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    2021 Model S (Refresh) Tips & Hidden Features

    Might be obvious to some, but when using voice to have a message conversation with a contact, you can use the steering wheel voice button and/or the button on the screen. I had been using the on screen button (blue microphone) and find using the steering wheel more convenient.
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    2021 Model S (Refresh) Tips & Hidden Features

    Wanted to start a thread for hidden/little known features and tips for the refreshed Model S. One of the nice things I discovered is that the front door pockets are perfectly crafted to hold 20-24 ounce metal water bottles freeing up the cup holders. I use the Contigo Autoseal stainless steel...
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    Model S LR 2021 review from a long-time Model S owner

    Note the Frunk has shrunk once again - I had the original Model S that would fit full sized luggage, then a 2018 that would fit a piece of carry on luggage - New 2021 refresh frunk is just a small pocket for miscellaneous items (mobile charger etc.)
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    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    Button 4 only lets you adjust the seat warmers for the rear seats. I would like to be able to control the fan and fan direction (dogs in back seat).
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    Wiki 2021+ Model S Refresh - Missing/Incomplete Software Features

    How? I saw no controls for the rear AC from the front display.
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I have a delivery window in the next few weeks - still no VIN number. Hopefully they keep to schedule.
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    Has anyone regretted the color the chose enough to try trading in shortly after purchasing?

    Get it wrapped - You get a much broader choice of colors (and even glossy versus matte finish). It will cost less than trading your car in. Protect the paint if you ever want to revert. Also your car can be one of a kind!
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    Ordered my MS Plaid

    Still the old form factor - 18650 but it is new chemistry in the batteries and new cooling/heat pump system for the battery pack.
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    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Where have you seen that - The data I saw said that the technologies from the Model 3 and Model Y are now in use on the new Model S. Where did you see the use of the 18650s?
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    Who ordered S Plaid/Plaid+

    I am ordered
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    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    @Beantown - Love your car! Tesla is always changing - What is new now will always be outdated in 6 months.
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    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Mine is on order (my previous S lease is ending). Still a lot of unknowns configuration wise...
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    Given the gap shown between the front door and front fender in the latest "spy shot" - it is definitely not what is moving to production - It looked to be an almost a 1 inch gap. So what we are seeing is engineering mockups meant to test a particular function. Not early production runs.
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    2012 Model S Signature Cars

    Sad to report that My signature Model-S was totaled - SN 484 was declared a total loss after being rear-ended by a Ford F150 (all occupants were fine). Was a P85, Signature Red with black interior. Enjoying autopilot on my replacement - P100D. But still bummed to lose a "first 500" car.
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    Firmware 8.1

    Just got 2018.21.9 - Says it has better handling for onramps/offramps under TACCs also will start showing forward cars in adjacent lanes on display. Haven't driven any where yet. Also more updates to mobile connector. After the update - my wipers kept triggering in the garage. Turned them...
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    2013 P85 Loaded $55,000 Washington DC Area

    Loaded P85 Black, 49K miles, Excellent Condition, Originally $116,170 for sale $55K in the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area. Still eligible for extended warranty. Company car just came off lease. Private message me if interested.
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    How does regen braking work in slippery conditions?

    I have a rear wheel drive "classic" Model-S. In the snow, I turn the down the regen. During the first winter (2012), we had major snows and the full regen was enough to make the rear wheels break traction.
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    Keeping AC on while passenger waits in car

    Have the passenger touch the touchscreen right after you exit. The AC and radio will come back on.
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    Supercharger - Laurel, MD

    What does this mean? Supercharger coming to Rohobeth?
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    2012 S85 Signature with extended factory warranty $55,000 (USD)

    If I remember correctly, the first 1000 US cars and the first 200 Canadian were "signature" cars. So it is an even more exclusive club. I think from a VIN number perspective they kept making non-signature US cars while they met the regulatory requirements in Canada.
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    Survey Model S

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    Question on Maps when 3G cellular is not working

    One thing to add, when you lose cellular coverage, you have to enter in an actual street address. You can not use the "points of interest" capabilities. I believe the on-board capability is powered by Navagon maps.
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    Multiple Drivers

    The Model S allows multiple profiles (not sure the limit, but we have 4 set). The profiles control a pretty large number of settings including the normal, side mirrors, seats, steering wheel, and a few that are more esoteric (e.g. creep mode). You can find out what settings are saved through...
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    Address Formats In Calendar App

    The issue is that location does not only mean the street address. In most corporate settings the location also means the room name or room number. This information confuses the navigation. In our office we also use Skype. So our meeting locations are sometimes Skype or XXXX room, street...
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    Keep A/C running after leaving car, with no App?

    If the person in the passenger seat touches the display in the first 10 seconds or so, the AC stays on and the radio keeps playing. Otherwise AC turns off and car turns off.
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    Keep A/C running after leaving car, with no App?

    If the person in the passenger seat touches the display in the first 10 seconds or so, the AC stays on and the radio keeps playing. Otherwise AC turns off and car turns off.
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    Address Formats In Calendar App

    I love the ability to have the calendar app use the meeting location information as a destination for the navigation system. Unfortunately it often has additional information that confuses the navigation system. Things like name of the meeting room or suite location confuse the navigation. Is...
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    To Charge or Not to Charge?

    I leave it plugged in, but lower the battery slider to minimum. Less charge cycles. Won't really start charging until vampire load reduces battery to that point.
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    Poll: Upset by 'test drive' through Burger King drive through?

    Life is too short to be upset by something like this... If your received your car repaired and clean, then be happy.
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    Model 3 Notchback Trunk - Deal-Killer?

    Seats will definitely fold down. Otherwise the "fitting a surf board" that was mentioned at the reveal would not be possible.
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    Model 3 Notchback Trunk - Deal-Killer?

    I think this would be a great option to offer. Power lift gate option for those that want a Model-S type back end.
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    How o set homelink without a remote

    Just borrow a neighbor's remote. In reality the homelink cloning is really only learning the type of remote. With rolling codes you then pair your remote (homelink) with your specific garage door. I used the same remote to pair both of my garage door openers. Once cloned they have a unique...
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    How bad is the NAV, really?

    The nav is awesome. It is Google (on the large display) and Navigon on the drivers panel. Voice recognition is better than any system I have used before. You can search on address or business name - it uses google so it finds everything. You can call points of interest. Addresses from your...
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    Any S drivers think they might prefer the smaller 3?

    Sorry - I meant to say it would be targeted to those buyers looking for a "smaller car", which may very well be a mass market. It seems like most of the EV in that price range are small vehicles, not only in length, but also narrower. If you look at the Bolt, i3, and Leaf they are all in the...
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    Any S drivers think they might prefer the smaller 3?

    I agree that we basically know nothing about Tesla's plans beyond the Model-3. One nit on your definitions, many coupes have different dimensions than their full size brethren (e.g. Infiniti G35 and G35 Coupe were very distinct). Just having longer doors doesn't really work on most models...
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    Any S drivers think they might prefer the smaller 3?

    It would be great if Tesla/Elon would provide a little more clarity on plans for the Model-R. I plan on keeping my Model-S, but would be interested in a coupe version. It seems like it would have been a much simpler effort than the Model-X to create a slightly shorter 2 door version of the...
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    Any S drivers think they might prefer the smaller 3?

    Tesla was supposed to do a Model-R to replace the Roadster. It was going to be a 2+2 configuration. When I look at the new Buick Avista Concept - that is exactly what I want from Tesla (with the Tesla drivetrain/technology). I think the Model 3 will be made to appeal to an even smaller...
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Yes I agree. Would be great if Mobileye came up with a workable solution, but right now it will only cancel cruise control when approaching a vehicle.
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    Totally agree. I actually talked to Tesla engineering pre launch and they assured me that adaptive cruise control would be included and/or a soon to be released retrofit. Unfortunately the grander scheme of AP seems to have nixed that.
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    Model X + 3 kids in car seats?

    I have the same set up and have installed all three forward facing (or two forward and one backwards in my Model S. We have since graduated to boosters and have purchased 5inch extenders so that the kids can buckle their own seatbelts. The flush seatbelt connectors are a pain with boosters.
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    A Model S caught fire while supercharging in Norway (link in Norwegian)

    I think it is important to know how the fire developed. Previous fires have started slowly and built up over time, allowing occupants to exit safely. The issue seems to be they can't be extinguished. They just burn until the car is consumed. Very different then the explosive nature of gasoline...
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    E-Captain Premium Center Console

    This was posted ages ago, but thought I would revive it since it gets buried. My temporary solution became my permanent solution since it meets my needs. I added a second larger Piel box that fits under the cubby area perfectly. Between the two boxes you effectively have a low profile, simple...
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    Tesla removed all HP numbers from Design Studio....

    There are a lot of factors that make horsepower a bad comparison number. It varies much more non linearly over RPM range in a typical ICE auto, but then is kept in semi-optimal range with a multiple gear transmission. In ICE vehicles the number at the crank is often cited which really has no...
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    How much would you pay for an AutoPilot sensor retrofit?

    Yes that is the blessing/curse of having a Signature, Sub 500 VIN. With the Model-S being an important inflection point for the automotive industry, I really believe the car will be an early "classic". It's like a 65 Mustang, you don't want to be the guy saying I had one and sold it. So...
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    How much would you pay for an AutoPilot sensor retrofit?

    I know it is not an offered option, but if you could - would you? I am original Signature Model S owner and would never part with my little part of history, but have to admit that I'm a little envious of the new features. Plus, until 7.1 comes out, I will likely have a big reminder that I...
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    Autopilot and v7 coming this Thursday! (15-10-15)

    I think acceptance of the new UI will also depend on if you have the AutoPilot hardware. It seems like 7.0 is tailored to providing information to the driver sensed by the Tesla's hardware so that the driver understands what AutoPilot is doing. If you don't have the hardware it seems like a...
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    How much better is 80% instead of 90% for the battery?

    When the car was first released Tesla battery options were a "switch" instead of a "slider". The two choices were Trip - 100% and Normal - @~92%. It was only at the request of the user community that they put in other options. I think in Tesla's experience 90% was fine for daily use...
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    Supercharging Hypothetical #2 -- Abusive or not?

    I think this is a little more complicated - While Tesla has recommended to plug in every night, there is a lot of data that says "number of charge cycles" contributes to battery degradation. I generally don't supercharge, but since I have a short commute, I only plug in when I get between...
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    Voice Commands on steering wheel...

    You can say "Where is Best Buy". From the list provided you can then select (touch the A, B, C designator instead of the name). It will then let you call the Best Buy...
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    Tesla Model C - coupe concept renderings

    I would buy the Coupe (original pic in the first post) tomorrow if it were available.

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