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    How to run a 11.4kW system beyond the 7.7kW limit?

    One should consider any available energy certificates in the cost/production equation. It isn't a lot of money to install a larger inverter and this could result in enough energy certificate gain to easily offset that cost. Also a larger inverter allows you to add more panels later and see...
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    Standby Function?

    Well it's a year later... and FINALLY after 3 years of agony PSE&G put a new pole in my back yard with a transformer on it. They still have to run the primary to the transformer but it seems like it's finally going to happen! Just in time too the voltage problem continues to get worse, I've had...
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    Do you have enough solar to go off grid in winter?

    If I had the $ and didn't live in the Northeast with crazy code requirements I'd build one of these and put a lot of solar on it. Definitely possible: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earthship Put alas I have a split level ranch that guzzles natural gas for heat. I did install a nice Hearthstone...
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    SolarEdge Inverter Replacement

    2 days total. They have spares on hand.
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    Using 100% of the solar your panels produce [DC / AC ratio]

    I'm not quite following your logic regarding peak production. Even on Winter Solstice, on a sunny day I'll peak at 80% of inverter DC rating. Are you talking about shady days? I think on shady days you may have a point, but the counter-argument to that is that your production is pretty low on...
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    Using 100% of the solar your panels produce [DC / AC ratio]

    Yes I agree that the efficiency is better when the inverter is driven at higher wattage. But I'd argue that this is a very small difference compared to the clipping loss.
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    Using 100% of the solar your panels produce [DC / AC ratio]

    I see this quoted a lot. It is not really accurate. The panels are the panels. If you have 15 KW of panels you have the same production curve, period. The clipping is loss. The misinterpretation here is that people ADD more panels so they get clipping and compared to a system with LESS panels...
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    Using 100% of the solar your panels produce [DC / AC ratio]

    If you have a string inverter setup the cost difference for a larger inverter is pretty minimal. For a SE inverter the difference for example between a 10kw and 11.4kw inverter is $300. Install costs should be the same as nothing else changes. If you know you are going to significantly clip (not...
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    Best plug type for EV charger?

    Fast charge rates are useful if you have more than one electric car and both are used daily. Unless you enjoy getting up at 2am to plug in the other car...
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    New Obligations Required for Install

    No one told you about the soul selling clause?
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    2 Powerwall+ vs 1 Powerwall+ and one regular Powerwall

    I would assume they would split the panels across both inverters. I would take this option for $1500 as you'll make enough extra electricity to easily cover $1500 in a few years (assuming South facing non-shaded layout). Being able to add more panels is nice if you have more roof space. I...
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    My system is clipping on 12.6kw system with 7.6 inverter

    Part of the reason that your yearly generation won't be affected that much is because on cloudy days you'll make much more than with less panels.
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    Getting tesla solar installed today 395w Panel

    Out of curiosity, is it a 11.4 KW inverter that's software limited to 10KW output or is there a specific 10KW inverter available?
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    Solar developments in short & long term

    Solar panels are being produced at scale. The logical next step is producing batteries at that scale. It follows that local, state and the feds will cut back on solar incentives as this happens and customers realize they can cut out their power utility entirely with enough battery capacity (I'd...
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    SolarEdge Inverter Replacement

    I went with a local installer her in NJ for the panels, partly for this reason as I expect the inverter to fail regularly with my crappy electrical service. It failed less than three years after install. They replaced it in 2 days under warranty.
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    Getting tesla solar installed today 395w Panel

    The salient point is that you will produce much less power with a single 7.6 KW inverter. You will clip (lose) anything above 7.6 KW. So if your panels are producing say 13 KW on a sunny day, you will be losing 5.4KWh per hour. Depending on your setup this may be significant. With different...
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    Getting tesla solar installed today 395w Panel

    The DC input from the panels is what they are talking about. your output will be capped at 7.6KW A/C. I would absolutely insist on a larger inverter or multiple inverters unless you have lots of shading or opposing East/West orientations of the panels. I have all South facing panels and I clip 9...
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    PG&E EV2A rate went up by 20% March 1

    Your wish is my command - Vladimir Putin
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    Tesla bicycle?

    Tesla really needs to explore this more... comparing my M3 to my electric bike the efficiency difference is more than an order of magnitude, on a really cold day almost 2 orders of magnitude (the bike is about 50x more efficient) because the M3 has to preheat and stay warm while parked at work.
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    How much power does your home draw overnight? (Baseline energy use)

    The fridge consumption is nothing compared to the bitcoin mining rig... ;) Just joking, my consumption is about 600-700 Watts per hour at night. My POE security camera system actually consumes a significant fraction of that.
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    Solar Panel Tilting Consideration?

    I have a very flat roof pitch (20 degrees, one section even less) and my production is indeed very low in December / January, but by the middle of February I make enough peak power to clip the inverter, so I don't really think tilting the panels makes sense unless you live really far North...
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    banked credits at New Jersey

    You can change when they pay out your credits, I use March 1st as I am highly unlikely to have any left at that point. I called PSE&G to change it to this date and asked for a confirmation which they provided. The pay out price is always going to be terrible so if you're overproducing start...
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    Lost powerwalls from my app

    Log out and back in. If that doesn't work uninstall the app, reinstall and log back in.
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    When is my true-up date?

    I can set my true-up date here with PSE&G in NJ. I chose March 1st.
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    Discussion: Tesla Megapack Battery Storage

    $430 per KWh at scale seems... pricey? (I got that number by doing the math from the twitter post)
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    Generac "solution" generator, panels, batteries

    If it rains all day maybe I'd get less than that, but it is extremely unlikely that this would happen for 2 days in a row. Even then I can easily get my daily consumption below 8KWh by turning off some items (computers, security cameras, outdoor lights), which would give me at least 5-10 days...
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    Generac "solution" generator, panels, batteries

    Even on a very cloudy and rainy day my solar system produces enough power to recharge my Powerwalls. Maybe not from 0% but if there is a long term power outage I'd turn off most things that I usually keep on like computers. I don't really see a need for the generator unless you live in a place...
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    Upper Control Arm Sealing DIY?

    How do you get the ball joint free from the knuckle? Any specific pry tool?
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    Grid outage, Powerwall drops loads for minutes

    I have brownouts here all the time (thousands of events logged on the Powerwalls) and it will indeed do some really screwy things, but the Powerwalls usually do take over, sometimes instantly, sometimes it takes a few seconds (like maybe 5). My problem is that the switchover forces the solar...
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    Powerwall install location

    My Powerwalls are hanging on the walls well off the floor in my utility room because I had water flooding concerns. Tesla said there was no actual need to hang them up but agreed to do so. They are not stacked which might be an issue if you have a lot of them.
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    Wildly off calculations - what am I getting wrong

    I've had solar/powerwalls/2 electric cars for almost three years now. My lessons learned: 1) You can never have too much solar electricity. I would recommend the maximum amount of panels the utility will let you install because 2) Electric cars need way more power than what you'll estimate. I...
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    Solar + Powerwall: Lights have started flickering when off-grid

    I never considered that the inverters on Powerwalls could go bad. Duh for me! Considering I have already had to replace my solar inverter after 2 years that makes me worry.
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    31 months of solar production graphed...

    What size is your inverter? Do you have any shading? Do your panels all face South or do they face mutliple directions? I make 17.5MWh per year on 13.4 KW panels and an 11.4 KW inverter in Northern NJ, so your production is low if you have all South facing panels that are unobstructed. My...
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    Tesla app version 4.0.0 has app re design for both car and energy

    The app does weird things for me like not showing anything after 12pm... but the history shows up correctly if I swipe to different days. You can see all the graphs together by clicking the icon on the right. I am living with the bugs as I really need the off grid option because of voltage...
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    Standby Function?

    I'm happy to report I am making progress. PSEG has agreed to run 3 phase and a new transformer to my house, although this will take 2 more months because they need to clear trees and run new poles. More importantly I have found a workaround! Powerwalls are switched off, and I am able to power on...
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    FSD subscription announced by Tesla

    I used the autopilot features less and less every day because it wasn't reliable enough to use for the last 3 years. I haven't used autopilot at all in the last 6 months. Still a great car.
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    Standby Function?

    Just an update my 11.4 KW Solaredge inverter is toast after 2 years. My guess is it didn't like the low voltage either. Replaced under warranty in 2 days, thanks GreenPower Energy!
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    Standby Function?

    I've tried for two years, including filing two complaints with the Board of Public Utilities. The result is always that nothing ever actually gets fixed. PSE&G talks a good game about some cap banks being down and that it's all fixed now but the next year it's more of the same.... I have Tesla...
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    Standby Function?

    I have major issues with the PSE&G power supply voltage sagging at my house in the afternoons (hot Summer I guess). The voltage drops to around 210 (which is bad in so many ways I know...) and at that point the Gateway forces the Powerwalls to kick on (app shows no grid). This also causes the...
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    Years to breakeven..? PA Solar worth it?

    One probably should include the cost to replace the inverter(s) at least once if you're calculating out 20+ years (and enphase microinverters have only been around for a little over 12 years so lets see how long they last)... And of course there are other reasons for getting solar besides making...
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    Bridgestone Potenza tires?

    Mine are now past the wear bars after about 12,000 miles. I bought Continental PureContact LS to replace them based on the better snow performance and wear feedback.
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    New Jersey Reporting Power Generation for SRECs

    I believe by law you have to have a generation meter in NJ. That's how I report for my SRECs. It's basically a meter hooked up to your solar inverter. And yeah I definitely would not want to give up those SRECs, it halves the break even time.
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    Solar layout - Does this need optimizers?

    My Solaredge inverter requires at least 350 volts so I guess that's an advantage of the Delta. I need at least 6 panels clear on a string to make any power.
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    Solar layout - Does this need optimizers?

    If enough panels on a string are shaded you will have no output from that string if the total string voltage is below the inverter minimum. So you may want to consider that when figuring out how to run your strings. 8 strings for 48 panels seems like a bad idea because on a 6 panel you may only...
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    Has anyone unexpectedly lost power to powerwalls + backup gateway?

    If the Powerwalls are switched off and you get a power outage the gateway will turn off and not come on again until grid power is restored (you can supply 12 volts to a pin but it's not easy to get to).
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    Inverter size when maximum system is 11.56 kW (34 panels)

    This. I've found that line voltage is the most important factor when calculating max output. My line voltage sags on Summer afternoons because I'm one of the last houses on the line and I can watch my solar output drop as the voltage drops below 240 volts. If it gets low enough the entire system...
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    Inverter size when maximum system is 11.56 kW (34 panels)

    Your DC to AC ratio is less than 1 so your system will never clip. Although your inverter may not be operating at top efficency with the wattage your panels supply the difference is likely negligible. The advantage for you is that you can add more panels without needing a new inverter.
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    Inverter size when maximum system is 11.56 kW (34 panels)

    It depends on your panels and your layout. I have 100% unobstructed south facing panels and my 13.2kW system is clipping significantly (for over 3 hours a day) even now in February with a 11.4 kW Solaredge inverter. If you have shaded or multiple panel orientations then your system may not clip...
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    SolarEdge Monitoring

    The Solaredge panel detail is a little buggy. When some of the panels are covered the uncovered ones will show impossible output, mine will show more than 450 watts (not watt hours) on 330 watt panels. The overall output seems correct though.

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