S Plaid First Impressions: Ordering through Delivery

    For what's it worth, I had my drive selector replaced due to same issue. After 1.5 months of waiting it finally arrived and installed. All has been good since, but just yesterday I noticed that the upper portion of the D selector is starting to pull away from cover again. Seems to be just a low...
  20. J

    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    This happened to me too at a it 1k miles, although I could open the drivers side from the inside with the electronic switch. I took it into service and they replaced the handle and hasn't been an issue since.
  21. J

    Corded mobile connector back in stock at Tesla shop

    Fyi the gen 2 UMC is now available in stock. Mobile Connector
  22. J

    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    Are you sure it's not the lane keep assist warning. When you go over lines on roads it sometimes vibrates to keep you in check.
  23. J

    Corded mobile connector back in stock at Tesla shop

    Wasn't the gen 1 connectors prone to overheating and potential fires? If so, maybe wait for the gen2 UMC to be available as a backup.
  24. J

    Suspension automatically lowered itself onto parking curb?

    This has happened in my MSLR daily since I got it in March. It usually lowers once all doors are closed. I noticed that the front doesn't lift back up to normal height until after a period of time either by sitting/idling in car after brakes were first depressed or after driving for 20 to 30...
  25. J

    2022 MODEL S PLAID - Cosmetic disaster

    Wow some of those are blatant quality issues that shouldn't have ever left Fremont factory. I would note that many other vehicles don't have such egregious problems, but also are not perfect by any means.
  26. J

    Model S Plaid First Impressions: Ordering through Delivery

    I had the exact same issue with my center console drive selector where the lettering seemed to be exposed. It took them almost 2 months to finally get the part in and install via mobile service. And I'm only 20 min from the Fremont factory! The good thing is that it's very straightforward to...
  27. J

    Underwhelming delivery experience

    That was pretty much the same delivery experience for me, although they did help me unlock the car since my app didn't seem to work for a bit lol. It was also last day of quarter so it was a zoo when I picked up in March. Tesla's customer experience is pretty poor compared to other car...
  28. J

    RPM Tesla Updated Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    I received the rpm spoiler and happy to say that it was a successful install (so far). To my surprise, it came with two pieces of tape on the spoiler, which seems to be updated based on feedback they have been getting. I didn't see any raised edges for the most part except just a tiny bit from...
  29. J

    Model S Long Range worth 100k?

    If you look at pure value based on features, it's probably not worth it when comparing with lower cost vehicles. BUT that is the name of the game with higher margin luxury vehicles. I would also argue the Mercedes S class is not worth it when can you can get a feature rich C or E class. Part of...
  30. J

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Is it better to charge less often but up to a higher % (say 80%), or better to charge to 50% and more cycles? I had always thought that there were limited charging cycles so charging every few days or so was better than daily, but this thread infers the opposite with SOC being more important
  31. J

    New Michelin PS4s put on with updated T2 rating

    FYI I have T2s from factory march 2022 build date
  32. J

    RPM Tesla Updated Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Does the rpm spoiler come with adhesion promoter or something I need to purchase myself? Also, my car has ceramic coating on it. Wondering if I need to have that portion removed before attaching the spoiler. Any recommendations on how to easily remove ceramic coating or can I just leave it on?
  33. J

    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    I had my car brought in a few weeks ago and the service advisor was actually from Sales. Basically they were note takers and examining my issues to confirm. I'm okay with this so long as the people that are actually working on my car are the trained technicians.
  34. J

    Aftermarket Spoilers for Refreshed Model S

    I ordered the rpmtesla spoiler over the weekend now that it's 22% off for father's day special. In the other threads, fitment isn't perfect, but manageable.
  35. J

    Help me choose. 2022 Model S or Model 3 Performance??

    I had also never spent this much on a vehicle, but decided to treat myself for all the years of hard work. After all, we all deserve it right? In any case, I was contemplating the MYP vs MSLR. What really made me go with the S is the much sportier look and the refreshed S version being so much...
  36. J

    RPM Tesla Updated Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Is RPMtesla the only company making decent oem replicas? I can't seem to find any others that make the new style.
  37. J

    RPM Tesla Updated Carbon Fiber Spoiler

    Does the spoiler come with 3m vhb tape? If so, I'm surprised that the adhesive would fail already. Did your car have ceramic coating on it when you applied it?
  38. J

    Update 2022.16.1.1 Screwed Up Rear Screen

    Same here. Very odd!
  39. J

    Update 2022.16.1.1 Screwed Up Rear Screen

    After reading this, i checked my car and it's the same for me. Note that if you start media thorough main screen in front, the ratio looks correct in rear. Definitely a bug from 2022.16.1.1 since it was working fine right before the update.
  40. J

    WTB: 2021 - 2022 Model S Refresh OEM Spoiler

    Curious to know how much they charge for the plaid spoiler
  41. J

    Body shop told me my MS LR had a rear fender repaired at factory

    I have similar glue on the inside of the trunk seams as well so I wouldn't sweat it. In fact, my friend who also has the same car has it too so I suspect it's pretty typical.
  42. J

    Refresh Model S gear selector on console issues

    It slowly started to get worse spreading to rest of the letter, so definitely getting it replaced. Just been waiting on the part for the past 1.5 months to arrive.
  43. J

    Model S LR vs Audi GT

    I had a reservation on the Lucid, but gave it up once I saw how ugly it was in person. It reminds me of an Oldsmobile
  44. J

    Model S LR vs Audi GT

    I didn't necessarily look at the GT since I preferred the looks of the Taycan and model S more, but the GT and Taycan are similar in specs so worth sharing why I landed on the S: - Looks: I love the Taycan look compared to the somewhat outdated S, so that wins in my subjective view - Range...
  45. J

    Rear Screen on Tesla App Wake bug

    Do you have rear seat belts plugged in on backside? I noticed that this issue seemed to pop up for me since I have car seats with seat belts holding it in place. I have yet to try this with seat belts unplugged, but the car may think someone is in the rear due to seatbelt plug. I basically...
  46. J

    2022 Model S "Air Suspension Adjustment Is Not Available, Car May Not Be Level"

    I had a similar issue except car became lopsided as well. Car was towed and SC found out that the dummies from the factory installed the suspension lines incorrectly to the distribution valve. Definitely get it into the SC for them to diagnose.
  47. J

    PPF or no PPF

    I skipped PPF and decided just to do 5yr ceramic coating to help with hydrophobic properties making it easier to keep clean, wash every few weeks, and keep it's showroom shine. The primary reason I didn't go with PPF is because I felt the cost was a bit too high fo the amt of rock chips I'd...
  48. J

    Refresh Model S gear selector on console issues

    I turned off overheat protection to save on battery. I never felt the need to have it on. Rather I just open the windows or turn on the aircon a bit before I get in the car. Otherwise, the overheat would be on constantly given that I park my car outside in the hot sun. Regarding console...
  49. J

    Refresh Model S gear selector on console issues

    No they shouldn't have. It was in for a faulty driver's door handle and touch up paint on door hinges. Note that I turned off overheat protection on my car.
  50. J

    Refresh Model S gear selector on console issues

    I recently got my refresh model S (mar 22 build) vehicle back from the SC and noticed the gear/mode selector on the center console had a white scuff. After looking into it more, it actually appears to be the lettering of the "N" neutral that seems to be showing through or plastic separating out...

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